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    Not to worry about Ketu   as a giant killer ‐ Tin Win        Will Silvio Berlusconi come  back to power?  Basilioli Sandro         Missing gold ornament ‐ whether recovery is possi‐ ble or not? ‐ Dr Nirmal Kothari    Entangled Money ‐ Er. V.K. Sharma    Selling a House ‐  Kanak Bosmia    Child Birth ‐ Pt Akash    Timing of marriage ‐ Navin Chitlangia    KP Study on Rheumatoid Arthritis ‐ Gunti Nagaraju    Birth Time Rectification ‐ Kanak Bosmia    Question & Answer ‐ Tin Win    Book Review ‐ Tin Win    Index of articles published in KP‐Ezine 2012 isssues  A.J. Hoorn 

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World’s First, Exclusive, Astrological eMagazine on KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI Volume 6                                      Issue 12                                             Jan 2013 

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Missing Gold Ornament—whether recovery is possible or not?    Dr Nirmal Kothari Ph.D   Not to worry about Ketu as a giant killer   Tin Win  Entangled Money   Er. V.K. Sharma   Selling a House    Kanak Bosmia                 

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Will Silvio Berlusconi come back to power?  Basilioli Sandro [Vediko]           








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KP Study on Rheumatoid Arthritis ‐ Swan Necked Fingers    Gunti Nagaraju  Birth Time Rectification  Kanak Bosmia  Question & Answer  Tin Win  Book Review  Tin Win                 





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Missing Gold Ornament-whether recovery is possible or not?
Dr. NIRMAL KOTHARI, Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Astrology Dayavati Mansion, 5th Floor, 13, Kyd Street, Opposite – MLA Hostel, Kolkata – 700 016, West Bengal. Mobile : +91-98300 89302. Email :
|| SHREE || Question:I had lost my Gold Chain from Home. Whether recovery is possible or not ? Horary Number:12 (out of 249). Time of Judgment: 30-11-2012 (Friday), 18:35:00 Hrs. (IST). Place of Judgment: Park Street, Kolkata, W.B. (Long/Lat: 22N27, 88E20) Ruling Planets: Mercury – Rahu – Jupiter / Mercury – Mars – Moon / Venus / Ketu. Software Applications/Settings for Casting Chart: KPNA, Placidus House Division, Mean Nodes, Geographical Latitude Hints: If 11hcusp sublord signifies 2 (Liquid Assets, Ornaments, Gold), 6 (Opponent’s Loss), 11 (gain, fulfillment of desire) in the DBA of significators of 2, 6, 11, recovery of lost or missing ornament is possible. If 11hcusp sublord signifies 5 (Opponent’s Gain, Success, fulfillment of desire), 8 (Hindrances, Obstacles, Difficulties), 12 (Querent’s loss) in the DBA of significators of 5, 8, 12, recovery of lost or missing ornament is not possible. Matters signified by Cusps/Houses 1st Cusp 2nd Cusp 3rd Cusp 4th Cusp 5th Cusp 6th Cusp 7th Cusp 8th Cusp 9th Cusp 10th Cusp 11th Cusp 12th Cusp : : : : : : : : : : : : Self Liquid Assets, Ornaments, Gold etc. Self efforts Home, House, Flat, Fixed Property Opponent’s Success, fulfillment of desire Servant, Opponent’s Loss/Expense Opponent Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles Luck, Prosperity Position Success, fulfillment of desire Losses, Expenses

Moon is the reflector of querent’s mind. Moon (Gemini 05-38-35) is in the star of Mars and sub of self (Moon). Moon is the occupant of 2 (Liquid Assets, Ornaments, Gold), owner of 4 (Home/House/Flat). Star lord Mars is the occupant of 9, owner of 1, 8 (Hindrances, Difficulties, Obstacles). Sub lord Moon is the occupant of 2 (Liquid Assets, Ornaments, Gold), owner of 4 (Home/House/Flat). Here Moon clearly indicates the genuineness of query by the querent. Note: Moon does not indicate 12 (Querent’s Loss) or 5 (Opponent’s success, fulfillment of desire). So it may be assumed that the querent is sure in mind that ornament is not lost and may be misplaced at home. Ruling Planets – The Divine Power for Judgment of Forecast in KP Astrology Lagna Lord: Mercury - occupant of 7 Lagna Star Lord: Rahu – occupant of 7, conjoined to Sun who is the occupant of 7 Lagna Sub Lord: Jupiter – occupant of 2 Moon Sign Lord: Mercury - occupant of 7 Moon Star Lord: Mars – occupant of 9 Moon Sub Lord: Moon – occupant of 2

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Ju. Dasa: Mars 0 Y. 11 Ra 2 7 9. India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Me Me Stl Ra Ma Sbl Ju Mo Ssl Ra Mo Sssl Ke Ve Day Lord: Venus Nirayana Bhava Chalit Mo 02:05:38:35 II 01:15:33:07 Ju[R] 01:17:41:43 III 02:10:32:27 2 3 Ke 01:01:18:57 I 00:16:13:20 12 11 XII 11:07:51:49 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Bharani(1) 2 Rohini(2) 3 Aridra(2) 4 Pushyami(1) 5 Magha(2) 6 U.15-Jun-2013 Mars 15-Jun-2006 Rahu 11-Nov-2006 Jupiter 29-Nov-2007 Saturn 04-Nov-2008 Mercury 14-Dec-2009 Ketu 11-Dec-2010 Venus 09-May-2011 Sun 09-Jul-2012 Moon 14-Nov-2012 Saturn Dasa 15-Jun-2047 .15-Jun-2110 Venus 15-Jun-2090 Sun 15-Oct-2093 Moon 15-Oct-2094 Mars 14-Jun-2096 Rahu 14-Aug-2097 Jupiter 14-Aug-2100 Saturn 15-Apr-2103 Mercury 15-Jun-2106 Ketu 15-Apr-2109 Rahu Dasa 15-Jun-2013 . Ma.15-Jun-2083 Mercury 15-Jun-2066 Ketu 11-Nov-2068 Venus 08-Nov-2069 Sun 08-Sep-2072 Moon 15-Jul-2073 Mars 14-Dec-2074 Rahu 12-Dec-2075 Jupiter 30-Jun-2078 Saturn 06-Oct-2080 Sun Dasa 15-Jun-2110 .15-Jun-2031 Rahu 15-Jun-2013 Jupiter 26-Feb-2016 Saturn 22-Jul-2018 Mercury 28-May-2021 Ketu 15-Dec-2023 Venus 02-Jan-2025 Sun 02-Jan-2028 Moon 26-Nov-2028 Mars 28-May-2030 Mercury Dasa 15-Jun-2066 . KOLKATA. (B) .House Owner I 16:13:20 Ke 01:18:57 II 15:33:07 Ju[R] 17:41:43 Mo 05:38:35 III 10:32:27 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Mars Dasa 15-Jun-2006 .15-Jun-2047 Jupiter 15-Jun-2031 Saturn 03-Aug-2033 Mercury 13-Feb-2036 Ketu 22-May-2038 Venus 28-Apr-2039 Sun 27-Dec-2041 Moon 16-Oct-2042 Mars 14-Feb-2044 Rahu 20-Jan-2045 Ketu Dasa 15-Jun-2083 . Pada 4 Star Lord: Mars Rasi: Gemini Rasi Lord: Mercury Lagna: Aries Lagna Lord: Mars Tithi: Krishna Paksha.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Su.Ashada(3) 11 Dhanishta(4) 12 U. Ju. 12 Ve 7 7 2. (A) .com .15-Jun-2126 Moon 15-Jun-2116 Mars 15-Apr-2117 Rahu 14-Nov-2117 Jupiter 16-May-2119 Saturn 15-Sep-2120 Mercury 16-Apr-2122 Ketu 15-Sep-2123 Venus 15-Apr-2124 Sun 15-Dec-2125 XII 07:51:49 Name: Missing gold ornament Gender: Male Date: Friday.recovery or not? Ruling Planets . WEST BENGAL. 12/249 Sun Rise: 05:59:20 AM Nithya Yoga: Sadhya Sun Set: Hora: 04:51:19 PM Mars Dasa Days: 365. 7 1.15-Jun-2090 Ketu 15-Jun-2083 Venus 11-Nov-2083 Sun 11-Jan-2085 Moon 19-May-2085 Mars 18-Dec-2085 Rahu 16-May-2086 Jupiter 03-Jun-2087 Saturn 09-May-2088 Mercury 18-Jun-2089 Moon Dasa 15-Jun-2116 .Occupant of house (C) .Placidus Star: Mrigasira. 6 Ju 2 2 4 9. 30/Nov/2012 Time: 06:35:00 PM SID: 23:37:34 Lat: 22:27:00 N Lon: 88:20:00 E Place: KOLKATA. 6 M. 8 Me+ 2 7 9.30/Nov/2012 06:35:00 PM PARK STREET. India XI 03:35:54 Ayanamsa: 23° 56' 50" [KP Ayanamsa] . 13 D V 03:35:54 IV 05:21:51 X 05:21:51 VI 07:51:49 Ma 16:16:45 IX 10:32:27 VIII 15:33:07 Su 14:47:19 Ra 01:18:57 Me Ve VII Sa 25:17:19 16:34:00 16:13:20 12:37:18 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. 8 4 Ma 7 9 2.Horary No.Ashada(1) Me Visakha(2) Ju[R] Rohini(3) Ve Swati(3) Sa Swati(2) Ra Visakha(4) Ke Krittika(2) Sgl Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Stl Ve Mo Ra Sa Ke Su Ra Sa Ke Su Ma Sa Sbl Mo Ju Sa Sa Su Ve Ve Ju Sa Me Ve Ke Ssl Mo Ra Sa Ju Ve Ve Ra Me Su Me Ra Ju Sssl Mo Me Me Mo Ra Mo Ke Ra Ve Sa Sa Ra XI 10:03:35:54 IV 03:05:21:51 1 4 7 10 X 09:05:21:51 Sgl Ma Me Ju Ve Ve Ve Ve Ma Ve Stl Sa Ma Ve Ju Mo Ra Ra Ju Su Sbl Ra Mo Mo Me Sa Ve Me Ma Ju Ssl Ma Mo Mo Ju Ju Ju Me Mo Ju Sssl Ra Ve Me Sa Su Mo Ve Ke Me V 04:03:35:54 5 6 VI 05:07:51:49 Sa 06:12:37:18 Me 06:25:17:19 Ve 06:16:34:00 VII 06:16:13:20 Su 07:14:47:19 Ra 07:01:18:57 Ma 08:16:16:45 IX 08:10:32:27 9 8 VIII 07:15:33:07 Significators .25 D Karana: Gar Horary No.Planets in Owner's stars (D) . 11 5 Mo 9 2 1. 12 3.15-Jun-2066 Saturn 15-Jun-2047 Mercury 18-Jun-2050 Ketu 26-Feb-2053 Venus 06-Apr-2054 Sun 06-Jun-2057 Moon 19-May-2058 Mars 18-Dec-2059 Rahu 27-Jan-2061 Jupiter 03-Dec-2063 Venus Dasa 15-Jun-2090 . 12 Ke+ 7 1 5 Rahu acts as agent for: Su.kpastrosystem. Ve. 7 Sa 7 6 10.Bhadra(2) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Anuradha(4) Mo Mrigasira(4) Ma P.15-Jun-2116 Sun 15-Jun-2110 Moon 03-Oct-2110 Mars 03-Apr-2111 Rahu 09-Aug-2111 Jupiter 03-Jul-2112 Saturn 21-Apr-2113 Mercury 03-Apr-2114 Ketu 07-Feb-2115 Venus 15-Jun-2115 Jupiter Dasa 15-Jun-2031 .: 12 Question : Missing gold ornament . WEST BENGAL.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 6 7 10.Phalguni(4) 7 Swati(3) 8 Anuradha(4) 9 Moola(4) 10 U. Man Machine Systems. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www. Dvitiya Bal.

there is a possibility recovery of ornament may not be assured. Rahu is conjoined to Sun who is the occupant of 1 (Self). fulfillment of desire). Saturn is closely conjoined to Venus (within 4°) who is the occupant of 1 (Self). owner of 10 and 11 (querent’s success. 11thCusp (Leo 03-35-54) for Opponent: The sub lord of 11th cusp is Sun. Sub lord Saturn is the occupant of 6 (Opponent’s Loss). So Ketu is also a ruling planetwho is the occupant of 1. obstacles). Sub lord Rahu is the occupant of 1 (Self). Note: 2nd cusp sublord Jupiter(R) does not indicate the matter in favour of opponent as it signifies 6-8 in connection with 5-8-12 which is in favour of querent. fulfillment of desire). Ornaments. difficulties. owner of 2 (Liquid Assets. owner 1 (Self) and 8 (hindrances. owner of 5 (Opponent’s success. Star lord Moon is the occupant of 2 (Liquid Assets. Star lord Moon is the occupant of 8 (hindrances. Hence. 2ndCusp (Taurus: 15-33-07) for Querent:The sub lord of 2th cusp is Jupiter(R). Gold) and 7 (Opponent). But 11th cusp sublord Sun as a planet signifies 1-10 and through its sublord Rahu is in connection with 1-11.But Venus as a planet and through its own sublord (Venus) is in connection with 2-6-10-11which clearly indicate that recovery of ornament is assured.Missing Gold Ornament-whether recovery is possible or not? Dr Nirmal Kothari Ph. Ornaments. (Note: 7thhouse is considered for opponent. fulfillment of desire to the querent). fulfillment of desire). Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                        6  .D Day Lord: Venus – occupant of 7 Ketu is in the sign of Venus – a ruling planet. Venus is the occupant of 7 (Opponent). Rahu is conjoined to Sun who is the occupant of 7 (Opponent). Ornaments. Note: Occupancy is stronger than ownership. owner of 11 (Success. Venus is closely conjoined to Saturn (within 4°) who occupies 6 (Servant. So. recovery of ornament inside home is assured. Opponent’s Loss). Note : Starlord Saturn signifies 5-12 in favor of querent(success. fulfillment of desire). Gold) and 7 (Opponent). sub is the final deciding factor whether matter is favorable or not? Here 11th CSL Venus has negated the matter (possible recovery of ornament) through its starlord (Rahu). difficulties. obstacles). Jupiter(R) is the occupant of 8 (hindrances. Here any of the ruling planets does not signify 12 (loss to native) through their occupancy. Gold). owner of 9 and 12 (Querent’s Loss). owner of 10. rotation of chart to 7th cusp is treated as Lagna) Sun is the occupant of 1 (Self). fulfillment of desire to querent). owner of 3 and 6. Saturn is closely conjoined to Venus (within 4°) who occupies 7 (Opponent). owner of 4 (Home/House/Flat). Gold). Jupiter(R) is the occupant of 2 (Liquid Assets. difficulties. fulfillment of desire). owner of 2 (Liquid Assets. Jupiter(R) is in the star Moon and sub of Saturn. owner of 10 and 11 (native’s success. obstacles). Sub lord Saturn is the occupant of 12 (Loss). difficulties. Note: In KP.So. owner of 11 (Success. Star lord Saturn is the occupant of 12 (Loss). Note : 2nd cusp sublord Jupiter(R) is the significator of 2-4 in connection with 2-6-10-11. obstacles). owner of 4 and 5 (Success. Venus is in the star of Rahu and sub of Self (Venus). owner of 4 and 5 (Success. Sun is in the star of Saturn and sub of Rahu. Jupiter(R) is in the star of Moon and sub of Saturn. fulfillment of desire to querent). Saturn is conjoined to Venus (within 4°) who is the occupant of 1 (Self). 2ndCusp (Scorpio 15-33-07) for Opponent: The sub lord of 2nd cusp is Jupiter(R). So recovery of ornament of the querent is assured. owner of 1 (Self) and 8 (hindrances. 11thCusp (Aquarius 03:35:54) for Querent: The sub lord of 11th cusp is Venus. Ornaments. Star lord Rahu is the occupant of 7 (Opponent).

The lady servant found the ornament on 30. 2) Moon does not indicate any chance of loss in the querent’s mind. 4) Joint period lords of DBA i. But 2nd cusp sublord for opponent does not signify the matter in his favor.e. Later on 01.2012. 3) Both 11th cusp sublord of querent and opponent signifies matter in their favour.2012 morning.D Joint Period for Querentand Opponent At the time of judgment the running DBA is Mars-Moon-Moon.11. Joint period will starts from 14.Missing Gold Ornament-whether recovery is possible or not? Dr Nirmal Kothari Ph. Outcome: On 01. Saturn is in the star of Rahu who is posited in female sign (Scorpio). Mars & Moon – both are the ruling planets and in favor of the querent. Ornament.2012 to 02.11. Both Dasha Lord Mars and Bhukti.2012 she has informed and returned the same to the querent. Learning Facts: 11th CSL Venus is conjoined to Saturn in horary chart.12.2012 in bathroom and for security purpose she kept the ornament in safe custody in home. So in KP if we go for deep analysis. Pranaam to Guruji KSK! Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                        7  .12. the querent informed me that missing ornament (gold chain) has been found in home through her lady servant.12. From the above analysis. pinpoint prediction can be made successfully. Note: Moon is a fast moving planet as well as a ruling planet. Gold) and 4 (House/Home/Flat) for the querent. My Opinion: Recovery of missing gold ornament is possible within Mars-Moon-Moon DBA period till 02.2012. the following major points should be taken into consideration: – 1) Ruling planets do not strongly signify any loss to the querent. Anthara lord Moon is in the sub of Moon which is in connection with 2 (Liquid Assets.12. So fast recovery of missing ornament is assured. And Saturn is denotes servant (karaka planet).

and Ketu is not in the Leo. except brain tumor and diabetes. and Ketu is in the Leo. in any of the 12 charts. in chart no. 2) Ketu is in the 12th house. planets in conjunction and aspect with them. rulers of ear. 14. in the charts. 6) Ketu is not in the 4th house or Cancer sign. 12. 5. 2. 10) Ketu is in the 4th house. 7) Ketu is in the 3rd house. the house occupied by them. ruling sign of heart. in chart no. Nose. and Ketu is in the Cancer. another ruling sign of pneumonia. 3. are also available in the “KP Navaratnamala – Part 3 (KP Medical Astrology)”. in the chart no. 5 and 6. 5. 4. in any of the 4 charts. according to a mis-concept. ruling house of heart. and Ketu is in the Pisces.Rahu/Ketu Rules in KP (KP E-Zine May 2007 issue) Purpose The main purpose of this article is to give the evidence not to worry about Ketu as a giant killer by inflicting diseases on the part of the body ruled by the sign or house in which it is placed. ruling house of thyroid. 22 and 38. ruling sign of brain. and in the Taurus.Not to worry about Ketu as a giant killer TinWin tw853@yahoo. 4) Ketu is in the 2nd house and Tarus sign. ruling sign of throat. ruling house of bronchitis. 3 only. no. ruling sign of heart. ruling house of brain. nose and throat in the chart no 2. All the chart details. 9) Ketu is in the 5th house. in the charts no. ruling house of throat. in the charts no. ruling sign of thyroid. 8) Ketu is in the 3th house. in the charts no. and Ketu is in the Taurus. . in the charts no. 2 and 4. and Ketu is in the Taurus. in the charts no. 1. ruling house of In the KP Readers. in the charts no. rulers of breast in any of the 2 charts. ruling sign of ear. nose and throat. Validity of Disease according to the Placement of Ketu in Zodiac Signs Sn Disease KPE-zine issue Total Valid Valid charts Charts* in % 1 Brain tumor July 2011 50 2 4 2 Vision/Eyesight June 2009 6 2 33 3 Thyroid October 2009 6 3 50 4 Ear. 4. 5) Ketu is in the 2nd house. 1. A review of given charts with details in the medical articles of the past KPE-zine issues is given in the following table. ruling house of pneumonia. 5. 3 and . in the chart no. ruling sign of pneumonia. 8 and 9. 8. their star lord. free download at www. 18 and 20. in Gemini. ruling house of heart. another ruling house of heart. Throat September 2009 6 3 50 5 Throat cancer October 2010 20 5 25 6 Breast cancer May 2009 2 0 0 7 Bronchitis March 2010 4 1 25 8 Pneumonia February 2010 17 5 29 9 Heart ailment April 2009 7 2 28 10 Heart attack November 2010 12 3 25 11 Spinal curvature December 2009 2 0 0 12 Gastritis April 2010 4 0 0 13 Pancreas May 2010 4 0 0 14 Diabetes January 2010 20 2 10 15 Kidney stone August 2010 7 2 28 16 Appendicitis June 2010 8 3 37 17 Hernia September 2010 6 2 33 18 Arthritis November 2010 5 3 60 19 Leucoderma (skin) January 2011 5 1 20 Total 191 39 20 * Explanation: 1) Ketu is in the Aries. in the chart no. in the 5th house. for the signification of Rahu/Ketu. in any of the 50 charts. in the charts no. and Ketu is not in the Gemini. in the charts no. Evidence 1 2. in the chart no. in the charts no. and Ketu is not in the 1st house.kpastrologer. ruling sign of bronchitis. ruling sign of eye. Jan 2013                                                                                         KP‐Ezine                                                                                                         8  . and sign lord are found considered depending on relevance to the matter under consideration. 2. 3) Ketu is in the 2nd house.

Teresa Graciela Homicide (cutting the throat) Smith. ruling house of hernia. and Ketu is in the Libra.astro. rulers of Pancreas in any of the 4 charts. having a brain tumor 5. and Ketu is not in the Virgo or Scorpio.0 SW (now www. Jim Heart attack Reeves. Ketu is in the 6th house. ruling house of arthritis. ruling houses of appendix in the charts no. in any of 7 charts. The diseases for the above 25 charts are found invalid for the foot disease of 12th house where Ketu is located. 4 and 5. in any of the 5 charts. rulers of gastritis in any of the 4 charts. Ketu is not in the 7th house.3. Charley Shot down. in the charts no. Ketu is not in the 6th house or Virgo sign. According to the results in the above table. Kurt Suicide Kalinowski. rulers of spine. i. in the chart no. 3. Peppino Heart ailment Elser. Anthony Accident (drowned) Kucher. Ketu is in the 6th and 7th houses. the 124 AA charts (BC/BR in hand) with Ketu in the 12th house are sorted out by filter. 2. and out of these charts the 25 charts with the known cause of death are shown in the table below: Sn 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Disease Rcd ID 4964 3659 4866 19444 24213 24334 4881 4110 19684x 2251 2947 1090 48528 48544 1352 24367 6066 5016 24871 1580 3626 8131 25639 48472 25196 Causing Death for the Individuals with Ketu in the 12th House Last Name/ First Name Cause of death Arearo. in the chart no. ruling signs of appendix. Jorge Luis Liver cancer Charlotte Augusta. Philip Lymphoma cancer Borges. in the charts no. the mis-concept of inflicting diseases on the part of the body ruled by the sign or house in which Ketu being placed is found invalid by average validity of 20% charts only. 4. Philippe Brain hemorrhage Gerstein. 7. in the chart no. 39 charts out of 191 charts under review. rulers of diabetes. Sig Parkinson’s disease Baseheart. Richard A series of stroke Boggs. 3. Ketu is not in the 4th house or Cancer sign. ruling house of diabetes in the chart no. Eddie Liver cancer Arno. ruling sign of arthritis. Out of 31015 charts of the AstroDatabank 4.e. and in the Capricorn. ruling sign of skin. George F. skin ). 1 and 6. Johann Georg Execution Gambetta. Jackie Heart attack De Filippo. Leon Being wounded by a pistol accident Gaubert. in any of the 8 charts. Barry Mix of hypertension and kidney Whitman. Princes Copious bleeding in childbirth Coogan.Not to worry about Ketu as a giant killer Tin Win 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) Ketu is not in the 5th house or Leo sign. 4 and 6. 1 and 5. and Ketu is in the 5th house and Leo sign. Perry Execution (hanged) Valentino. and not in the Capricorn. Purter Execution (beheaded) Morrison. in the charts no. Accident (hitting his head in a fall) Salcido. Jan 2013                                                                                         KP‐Ezine                                                                                                         9  . in any of the 2 charts. Ketu is in the 10th house. exactly conjoined to 11th cusp within 4 minutes. ruling sign of kidney. Deborah Homicide Kurten. Dottie Injuries from car accident White. Diane Respiratory problems West. in any of the 6 charts. Ketu is in the 5th house. and Ketu is not in the Virgo or Libra. ruling signs of hernia. Rudolph Peritonitis due to a ruptured appendix Varsi. Ketu is in the 10th house. Evidence 2 4. Steve Lymphoma complications Rodden. ruling house of kidney.

foot and shoe problems. 2002. (pp 86. The view of Ketu governing the last part of our lives is not found in the “Alan Leo: Everybody's Astrology”. 9. 2009. American Federation of Astrologers. or it may mean decreased longevity. (Kevin Burk: The Complete Node Book. sensitive breasts. The view of Ketu representing old people usually above the age of sixty-nine. blood sugar problems. (pp 107-108). insufficient brain development. 2003) ***** Jan 2013                                                                                         KP‐Ezine                                                                                                       10  . weak stomach. anemia. talents. Scorpio. as quoted for the mis-concept of Ketu being the giant killer. For instance. eye problems. the Moon contacting the South Node (Ketu) could reflect upon health disturbances. digestion problems. weak immune system. poor hearing. respiratory system. As one of the health giving luminaries. Stellium Press. weak voice. and Ketu being the planet governing endings is found in the “Prashant Trivedi: The Key of Life: Astrology of the Lunar Nodes”. the person wants to revert to the South Node (Ketu) position where he is safe and secure. sexual problems. and Anna Nicole Smith. Understanding Your Life's Purpose. The possible physical problems or weakness related to the South Node (Ketu) in the zodiac signs are found mentioned in the “Bernice Prill Grebner: Lunar Nodes. miscarriage. and “Judith Hill: Medical Astrology. Inc. Llewellyn Worldwide. and abilities you mastered in past lives. Cancer. Aquarius. sluggish liver. happiness. Sagar Printers and Publishers. Some individuals with this conjunction are Bonnie Lee Bakley. 95) 8. weakness in hips. neuromuscular diseases. Whenever anything goes wrong in one's life. insufficient kidney action . 2008. 2006 ( p 14). arthritis. “The Lunar Nodes”. Publisher: Kessinger Publishing. Virgo. weak feet or elusive illnesses. The South Node (Ketu) reveals the lessons. weakness in back. (p 77A) 7. Natalie Cole. skin problems (rheumatism). (Celeste Teal: Lunar Nodes: Discover Your Soul's Karmic Mission.. while the North Node shows you how to best use your past-life skills for spiritual growth. osteoporosis. The grand circle of Uranus (84 years) marks the limit of ordinary human life. A Guide to Planetary Pathology”. too high or low blood pressure. food addictions. 2004 (pp 62-63). heart problems. Llewellyn Worldwide. speech impediments. headache.Not to worry about Ketu as a giant killer Tin Win Some Theoretical Views 6. Taurus. Leo. weak reproductive organs. poor circulation. Gemini. Ketu in Aries. Jamie Lee Curtis. Stellium Press. Michael Bolton. Donald Trump. throat problems. New Concepts”. Sagittarius. Vincent Van Gogh. It is said there that finally the sinking into the death stage is attained from 77 to 84 (Pisces). p 97) 10.. Capricorn. beyond that stage is usually the chaos of abnormal old age.. 2003. and success in this life. Pisces. Lotus Brands. sensitive. Libra.

So I reiterated my opinion with regret that as per K. then one will recover the money. E-mail: nick0885@gmail. horary chart in his presence on dated 2-7-2008 at 16:56 hours at Chandigarh.P. So I told the querent that in my opinion he would not be able to recover the money lent. Cell – 09417117370. Punjab State Electricity Board. Sharma. astrology he may not recover his entangled money. FACTS OF THE CASE It was known from the querent that no link had been established with the borrower and money had not been recovered so far by the querent. 4. written by SH K. Engineer (Retd. I made the K. So Moon signifies 8 [tension] revealing the querent’s mind.E (Elect. Mohali (Chandigarh). MOON REVEALS THE NATURE OF QUERY Moon is lord of 9 in 8. B. one cannot either borrow or recover that which had lent or given or deposited. #104. WHAT KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI SAYS? On page 229 of HORARY ASTROLOGY. judge the 6th cusp and find out whether the lord of the sub of 6th cusp is either retrograde or deposited in the constellation whose lord is retrograde. so the ruling planets are not conducive for recovery of entangled money.). As Dasha and Bhukti lord Rahu is in the Sub of retrograde planet Jupiter. Rahu dasha \ Rahu Bhukti from 273-2006 to 8-12-2008.Entangled Money Er.P. Hence as per K. If sub-lord and the lord of the constellation in which the sub lord being situated is in direct motion.S. Krishnamurti ji for his wonderful padhdhathi. I asked him to tell any horary number between 1 to 249. it does not support for recovery of entangled money. RULING PLANETS ON DATED 2-7-2008 AT 16:56 HOURS AT CHANDIGARH ASC SIGNLORD ASC STARLORD MOON STARLORD MOON SIGNLORD DAY LORD MARS SATURN RAHU MERC MERC Mars and Mercury are in sub of Rahu in 3. KRISHNAMURTI: Whether one borrows money or get back one’s dues. 6TH READER. V. it is deposited in the star of Jupiter which is retrograde. Accordingly he told the number as 151. astrology entangled money cannot be recovered. ***** Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      11  .com On dated 2-7-2008 a retired Col of army who was worried about recovery of huge amount of money lent to someone for some business purpose came and asked me to check astrologically if the entangled money will be recovered or not.P. lord of 7 and 12. it sign lord Saturn in 9 lord of 3. If either is retrograde. JYOTISHVID (PRASHER) NEW DELHI Supdt. In this case the 6th cusp sub lord is Venus in 8.K.S. not supporting the query. CONFIRMATION THROUGH MAHADASHA AND BHUKTI On dated 2-7-2008 Mahadasha of Rahu and Bhukti dasha of Rahu was Running. City Enclave. My parnam to our guru ji shri K. in the star and sub lord Rahu in 3. Zirakpur.).

6 8.27-Mar-2083 Ketu 27-Mar-2076 Venus 24-Aug-2076 Sun 24-Oct-2077 Moon 28-Feb-2078 Mars 29-Sep-2078 Rahu 26-Feb-2079 Jupiter 15-Mar-2080 Saturn 19-Feb-2081 Mercury 30-Mar-2082 Moon Dasa 27-Mar-2109 . 24 D Ma 06:35:16 Sa 10:45:39 X 16:27:46 IX 11:42:07 Ke 26:44:31 Ra 26:44:31 III 11:42:07 XI 17:59:49 Ju[R] 24:27:41 II 07:52:12 I 07:20:00 XII 14:32:17 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars.kpastrosystem. (B) . 02/Jul/2008 Time: 04:56:00 PM SID: 11:16:38 Lat: 30:43:00 N Lon: 76:47:00 E Place: CHANDIGARH.27-Mar-2059 Saturn 27-Mar-2040 Mercury 31-Mar-2043 Ketu 08-Dec-2045 Venus 17-Jan-2047 Sun 19-Mar-2050 Moon 01-Mar-2051 Mars 29-Sep-2052 Rahu 07-Nov-2053 Jupiter 13-Sep-2056 Venus Dasa 27-Mar-2083 .27-Mar-2024 Rahu 27-Mar-2006 Jupiter 08-Dec-2008 Saturn 03-May-2011 Mercury 10-Mar-2014 Ketu 27-Sep-2016 Venus 15-Oct-2017 Sun 15-Oct-2020 Moon 09-Sep-2021 Mars 10-Mar-2023 Mercury Dasa 27-Mar-2059 . 151/249 Sun Rise: 05:24:14 AM Nithya Yoga: Vridhi Horary No.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su+ 3 8 10 Mo+ 3 8 9 Ma 9 9 1.27-Mar-2103 Venus 27-Mar-2083 Sun 27-Jul-2086 Moon 27-Jul-2087 Mars 28-Mar-2089 Rahu 28-May-2090 Jupiter 28-May-2093 Saturn 26-Jan-2096 Mercury 28-Mar-2099 Ketu 26-Jan-2102 Mars Dasa 27-Mar-2119 . India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Ma Me Stl Sa Ra Sbl Ra Ra Ssl Sa Su Sssl Me Sa Day Lord: Mercury Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 08:07:52:12 Ju[R] 08:24:27:41 I 07:07:20:00 III 09:11:42:07 Ra 09:26:44:31 10 XI 05:17:59:49 9 7 6 XII 06:14:32:17 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Anuradha(2) 2 Moola(3) 3 Sravana(1) 4 Satabhisha(3) 5 Revati(1) 6 Bharani(1) 7 Krittika(4) 8 Aridra(1) 9 Pushyami(3) 10 P. 11 (A) . 6 Me 9 7 1.27-Mar-2040 Jupiter 27-Mar-2024 Saturn 15-May-2026 Mercury 26-Nov-2028 Ketu 03-Mar-2031 Venus 07-Feb-2032 Sun 09-Oct-2034 Moon 28-Jul-2035 Mars 27-Nov-2036 Rahu 03-Nov-2037 Ketu Dasa 27-Mar-2076 .27-Mar-2126 Mars 27-Mar-2119 Rahu 24-Aug-2119 Jupiter 11-Sep-2120 Saturn 18-Aug-2121 Mercury 26-Sep-2122 Ketu 24-Sep-2123 Venus 20-Feb-2124 Sun 22-Apr-2125 Moon 27-Aug-2125 V 17:59:49 Name: Entangled money Gender: Male Date: Wednesday. 4 Ra 9 3 1.Placidus Star: Aridra. 12 . UNION TERRITORY.Ashada(4) Ve Punarvasu(2) Sa Magha(4) Ra Dhanishta(2) Ke Ashlesha(4) Sgl Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Stl Sa Ke Mo Ra Me Ve Su Ra Sa Ve Mo Ra Sbl Ke Ju Ma Ve Me Ve Ke Ra Mo Mo Me Ke Ssl Ke Sa Ve Ju Ra Ju Ra Ke Me Ra Me Ve Sssl Ke Me Ma Me Ma Sa Ra Mo Ve Me Ju Ra IV 10:16:27:46 8 11 2 5 X 04:16:27:46 Sgl Me Me Su Ve Ju Me Su Sa Mo Stl Ra Ra Ke Ma Ve Ju Ke Ma Me Sbl Ve Ra Ra Ra Me Sa Sa Ju Ju Ssl Me Su Me Ve Ve Ra Ma Me Me Sssl Ke Sa Ma Ma Mo Me Ju Mo Mo V 11:17:59:49 12 1 VI 00:14:32:17 Me 01:25:29:52 VII 01:07:20:00 4 3 Ke 03:26:44:31 IX 03:11:42:07 Sa 04:10:45:39 Ma 04:06:35:16 Ve 02:23:27:08 Su 02:17:03:38 Mo 02:08:20:44 VIII 02:07:52:12 Significators . Man Machine Systems. (C) . Dasa: Rahu 15 Y.27-Mar-2119 Moon 27-Mar-2109 Mars 26-Jan-2110 Rahu 27-Aug-2110 Jupiter 26-Feb-2112 Saturn 27-Jun-2113 Mercury 26-Jan-2115 Ketu 27-Jun-2116 Venus 26-Jan-2117 Sun 26-Sep-2118 Saturn Dasa 27-Mar-2040 . 12 Sa+ 9 9 3. Pada 1 Star Lord: Rahu Rasi: Gemini Rasi Lord: Mercury Lagna: Scorpio Lagna Lord: Mars Tithi: Amavasya Bal. UNION TERRITORY.: 151 Question : Entangled money Sun Set: Hora: 07:29:32 PM Mars Dasa Days: 365. 5 7. 5 Ve 2 8 2.25 D Karana: Chatushpad Ruling Planets . 8 M.27-Mar-2109 Sun 27-Mar-2103 Moon 15-Jul-2103 Mars 14-Jan-2104 Rahu 21-May-2104 Jupiter 14-Apr-2105 Saturn 31-Jan-2106 Mercury 13-Jan-2107 Ketu 20-Nov-2107 Venus 27-Mar-2108 Jupiter Dasa 27-Mar-2024 . Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.Phalguni(1) 11 Hasta(3) 12 Swati(3) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Aridra(4) Mo Aridra(1) Ma Magha(2) Me Mrigasira(1) Ju[R] P.House Owner VI 14:32:17 VII 07:20:00 Me 25:29:52 VIII 07:52:12 Mo 08:20:44 Su 17:03:38 Ve 23:27:08 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Rahu Dasa 27-Mar-2006 . 11 Ju 8 2 7. 6 Ke 7 9 8.27-Mar-2076 Mercury 27-Mar-2059 Ketu 24-Aug-2061 Venus 21-Aug-2062 Sun 21-Jun-2065 Moon 28-Apr-2066 Mars 27-Sep-2067 Rahu 23-Sep-2068 Jupiter 12-Apr-2071 Saturn 18-Jul-2073 Sun Dasa 27-Mar-2103 .02/Jul/2008 04:56:00 PM CHANDIGARH.Planets in Owner's stars (D) . India IV 16:27:46 Ayanamsa: 23° 53' 8" [KP Ayanamsa] .Planets in Occupant's stars Rahu acts as agent for: Sa.Occupant of house Ketu acts as agent for: Mo.Horary No.

owner of 1. Sub lord Moon is occupant of 8. 9. Dasa lord Jupiter is in the star of Sun and sub of Rahu.23’.com www. 10. So sale of the house is promised during this Bhukti. Star lord Mars is occupant of 1. 5 (success/fulfillment of desire of opponent. Rahu is aspected by Mars. so the next Antra is Saturn from 24-05-2012 to 0908-2012. Ketu is conjoined with Moon. 12th from 4th). Jupiter is occupant of 10. Saturn is in the star of Mars and sub of Mercury. Rahu is occupant of 4. No planet is in the stars of Rahu and Rahu is the CSL of 10 (land/building of opponent. 4th from 7th). owner of 6. 72° E 36’.When will I be able to sell off my house? Kanak Bosmia Editor: KP-Ezine . owner of 5. owner of 3. Mars is occupant of 1. Saturn. Tuesday. 9. Day Tuesday Asc. Sub lord Rahu is occupant of 4. 11th from 7th) or 10 (land/building of opponent. Jagabhai Park. Star lord Saturn is occupant of 3. 5 (success/fulfillment of desire of opponent. My opinion: your house will be sold during 24-05-2012 to 09-08-2012. 5 and 10. Ruling Planets At the time of judgment. the ruling planets are as under. 5 (success/fulfillment of desire of opponent. 10. Joint Period At the time of judgment (Jupiter Dasa up to 1-07-2016). Ahmedabad-380008 Phone: 079-2543 1165. owner of 1. Aynamsha: 230. 4th from 7th). 12. Rahu is in the star of Saturn and sub of Moon.30”) : The sub lord of the 10th cusp is Rahu. MP Question : When will I be able to sell off my house? Number: 78 (out of 1-249). Mars is occupant of 1. 4th from 7th). Cuspal Sub Lord 10th cusp (Aries 190.22” Hints If the cuspal sub lord of the 10th house (land/building of opponent. owner of 2. owner of 7. owner of 5. Moon. 10. one will be able to sell off house/land/building during the joint period of the significators of 3. Virgo 06° 06. 8. Rahu and Ketu. 4th from 7th). Sun. Dasa lord Jupiter signifies 10 (land/building of opponent. Mercury. So sale of the house is promised during this Name: Mr. Star lord Sun is occupant of 10. Bhukti lord Moon signifies 10 (land/building of opponent. owner of 7. 4th from 7th). 8.World’s first FREE eMagazine on KP System of Astrology Sahakar-2. 5 (success/fulfillment of desire of opponent. Actual outcome: prediction comes true. owner of 5. Ram Baug. it was running the joint period of Jupiter-Moon-Jupiter up to 2405-2012. 4th from 7th). Mercury is occupant of 9. owner of 6.36” Moon. Jupiter. 11th from 7th). Aquarius 29° 53' 47” Day lord Mars — — Sign lord Star lord — — Mercury Sun Saturn Jupiter Sub lord — Mercury Moon Rahu is aspected by Mars. Running Antra is Jupiter. Time of Judgment: 15-05-2012. Moon is also in the RPs. Star lord Jupiter is occupant of 10. Saturn is occupant of 3.kpastrologer. ***** Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      13  . Moon is occupant of 8. Saturn is also in the RPs. 12th from 4th). thus represents Moon. 4th from 7th) and is connected with 10 (land/building of opponent. Mobile: 98251-31165 E-mail: kanakbosmia@yahoo.56’. Rahu is aspected by Mars. as Jupiter is also in the RPs. 11th from 7th) and is connected with 3 (absence of land/building. Bhukti lord Moon is in the star of Jupiter and sub of own. So sale of the house is promised during this Antra. Lat/Long: 23° N 00'. 11th from 7th). Maninagar. 4th from 7th) be the significator (in the star of the occupant or owner) of 3 (absence of land/building. No planet is in the stars of Rahu and Rahu is the CSL of 10 (land/building of opponent. We have already taken Jupiter as Dasa lord. Thus 10th cusp sub lord Rahu is the significator of 3 (absence of land/building.Ahmedabad. 4th from 7th). hence represents mars. 12th from 4th) and connected with 10 (land/building of opponent. The querist sold his house on 23rd July 2012 by taking token money and on 3rd August he signed the Banakhat. Thus Antra lord signifies 10 (land/building of opponent. 15-05-44 PM IST Place of Judgment: Kanakariya. Hence the ruling planets are Mars. No planet is in the stars of Mercury and Mercury is the CSL of 9. Flat # 28. hence sale of the house is promised.

India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Me Sa Stl Su Ju Sbl Me Mo Ssl Ma Ju Sssl Sa Ra Day Lord: Mars Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 17:34:04 XII 22:17:57 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Ashlesha(2) 2 P.kpastrosystem.Bhadra(3) Ma P. AHMEDABAD. 8 Ra+ 3 4 7. 9 Ve 1 11 5. 10 7.01-Jul-2085 Sun 01-Jul-2079 Moon 18-Oct-2079 Mars 18-Apr-2080 Rahu 24-Aug-2080 Jupiter 18-Jul-2081 Saturn 07-May-2082 Mercury 19-Apr-2083 Ketu 23-Feb-2084 Venus 30-Jun-2084 Rahu Dasa 01-Jul-2102 .com . 15/May/2012 Time: 03:05:44 PM SID: 06:00:13 Lat: 23:00:00 N Lon: 72:36:00 E Place: AHMEDABAD. (B) .Bhadra.01-Jul-2052 Mercury 01-Jul-2035 Ketu 27-Nov-2037 Venus 24-Nov-2038 Sun 24-Sep-2041 Moon 01-Aug-2042 Mars 31-Dec-2043 Rahu 27-Dec-2044 Jupiter 16-Jul-2047 Saturn 22-Oct-2049 Sun Dasa 01-Jul-2079 . Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.01-Jul-2120 Rahu 01-Jul-2102 Jupiter 13-Mar-2105 Saturn 06-Aug-2107 Mercury 13-Jun-2110 Ketu 31-Dec-2112 Venus 18-Jan-2114 Sun 18-Jan-2117 Moon 13-Dec-2117 Mars 13-Jun-2119 IX 17:12:45 Name: Sell off my house Gender: Male Date: Tuesday.15/May/2012 03:05:44 PM KANKARIYA. Man Machine Systems. 10 4.25 D Karana: Badreva Horary No. 15 D Ma 14:54:47 II 17:34:04 I 21:33:20 VII 21:33:20 III 17:12:45 VI 22:17:57 V 21:34:45 Ra 11:52:10 IV 19:23:30 Sa[R] 00:07:58 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars.Phalguni(2) 3 Hasta(3) 4 Swati(4) 5 Jyeshta(2) 6 P.Placidus Star: P. Pada 3 Star Lord: Jupiter Rasi: Aquarius Rasi Lord: Saturn Lagna: Cancer Lagna Lord: Moon Tithi: Krishna Paksha. GUJARAT. 11 3. Ve.House Owner Me 17:22:24 X 19:23:30 Ju 29:40:30 Su 01:00:57 Ke 11:52:10 XI 21:34:45 Ve 00:03:06 XII 22:17:57 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Jupiter Dasa 01-Jul-2000 .Planets in Owner's stars (D) .Occupant of house (C) . 12 Ju 10 10 2 6. 8 Ke+ 8 10 1 Rahu acts as agent for: Su. 1 M.Phalguni(1) Me Bharani(2) Ju Krittika(1) Ve Mrigasira(3) Sa[R] Chitra(3) Ra Anuradha(3) Ke Rohini(1) Sgl Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Stl Me Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Mo Ju Sbl Su Ma Sa Ma Su Sa Ve Su Me Ra Ve Sa Ssl Su Ju Ra Ju Su Me Ra Ma Ve Ke Ju Me Sssl Su Su Ra Ju Me Ve Ma Su Ju Me Ju Ra Sa[R] 00:07:58 III 17:12:45 6 Ma 14:54:47 I 21:33:20 5 3 2 XI 21:34:45 Ve 00:03:06 Ra 11:52:10 IV 19:23:30 4 7 10 1 Ju 29:40:30 X 19:23:30 Ke 11:52:10 Su 01:00:57 Sgl Ve Sa Su Ma Ma Me Ve Ma Ve Stl Su Ju Ve Ve Su Ma Ma Sa Mo Sbl Ra Mo Ve Ma Ra Me Me Mo Ma Ssl Mo Ju Sa Ma Ju Me Me Ke Mo Sssl Sa Ra Ve Su Ve Ke Mo Me Me VII 21:33:20 V 21:34:45 8 9 VI 22:17:57 11 Mo 29:53:47 VIII 17:34:04 12 Me 17:22:24 IX 17:12:45 Significators .Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Su. 11 Sa 1 3 5.01-Jul-2035 Saturn 01-Jul-2016 Mercury 04-Jul-2019 Ketu 13-Mar-2022 Venus 22-Apr-2023 Sun 22-Jun-2026 Moon 04-Jun-2027 Mars 03-Jan-2029 Rahu 11-Feb-2030 Jupiter 18-Dec-2032 Venus Dasa 01-Jul-2059 .01-Jul-2079 Venus 01-Jul-2059 Sun 30-Oct-2062 Moon 30-Oct-2063 Mars 01-Jul-2065 Rahu 31-Aug-2066 Jupiter 31-Aug-2069 Saturn 30-Apr-2072 Mercury 30-Jun-2075 Ketu 01-May-2078 Mars Dasa 01-Jul-2095 .01-Jul-2102 Mars 01-Jul-2095 Rahu 27-Nov-2095 Jupiter 15-Dec-2096 Saturn 21-Nov-2097 Mercury 30-Dec-2098 Ketu 28-Dec-2099 Venus 26-May-2100 Sun 26-Jul-2101 Moon 01-Dec-2101 Mercury Dasa 01-Jul-2035 .01-Jul-2059 Ketu 01-Jul-2052 Venus 27-Nov-2052 Sun 27-Jan-2054 Moon 03-Jun-2054 Mars 02-Jan-2055 Rahu 01-Jun-2055 Jupiter 19-Jun-2056 Saturn 26-May-2057 Mercury 04-Jul-2058 Moon Dasa 01-Jul-2085 . Ma. Dasa: Jupiter 4 Y.01-Jul-2016 Jupiter 01-Jul-2000 Saturn 18-Aug-2002 Mercury 01-Mar-2005 Ketu 06-Jun-2007 Venus 12-May-2008 Sun 11-Jan-2011 Moon 30-Oct-2011 Mars 01-Mar-2013 Rahu 05-Feb-2014 Ketu Dasa 01-Jul-2052 .: 78 Question : When I will be able to sell off my house? Ruling Planets . 9 1 Ma 11 1 4.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 10 10 2 2 Mo 10 8 6. 11 5. 78/249 Sun Rise: 05:58:47 AM Nithya Yoga: Vishkumbha Sun Set: Hora: 07:13:20 PM Venus Dasa Days: 365.Horary No. Dasami Bal.01-Jul-2095 Moon 01-Jul-2085 Mars 01-May-2086 Rahu 30-Nov-2086 Jupiter 31-May-2088 Saturn 29-Sep-2089 Mercury 30-Apr-2091 Ketu 30-Sep-2092 Venus 01-May-2093 Sun 30-Dec-2094 Saturn Dasa 01-Jul-2016 .Ashada(3) 7 Sravana(4) 8 Satabhisha(4) 9 Revati(1) 10 Bharani(2) 11 Rohini(4) 12 Punarvasu(1) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Krittika(2) Mo P. GUJARAT. (A) . 10 Me+ 11 9 4. India Mo 29:53:47 VIII 17:34:04 Ayanamsa: 23° 56' 22" [KP Ayanamsa] .

pulled its support for his policies. 7 and 8. if he will run to become Prime Minister could he come back to power? Question: Will Silvio Berlusconi come back to power if he runs for the premiership? KPnumber : 88 (of 249) Date & Time : 13-12-2012. 3(one’s ability). star-lord: Saturn in 3 (ones’ ability) owner of 6. then success is assured.Will Silvio Berlusconi come back to power? Basilioli Sandro (Vediko) Via Nicolo’33 Isola Del Gransasso (Te). the sub-lord is Ketu in 10 conjJubiter in 10 (one’s reputation)owner of 5 and 9. ***** Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      15  . owner of 6. Time Zone : 01:00:00 East of UT Rule If 10th(one’s position in politics) cusp sub-lord signifies 10 (one’s reputation). Bhukti lord is Saturn. owner of 1 and 2. owner of 3 (ones’ ability). he could come back to power for the 6th time and win the elections. No planets in the star of Mars and is cuspal sub-lord of 1 and 10 (one’s reputation). Region: Lazio. 11( one’s reputation as a winner). DBA analysis Dasa lord is Mercury. Conclusion In my humble opinion if Mr Silvio Berlusconi decide to run for the premiership (at the moment is not sure). owner of 3 (ones’ ability) and 11 ( one’s reputation as a winner) . Venus in 4 owner of 4. Mercury in 4. in 3 (ones’ ability). As we can see the 10th cusp sub-lord Mars is owner of 10 ( one’s reputation) and Mars’ sub lord Ketu is in 10. Moon in 4. Latitude : 041:44:00 N. The same day. star-lord : Rahu in 4 conj with Sun in 4. The signification of 10 alone could be very week. owner of 12 . 7 and 8. in 4. 11(one’s reputation as a winner) in the DBA that signifies 3. Berlusconi announced he is running for the premiership again? My question Background Italian Premier Mario Monti announced over the week that he’s resigning early because former Prime Minister Berlusconi’s party. ITALY E-mail: Vediko@libero. 09:54:00 Place Name : Ostia Lido. so I will proceed the analysis looking into the Dasa level. Italy. sub-lord : Mercury in 4. As we can see dasha-bhuktilords from 23/11/2012 to 02/08/2015 signify 3 and 11. owner of 3 (ones’ ability) and 11 ( one’s reputation as a winner) .star lord is Venus in 4 owner of 4. sub-lord :Venus in 4 owner of 4. Longitude : 012:17:00 E. the People of Freedom.10 and 11. Analysis 10th sub-lord is Mars in 5 owner of 10 (one’s reputation).

Rahu acts as agent for: Su. Italy VIII 27:24:37 VII 04:46:40 Ayanamsa: 23° 56' 51" [KP Ayanamsa] .Bhadra(3) 9 Revati(3) 10 Krittika(1) 11 Mrigasira(4) 12 Pushyami(1) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Jyeshta(4) Mo Jyeshta(4) Ma .Planets in Owner's stars (D) . (B) Ve. Lazio.Ashada(4) Me Anuradha(2) Ju[R] Rohini(2) Ve Visakha(4) Sa Swati(3) Ra Visakha(4) Ke Krittika(2) Sgl Su Su Me Ve Ju Sa Sa Sa Ju Ma Me Mo Stl Ke Su Ma Ju Ke Su Ma Ju Me Su Ma Sa Sbl Ma Mo Ra Ve Mo Me Ve Ve Ra Ma Ve Me Ssl Ma Mo Ke Me Ra Ju Ke Ra Ke Ma Ju Ra Sssl Ma Ve Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Ju Ve Ve Sa Ra I 04:04:46:40 Sa 06:13:57:04 III 05:25:17:55 6 XI 02:03:50:48 5 4 3 Ra 07:00:38:11 Ve 07:02:31:48 Me 07:09:08:27 Su 07:27:48:41 Mo 07:27:56:04 IV 06:28:28:51 5 7 11 1 X 00:28:28:51 Ju[R] 01:15:57:56 Ke 01:00:38:11 Sgl Ma Ma Ju Ma Ve Ma Ve Ma Ve Stl Me Me Ve Sa Mo Ju Ra Ju Su Sbl Ju Sa Ke Ve Sa Ra Me Ma Ra Ssl Ra Sa Ma Ra Sa Ke Ju Ra Ve Sssl Ve Sa Ra Ve Ju Su Sa Sa Ra VII 10:04:46:40 V 08:03:50:48 Ma 08:26:10:33 9 10 VI 09:06:32:06 11 VIII 10:27:24:37 12 IX 11:25:17:55 Significators .Horary No. 2 Mo 4 4 3. 8 Ra 10 4 5. 7. 7 M. 8 3.kpastrosystem. 13/Dec/2012 Time: 09:54:00 AM SID: 15:12:56 Lat: 41:44:00 N Lon: 12:17:00 E Place: OSTIA LIDO. 11 12 Ma+ 4 5 4 10 Me 3 4 6. Dasa: Mercury 2 Y.Ju.02-Aug-2048 Sun 02-Aug-2042 Moon 19-Nov-2042 Mars 21-May-2043 Rahu 26-Sep-2043 Jupiter 19-Aug-2044 Saturn 08-Jun-2045 Mercury 21-May-2046 Ketu 27-Mar-2047 Venus 02-Aug-2047 Rahu Dasa 02-Aug-2065 . Pada 4 Star Lord: Mercury Rasi: Scorpio Rasi Lord: Mars Lagna: Leo Lagna Lord: Sun Tithi: Shukla Paksha. 18 D I 04:46:40 II 27:24:37 XII 06:32:06 VI 06:32:06 III 25:17:55 Ma 26:10:33 V 03:50:48 Mo Su Me Ve Ra 27:56:04 27:48:41 09:08:27 02:31:48 00:38:11 IV 28:28:51 Sa 13:57:04 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. 11 Ju 4 10 12 5.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Su. Me.Occupant of house (C) .: 88 Question : Will Silvio Berlusconi come back to power if he will run for the premiership? Ruling Planets .House Owner X 28:28:51 Ke 00:38:11 Ju[R] 15:57:56 XI 03:50:48 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Mercury Dasa 02-Aug-1998 .Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 4 4 3. 7. Pratipad Bal. 11 1. Ju.Ashada(3) 7 Dhanishta(4) 8 P. .13/Dec/2012 09:54:00 AM OSTIA LIDO. Me. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www. Man Machine Systems.02-Aug-2065 Mars 02-Aug-2058 Rahu 29-Dec-2058 Jupiter 16-Jan-2060 Saturn 22-Dec-2060 Mercury 30-Jan-2062 Ketu 28-Jan-2063 Venus 26-Jun-2063 Sun 26-Aug-2064 Moon 01-Jan-2065 Saturn Dasa 02-Aug-2099 .02-Aug-2118 Saturn 02-Aug-2099 Mercury 05-Aug-2102 Ketu 14-Apr-2105 Venus 24-May-2106 Sun 24-Jul-2109 Moon 06-Jul-2110 Mars 04-Feb-2112 Rahu 15-Mar-2113 Jupiter 20-Jan-2116 IX 25:17:55 Name: Silvio Berlusconi as PM Gender: Male Date: Thursday.25 D Karana: Kintughna Horary No. Italy Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Sa Ma Stl Su Me Sbl Ju Sa Ssl Ve Sa Sssl Ke Sa Day Lord: Jupiter Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 04:27:24:37 XII 03:06:32:06 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Magha(2) 2 U.02-Aug-2099 Jupiter 02-Aug-2083 Saturn 19-Sep-2085 Mercury 01-Apr-2088 Ketu 07-Jul-2090 Venus 13-Jun-2091 Sun 12-Feb-2094 Moon 01-Dec-2094 Mars 01-Apr-2096 Rahu 08-Mar-2097 Venus Dasa 02-Aug-2022 . 9 Ve 10 4 5. 9 4 Sa 4 3 6.02-Aug-2058 Moon 02-Aug-2048 Mars 02-Jun-2049 Rahu 01-Jan-2050 Jupiter 03-Jul-2051 Saturn 01-Nov-2052 Mercury 02-Jun-2054 Ketu 02-Nov-2055 Venus 02-Jun-2056 Sun 31-Jan-2058 Jupiter Dasa 02-Aug-2083 .02-Aug-2083 Rahu 02-Aug-2065 Jupiter 13-Apr-2068 Saturn 06-Sep-2070 Mercury 14-Jul-2073 Ketu 31-Jan-2076 Venus 18-Feb-2077 Sun 18-Feb-2080 Moon 12-Jan-2081 Mars 13-Jul-2082 Ketu Dasa 02-Aug-2015 . Lazio. 88/249 Sun Rise: 07:29:54 AM Nithya Yoga: Shula Sun Set: Hora: 04:40:28 PM Sun Dasa Days: 365. Mo. 9 Ke+ 4 10 1.02-Aug-2022 Ketu 02-Aug-2015 Venus 29-Dec-2015 Sun 28-Feb-2017 Moon 05-Jul-2017 Mars 03-Feb-2018 Rahu 03-Jul-2018 Jupiter 21-Jul-2019 Saturn 26-Jun-2020 Mercury 04-Aug-2021 Moon Dasa 02-Aug-2048 . Ma.02-Aug-2042 Venus 02-Aug-2022 Sun 01-Dec-2025 Moon 01-Dec-2026 Mars 01-Aug-2028 Rahu 01-Oct-2029 Jupiter 01-Oct-2032 Saturn 01-Jun-2035 Mercury 01-Aug-2038 Ketu 02-Jun-2041 Mars Dasa 02-Aug-2058 . Ve.Phalguni(1) 3 Chitra(1) 4 Visakha(3) 5 Moola(2) 6 U.02-Aug-2015 Mercury 02-Aug-1998 Ketu 29-Dec-2000 Venus 26-Dec-2001 Sun 25-Oct-2004 Moon 01-Sep-2005 Mars 31-Jan-2007 Rahu 28-Jan-2008 Jupiter 17-Aug-2010 Saturn 23-Nov-2012 Sun Dasa 02-Aug-2042 .Placidus Star: Jyeshta. 2 (A) . Mo.

23N07 (Geocentric). The cuspal sub lord of the 5th house for female and 11th house for male must signify the houses 2. 77E26 . RULING PLANETS As we cannot neglect the ruling planets at the time of judgement. it is placed in the 11th house. It is in the star of Venus which is placed in 11th house. So the connectivity of Mars with 5th and 11th house is there. Rahu is in the sub of Saturn which is placed in 5th Om Gan Ganapataye Namah After marriage everybody is primarily concerned about child birth. 9329265779. Time: 18:53:00 Place: BHOPAL. then the relatives and the person himself is concerned and worried. CUSPAL ANALYSIS 2nd Cusp --Gemini –06:43:28 (Me – Ra – Ra) Rahu is the cuspal sub lord of the 2nd cusp. So Moon becomes strong significator of 11th house. Let us see how to solve the query using Krishnamurti Padhdhati principles. Ayanamsa : KPNA 23:54:21 HINTS 1. E-mail: akash2311@gmail. all the RPs are strong significators of 5th and 11th houses. So it becomes favourable for the 5th house matter. Hence it becomes a strong significator of 11th house. Its subl ord is Moon which as discussed previously is also 11th house. MOON & ASCENDANT SUB LORD Before proceeding to analyse any horary chart one must check whether the Moon supports the query being put up by anybody. A person who works as a medical representative asked the query about child birth as after 10 months of marriage there wasn’t any good news. Also the ascendant sub lord must be considered for further confirmation. 5 and 11 for child birth.ptakash. Date: 20-03-2010. It is in the star of Mercury which is placed in 11th house. The cuspal sub lord must not signify the house 4 and 10 being 12th from the primary house. 2. 12th house stands for worries. 11th Cusp–Aquarius – 28:38:32 (Sa – Ju – Ve) Venus is the cuspal sub lord of the 11th house. Lagna Signlord Lagna Starlord Moon Signlord Moon Starlord Daylord Mercury Moon Venus Sun Saturn As one can judge by looking at the ruling planets. Here the querist is male and so the 11th house will be the primary cusp.Child Birth Pt Akash ( BE Electronics ) ( Jyotish Shiromani ) www. Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      17  . Moon itself is placed in 12th house. Let us check Moon first. 5th Cusp–Leo – 28:38:32 (Su – Su – Ma) Mars is the cuspal sub lord of the 5th house. obstacles. Hence a go ahead for cuspal analysis is given. So Mars is strongly signifying 5th house. So the connectivity of both the Moon and Ascendant sub lord is with the primary and secondary house for child birth query. Moon is in the star of Sun which is placed in 11th house. It is in the sub of Mercury which is placed in the 11th house. Query: Child Birth Horary No: 30 (out of 249). It is placed in 8th house. Mars is placed in the 3rd house. So Venus is strongly signifying the 11th house and its matters. Ascendant sub lord is Mars which is placed in 3rd house and is in the star of Saturn which is placed in 5th house. Even after a year if there is no good news. It is in the star of Saturn which is placed in 5th Nakshatra Jyotish Kendra Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrologer Mob: 9827374626 .

MADHYA PRADESH.Planets in Owner's stars (D) .Phalguni(4) Ra P. 11 5 Mo+ 11 12 5 3. Panchami Bal. (B) .: 30 Question : child birth as after 10 months of marriage Ruling Planets . 6 Ke+ 10 2 8 (A) .Bhadra(1) Ve Revati(2) Sa[R] U. India Ayanamsa: 23° 54' 34" [KP Ayanamsa] . 30/249 Sun Rise: 06:24:54 AM Nithya Yoga: Vishkumbha Sun Set: Hora: 06:31:06 PM Mercury Dasa Days: 365.10-Sep-2049 Rahu 10-Sep-2031 Jupiter 23-May-2034 Saturn 17-Oct-2036 Mercury 23-Aug-2039 Ketu 12-Mar-2042 Venus 30-Mar-2043 Sun 30-Mar-2046 Moon 22-Feb-2047 Mars 23-Aug-2048 Mercury Dasa 10-Sep-2084 .Ashada(2) 10 Dhanishta(2) 11 P. 11 7.25 D Karana: Balav Horary No.10-Sep-2014 Sun 10-Sep-2008 Moon 28-Dec-2008 Mars 29-Jun-2009 Rahu 04-Nov-2009 Jupiter 28-Sep-2010 Saturn 18-Jul-2011 Mercury 29-Jun-2012 Ketu 05-May-2013 Venus 10-Sep-2013 Rahu Dasa 10-Sep-2031 . 20/Mar/2010 Time: 06:53:00 PM SID: 06:24:37 Lat: 23:07:00 N Lon: 77:26:00 E Place: BHOPAL.House Owner XII 04:53:36 Mo 00:03:38 I 11:06:40 II 06:43:28 Ke 23:33:58 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Sun Dasa 10-Sep-2008 . Dasa: Sun 4 Y.Horary No. Sa.10-Sep-2101 Mercury 10-Sep-2084 Ketu 06-Feb-2087 Venus 03-Feb-2088 Sun 04-Dec-2090 Moon 11-Oct-2091 Mars 12-Mar-2093 Rahu 09-Mar-2094 Jupiter 26-Sep-2096 Saturn 02-Jan-2099 Moon Dasa 10-Sep-2014 .10-Sep-2084 Saturn 10-Sep-2065 Mercury 13-Sep-2068 Ketu 23-May-2071 Venus 02-Jul-2072 Sun 01-Sep-2075 Moon 13-Aug-2076 Mars 14-Mar-2078 Rahu 23-Apr-2079 Jupiter 27-Feb-2082 Venus Dasa 10-Sep-2108 .Ashada(4) Ke Punarvasu(2) Sgl Ve Me Mo Mo Su Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Sa Ma Stl Mo Ra Ju Me Su Ma Sa Ke Su Ma Ju Ke Sbl Ma Ra Ma Ju Ma Su Mo Ra Ra Ju Ve Ma Ssl Ma Ra Sa Su Ju Su Ma Ke Su Su Me Ra Sssl Ma Ju Ra Mo Me Ma Ju Ke Me Mo Sa Ke IV 03:27:17:13 2 4 8 10 X 09:27:17:13 Ju 10:20:39:23 Sgl Ju Ve Mo Ju Sa Ju Me Ju Me Stl Sa Su Sa Sa Ju Me Su Ve Ju Sbl Me Ra Me Mo Ju Mo Ke Sa Sa Ssl Ve Sa Ju Ke Me Mo Ju Ra Ra Sssl Ma Ra Su Sa Ma Me Ve Me Mo VII 07:11:06:40 Sa[R] 05:07:29:34 V 04:28:38:32 IX 09:00:54:38 5 7 VI 06:04:53:36 9 Ra 08:23:33:58 VIII 08:06:43:28 10 Significators . India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Me Ve Stl Mo Su Sbl Ma Ra Ssl Ve Sa Sssl Sa Ra Day Lord: Saturn Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 02:06:43:28 Ke 02:23:33:58 I 01:11:06:40 III 03:00:54:38 Ma 03:06:57:25 4 3 1 11 XI 10:28:38:32 Ve 11:22:16:48 Me 11:11:51:18 Su 11:05:55:07 XII 00:04:53:36 Mo 01:00:03:38 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Rohini(1) 2 Aridra(1) 3 Punarvasu(4) 4 Ashlesha(4) 5 U.10-Sep-2024 Moon 10-Sep-2014 Mars 11-Jul-2015 Rahu 09-Feb-2016 Jupiter 11-Aug-2017 Saturn 11-Dec-2018 Mercury 11-Jul-2020 Ketu 10-Dec-2021 Venus 11-Jul-2022 Sun 10-Mar-2024 Jupiter Dasa 10-Sep-2049 .Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 5 11 9.10-Sep-2065 Jupiter 10-Sep-2049 Saturn 28-Oct-2051 Mercury 11-May-2054 Ketu 17-Aug-2056 Venus 24-Jul-2057 Sun 23-Mar-2060 Moon 09-Jan-2061 Mars 11-May-2062 Rahu 17-Apr-2063 Ketu Dasa 10-Sep-2101 .Phalguni(1) 6 Chitra(4) 7 Anuradha(3) 8 Moola(3) 9 U.kpastrosystem. MADHYA PRADESH. 6 Sa 11 5 5 9.20/Mar/2010 06:53:00 PM BHOPAL. 10. 11 2 Ju 10 10 8 8 Ve 11 11 2 1.Bhadra(3) 12 Aswini(2) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su U.10-Sep-2031 Mars 10-Sep-2024 Rahu 06-Feb-2025 Jupiter 24-Feb-2026 Saturn 31-Jan-2027 Mercury 11-Mar-2028 Ketu 08-Mar-2029 Venus 04-Aug-2029 Sun 04-Oct-2030 Moon 09-Feb-2031 Saturn Dasa 10-Sep-2065 . 10.Placidus Star: Krittika. Man Machine Systems. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.10-Sep-2108 Ketu 10-Sep-2101 Venus 06-Feb-2102 Sun 08-Apr-2103 Moon 14-Aug-2103 Mars 14-Mar-2104 Rahu 10-Aug-2104 Jupiter 28-Aug-2105 Saturn 04-Aug-2106 Mercury 13-Sep-2107 Mars Dasa 10-Sep-2024 . 11 Ra+ 11 8 1.10-Sep-2128 Venus 10-Sep-2108 Sun 09-Jan-2112 Moon 09-Jan-2113 Mars 10-Sep-2114 Rahu 10-Nov-2115 Jupiter 10-Nov-2118 Saturn 11-Jul-2121 Mercury 10-Sep-2124 Ketu 12-Jul-2127 Ve 22:16:48 Me 11:51:18 Su 05:55:07 Name: Child Birth Gender: Male Date: Saturday. 4 Ma+ 5 3 9.Planets in Occupant's stars Rahu acts as agent for: .Bhadra(3) Ju P. 12 Me 5 11 9. Pada 2 Star Lord: Sun Rasi: Taurus Rasi Lord: Venus Lagna: Taurus Lagna Lord: Venus Tithi: Shukla Paksha. 10. 5 M. 20 D III 00:54:38 Ma 06:57:25 IV 27:17:13 XI 28:38:32 Ju 20:39:23 V 28:38:32 X 27:17:13 IX 00:54:38 Sa[R] 07:29:34 Ra 23:33:58 VIII 06:43:28 VII 11:06:40 VI 04:53:36 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. Ketu acts as agent for: Me. 10.Bhadra(1) Mo Krittika(2) Ma Pushyami(2) Me U. Ju.Occupant of house (C) .

Jupiter is not amongst the ruling planets but it is a kararka for child birth. lord Jupiter and child birth star (nakshatra) is Revati whose lord is Mercury . in the same star and sub own and in the sub sub of Mercury. After Rahu Jupiter Bhukti will run till July 2011. Check out the day. In such a case. Almost a year later the querist came to me with sweets and told me that his wife has given birth to a son on 4th April 2011. Sun is in the sub of Mercury which is also 11th house. Childs birth Moon sign is Pisces . favourable for child birth and fulfillment of the querist’s desire. ***** Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      19  . daylord Moon. it’s Monday. WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR My pranams to Lord Ganesha and Guruji KSK. which is placed in 11th house. PREDICTION As per the analysis shown above it is predicted that very soon you will get a good news and a child birth is promised. a view is to take the signification of sub sub Mercury. So I predicted a child birth for the querist in the near future. So Sun Mahadasha is favourable for child birth.Child Birth Pt Akash DASHA BHUKTI ANALYSIS The running Mahadasha is of Sun which is placed in 11th house and in the star of Saturn which is placed in the 5th house and hence signifying 5th and 11th house strongly. Running Bhukti is of Rahu which is also signifying 11th house by being in the star of Venus. Rahu Bhukti will run till September 2010 which is favourable for child birth.

Mean Nodes and Geographical Latitude.2000 to 22.P.2012 Moon is not a common planet for marriage.09.Asc star: Mars. Mercury is the occupant of 3.Moon star: Jupiter. Jupiter. Mobile : +91-98305 80345. So Moon is not taken into consideration for marriage. Saturn. Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      20  . 12. Next Antra dasha lord Rahu – up to 17. as per KP rules. 7.06.712 232.S. Antra dasha lord Mars – up to 17. one of the relevant houses of marriage (2. 302.Timing of marriage NAVIN CHITLANGIA “RUDRA” Jyotish Ratna.2012. PO. Bachelor of Astrology. Saturn.26N. P. 2nd Floor. Uttarpara.. Hooghly. Flat No.17E. Mercury. marriage is promised to the native. Mercury is in star of Sun and sub of Saturn. Saturn.B. Jyotish Visharad Belabhumi – I. 11). .Asc sub: Venus Moon sign: Venus. As Mercury signifies 7.1983.2012 Rahu is a common planet. Ruling Planets at the Time of Judgment Date & Time of Judgment: 30. Email : pratibha_astrology_navin@yahoo.03.2013 Moon is a common planet. Next Bhukti lord: Mars – up to 02.from 22. Hind Motor Area. Birth Details: Mr. 00:10 AM IST. W. Pin . India Whether marriage is promised or not? 7th cusp (Leo 25-22-29) sub lord is Mercury. So we cannot ignore Rahu as Antra dasha lord because nodes are stronger than planets.11. 22/2. Running Bhukti lord: Moon – up to 24. 88. Mars. Rewa.34N. Hence Antra of Mars is not taken into consideration. owner of 5. Sukanta Sarani. 13. Rahu and Ketu.Moon sub: Venus (Rahu is in sign of Mars and Ketu is in sign of Venus.03.B.20E. Running Dasa Period Running Dasha Lord: Saturn . 81. BHADRAKALI. (as agent of Saturn and Mars). Shailendra..22. 13:00 PM IST Place of Judgment: Uttarpara . W. INDIA. Mars.2019 Since Saturn is a ruling planet and signifies 2 by lordship. Hence Rahu Antra dasha lord is taken into consideration for || SHREE || Software Settings in Casting the Chart: KPNA. Placidus House Division. Star lord Sun is the occupant of 4. owner of 1. India Day lord: Saturn Asc sign: Venus.10. owner of 7. Jupiter.06. 24. No planet is in the stars of Mercury and Mercury is the CSL of 1 and 7. Rahu and Ketu. Sub lord Saturn is occupant of 8.2012 We have considered Mars as Bhukti lord.12. Significators of 2-7-11 (Marriage): Bhava 2 7 11 In the star of occupant (A) ------Occupant (B) ------In the star of owner (C) Sun. Rahu Mercury --Owner (D) Mars Sun Jupiter Planets who are the significators of 2 or 7 or 11 are Sun. hence Bhukti lord Mars is taken into consideration for marriage. M. Saturn dasha is taken into consideration for marriage.) The common planets for marriage in the significators and ruling planets are Mars.

22-Mar-2063 Venus 22-Mar-2043 Sun 22-Jul-2046 Moon 22-Jul-2047 Mars 23-Mar-2049 Rahu 23-May-2050 Jupiter 23-May-2053 Saturn 21-Jan-2056 Mercury 23-Mar-2059 Ketu 21-Jan-2062 Mars Dasa 22-Mar-2079 .22-Mar-2043 Ketu 22-Mar-2036 Venus 19-Aug-2036 Sun 18-Oct-2037 Moon 23-Feb-2038 Mars 24-Sep-2038 Rahu 21-Feb-2039 Jupiter 10-Mar-2040 Saturn 14-Feb-2041 Mercury 25-Mar-2042 Moon Dasa 22-Mar-2069 . 9. Dasa: Rahu 0 Y.22-Mar-2000 Jupiter 22-Mar-1984 Saturn 10-May-1986 Mercury 21-Nov-1988 Ketu 26-Feb-1991 Venus 02-Feb-1992 Sun 04-Oct-1994 Moon 23-Jul-1995 Mars 22-Nov-1996 Rahu 29-Oct-1997 Ketu Dasa 22-Mar-2036 . Shailendra_Marriage Gender: Male Date: Monday.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 3 4 2. 13/Jun/1983 Time: 12:10:00 AM SID: 17:27:13 Lat: 24:26:00 N Lon: 81:17:00 E Place: REWA. 10 7 Mo+ 4 4 6 Ma 3 3 2. India I 25:22:29 Ayanamsa: 23° 32' 9" [KP Ayanamsa] . 9. 10 1.22-Mar-2036 Mercury 22-Mar-2019 Ketu 19-Aug-2021 Venus 16-Aug-2022 Sun 16-Jun-2025 Moon 23-Apr-2026 Mars 22-Sep-2027 Rahu 18-Sep-2028 Jupiter 07-Apr-2031 Saturn 13-Jul-2033 Sun Dasa 22-Mar-2063 . Ma.Bhadra(2) 2 Aswini(2) 3 Krittika(3) 4 Mrigasira(2) 5 Punarvasu(1) 6 Ashlesha(2) 7 P. Me. Shailendra_Marriage Sun Rise: 05:15:56 AM Nithya Yoga: Vridhi Sun Set: Hora: 06:53:32 PM Venus Dasa Days: 365. 9. (A) .Ashada(3) 12 Sravana(4) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Mrigasira(2) Mo Aridra(4) Ma Mrigasira(1) Me Krittika(3) Ju[R] Anuradha(3) Ve Pushyami(3) Sa[R] Chitra(4) Ra Mrigasira(3) Ke Moola(1) Sgl Sa Ma Ve Ve Me Mo Su Ve Ma Ma Ju Sa Stl Ju Ke Su Ma Ju Me Ve Ma Sa Me Ve Mo Sbl Me Su Sa Sa Sa Ve Me Ve Sa Sa Sa Ve Ssl Ju Sa Ke Ve Ma Ju Ju Ma Sa Ve Mo Ve Sssl Ve Ma Ve Me Ve Ve Sa Sa Ju Me Ve Ra Ruling Planets . 4. Dvitiya Bal. AHMEDABAD.Planets in Occupant's stars (B) Ketu acts as agent for: Mo.25 D Karana: Kaulav Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 P. 10 .Phalguni(4) 8 Chitra(4) 9 Anuradha(1) 10 Jyeshta(4) 11 P. Ju. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.22-Mar-2079 Moon 22-Mar-2069 Mars 21-Jan-2070 Rahu 22-Aug-2070 Jupiter 21-Feb-2072 Saturn 22-Jun-2073 Mercury 21-Jan-2075 Ketu 22-Jun-2076 Venus 21-Jan-2077 Sun 21-Sep-2078 Saturn Dasa 22-Mar-2000 . GUJARAT. 12 3. 9. 10 Ke 10 10 Rahu acts as agent for: Mo.22-Mar-2069 Sun 22-Mar-2063 Moon 10-Jul-2063 Mars 09-Jan-2064 Rahu 16-May-2064 Jupiter 09-Apr-2065 Saturn 26-Jan-2066 Mercury 08-Jan-2067 Ketu 15-Nov-2067 Venus 22-Mar-2068 Jupiter Dasa 22-Mar-1984 . Man Machine Systems. Pada 4 Star Lord: Rahu Rasi: Gemini Rasi Lord: Mercury Lagna: Aquarius Lagna Lord: Saturn Tithi: Shukla Paksha.Placidus Star: Aridra. 9. 9 M. India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Sa Ve Stl Ma Ma Sbl Ve Sa Ssl Me Ke Sssl Ra Me Day Lord: Jupiter Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 00:03:23:29 XII 09:20:37:02 I 10:25:22:29 III 01:03:38:43 Me 01:04:31:26 Ma 01:25:13:05 Su 01:27:41:32 XI 08:23:15:29 1 2 10 9 Ra 02:01:42:03 Mo 02:19:25:29 IV 01:28:56:11 2 X 07:28:56:11 Ke 08:01:42:03 11 8 5 Sgl Ve Me Ve Ve Ma Mo Ve Me Ju Stl Ma Ra Ma Su Sa Sa Ma Ma Ke Sbl Ju Ma Ra Sa Su Ra Ve Me Ve Ssl Ra Ju Me Ra Ra Ra Me Sa Ra Sssl Ju Me Ju Ra Ma Sa Me Ve Sa VII 04:25:22:29 Ve 03:12:59:57 V 02:23:15:29 3 4 VI 03:20:37:02 7 Sa[R] 06:04:28:17 VIII 06:03:23:29 8 Ju[R] 07:10:33:35 IX 07:03:38:43 Significators .kpastrosystem. 12 Ra 3 4 2. 8 Sa 3 8 2.House Owner II 03:23:29 III 03:38:43 Me 04:31:26 Ma 25:13:05 Su 27:41:32 IV 28:56:11 Ra 01:42:03 Mo 19:25:29 V 23:15:29 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Rahu Dasa 22-Mar-1966 . Sa.Occupant of house (C) . 12 11 Ve+ 8 5 1.22-Mar-2019 Saturn 22-Mar-2000 Mercury 26-Mar-2003 Ketu 03-Dec-2005 Venus 12-Jan-2007 Sun 14-Mar-2010 Moon 24-Feb-2011 Mars 24-Sep-2012 Rahu 02-Nov-2013 Jupiter 08-Sep-2016 Venus Dasa 22-Mar-2043 . 10 Me+ 4 3 7 5 Ju+ 8 9 1.22-Mar-1984 Rahu 22-Mar-1966 Jupiter 03-Dec-1968 Saturn 28-Apr-1971 Mercury 05-Mar-1974 Ketu 22-Sep-1976 Venus 10-Oct-1977 Sun 10-Oct-1980 Moon 04-Sep-1981 Mars 05-Mar-1983 Mercury Dasa 22-Mar-2019 . 9 D Ve 12:59:57 VI 20:37:02 VII 25:22:29 XII 20:37:02 XI 23:15:29 Ke 01:42:03 X 28:56:11 Ju[R] 10:33:35 IX 03:38:43 Sa[R] 04:28:17 VIII 03:23:29 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. .22-Mar-2086 Mars 22-Mar-2079 Rahu 19-Aug-2079 Jupiter 06-Sep-2080 Saturn 13-Aug-2081 Mercury 21-Sep-2082 Ketu 19-Sep-2083 Venus 15-Feb-2084 Sun 17-Apr-2085 Moon 22-Aug-2085 Name: Mr.Mr.Planets in Owner's stars (D) .27/Dec/2012 10:38:50 AM KANKARIYA. MADHYA PRADESH.

e. Rule 1 is satisfied here. Antra (DBA) for Marriage Saturn .Mars . then it’s Okay.2012 Transit For Dasa lord Saturn. Transit Period From 28. Shailendra) got married on 30th November 2012.2012. Actual Fact The native (Mr. Note the transit period when Sun passes in the sign of Venus and in the star of Jupiter "OR" in the sign of Jupiter and in the star of Venus. Pranaam to Guruji KSK! ***** Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      22  . Sun passes in the sign of Mars. If the combination is found under transit. Bhukti lord Mars. Jupiter.14-53-20). Venus and star lord of Moon under ruling planet i.from 17.10. Rule 1: To see the transit period when Sun passes either in sign of Saturn and in star of Mars "OR" in sign of Mars and in star of Saturn.11.Rahu .e.11. i.2012 to 17. otherwise follow Rule 2.Timing of marriage Navin Chitlangia Chosen Dasa.12. Bhukti. Rule 2: Take the planets who is the sign lord of Lagna under ruling planets.2012 to 30. in the star of Saturn and in the sub of Rahu (Scorpio 12-53-20 .

Swan Necked Fingers GUNTI NAGARAJU. Normal bending of the finger may become impossible. The lord of the 8th causes poor vitality.nagaraju@gmail. It can affect the ability to go about the daily activities about the individual. If duck-bill deformity and swan-neck deformity of one or more fingers occur together. Here I would like to submit a case study on “Rheumatoid Arthritis. If left untreated. Secunderabad. Retired Bank officer KP astrologer 12-13-668/5/2. chronic and wasting diseases including permanent death. The deformity can therefore result in considerable disability. in a variant of swan-neck deformity. resulting in loss of normal movement. A. and shows confinement to bed or hospital –often chronically a sick person. poor digestion and poor resistance. *swelling can severely damage or destroy the ligaments that hold the joints together. which has one less joint than the other fingers. muscle spasm affecting the hands. and a bending in (flexion) of the outermost joint. Rheumatoid arthritis is a autoimmune disease where the body immune system attacks normal joint tissues. Before proceeding further let me explain what is arthritis in simple terms. looseness (laxity) of the fibrous plate inside the hand at the base of the fingers or of the finger ligaments. stiffness. are as follows— *Tendons become inflamed and may rupture.Swan Necked Fingers” to all our esteemed readers. accidents. The 12th causes sorrow. Nagarjuna Nagar. A. known as flares. Planetary lords –The lord of the 6th house causes injury. Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      23  . 9490752371 Email: gunti. called duck-bill deformity. The effected joints may also lose its shape. R. the ability to pinch can be seriously reduced. M. low vitality. the top joint of the thumb is severely over straightened with a bending in of the joint at the base of the thumb to form a 90° angle. with active periods of pain and inflammation. It can also damage joint cartilage and bone. *Erosion of the bones of the joints can cause pain and deformity.” Swan-Neck Deformity is a bending in (flexion) of the base of the finger. grief. True swan-neck deformity does not affect the thumb. All this may result in severe deformity of the fingers called as “swan necked fingers. Other causes include untreated mallet finger. emotional disorders. is an ongoing disease. The chart is of a native who has been suffering and living with this problem since thirty years. Second floor.KP Study on Rheumatoid Arthritis . After the onset of the disease some of the effects of R. causing inflammation of the joint linings. a straightening out (extension) of the middle Medical astrology is helpful for diagnosing the disease conditions and provides a better picture and methodology for dealing with diseases that come from internal causes. The most common cause is rheumatoid arthritis. warmth and redness. Tarnaka.500 017 Tel: 040-27172206. altering with the periods of remission when pain and inflammation disappear. This inflammation of the joint linings can cause pain. However. and misalignment in the healing of a fracture of the middle bone of the finger. acute CAIIB. it can worsen and destroy the joints.

M: P. in the following period of the disease. Jupiter is in Scorpio sign -5th house and aspects the lagna. (B)Sun stands for general health. --Time of cure—if the 11th house significator is also the significator of the 5th house the native will surely have cure from disease. legs and rheumatism.-Machilipatnam (A. --12th hous indicates hospitalization or treatment elsewhere. bones. 8 and 12 houses. --5th house (12th to 6th) – indicates cure and control of disease. 11.calculating the time when the significators of 1 and 6 operate the native will fall sick.KP Study on Rheumatoid Arthritis . KP Ayanamsa . These significations clearly speak of suffering from both the hands. Rahu and Ketu indicate chronic nature of the disease and sometimes leading to incurable diseases. And the native has to wait till the significator of the 5th and 11th begins to operate. signifies 3. immediate cure is denied. (D)Jupiter for blood poisoning. If it happens to be Rahu it denotes complications in diagnosing and in the process of the treatment.O. (C)Moon. signifies 6 . the lagna lord. If this sub lord of the 6th cusp or its star lord happens to beSaturn or is in any way connected to Saturn. in Venus (11th Badhaka lord) star and Mars sub.P.23. If that sub lord happens to be the Mars –the disease will be acute. Muralikrishna (my brother –in – law) whose birth details are furnished hereunder. Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      24  . skin. 3rd house and Rahu connection to it indicate problems to right hand and 11th house and Mercury connection to it indicate problems to left hand. Its placement in 10th house. R. the disease will be a chronic one. --11th house indicates treatment and cure. fatty degeneration and enlargements etc: (E)Venus is for luster of the skin as well as body.P) Long. significator of 3. Jupiter is the 6th lord. 8. Mars and Mercury are for skin ailments. Lat-16 N 13.Mars sign.49 A. 11 and 12 houses.19. 11 and 12. in star of Venus and sub of Saturn. knee joints and skin has given him arthritis. Moon . hands. 5. These planets indicate the disease according to 6. Jupiter Saturn and Venus . 12 or the lord of the star in which the sub lord is posited is in any way connected with 6 or 8 or 12.03 Chart Analysis A) 6th cusp is in Sagittarius sign. which rules knees. astrology: -. Jupiter also indicates skin troubles.Swan Necked Fingers Gunti Nagaraju As per K. Mercury. All these factors are making the native to suffer from arthritis affected hands. 3 and 11. Skin and bone diseases— (A) planets connected are Sun. karaka for rheumatoid arthritis. D.6th house indicates disease. 11th lord Venus. 3th lord Mercury. If the 6th sub lord gets connected to 1 and 6th it definitely indicate disease during dasa of 1st and 6th house significators.O.B. E) Moon. Rahu is in Aries sign and represents Mars.81 E 12. Saturn indicates bones. The chart about which I am discussing pertains to Mr. lord of the 11th badhaka sthana for the Cancer bhava lord and depositor. If it happens to be Mercury it denotes complications. the disease is caused and the nature of the disease will be indicated by the 6th house. C) The 3rd and 11th houses indicate both the hands. D) 8th lord Saturn. Rahu signifies 5. 12 and 8 houses. conjoined with Mercury. Moon is conjoined with Rahu of chronic nature of the disease.B-26 Aug 1948. leads to swan necked fingers with intermittent acute pains (Mars). Rahu is deposited in the star and sub of Venus in 12. lord of 5. So at the outset it indicates both continuous health problems and they will be always under control. (F)Sani is for all obstructions and chronic ailments. B) 6th cusp sub lord is Rahu. --8th house indicates danger or accident or seriousness of the disease. in Jupiter star Mercury sub. is placed in 10th house. skin infections and frigidity in hands and fingers. Unless the sub dasa period of the significator of the 11th house operates. If the sub lord of the ascendant or the 6th cusp is the significator of 6 .O. T. is deposited in the lagna and is a sole significator of 8th. Jupiter signifies both 6th and 5th bhavas.B -04. --Time of illness. indicating that the native will have continuous physical problems pertaining to health and will also have treatment to keep the disease under control.

Bhadra(4) 10 Bharani(2) 11 Rohini(3) 12 Aridra(4) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Magha(3) Mo Bharani(2) Ma Chitra(3) Me P.kpastrosystem. AHMEDABAD.Sun Rise: 05:51:17 AM Nithya Yoga: Dhruva Sun Set: Hora: 06:22:28 PM Mars Dasa Days: 365. 11 1 Ma 3 3 5.Occupant of house (C) .02-Jul-1984 Mars 02-Jul-1977 Rahu 28-Nov-1977 Jupiter 16-Dec-1978 Saturn 22-Nov-1979 Mercury 01-Jan-1981 Ketu 29-Dec-1981 Venus 27-May-1982 Sun 27-Jul-1983 Moon 02-Dec-1983 Saturn Dasa 02-Jul-2018 .Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su+ 4 1 2 Mo+ 12 10 4. India VIII 14:43:16 Ayanamsa: 23° 3' [KP Ayanamsa] .02-Jul-1967 Sun 02-Jul-1961 Moon 19-Oct-1961 Mars 20-Apr-1962 Rahu 26-Aug-1962 Jupiter 21-Jul-1963 Saturn 08-May-1964 Mercury 20-Apr-1965 Ketu 24-Feb-1966 Venus 02-Jul-1966 Rahu Dasa 02-Jul-1984 . Ve.02-Jul-2018 Jupiter 02-Jul-2002 Saturn 20-Aug-2004 Mercury 02-Mar-2007 Ketu 08-Jun-2009 Venus 15-May-2010 Sun 13-Jan-2013 Moon 02-Nov-2013 Mars 03-Mar-2015 Rahu 07-Feb-2016 Ketu Dasa 02-Jul-2054 . 12 6.Planets in Owner's stars (D) . Ma. 7 D Sa 03:56:50 Su 09:33:12 II 14:43:16 Me 22:40:11 I 17:32:30 VII 17:32:30 III 15:03:16 VI 18:25:14 Ju 26:12:07 V 18:30:30 IV 17:07:08 Ke 15:10:09 Ma 01:19:38 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Sa Ve Stl Su Ma Sbl Ra Ve Ssl Ve Ve Sssl Ra Sa Day Lord: Moon Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 04:14:43:16 Me 04:22:40:11 Sa 04:03:56:50 Su 04:09:33:12 I 03:17:32:30 Ve 02:23:58:54 XII 02:18:25:14 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Ashlesha(1) 2 P.Planets in Occupant's stars (B) Ketu acts as agent for: Mo. ANDHRA .02-Jul-2054 Mercury 02-Jul-2037 Ketu 28-Nov-2039 Venus 24-Nov-2040 Sun 25-Sep-2043 Moon 31-Jul-2044 Mars 30-Dec-2045 Rahu 28-Dec-2046 Jupiter 16-Jul-2049 Saturn 22-Oct-2051 Moon Dasa 02-Jul-1967 . 10 M. 8 Ra 12 10 4.25 D Karana: Vanij Ruling Planets .Placidus Star: Bharani.Phalguni(1) 3 Hasta(2) 4 Swati(4) 5 Jyeshta(1) 6 P.Ashada(2) 7 Sravana(3) 8 Satabhisha(3) 9 U. Man Machine Systems. 26/Aug/1948 Time: 04:19:49 AM SID: 02:31:01 Lat: 16:13:00 N Lon: 81:12:00 E Place: MACHILIPATNAM. 11 Ke 10 4 Rahu acts as agent for: Mo. 12 Ju 2 5 3. Sashti Bal.Phalguni(3) Ju Jyeshta(3) Ve Punarvasu(2) Sa Magha(2) Ra Bharani(1) Ke Swati(3) Sgl Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Stl Me Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Mo Ra Sa Ve Mo Ra Sbl Me Ve Ju Ve Me Ra Sa Ke Ju Mo Me Mo Ssl Mo Ju Ve Me Sa Ju Ju Mo Ju Ve Su Ra Sssl Sa Ra Ke Su Ra Ju Sa Su Su Ve Ju Mo Ma 06:01:19:38 III 05:15:03:16 Ke 06:15:10:09 6 XI 01:18:30:30 3 2 5 IV 06:17:07:08 4 7 10 1 Mo 00:18:05:54 X 00:17:07:08 Sgl Su Ma Ve Su Ma Me Su Ma Ve Stl Ke Ve Ma Ve Me Ju Ke Ve Ra Sbl Sa Ma Me Sa Ju Me Mo Ve Ke Ssl Sa Mo Ra Ve Ju Me Ra Me Me Sssl Mo Ve Ma Ve Me Ve Ve Ke Ma VII 09:17:32:30 V 07:18:30:30 Ju 07:26:12:07 8 9 VI 08:18:25:14 11 VIII 10:14:43:16 12 Ra 00:15:10:09 IX 11:15:03:16 Significators .House Owner Ra 15:10:09 X 17:07:08 Mo 18:05:54 XI 18:30:30 XII 18:25:14 Ve 23:58:54 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Venus Dasa 02-Jul-1941 . (A) . Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.02-Jul-2061 Ketu 02-Jul-2054 Venus 28-Nov-2054 Sun 28-Jan-2056 Moon 04-Jun-2056 Mars 03-Jan-2057 Rahu 01-Jun-2057 Jupiter 19-Jun-2058 Saturn 26-May-2059 Mercury 05-Jul-2060 IX 15:03:16 Name: Gender: Male Date: Thursday. .02-Jul-1977 Moon 02-Jul-1967 Mars 01-May-1968 Rahu 30-Nov-1968 Jupiter 01-Jun-1970 Saturn 01-Oct-1971 Mercury 02-May-1973 Ketu 01-Oct-1974 Venus 02-May-1975 Sun 01-Jan-1977 Jupiter Dasa 02-Jul-2002 .02-Jul-1961 Venus 02-Jul-1941 Sun 01-Nov-1944 Moon 01-Nov-1945 Mars 02-Jul-1947 Rahu 01-Sep-1948 Jupiter 01-Sep-1951 Saturn 03-May-1954 Mercury 03-Jul-1957 Ketu 02-May-1960 Mars Dasa 02-Jul-1977 . Pada 2 Star Lord: Venus Rasi: Aries Rasi Lord: Mars Lagna: Cancer Lagna Lord: Moon Tithi: Krishna Paksha. GUJARAT. Dasa: Venus 12 Y. Ma. 11 Sa+ 4 1 7. 9 4. Sa.12/Nov/2012 11:36:28 AM KANKARIYA.02-Jul-2002 Rahu 02-Jul-1984 Jupiter 15-Mar-1987 Saturn 08-Aug-1989 Mercury 13-Jun-1992 Ketu 31-Dec-1994 Venus 18-Jan-1996 Sun 18-Jan-1999 Moon 13-Dec-1999 Mars 14-Jun-2001 Mercury Dasa 02-Jul-2037 . 10 5. 9 Ve 5 12 6. 10 Me 12 2 4.02-Jul-2037 Saturn 02-Jul-2018 Mercury 05-Jul-2021 Ketu 14-Mar-2024 Venus 22-Apr-2025 Sun 22-Jun-2028 Moon 04-Jun-2029 Mars 03-Jan-2031 Rahu 12-Feb-2032 Jupiter 19-Dec-2034 Sun Dasa 02-Jul-1961 . 11 3.

(2) The dasa lord Mars (2-7-1977 to 2-7-1984). he resorted to yoga for its treatment around June .Swan Necked Fingers Gunti Nagaraju Analysis of Dasa Lords and its Effects on the Disease (1) The dasa lord Moon (2-7-1967 to 2-7-1977).KP Study on Rheumatoid Arthritis . 10. through which he got relief to some extent. in star and sub of Venus. Krishnamuthy garu. 3 and 5. 4 and 5. From the above analysis of the native’s chart it is clear that the K. treatment of the diseases and system of medical treatment to be employed for effective results. 12. With all the reverence I prostrate before such an illustrious astrologer of our times Sri K.12 . Since the present dasa is of Jupiter from 2-07-2002 he resorted to ayurveda treatment (Jupiter is the karaka for ayurveda) for some years. in own star and Mercury sub.July 1991 to gain control over the disease. 10.severe skin infections in the head and feet.P system provides clear cut clues for the nature. 3. As the native was vexed with different forms of medication and its futile results. The dasa lord Rahu (2-7-1984 to 2-7-2002). .S. as indicated by threth signification. 5. It gave him acute pain in both the hands and fingers due to arthritis. 11. made him to suffer on account of psoriasis. but the suppression of the skin disease resulted into rheumatoid arthritis in the hands and fingers.11 . Now he is under homeopathy treatment in Jupiter dasa Venus bhukthi and Sani antara (Sani is karaka for homeopathy) from Jan 2012 with more in control of the disease. 1. signifies 3. During the said period the native underwent allopathic treatment for his skin problems and had intermittent reliefs. significator of the lagna . signifies 10. in Venus star and Mars sub. And interestingly the bhukti running during the said period was that of Jupiter. 2 and 12. ***** Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      26  . for guiding the astrologers in a clear and lucid style of reading the charts for accurate results. lord of 9th placed in 5th aspecting the 9th as well as lagna and also in own sub. During that period the native continued his allopathic treatment.

if found required to be having difference of more than 15 to 20 minutes : At the time of birth Asc sub lord should be tallied with RP's Moon position of Star-Sub-Sub Subor anyone from this three. Rahu is aspected by Mars and Saturn.kpastrologer. 2) Birth time of the native.Birth Time Rectification Kanak Bosmia Editor: KP-Ezine .36’.46. to give some background why I got doubt in the birth details what my mother recorded about me is (1) she prepared my horoscope when I was studying in 8th standard actually with the date 10.49. she was only one to know. 15:35:00 PM IST Place of Birth: Vellore-TNLon/Lat: 12° N 56'. 10/3/1969. In this type of situation we have to follow the following procedure to rectify birth time. As you can kindly note.AhmedabadLon/Lat: 23° N 00'. First let us take Asc RP. Aynamsha 22. 72° E 36'.03.. the ruling planet are as under. I had enquired with all my relatives who are alive now. N. Because I found her real wedding card with one of my uncles where the marriage date was mentioned as 8th September 1967. But none of my relatives is currently able to recollect which year and month I was born and which time I was born www. Flat # 28. Sub-sub-sub lord.09” RP Moon Gemini 01. For the birth Asc Sub lord or Sub Sub lord to tally with RP Moon. 1) When there is no confusionin the birth time. (3) Till her death.28 Sign Lord Star Lord Sub Lord Day Lord: Mars RP Lagna Libra000.03. so did not have child or once she got it aborted which I don't remember exactly.45 Sub Sub Lord Venus MarsMercuryVenus MercuryMars Mercury Saturn Ketu is conjoined with Jupiter and Venus.1969 but for school purposes she made it 10. Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      27  . First let us take the Asc RP. We may find the birth Asc Sub lord or Sub Sub lord tallying with the RP Asc. I myself assumed that my birth date may be actually 10. we should move the birth time forth or back within few minutes with the Moon remaining at the same position. Aynamsha 23. we have to check whether the birth Asc position will tally with the RP Moon. Sub-sub lord.09. RP Date:19/06/2012 TuesdayRP Time:14:34:51 PM RP Place : Kankariya.55. may be difference of 1 or 2 minutes.1968 – earlier one year. Hint: When astrologer starts working for the BTR the ruling planets at that time should be cast for Asc and Moon position. Whether it is matched with the Asc is to be found. We have to adjust according to availability. To find out within these 2 or 3 positions of Moon.1968 and 08.1968. Mobile: 98251-31165 E-mail: kanakbosmia@yahoo. (2) Sadly. 3) There is doubt in birth time for 1 or 2 hours difference. Ahmedabad-380008 Phone: 079-2543 1165. in this type of situation we have to follow the following procedure to rectify birth time. We have to give weightage in order as: Sub is stronger than Star. then leave this and take Asc subsub only. 79° E 07'.28 Note: Actually.G Given birth details: Date of birth.World’s first FREE eMagazine on KP System of Astrology Sahakar-2.03.we have to follow the following procedure to rectify the birth time. Note the difference of time that required birth Year tally with RP Asc. the difference between 10. (4) Because of all the above reasons. Moon's position in RP will show the birth Asc position and RP Asc shows Moon's position at the time of birth. The real birth date or real birth month or real birth time.1967 is only 6 Name: Mr. I am not sure whether she remembered the correct birth details while giving them to the astrologer. If these do not agree with 5 minutes additions or deductions. 4) There is doubt in the birth year. Given time of birth. Monday. Sub-lord. Maninagar. Note the difference of time that required birth Moon tallies with RP Asc.03. after her death only I started getting doubt that it could be wrong. The Asc sub lord and sub sub lord at the time of birth whether it matches with the RP Moon's sub sub or sub sub sub. Ruling Planets: At the time of rectification. so it must be definitely wrong. Ram Baug. Moon's position in RP indicates Star lord. We may find 2 or 3 Moon's positions. Jagabhai Park. Sub Sub is more stronger than Sub. she used to tell me for about one year she was suffering with some uterus related problems.

(B) . India Planet Lagna Moon Sgl Ve Me Stl Ra Ma Sbl Me Ke Ssl Sa Ra Sssl Ra Ve Day Lord: Mars Nirayana Bhava Chalit Ke 05:07:39:14 Ju[R] 05:09:16:52 II 04:16:00:09 I 03:17:59:59 III 05:16:51:08 5 6 3 2 XI 01:19:34:44 XII 02:18:58:24 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Ashlesha(1) 2 P.06-Apr-2022 Sun 06-Apr-2016 Moon 25-Jul-2016 Mars 24-Jan-2017 Rahu 31-May-2017 Jupiter 25-Apr-2018 Saturn 11-Feb-2019 Mercury 24-Jan-2020 Ketu 30-Nov-2020 Venus 07-Apr-2021 Rahu Dasa 06-Apr-2039 .Planets in Occupant's stars Rahu acts as agent for: Ju. TAMIL NADU.Ashada(2) 7 Sravana(3) 8 Satabhisha(3) 9 Revati(1) 10 Bharani(2) 11 Rohini(3) 12 Aridra(4) Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su P. Man Machine Systems.06-Apr-1996 Ketu 06-Apr-1989 Venus 02-Sep-1989 Sun 02-Nov-1990 Moon 10-Mar-1991 Mars 09-Oct-1991 Rahu 06-Mar-1992 Jupiter 25-Mar-1993 Saturn 01-Mar-1994 Mercury 09-Apr-1995 Moon Dasa 06-Apr-2022 . AHMEDABAD.Bhadra(2) Ke U.Placidus Star: Anuradha.25 D Karana: Bav Ruling Planets .06-Apr-2039 Mars 06-Apr-2032 Rahu 02-Sep-2032 Jupiter 21-Sep-2033 Saturn 28-Aug-2034 Mercury 06-Oct-2035 Ketu 02-Oct-2036 Venus 01-Mar-2037 Sun 30-Apr-2038 Moon 05-Sep-2038 Mercury Dasa 06-Apr-1972 . Ju. 10 3. 10/Mar/1969 Time: 03:40:35 PM SID: 02:38:41 Lat: 12:56:00 N Lon: 79:07:00 E Place: VELLORE.Bhadra(2) Mo Anuradha(4) Ma Anuradha(3) Me Dhanishta(4) Ju[R] U. 8 Ra+ 9 8 7.06-Apr-1972 Saturn 06-Apr-1953 Mercury 09-Apr-1956 Ketu 18-Dec-1958 Venus 27-Jan-1960 Sun 29-Mar-1963 Moon 10-Mar-1964 Mars 09-Oct-1965 Rahu 17-Nov-1966 Jupiter 24-Sep-1969 Venus Dasa 06-Apr-1996 .com .Occupant of house (C) .06-Apr-1989 Mercury 06-Apr-1972 Ketu 02-Sep-1974 Venus 31-Aug-1975 Sun 01-Jul-1978 Moon 08-May-1979 Mars 07-Oct-1980 Rahu 04-Oct-1981 Jupiter 22-Apr-1984 Saturn 28-Jul-1986 Sun Dasa 06-Apr-2016 . 10 Me+ 4 7 5. 11 Sa 2 9 7.Phalguni(1) 3 Hasta(3) 4 Swati(4) 5 Jyeshta(1) 6 P. 8 Ke 8 2 2 (A) .06-Apr-2016 Venus 06-Apr-1996 Sun 06-Aug-1999 Moon 06-Aug-2000 Mars 07-Apr-2002 Rahu 07-Jun-2003 Jupiter 07-Jun-2006 Saturn 05-Feb-2009 Mercury 06-Apr-2012 Ketu 04-Feb-2015 Mars Dasa 06-Apr-2032 .Phalguni(4) Ve Aswini(1) Sa Aswini(1) Ra U. GUJARAT. 26 D II 16:00:09 Ke 07:39:14 Ju[R] 09:16:52 III 16:51:08 VI 18:58:24 V 19:34:44 Mo 14:30:37 Ma 12:17:35 IV 18:46:43 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars.Sun Rise: 06:24:37 AM Nithya Yoga: Vajra Sun Set: Hora: 06:23:26 PM Jupiter Dasa Days: 365.06-Apr-2073 Jupiter 06-Apr-2057 Saturn 25-May-2059 Mercury 06-Dec-2061 Ketu 12-Mar-2064 Venus 16-Feb-2065 Sun 18-Oct-2067 Moon 05-Aug-2068 Mars 05-Dec-2069 Rahu 11-Nov-2070 IX 16:51:08 Ra 07:39:14 Name: Gender: Male Date: Monday. 8 5. India I 17:59:59 Su 26:19:44 VIII 16:00:09 Me 03:23:42 VII 17:59:59 Ayanamsa: 23° 20' 12" [KP Ayanamsa] . Pada 4 Star Lord: Saturn Rasi: Scorpio Rasi Lord: Mars Lagna: Cancer Lagna Lord: Moon Tithi: Krishna Paksha. Ketu acts as agent for: Me. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.Planets in Owner's stars (D) . Dasa: Saturn 3 Y. 9 2 Mo+ 9 4 7. Saptami Bal.kpastrosystem. 12 Ju 8 2 2 6.19/Jun/2012 03:35:58 PM KANKARIYA.House Owner Sa 00:25:32 Ve 02:14:53 X 18:46:43 XI 19:34:44 XII 18:58:24 Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Saturn Dasa 06-Apr-1953 . 8 1 Ma 9 4 7.06-Apr-2057 Rahu 06-Apr-2039 Jupiter 18-Dec-2041 Saturn 12-May-2044 Mercury 19-Mar-2047 Ketu 06-Oct-2049 Venus 24-Oct-2050 Sun 24-Oct-2053 Moon 18-Sep-2054 Mars 18-Mar-2056 Ketu Dasa 06-Apr-1989 . 9 Ve+ 2 9 4.Phalguni(4) Sgl Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Stl Me Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Mo Ra Sbl Me Su Sa Mo Ve Ra Me Ve Me Ra Me Mo Ssl Ra Me Su Me Ve Sa Me Ma Me Sa Sa Ke Sssl Ma Ve Me Me Sa Ju Ju Su Ra Ke Ma Me Ma 07:12:17:35 Mo 07:14:30:37 IV 06:18:46:43 7 X 00:18:46:43 4 1 10 Sgl Sa Ma Ma Sa Me Ma Ma Ju Me Stl Ju Sa Sa Ma Su Ke Ke Sa Su Sbl Ke Ra Ma Ve Ve Ve Ke Ke Ke Ssl Sa Su Ju Ma Sa Sa Ra Ma Sa Sssl Sa Su Sa Sa Me Sa Mo Mo Ju V 07:19:34:44 8 9 VI 08:18:58:24 VII 09:17:59:59 Me 10:03:23:42 12 11 IX 11:16:51:08 Ve 00:02:14:53 Sa 00:00:25:32 Su 10:26:19:44 VIII 10:16:00:09 Ra 11:07:39:14 Significators . 0 M.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 2 8 6.06-Apr-2032 Moon 06-Apr-2022 Mars 05-Feb-2023 Rahu 06-Sep-2023 Jupiter 07-Mar-2025 Saturn 07-Jul-2026 Mercury 05-Feb-2028 Ketu 07-Jul-2029 Venus 06-Feb-2030 Sun 07-Oct-2031 Jupiter Dasa 06-Apr-2057 .

Saturn and Rahu. In year 1968 we have Mars as sub lord of Jupiter and in 1969 we have sub lord Venus of Jupiter. TAMIL NADU. Checking for Asc star. Mars. TAMIL NADU. India Date: 10/Mar/1968 Start Time: 03:35:00 PM End Time: Transition Information Table Sign Time Lord Star Lord Sub Lord 03:35:00 PM Su Ke Ma Checking for Jupiter for year 1969: Transition Information for Jupiter Location: VELLORE. Hence in my opinion your date of birth is 10/Mar/1969. Rahu & Ketu. Saturn and Mercury. TAMIL NADU. India Date: 10/Mar/1969 Start Time: 03:35:00 PM End Time: Transition Information Table Sign Time Lord Star Lord Sub Lord 03:35:00 PM Me Su Ve 03:40:00 PM 03:40:00 PM We have the RP Asc as Venus. For Month: Sun on 10/Mar/1969 Saturn-Jupiter-Ketu. We have two stars. For Date Moon on 10/Mar/1969 Mars-Saturn-Rahu Sub lord Rahu is in RP Asc. Checking for Asc sub. so I select Mercury star. TAMIL NADU. Venus. India Date: 10/Mar/1969 Start Time: 03:00:00 PM End Time: Transition Information Table Sign Time Lord Star Lord 03:00:00 PM 03:34:51 PM Mo Mo Sa Me 04:00:00 PM We have RP Moon as Mercury. Mars.Birth Time Rectification Kanak Bosmia Checking for Jupiter for year 1968: Transition Information for Jupiter Location: VELLORE. hence month of March is OK. Transition Information for Lagna Location: VELLORE. Now sub lord Ketu is in RP Asc. In RP Moon we have both but Mercury is twice. Mercury. so date is also OK. India Date: 10/Mar/1969 Start Time: 03:00:00 PM End Time: Transition Information Table 04:00:00 PM Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      29  . Transition Information for Lagna Location: VELLORE. Mercury. Here I select Venus as it is in the RP twice.

Checking for Asc sub-sub-sub. India Date: 10/Mar/1969 Start Time: 03:00:00 PM End Time: 04:00:00 PM Transition Information Table Sign Time Lord Star Lord Sub Lord SS Lord 03:34:51 PM 03:36:01 PM 03:36:29 PM 03:37:50 PM 03:38:15 PM 03:38:55 PM 03:39:24 PM 03:40:37 PM 03:41:42 PM 03:42:59 PM We have RP Moon as Mercury. Sun and Moon. Transition Information for Lagna Location: VELLORE. Mars. We have five subs. Mars.Birth Time Rectification Kanak Bosmia Time Lord Star Lord Sub Lord Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Me Me Me Me Me Me Ke Ve Su Mo 03:34:51 PM 03:42:59 PM 03:46:19 PM 03:55:49 PM 03:58:40 PM We have the RP Moon as Mercury. Saturn and Rahu. India Date: 10/Mar/1969 Start Time: 03:00:00 PM End Time: 04:00:00 PM Transition Information Table Sign Time Lord Star Lord Sub Lord SS Lord SSS Lord 03:39:24 PM 03:39:35 PM 03:39:44 PM 03:39:56 PM 03:40:06 PM 03:40:11 PM 03:40:23 PM 03:40:26 PM 03:40:33 PM Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ju Sa Me Ke Ve Su Mo Ma Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Ke Ve Su Mo Ma Ra Ju Sa 03:40:37 PM We have RP Moon as Mercury. We have nine sub sub subs in Rahu sub sub. In the RP Moon we have Mercury only. Saturn and Rahu. Checking for Asc sub-sub. Mercury. Transition Information for Lagna Location: VELLORE. hence I select sub also Mercury 03:34:51 PM MoMeMe03:42:59 PM. Venus. Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      30  . Here I select Mars as sub sub sub. Mercury. Mercury. 03:39:24 PMMoMeMe Ra 03:40:37 PM. My opinion: your corrected astrological birth time is 03:40:35 PM. Ketu. Here I select Node as sub sub. TAMIL NADU. Mars. Mercury. 03:40:33 PMMoMeMeRaMa03:40:37 PM. Saturn and Rahu. We have nine sub subs in Mercury sub. TAMIL NADU.

08. 6-9). in the star of Su(8. Ke is agent of Ju(11. No planet in the star of Moon and Moon is CSL of 1. No planet in the star of Mercury and Mercury is CSL of the star of Ma(1. in the star of Ma(4. Ke is agent of Ju(2. 5. in the sub of Ve+(9. 8.No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 5. 11 = OK 3) Death of mother on 04. No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 5. 9. 5-10). 6-9). Me+(7. Bhukit-Antra lord Mercury signifies 4(end if everything. Dasa/Bhukti lord Venus signifies 2. in the sub of Ke(11).1997. Ke is agent of Ju(2. 4-5). No planet in the star of Mercury and Mercury is CSL of 1. 3-6). 4-11). 6-9) in the sub of Ve+(9.1995. in the sub of Ve+(9. 7(Maraka) = Ok Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      31  . 5-10). 9. 6-9).11. in the sub of Ra+(5) No planet in the star of Rahu and Rahu is CSL of 3. 7(Maraka) = OK Mo+(1. in the sub of Ve+(9. 7-8). 7thcusp sub lord is Mercury. 6-9). 8. 3-6) Sookshma lord Moon signifies 11(Badhaka). 11). Sookshma lord Jupiter signifies 2. 1-8). 8. Ke is agent of Ju(2. 4-11). 11th is Badhaka.7 = OK Sa(9. in the sub of Ke(2). in the star of Sa(9. 7-8). 6-9). Period lords are Ke-Me-Me-Mo Ke(11). 4-11). 10. 11 = OK Period lords are Ve-Ve-Ra-Sa Ve+(9. in the star of Ke(2).Ra is agent of Ju(11. Ra is agent of Ju(2.Birth Time Rectification Kanak Bosmia Event checking: 1) Date of marriage is 10. 4-11). 2). 3-12). in the sub of Ke(2). Sookshma lord Saturn signifies 7. in the star of Ma(4. 11 = OK Ra+(8). Ke is agent of Ju( the star of Ke(2). 7-8). in the sub of Ve+(6. 8. 4-11). 11. Antra lord Saturn signifies 2 = OK Ju(2. 2(Maraka). 7. 6-9). No planet in the star of Rahu and Rahu is CSL of 6. No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 5. Me+(7.Ke is agent of Ju(2. Ke is agent of Ju(2. in the star of Ke(2). No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 5. 8. 8. 11 = OK Sa(9.1998 11thcusp sub lord is Mercury. 5. No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 2. 11 = OK Period lords are Ve-Ve-Sa-Ju Ve+(9. No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 5. 11thcusp sub lord signifies 5. No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 5. 6-9). Ke is agent of Ju(2. 7. in the star of Su(5. 11. 9. in the sub of Ve+(9. No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 5.05. in the star of Ke(2). 2 = OK 2) Birth of only daughter on 19. 8. 2-7). 10. the star of Sa(6. Dasa/Bhukti lord Venus signifies 2. No planet in the star of Mercury and Mercury is CSL of 4. 7. 10). 4-11). 9-12). Antra lord Rahu signifies 2. 7th sub lord signifies 7. Dasa lord Ketu signifies 11(Badhaka) = OK Me+(4. in the sub of Ke(2). 6. 6-9). 4-11). 3-12).

Birth Time Rectification Kanak Bosmia 4) Death of father on 14. 2(Maraka). in the star of Ke(6). in the sub of Ke(6). No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 9. 12. 9-2). in the star of Su(12. 3-8). Bhukit lord Saturn signifies 12(Moksha) = Ok Ju(6. 12. 3-8). 11-12). 12(Moksha). No planet in the star of Mercury and Mercury is CSL of 1. Antra/Sookshma lord Jupiter signifies 12(Moksha). 6). Sa(1. in the star of Ma(8. 10-1).12. 11. No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 9. Ke is agent of Ju(6. 1-10). = OK ***** Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      32  . Period lords are Me-Sa-Ju-Ju.1988. 7this Badhaka. 4-7). Dasa lord Mercury signifies 7(Badhaka-Maraka). in the sub of Ve+(1. 5. Me+(11. 3. in the sub of Ve+(1.

KP Reader V. A node gives the results of its star lord. It is accepted fact that Rahu gives result of Mars and it is stronger than Mars. A node gives the results of the planet with which it is conjoined. . not vice versa? When two planets are in conjunction. But they can come in to conjunction with any planet during transit. mass or color like the other planets debars the conjoined Mars to give the results of Rahu.1 Nodes do not aspect any planet or any house since they are only the sensitive and powerful intersecting points in the pathway of Sun and Moon and they are not having any physical body which can be seen through a telescope as we can see all the other planets. Answer. whether it is favorable or not is indicated by the sub-lord according to the houses signified by the sub-lord. 2001. 1971. But what debar Mars to give results of Rahu. . Method for Transit Results) Question-3: Karaka and Signification of Rahu 1) Why Rahu is considered as a strong karaka for jail in KP rules although it is a node? In every case of imprisonment great importance is given to Rahu.1: Why does the conjoined planet not give results of the node? A node gives the results of its sign lord.. This is the reason why they are called shadowy planets. .2 Whether in natal or transit. Jan 2013                                                                                           KP‐Ezine                                                                                                    33  . A node gives the results of the planet that aspects the node. whether it will materialize or not. not vice versa. (KPE-zine Feb 2007) None of the astrological treatises ascribed to any of the Rishis gives aspects to Rahu and Ketu. they work for each other.Question & Answer Mr TinWin answers the questions of readers TinWin tw853@yahoo.. Kuppu Ganapathi: Guidelines for Preparing and Judging a Horary Chart . let us say Sun and Mars. I have found that trying to use planetary aspects for Rahu and Ketu will be misleading and a source of confusion when making predictions. p 153/ New Edition p 161 (under Systematic Procedure to Adopt K. That is OK. It’s to follow the following KP fundamental rule rather than sticking to Rahu. The question is on this conjunction. In case of the nodes why this rule is not applicable? Why does the conjoined planet not give results of the node? It may kindly be clarified.Ernst Wilhelm: Vault of the Heavens: Treatise on Vedic Astrology. not vice versa. Please? Answer. shape. Suppose Mars conjoins.P. not vice versa. p 196 The effects of the nodes in conjunction or in aspect by a planet is more or less the same.K. . though the conjunctions are much more powerful than aspects. the same reason for Rahu of not throwing aspects for not being a substantial heavenly observable Question. . which is shadowy in nature and does not have clear relationships like the other planets: The source is indicated by the transiting planet and what will happen is shown by the lord of constellation.P. Question. Kala Occult Publishers. 2) I have seen many cases in which it is found that Mars is spoiled due to aspect of Rahu or with conjunction of Rahu.2: Nodes’ Conjunction with Planets in Transit The nodes do not aspect any planet or cusp. . 3) Rahu or Ketu firstly gives the result of which planet: (a) the planet which conjoined with the node or (b) the planet aspecting node ? Please enlighten me.

when Rahu is in conjunction with Mars or Rahu is aspected by Mars.3: 1. one may be sent to jail without having Rahu as the 12th CSL. 8 or 12 for imprisonment.Question & Answer Mr TinWin answers the questions of readers Answer. 3) If neither conjoined nor aspected. the Rahu is to give the results of Mars. KPE-zine March 2008 issue) 2. Rahu is considered as a chief karaka for imprisonment to be the 12th CSL. 3.KP Reader III. As Rahu can send a native to jail and Rahu is also karaka for 12th house. ruler of imprisonment. e. 4) Lastly the result of the sign in which it is deposited. in the KP Reader VI. Adversely. the results of the constellation in which it is deposited. 3. Theoretically Rahu or Ketu is supposed firstly to give the results of planet which is conjoined with Rahu or Ketu since conjunctions are stronger than aspects. 2) If no planet in conjunction. 1) Rahu or Kethu indicates the results of planet which it is conjoined. However. planets in conjunction and aspect with them. Rahu alone as the 12th CSL can't send a native to jail unless it signifies the required houses of 2. p 123/ New Edition. practically in the KP Readers. and sign lord are found considered depending on relevance to the matter under consideration without giving much attention to the order of priority .g. 1971. their star lord. In KP. p 312 or as given under. (Rahu/Ketu Rules in KP (KP E-Zine May 2007 issue) ***** Jan 2013                                                                                           KP‐Ezine                                                                                                    34  . the results of planets aspecting it. and the Karaka can play only a supportive role. (A Study of 100 Prisoner Charts. p 130 However. in KP the signification of relevant houses for an event under consideration is a deciding factor for an event to be promised and happen. the house occupied by them. . for the signification of Rahu/Ketu. not vice versa since Rahu does not throw aspect on any planet or house.

In the last article of the book Part I. (p 5) KP is the theory of sub that crowned Guru ji KSK with success (p 33). An essential feature of KP is testing the cusp for assessing the nature and strength of bhava result without recourse to bhavadhipathi or owner of bhava. Hariharan Krishnamurthi Publications. Neptune and Pluto are not considered in KP for any delineation. John F. Rahu/ Ketu. Secrets in Stellar Astrology. but not the star lord of its star lord. Such kind of statements based on the ‘mere placement’ of Ketu are not in line with the fundamental KP rules. and they are open to further empirical research. only six not ten Readers. Guru ji KSK’s wife. ´The planet is the source. (Part II p 69) The five original ruling planets (Part II pp 78. The following habits of consideration in some articles of this book have been observed not consistent with the practice in the KP Readers: a)The nodes. 2. the ‘planet.Book Review Tin Win tw853@yahoo. died of an unknown neurotic pain in the heart. 85-87. as crowed by Guruji himself simultaneously in the KP Readers III. Hence the retro-gradation is nothing but only it can cause the delay in fructification. Guru ji KSK had compiled and published his research findings first in two volumes of Krishnamurti Padhdhati and there after in six KP Readers. throw aspects including mutual aspect on each other (pp 256. (Part II p 83) The KP rule for the nodes is that only the nodes are to give the results of conjoined planet. 90) and the extended six including the sub lord of Ascendant (p 189) and seven including the sub lords of both the Ascendant and Moon (Part II p 66) are applied in the articles. died of cancer in the uterus. c) The star lord of a planet’s star lord is taken into consideration for the significators of that planet. 2 Volume Set by K. when placed in angles or in trines. 5. Mahatma Gandhi. having Ketu in the 4th house (heart). (p 115) Retro-gradation cannot deny the result completely if the planets become the significator of required houses. 2008 This book is one more collection of 34 refreshing articles on stellar astrology. constellation indicates nature of the result and the sub is a deciding factor whether the matter is favorable or not. 267. (Part II p 85) But these outer planets are found considered here and there. V and VI. not vice versa. etc. Dr. Ketu is also supposed to confer both good and bad results. In fact the nodes are always opposite to each other with different characteristics and they cannot aspect any planet or any house since they are only the intersecting points in the pathway of Sun and Moon without having any physical body like all the other planets. who have Ketu in angles or trines of their horoscopes. Among the referred twenty two horoscopes without providing the full charts details. its star lord and sub lord’ are to be considered. Sardar Vallavbhai Patel. 3. 4. mentioning the names of well-known persons like Adolf Hitler. b) The planet conjoined with Rahu/ Ketu gives the results of Rahu/ Ketu. (Part II p 83) For the signification of a planet. expired on 16-08-1977 due to hip-bone structure from falling in the birth-room after hospitalization of four months. Part II p 84). having Ketu in her 8th house (uterus). Guru ji KSK. Bidhan Chandra Roy. as shown in the contents. Ketu is regarded as a giant killer to take away our lives by inflicting diseases on the part of the body ruled by the sign or house in which it is placed." .’ (pp 242-271). (pp 206-207) Transit of dasa period lord in the subs of retrograde planets is found not denying to gives the results. titled ‘Node is stronger than other planets. (p 9) Uranus. Kennedy. According to the book. having Ketu in his 12th house (leg). a) Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                     35  .

22. Death 29. One’s Profession under KP Contents – Part I (271 pages) 1.Book Review Tin Win tw853@yahoo. Stellar Astrology – Surgery 28. Essential Features of Krishnamurti Paddhati 3. Birth Time and Date . New-born Baby—Male or Female? 8. Will Change of Business Premises be Lucky? 6. Type of Disease 10. Easy Method to Clean off Loans 2. Secondary Training Seat 4. Overseas Travel . KP Unfolds Major Events in Life 21. Will I Become Member of Parliament? 9. Suicide Attempt by a Boy 11. Change of Job 27. Why and What of Krishnamurti Paddhati 2. Premature Death 14. Deliniation of Events by RP 5. Childbirth and the Wonderful Behviour of Sub 7. Marriage Denial: Grapes are Sour. Business or Job? 13.When? 15. Transfer—when? 19. How to Judge whether a Planet is a Benefic or a Malefic 3.Opacity 25. Horoscope of a Murderer 16. When will My Tenant Vacant the Land? 18.When? 23. Mother’s End thro’ Son’s Chart 4. Vision . Promotion in Service ***** Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                     36  . Bye Election 26. Transfer . Node is Stronger than Planets Contents – Part II (94 pages) 1. Fate of Missing Son 2.a Problem 24. Will I Buy a Vehicle? 20. Lucky in Lottery 17.

Indira Gandhi. Astrology) Book Review (Astrology for Beginners) Book Review (Twin Birth) Book Review (A Student’s Text Book of Astrology) Book Review (Theory and Practice of Stellar Astrology) Book Review (Mundane Astrology. Charles (horoscope) Cayce.J. Buying a House Carter. Bachchan. the Astrology of Nations and States) Book Review (Mundane Astrology) Bush.S. Edgar Change in Job Change in Job Change in Job Cheiro (horoscope) Clinton.P.P. Jane (horoscope) Football Foreign Journey and Higher Studies Foreign settlement Gandhi (Mahatma) Gandhi. Mr. Bukthi and Antara Lords for Marriage Crowther. Sri Mahatma Apr-10 May-25 Aug-27 Mar-30 Sep-10 Apr-29 Jul-39 Apr-16 May-4 Mar-28 Mar-15 Jul-33 Aug-4 Jun-31 Aug-11 Jan-7 Dec-25 Aug-30 Sep-49 Jan-30 Feb-33 Mar-48 Apr-29 May-41 Jun-55 Jul-39 Aug-34 Sep-55 Oct-38 Nov-32 Dec-49 Mar-14 Aug-25 Sep-11 Apr-13 Jan-10 Sep-8 Dec-45 Sep-12 Mar-21 Jun-41 Jul-7 Sep-13 May-6 Mar-9 Jan-7 Mar-32 Oct-7 Oct-31 Jun-25 Mar-32 Mar-48 May-29 Jun-37 Aug-14 Jul-25 Jul-21 Sep-32 Nov-23 Sep-47 Feb-8 Mar-12 Apr-5 Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                       37  . Eddie (horoscope) Fonda. Amitabh Bachelor. George W. Bill Clinton. Bukthi and Antara Lords in the periods of employment Birth of Child Birth Time Birth Time Rectification Birth Time Rectification 1 Birth Time Rectification 2 Book Review ( Prashna) Book Review (KP & Astrology Year Book 2012) Book Review (the Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology) Book Review (the Astrological Thesaurus Book 1 –House Keywords) Book Review (K. (horoscope) Badhaka Behaviour of Dasa.P. Sandy (horoscope) Deafness and Dumbness Determination of Lagna First is not a KP Practice Dilemma of Accurate Birth Time Disease Double Role of the 8th House in Judgment of Longevity Education – Aeronautical Engineering Education. Paula Akhilesh Yadav Swearing – in Muhurat Chart 2012 Am I a good astrologer ? Any Foreign Assignment ? Astrologer – Possible Planetary Pattern Astrological Thesaurus Book 1 – House Keywords (Book Review) Astrology for Beginners (Book Review) Aung San Suu Kyi Aung San Suu Kyi’s Win B. Dynamics) Book Review (New Dimensions of K.Index of Articles Published in KP-Ezine 2012 Issues A. Bill (horoscope) Contribution of Dasa. Hoorn Netherlands E-mail: Abdul. Higher Education and Education in Foreign land Emancipation Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology (Book Review) Events that happen in 24 hours time – Prasna Analysis Examination result for medical transcription work First Test Tube Baby comes to the World News again Fisher.

Abdul Kennedy . 1-249 Mundane Astrology (Book Review) Mundane Astrology.A. the Astrology of Nations and States (Book Review) My prediction experience with the Election Ticket Rule Apr-11 Nov-29 Jan-4 Oct-33 Jun-23 Apr-7 Dec-8 Feb-24 Nov-4 Sep-14 Jun-42 Nov-20 Dec-42 Mar-19 Aug-37 Jul-12 Mar-41 Jun-49 Aug-22 Jan-17 Feb-5 Mar-11 Jan-26 Jun-28 Sep-15 Jan-10 Jul-34 Oct-33 Dec-45 May-41 Jun-28 Feb-9 Feb-11 Jul-22 Mar-22 Feb-33 Aug-29 Dec-36 Sep-16 Apr-16 Feb-15 Sep-17 Mar-32 Dec-39 Jul-24 Mar-35 Apr-26 Jul-30 Oct-24 Dec-29 Sep-29 May-33 Feb-28 Feb-24 Jun-38 Mar-23 Feb-13 Jun-48 Jul-20 Dec-4 Dec-49 Nov-32 Nov-13 Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                       38  .will Shri Narenda Modi come back to power ? Hand. Robert (horoscope) Hart. John F.P. Dynamics (Book Review) Kalam. Whitney Houston. Charles (horoscope) Job Job Job Job K.J. Al Government Services Great Polish Romantic Poet Adam Mickiewicz – KP Analysis Gujarat Election.J.Index of Articles Published in KP-Ezine 2012 Issues A. Robert King. Alan (horoscope) Longevity Longevity Love. Mike (horoscope) Manipur Election 2012 Marriage Marriage – a mystic question ? Marriage – a mystic question – Part 2 Marriage of elder brother Marriage with a desired person Mars is not always malefic Marvel of Ruling Planets Mickiewicz. Franc Monroe. Marilyn (horoscope) Moon cannot indicate querent’s mind in the KP Horary Chart with No. Mr.P.S. 249. Aung San Suu Lenon. Marilyn Monroe. A. Rajiv Gender of Child General Sarath Fonseka –Wenn will he get released from the dark room ? Getting a Job Getting Green Card or Permanent Residency Gore. Marilyn (horoscope) Monroe. Vladimir Putin to win ? Is there any chance for Mr. Kennedy.P. Hoorn Gandhi. Abdul Kalam to become President again ? Jayne. John Leo. Helmut KP & Astrology Year Book 2012 (Book Review) KP Activity KP System and purchase of new vehicle Krishnamurti.J. 2193 and Time Chart Houston. Whitney (horoscope) How to predict sports events – an observation Index of Articles Published in KP-Ezine 2011 Issues Is Jupiter always beneficial ? Is Saturn always malefic ? Is there a Chance for Mr. Gary (horoscope) Himachal Pradesh State Election – who will win this election ? Himachal Pradesh State Election Hitler. K. Larry (horoscope) Kohl. Mrs (horoscope) Mitterand. Adam Mirmala. (horoscope) Kyi. Adolf Horary Numbers Horary of Numbers 108.

Vaikari (horoscope) Raman. Francesco Sepherial (horoscope) Serbia election Sheikh Majibur Rehman Spears. Disease and Emancipation in KP Purchase of House. Bradly (horoscope) Planetary Positions for January 2012 Planetary Positions for February 2012 Planetary Position for April 2012 Planetary Position for May 2012 Planetary Position for June 2012 Planetary Position for July 2012 Planetary Position for the month of Augustus 2012 Planetary Position for the month of September 2012 Planetary Positions for November 2012 Planetary Positions for December 2012 Pope Prashna ( Book Review) Predicting Football matches Presley. Dani (horoscope) Ruling Planets Ruling Planets – Lodestar to the Astrologers Second Quintuplets in Sri Lanka Sehettino. Bangalore Suryanarain (horoscope) Rao.J. Barack (horoscope) Onassis. K. Dominique (horoscope) Student’s Text Book of Astrology (Book Review) Subramaniam (horoscope) Success in Examination Syrian Uprising – an attempt for KP appraisal Taylor. B. Elvis (horoscope) Prognosis on Longevity .N.Index of Articles Published in KP-Ezine 2012 Issues A. Astrology (Book Review) Obama. (horoscope) Rao. Mitt (horoscope) Rotation of KP Horary Chart Rudhyar. Christina (horoscope) Orb Theory for Planets near the house cusps Passport Pitt. Elizabeth (horoscope) Testing my rule for sport predictions – Juventus vs Inter Theory and Practice of Stellar Astrology (Book Review) Three-step KP Significators Tiger Woods (horoscope) TNAS Twin Birth (Book Review) Apr-15 Oct-27 Aug-19 Jun-55 Oct-20 Jul-29 Apr-23 Feb-19 Jul-26 Jan-33 Feb-37 Apr-33 May-42 Jun-56 Jul-41 Aug-51 Sep-58 Nov-36 Dec-51 Mar-4 Jan-30 Sep-32 Jun-46 Mar-32 Jan-24 Nov-10 Jan-26 Apr-4 Sep-18 Sep-19 Sep-20 Sep-21 Sep-23 Aug-37 Feb-16 Mar-38 Apr-18 Mar-7 Oct-17 Nov-8 Sep-22 Feb-28 Sep-45 Nov-25 Feb-21 Sep-24 May-32 Feb-12 Apr-8 Oct-9 Feb-7 Jun-44 Sep-55 Sep-25 Jan-21 Jun-8 Jun-45 Dec-32 Oct-38 May-18 Jun-43 Oct-13 Aug-34 Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                       39  . Krishnamurti ji Reunion or divorce ? Reunion with Spouse Romney.V. (horoscope) Raphael (horoscope) Ready Reference Table for both 249 & 2193 Horary Numbers Rectification of Birth Time and Timing of Events According to KP Rectification of Birth Time – remembering our Guruji Sri K. Britney Sports Prediction by the New Rule Sri Rabinndranath Thagor Strauss.S.P. when ? Purchase of House Putin (Vladimir) Rahu is not always malefic Ramamurthy. Hoorn Myanmar parliamentary by-Election New Born – Gender determination New Born Baby – serious ailment at birth New Dimensions of K.

(horoscope) When shall I get a job of my choice? When will I get a job ? When will I get desired job ? When will I get my Visa papers ? When will my son receive the passport ? Which Team will win the Champion League 2012 ? Which team will win the Italian series ? Whitney Houston – 1963-2012 Will B.J. Hoorn UP Election 2012 US Presidential Election – Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama Uttar Pradesh Vehicle Venus is not always beneficial Vieri.S. Form the Government in Uttar Pradesh ? Will BJP win the Gurajat State Election on the 13th and 17th Dec 2012 ? Will Brad Pitt keep his tie with Jolie for ever ? Will Captain Francesco Sehettino go to prison ? Will Christian Vieri get ever married ? Will I get Dariya Assembly Election 2012 ticket from BJP Will I marry a person whom I love ? Will Mario Balotelli get married with Raffaella Fico ? Will Mr. Christian (horoscope) Vimsoththarri Mahadas and Dasa Results according to KP Virgin.P. Alex Paul Menon be safely released ? Will Mr.Enrique Pena Nieto win the President election ? Will Saif al-Islam be extradited to the Hague – KP Analysis Will Salvatore Parolisi Stay in Jail ? Will the Court of Arbitration for Sports (TNAS) reduce Antonio Conte’s 10 month ban? Will the Pope die within a year ? Will there be a devastating earthquake in California in July 2012 ? Will Vipul Metha win Indian idol season 6 singing contest 2012 Grand Final ***** Feb-30 Oct-16 Mar-28 Dec-36 Jun-39 Jul-23 Jan-12 Jul-31 Oct-4 Jul-34 Mar-25 May-14 Feb-19 Jun-4 May-21 Mar-41 Mar-28 Dec-5 Jul-18 Feb-21 Jul-28 Jul-16 Jun-34 Nov-18 May-16 Jun-50 Sep-4 Jan-15 Oct-13 Mar-4 Apr-20 Sep-42 Jan 2013                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                       40  . Ms.Index of Articles Published in KP-Ezine 2012 Issues A.

India Date SID Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Li 29:38:57 Li 29:35:47 Li 29:32:36 Li 29:29:25 Li 29:26:14 Li 29:23:03 Li 29:19:53 Li 29:16:42 Li 29:13:31 Li 29:10:21 Li 29:07:10 Li 29:03:59 Li 29:00:49 Li 28:57:38 Li 28:54:27 Li 28:51:16 Li 28:48:05 Li 28:44:55 Li 28:41:44 Li 28:38:33 Li 28:35:22 Li 28:32:12 Li 28:29:01 Li 28:25:50 Li 28:22:40 Li 28:19:29 Li 28:16:18 Li 28:13:07 Li 28:09:56 Li 28:06:46 Li 28:03:35 Position at: 05:30:00 AM Ketu Ar 29:38:57 Ar 29:35:47 Ar 29:32:36 Ar 29:29:25 Ar 29:26:14 Ar 29:23:03 Ar 29:19:53 Ar 29:16:42 Ar 29:13:31 Ar 29:10:21 Ar 29:07:10 Ar 29:03:59 Ar 29:00:49 Ar 28:57:38 Ar 28:54:27 Ar 28:51:16 Ar 28:48:05 Ar 28:44:55 Ar 28:41:44 Ar 28:38:33 Ar 28:35:22 Ar 28:32:12 Ar 28:29:01 Ar 28:25:50 Ar 28:22:40 Ar 28:19:29 Ar 28:16:18 Ar 28:13:07 Ar 28:09:56 Ar 28:06:46 Ar 28:03:35 Uranus Pi 10:48:45 Pi 10:49:43 Pi 10:50:44 Pi 10:51:49 Pi 10:52:56 Pi 10:54:06 Pi 10:55:19 Pi 10:56:35 Pi 10:57:54 Pi 10:59:16 Pi 11:00:41 Pi 11:02:09 Pi 11:03:40 Pi 11:05:13 Pi 11:06:49 Pi 11:08:28 Pi 11:10:10 Pi 11:11:54 Pi 11:13:41 Pi 11:15:31 Pi 11:17:23 Pi 11:19:18 Pi 11:21:15 Pi 11:23:15 Pi 11:25:18 Pi 11:27:23 Pi 11:29:30 Pi 11:31:40 Pi 11:33:52 Pi 11:36:07 Pi 11:38:23 Neptune Pluto 01/Jan/2013 11:33:39 Sg 16:46:54 Cn 26:49:09 Cp 10:43:54 Sg 06:41:29 Ta 13:49:29 Sc 25:48:49 Li 15:35:45 02/Jan/2013 11:37:35 Sg 17:48:02 Le 09:27:08 03/Jan/2013 11:41:32 Sg 18:49:11 Le 22:18:10 04/Jan/2013 11:45:28 Sg 19:50:19 Vi 05:24:10 05/Jan/2013 11:49:25 Sg 20:51:28 Vi 18:47:14 06/Jan/2013 11:53:21 Sg 21:52:38 Li 02:29:18 07/Jan/2013 11:57:18 Sg 22:53:47 Li 16:31:39 Cp 11:31:02 Sg 08:14:14 Ta 13:43:54 Sc 27:03:56 Li 15:40:22 Cp 12:18:12 Sg 09:47:19 Ta 13:38:28 Sc 28:19:03 Li 15:44:53 Cp 13:05:23 Sg 11:20:44 Ta 13:33:13 Sc 29:34:11 Li 15:49:20 Cp 13:52:36 Sg 12:54:32 Ta 13:28:07 Sg 00:49:20 Li 15:53:43 Cp 14:39:50 Sg 14:28:41 Ta 13:23:12 Sg 02:04:29 Li 15:58:00 Cp 15:27:05 Sg 16:03:12 Ta 13:18:27 Sg 03:19:38 Li 16:02:12 Aq 07:07:22 Sg 15:22:25 Aq 07:08:59 Sg 15:24:33 Aq 07:10:37 Sg 15:26:40 Aq 07:12:17 Sg 15:28:47 Aq 07:13:58 Sg 15:30:55 Aq 07:15:41 Sg 15:33:02 Aq 07:17:25 Sg 15:35:09 Aq 07:19:10 Sg 15:37:15 Aq 07:20:57 Sg 15:39:22 Aq 07:22:45 Sg 15:41:28 Aq 07:24:35 Sg 15:43:34 Aq 07:26:26 Sg 15:45:40 Aq 07:28:18 Sg 15:47:45 Aq 07:30:11 Sg 15:49:50 Aq 07:32:05 Sg 15:51:54 Aq 07:34:01 Sg 15:53:57 Aq 07:35:57 Sg 15:56:01 Aq 07:37:55 Sg 15:58:03 Aq 07:39:54 Sg 16:00:06 Aq 07:41:53 Sg 16:02:07 Aq 07:43:54 Sg 16:04:08 Aq 07:45:56 Sg 16:06:09 Aq 07:47:59 Sg 16:08:08 Aq 07:50:02 Sg 16:10:07 Aq 07:52:07 Sg 16:12:06 Aq 07:54:12 Sg 16:14:03 Aq 07:56:18 Sg 16:16:00 Aq 07:58:25 Sg 16:17:56 Aq 08:00:33 Sg 16:19:51 Aq 08:02:41 Sg 16:21:45 Aq 08:04:50 Sg 16:23:38 08/Jan/2013 12:01:14 Sg 23:54:57 Sc 00:54:14 Cp 16:14:22 Sg 17:38:08 Ta 13:13:53 Sg 04:34:49 Li 16:06:20 09/Jan/2013 12:05:11 Sg 24:56:07 Sc 15:34:58 Cp 17:01:39 Sg 19:13:27 Ta 13:09:30 Sg 05:49:59 Li 16:10:23 10/Jan/2013 12:09:08 Sg 25:57:16 Sg 00:29:13 Cp 17:48:58 Sg 20:49:12 Ta 13:05:18 Sg 07:05:10 Li 16:14:20 11/Jan/2013 12:13:04 Sg 26:58:26 Sg 15:29:53 Cp 18:36:18 Sg 22:25:23 Ta 13:01:17 Sg 08:20:22 Li 16:18:13 12/Jan/2013 12:17:01 Sg 27:59:36 Cp 00:28:04 Cp 19:23:38 Sg 24:02:00 Ta 12:57:28 Sg 09:35:33 Li 16:22:00 13/Jan/2013 12:20:57 Sg 29:00:45 Cp 15:14:25 Cp 20:11:00 Sg 25:39:05 Ta 12:53:50 Sg 10:50:45 Li 16:25:42 14/Jan/2013 12:24:54 Cp 00:01:53 Cp 29:40:44 Cp 20:58:22 Sg 27:16:39 Ta 12:50:24 Sg 12:05:56 Li 16:29:18 15/Jan/2013 12:28:50 Cp 01:03:01 Aq 13:41:20 Cp 21:45:45 Sg 28:54:41 Ta 12:47:09 Sg 13:21:08 Li 16:32:49 16/Jan/2013 12:32:47 Cp 02:04:09 Aq 27:13:33 Cp 22:33:08 Cp 00:33:14 Ta 12:44:06 Sg 14:36:20 Li 16:36:15 17/Jan/2013 12:36:44 Cp 03:05:15 Pi 10:17:44 18/Jan/2013 12:40:40 Cp 04:06:21 Pi 22:56:34 19/Jan/2013 12:44:37 Cp 05:07:26 Ar 05:14:25 20/Jan/2013 12:48:33 Cp 06:08:30 Ar 17:16:29 21/Jan/2013 12:52:30 Cp 07:09:33 Ar 29:08:18 Cp 23:20:32 Cp 02:12:18 Ta 12:41:15 Sg 15:51:31 Li 16:39:35 Cp 24:07:56 Cp 03:51:53 Ta 12:38:36 Sg 17:06:42 Li 16:42:49 Cp 24:55:21 Cp 05:32:00 Ta 12:36:09 Sg 18:21:54 Li 16:45:58 Cp 25:42:46 Cp 07:12:39 Ta 12:33:55 Sg 19:37:05 Li 16:49:02 Cp 26:30:11 Cp 08:53:51 Ta 12:31:52 Sg 20:52:16 Li 16:52:00 22/Jan/2013 12:56:26 Cp 08:10:35 Ta 10:55:16 Cp 27:17:36 Cp 10:35:35 Ta 12:30:02 Sg 22:07:27 Li 16:54:52 23/Jan/2013 13:00:23 Cp 09:11:37 Ta 22:42:19 Cp 28:05:02 Cp 12:17:52 Ta 12:28:24 Sg 23:22:38 Li 16:57:38 24/Jan/2013 13:04:19 Cp 10:12:37 Ge 04:33:42 Cp 28:52:28 Cp 14:00:41 Ta 12:26:58 Sg 24:37:48 Li 17:00:19 25/Jan/2013 13:08:16 Cp 11:13:37 Ge 16:32:48 Cp 29:39:53 Cp 15:44:00 Ta 12:25:45 Sg 25:52:59 Li 17:02:54 26/Jan/2013 13:12:13 Cp 12:14:36 Ge 28:42:00 Aq 00:27:19 Cp 17:27:49 Ta 12:24:44 Sg 27:08:09 Li 17:05:23 27/Jan/2013 13:16:09 Cp 13:15:33 Cn 11:02:47 Aq 01:14:45 Cp 19:12:05 Ta 12:23:55 Sg 28:23:20 Li 17:07:46 28/Jan/2013 13:20:06 Cp 14:16:30 Cn 23:35:42 Aq 02:02:10 Cp 20:56:46 Ta 12:23:18 Sg 29:38:30 Li 17:10:04 29/Jan/2013 13:24:02 Cp 15:17:26 Le 06:20:38 30/Jan/2013 13:27:59 Cp 16:18:21 Le 19:17:10 31/Jan/2013 13:31:55 Cp 17:19:15 Vi 02:24:47 Aq 02:49:36 Cp 22:41:48 Ta 12:22:54 Cp 00:53:40 Li 17:12:15 Aq 03:37:01 Cp 24:27:07 Ta 12:22:42 Cp 02:08:50 Li 17:14:20 Aq 04:24:27 Cp 26:12:39 Ta 12:22:42 Cp 03:24:00 Li 17:16:20 Email: contact@kpastrologer. 2013 Planetary Positions Location: KANKARIYA. GUJARAT. AHMEDABAD.Planetary Positions Jan 2013                                                                                                                                                KP‐Ezine                                                                                                                                                             41  .

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