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Articles :

When we say what peoples job are, we use a/an Singular, countable nouns always have an article a/an/the -> we use the indef article a/an when we talk about something that is not definite We use the def article the when we talk about something more certain When we talk about things in general we dont use articles

Adjectives ending in ed and ing:


Adj that end in ed describes emotions/they tell us how people feel about something Adj that end in ing describe the thing that cause the emotion

Nouns :

For positive sentences we use a/an/some For negative sentences we use a/an/any In questions we use a/an/how many/how much

When the vb is sing, we use some In questions we can use any/how much A lot of can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns We use not many with countable nouns We use not much with uncountable nouns We use few/a few with countable nouns We use little/a little with uncountable nous

Plural nouns :

S at the regular form Es if the noun ends in ch, sh, s, ss, z, x, o Ies if the noun ends in y Es if the noun ends in o Ves if the noun ends in f/fe

As and Like : As = ca Like = ca As we use it to talk about a job or a function


Like is a preposition and its followed by a noun or a pronoun Of =de, to = la; Formation of the advers :

we use form an adv by adding ly to the adj adj ending in le drop the e and take the y adj ending in y drop the - the y and take the ily adj ending in l take ly adk ending in e take ly

Order of adverbs :

when are 2 or more adv in the same sentence => manner-place-time if there a vb or movement such as go, come, leave in the sentence => place-manner-time adv of manner go before the main vb adv of place and time usually go at the end of the sentence

Degrees of adjectives :

Comparative adj are used to express characteristic of one thing in comparasion with another thing We use er at the end of a comparative adj A superlative adj means that an object/person is suprassing all others We use the+ most+ est at the end of a superlative adj

The numeral :

We use teen after 12 at the enf of the numeral We use y after 20 at the end of the numeral We use th at the end of the ordinal numeral

Dealing with numbers : - Odd = impare - Even = pare - Saying 0 at telephone = oh - Math = 0.75 =nought point seven five of a milimetre - Temperature = -10 degrees = ten degrees below zero/nus ten degrees

- Football = 2-0 = two nil - Tennis = 40-0 = forty-love - Percentage = a half, 1/3 a third, a quarter, 1/5 a fifth, 1/8 an eight, 5/8 five eights - Aritmetic : + addition, - substraction, x multiplication, divion : - 6+4=10 six plus four equals ten - Dates : 22 ianuarie . 22 of january