Curriculum Vitae

Ilkwaen Chung

Educational Background
2010-13 2009-10 Lecturer at Handong Global University, Kosin University, and Peniel Theological Seminary, Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Institut für Systematische Theologie, Theologische Fakultät, Uni Innsbruck (within the framework of the inter-departmental

research project “World Order – Religion – Violence”. Cluster Mimetic Theory ( ).
2009. Promotion (Dr.theol). Dissertation: Paradoxie der weltgestaltenden Weltentsagung im Buddhismus : ein Zugang aus der Sicht der mimetischen Theorie R. Girards. University of Innsbruck, Austria. Research Visit : Fachbereichsbibliothek Südasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde (Universität Wien) Philipps-Universität Marburg, Deutschland. Research Visit: Bibliothek Religionswissenschaft (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Deutschland) 1999-2002 1997 1994 Pastoral activity as military chaplin with ecumenical and interreligious experience M. Div. Korea Theological Seminary, Summa cum laude. B.A. Kosin University, major in Theology, Summa cum laude.

2004 2002

Honors and Awards
Award of Excellence in the name of the President of the Republic of Korea (1994) A 5th scholarship winner of the Korea Institute for Advanced Theological Studies Scholarship winner of the Bundang Sammuel Church

Membership (Past and Current) Colloquium on Violence and Religion (COV&R) Korea Institute for Advanced Theological Studies European Society for intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies Korean Society of Christian Philosophers Systematic Theology Division Korea Evangelical Theological Society Korea Society of Systematic Theology Korea Association of Christian Studies Korea Philosophical Society Korea Association for Religious Studies
Korean Interdisciplinary Association for the Study of the Mimetic Theory of René Girard

Courses and Seminars Taught
Christian Philosophy, Systematic Theology, Reformed Dogmatics, Mimetic Theory of René Girard, Social Anthropological Buddhist Studies, Religious Pluralism, Intercultural and Interreligious Hermeneutics

Lectures, Papers, Academic Conferences
12.2011. 11.2011. 05.2011 05.2011 Lecture and Seminar “Undifferentiated (Post-)Modernity and René Girard´s Mimetic Seminary. Paper presentation “On Mimetic Theory of Rene Girard,” 07.05.2011, Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea. Korean Society of Christian Philosophers. Paper presentation “On René Girard´s Apology of Christianity,” 28.05.2011. Korea Bible University, Systematic Theology Division Korea Evangelical Theological Society 04.2011 03.2011. Korean Girard Seminar, “"The Origins of Culture, Mimetic Desire and Modern Society,” 09.04.2011. Pusan, Korea Korean Girard Seminar “ The Meaning of the Cross and Mimetic Theory of René Theory, ” 16, 23, 30, November, 07, December 2011,Pusan, Korea. Lecture “Rene Girard´s Hermeneutic of the Cross,” in Korea Theological

Girard” Organization: Chungeoram Academy (Seoul, Korea). 11.2010. 08.2010. Block Seminar “Paradox of Buddhist Culture”, organized by Modern Christian Academy, 29,11.2010, Seoul, Korea. Korean Girard Seminar “"Homo Necans: Mimesis, Generative Violence, and the Origins of Culture," organized by Chungeoram Academy ( "The 3rd Young Christian Scholars Conference." "Violence" 26-27, 08, 2010, Seoul, Korea. 08.2010. Korean Reading Seminar on Mimetic Theory of René Girard, material: Rene Girard, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning (Korean translation, Seoul,2004), organized by Christian Ethics Movement Yong Ezra Club and Institute for 'Everyday Life as Ministry'(IVF), 8-9, 2010. Pusan, Korea. 04.2009. Paper Presentation “A dramatic model for the intercultural hermeneutics” in ESITIS (European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies) Conference Salzburg 2009, 15th - 18th April 2009. “ Interreligious Hermeneutics in pluralistic Europe”. ( ). Raymund Schwager – Innsbrucker Religionspolitologische Vorlesungen seit 2004 ( )


2nd Obergurgl Goverance Symposium Governance and Religion (Obergurgl Centre, University of Innsbruck. 20th-22nd November 2008). Lecture “René Girard, Sigmund Freud and Mimetic Theory “: organized by Vienna Jung Dong Community. Place: Afro-Asiatische Institut in Wien. Türkenstraße 3. 1090, Wien, Austria.

05. 2008. Politik, Religion und Markt: Die Rückkehr der Religion als Anfrage an den politisch-philosophischen Diskurs der Moderne. Fachtagung der ARGE „Politik, Religion, Gewalt“. 5.-7. Juni 2008. Ort: Theologische Fakultät der Universität Innsbruck, Karl-Rahner-Platz 1. Veranstaltende Institution: Forschungsplattform 'Weltordnung - Religion - Gewalt' und ARGE 'Politik - Religion - Gewalt'. 01. 2008. Paper presentations: “The social-anthropological understanding of Buddhism in the light of the mimetic theory of R. Girard” in the international conference of the Korea Institute for Advanced Theological Studies (09.01 – 12.01. 2008. Seoul, Korea). 09.2007. 05.2007. Blockseminar “Mimetic Theory of R. Girard,” organized by Contemporary Christian Academy in Korea . . Lecture “Theodicy, Karma, the Book of Job and mimetic theory of R. Girard” in Seoul Theological University, Seoul; invited by Dr. Yong-Sik Park (Author of Konvivenz der Religionen, Frankufurt. 2005).

01. 2007. Lecture “Christanity and Buddhism in the dramatic dialog” in Evangelische Pfarrgemeinde A.u.H.B. Innsbruck-Christuskirche (18.01.2007); „ About the young and dynamic korean church“.

07. 2006. The international Conference of the the Korea Institute for Advanced Theological Studies. Faculté de Théologie Protestante, Strasbourg, France. 05.2006. Participation in Dr.-Leopold-Lucas-Preis.2006 der Evangelisch-theologischen Fakultät der Universität Tübingen für René Girard. 07.2005. Personal interview with R. Girard about the mythology of Śiva (COV&R Conference 2005 at Schoenstatt Center, Koblenz/GERMANY, July 6-9. "Mimetic Theory and the Imitation of the Divine"

Publications (Books and Papers)
Paradoxie der weltgestaltenden Weltentsagung im Buddhismus (Beitrage zur mimetischen Theorie 28). Wien/Munster: LIT Verlag, 2010. Deconstructing the Buddhist Philosophy of Nothingness - René Girard and Violent Origins of Buddhist Culture. (online publication for future publication). This is a revised and extended version of my book, Paradoxie der weltgestaltenden Weltentsagung im Buddhismus- Ein Zugang aus der Sicht der mimetischen Theorie Rene Girards (Beiträge zur mimetischen Theorie 28), LIT Verlag 2010, which has gained international attention. See "Voice of the Unknown Real: Rene Girard's Mimetic Theory as an Apology for Christianity," Christian Philosophy 13 (Winter 2011), pp. 141-172 (in Korean). "René Girard´s Critical Apology of Christianity," Journal of Systematic Theology, Volume 14 (2011 Spring-Summer), pp. 107-126 (in Korean). “Modern Society as Mimetic Crisis – René Girard´s Understanding of Modernity,” Humanities Newsletter (100 fishes ), December 2011, pp. 72-5. Published Articles about my dissertation: Stefan Huber, Buddhismuskonstruktion als dramatischer Rezeptionsprozess, S. 41-44. in PRO SCIENTIA ( “The Mimetic Theory of René Girard: A Critical apology of Christianity” Newsnjoy 09.2007. “Bad Reciprocity and Creative Renunciation,” Newspaper Article, The El Paso Korean News Paper (Texas, USA), 12. 2009. See "Romantic Lie and Inconvenient Truth", Newspaper Article, The El Paso Korean News 11. Paper (Texas, USA), 2009.

" Politics of Cain and Distinction between Friend and Enemy (amicus/ hostis)”, Newspaper Article, The El Paso Korean News Paper (Texas, USA), 10. 2009. "Tropical Humanism and Catharsis of Gossip”, Newspaper Article, The El Paso Korean News Paper (Texas, USA), 09. 2009. “Jewish Monotheism and Christian theology,” Korea theological Journal., pp. 58-103. 1995. Trinitarian Theology and Ontology (Magisterarbeit, M.Div). 1996. Summa cum laude. “Suffering of God and the critical reflection of the Prosperity Theology,” Korea theological Journal. p. 176-227. 1994. (in Korean). “ The Kulturphilosophie of Abraham Kuyper,” Mizpa. pp. 251-277, 1993 (in Korean) “ A Historical Appraisal of Abraham Kuyper’s Weltanschauung,” Mizpa. pp. 199-212, 1992 (in Korean) “ Theology and the Philosophy of Technology,” Mizpa. pp. 202-224, 1991 (in Korean)

Online Publications
Mimetic Theory of René Girard: (in Korean) Mimetic Theory of R. Girard and Asian Culture : The Trinitarian Theology and Ontology (Theological Articles and Sermons):

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