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Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings, 620 Kotte Road, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. Tel : +94 115 554 441 | +94 115 554 442 : : Fax : +94 115 554 443 : : A Memeber of IMS Holdings PV 80676

Overview - Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings

Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings (CDH), an IMS Holdings company, is headquartered in Rajagiriya, Colombo. Since its inception in 2011, the company has grown from strength to strength, operating as a separate entity and backed by three decades of proud heritage and the rich experience of IMS. The company at present employs operates in diverse sectors. These sectors are: Advertising and marketing Services Medical and Pharmaceuticals Special sustainability related projects CDH boasts a young and dynamic team, with extensive experience abroad and in Sri Lanka. These creative minds work to carry forwards the reputation of IMS Holdings by venturing into unchartered territories.

CDH Mission CDH Vision

New generation dynamism to synergize the industrial value creation and the well being of the nation through global counseling, health care, sustainable energy, appropriate modern conveniences to improve living and climatic standards.

By synergizing the industrial value creations and well being of the nation through global counseling, health care, sustainable energy, appropriate modern conveniences to improve living and climatic standards.

CDH Approach
Our multimedia development process based on a proven method known as the Waterfall Model. 1. Decide/Assess: goals, and the tools that may be most appropriate for the products context. 2. Design/Plan: In the second stage of the development, we focus on organising or designing the product. The focus is on determining audience-appropriate content and presentation sequence, constructsoftware, storage. 3. Develop: In this third stage of multimedia development, we focus on gathering multimedia materials to include in the presentation, organizing the materials into a sequence (or with hypermedia links) for the best presentation of the material, using an appropriate multimedia authoring program. 1

4. Implement: In this fourth stage of multimedia development, we will record the product to an appropriate presentation and storage medium.

5. Evaluate: tiveness. Although broadly the production of all our creative work goes through the same process (planning, designing & development or production and post-production), it is in the details that the development

Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings Services

Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings business units are all driven by one over-riding objective: Taking a concept or layers of manners The business units are part of a developed institutional departmental structure within the organization, and are supported by a talented group of individuals. Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings departments include Web design and Development, Multimedia Design and Graphic and Print Design.

Web Design Services

The Internet continues to have a great impact on business, education and entertainment, with its universal and dynamic reach, it presents exciting challenges and opportunities. Whether the requirement is a simple but elegantly designed web site, or a high-end e-commerce site, complete with real time order processing and secure credit card transactions, Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings has the expertise to deliver. Our range of web services: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Website design and development Content management systems Web commercials Online games Web application development Portal design and development Web based tutorials Web site re-design Web site and portal maintenance Flash pages Animated banners (GIF and Rich Media) Online promotions e-Commerce solutions e-Newsletters Web hosting 2

Social Applications

Social networking systems can be used to create professional as well as social networks, and as with discussion forums they have many potential uses. The uses of social networking and discussion forum systems are extremely diverse. From a business perspective they can be used to improve customer relations, provide customer feedback or to foster customer loyalty by tions tailor made to needs in a staged, timely fashion. Our programmers also develop custom modules for popular Social Network scripts such as Dolphin which is vastly popular among online communities.

Multimedia Design Services

Multimedia presentations and applications are used as a superior means of communicating, tion products constitute superior means of presenting ideas, concepts, objectives and uses. We provide Graphic, Digital Video and Interactive Authoring and Design Services on a variety of commercial projects for delivery via the web, on CD-ROM or DVD. * Flash Websites * Intros & Splash Pages * Feature Animations * Online Games * Interactive CD-Rom Presentations * Sales, marketing and public relations presentations * Banners

Graphic and Print Design Services

Professionally designed graphics make your business or organisation look great and get your message across clearly and concisely. We work closely with our clients to develop their corporate image & graphic design / print design strategy. * Logo Design * Brochures & Catalogs * Business card Design * Business Stationary Design * Poster Graphics * CD ROM / DVD Packaging

Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings Clients

We are committed to equipping our varied clients with the right tools for success. Pooling from a large network of Multimedia professionals allow us to provide our varied and expanding client base with both knowledgeable and well seasoned industry experts and specialists. Our success is the ability to service its clients personally, understanding their style, their culture and aims. CDH's focus is client service. It will

Our Local Clients

* * * * * Islandwide Marketing Services Nations Trust Bank Lanka Orix Leasing Amuseum Baily Tea * * * * * Audio Lab Moods Caf Beverly Street Drumkin Holidays Heritage Tours

* * * * * *

Tri Star Apparel Paradise Lanka Tours Gihans Food ASB Freight Pluss International Spring Air Mattresses

Global Clients
* * * * * * * * * * * * Reboot Computer Services Enterprise MAC Group My Club Management SFM Media The Blue Voice Roneo Colts Gabrielli Levitt Faux Glow Beau Tonic J Walter Thompson songcatalog emedia Networks * * * * * * * * * * * Fine Fair GS Trackbash Formula 1 Superstore EU2RU China2ps Escape Studios Multi Tech UK Oxygon Entertainment Leo Burnett Ogilvy & Mather The Moving Picture Company (MPC United Kingdom)

Web Designing Portfolio for Reference Local Clients

* LOLC * Heritage Tours * Drumkin Holidays * Islandwide marketing Services * ASB Freight * Paradise Lanka Tours * Gihans Food

International Clients (Few of our international clients for reference)

* Modzzz Based in UK * My club management Based in UK * Songcatalog Based in US * emedia Networks Based in US * Assisi Veterinary Based in America * Reneocolts Based in UK * Reboot computer services Based in America * Gabrielli Law - Based in American * Finn1date * Eco-recruitment Based in UK * Intelcall Based in Uk * Envy Builders Based in UK