Purgatory - an intermediate state after death for expiatory purification.

Sunday, January 26th 11:59 PM Carrie says, “I am sorry, C.J., I really was starting to catch feeling for you but Gallco raised me, so blood is thicker than wa—” *Clik. Clik. Clik.* Carrie says, “Shit! Fuck it. I can snap your pussy ass neck like a chicken wi—” *BLAM!* BLACK. Being egress…You Human Beings believes when you’re dying that your life is flashing before your eyes. This notion of a flashing of reminiscence is quite moronic; the ‘life flash’ is all a ruse. Being egress is a narration by the appointed Concept Man to the expiring Human Being; the appointed Concept Man re-narrates their appointed Human Being’s life during their transition from Realm: Earth to the White Hot Room. This narration is needed to calm the dying Human Being’s dimming life-force at their most frightening moment of exiting existence. As I am speaking to you all the transition to the White Hot Room is currently in process. …With that being said…

This re-narration isn’t about happy endings and wonderful moments. This re-narration is about a life full of chaos and mayhem. This re-narration is about a life full of bloodshed and the soft touches of desire. This re-narration is about a life full of lusting rage and organized anarchy. I am Concept Man 458706017700961 and this is the Being Egress of the Virgin Carrie. YELLOW. June 21st, 1986 Tokyo, Japan Once upon a time there was a small black-ops taskforce sent by the C.I.A. to Tokyo that’s consisting of five men and one woman. This black-ops taskforce has just murdered the entire family of Gumi Noboru Yamaguchi, the leader of the Yakuza, the Japanese crime syndicate. Gumi Noboru Yamaguchi didn’t want to give the C.I.A. a percentage of his narcotic sales in Japan. This brings our story to this beautiful, Asian infant girl. Captain Cory Bigglesworth was prepared to kill this infant girl but a young man named Gallco stopped his mad squad leader causing a bitter riffle between the two men. Gallco saved the infant, taking her into his safe protection. His original plan was to turn her over to a United States of America orphanage. Months passed and Gallco grown attached to the beautiful infant girl; at that moment in his young life he retired from his black-ops squad to raise this baby girl as his own blood. He named the beautiful infant, Carrie Marie. YELLOW. March 13th, 1995 Miami, Florida Now, a nine year old Carrie is fencing with her instructor as Gallco watches on studying Carrie’s each and every movement. A young, skillful Carrie tags her instructor on his chest with the tip of her sword. Carrie yells, “Daddy! Did you see that! I tagged him!” Gallco walks over to an excited Carrie as he’s waving the instructor away. Gallco smiles at his little girl with such a loving expression on his face. Carrie looks up to her loving father with her big brown eyes while smiling and saying,

“Daddy! Daddy! Did you see?!” Gallco says, “Yes baby. I was watching the entire time. You’ve done a good job.” Carrie’s happy facial expression slowly disappears from her face while saying, “Buuuut?” Gallco smiles while saying, “You’re right foot was kind of flat on the floor. You need to stay on the ball of your feet. Stay alert and move like the wind; at a pin’s drop you should be able to redirect your attack. BUT you still done a great job, baby.” Carrie calmly says with a disappointed facial expression, “Thanks daddy.” Gallco says, “Hey. Hey. Don’t act like that, baby. You’re great at everything you do. Never be upset about learning more about yourself or others. Your mind is your weapon, the most powerful weapon in the universe.” Carrie smiles and then says, “You’re so smart, daddy! I want to do your job when I grow up!” Gallco smiles and then says, “No you don’t. My job is dirty and in the shadows. What do you want to be when you grow up?” Carrie says, “A doctor or a teacher or both.” Gallco points to his temple with his right index finger while saying, “Remember, your brain and learning is the key for you to become something marvelous, baby. Enough work, let’s go get some ice cream.” Carrie says, “YAY!” Carrie and Gallco walk out of the gym; Gallco wraps his left arm around Carrie’s shoulders. Carrie says, “I love you, daddy.” Gallco says, “I love you too, princess.” YELLOW. November 20th, 2003 Turbo, Colombia Gallco is sitting in a dark room sobbing. A teenage Carrie slowly opens the door, letting the hallway light shine into the dark room. Gallco looks up at Carrie with a snotty nose, teary, and red eyes. Carrie has some bruises on her face as she enters the room with a somber facial expression. She walks over to her father and says,

“Dad, I know who did this to mom. I can track them—” Gallco says, “No. Go get checked out by the doc.” Carrie says, “I already have. Dad, listen, I can handle this. I know what I need to do.” Gallco says, “Carrie, go lay down then.” Carrie says, “NO! How can I lay down when I watched a monster rape and murder my mother! I can’t walk away from this! I want him dead!” Gallco yells, “NO! You’re only a seventeen! Go act like one! I do not need you to handle my business! GO!” Carrie says, “You trained me to be a warrior; now that I am ready you tell me not to be one!” Gallco says, “I trained you to survive not to kill drug lords! Dammit, just be a regular girl and live your life!” Carrie says, “You never raised me to be regular, father. How can you dare ask me to be regular now?” Gallco looks Carrie into her eyes and then breaks down into tears, saying, “I just want my Vanessa back!” Carrie walks over to her father and embraces him with a loving hug. Gallco cries into Carrie’s right shoulder. Two Hours Later Carrie is twisting a silencer onto the barrow of a black gun and she then put it into her hostler. She pulls a sword from the wall it was hanging on and puts it into her sheath. Carrie grabs thirteen magazine clips and puts them into her back belt pouch. She’s dressed in a black skin tight body suit. Carrie then exits the armory once she’s equipped for her warpath. Fifty-Six Minutes Later Two armed guards are patrolling a big mansion in the dead of the night. Carrie creeps up behind one of the guards and drives a dagger into the back of his skull. Once he drops the other guard notices Carrie and Carrie shoots the aiming guard in the forehead, killing him. Carrie creeps through the dark house quietly killing all armed guards who crossed her path. Carrie swiftly slits a guard’s throat with the sharp edge of her sword’s shining

blade. A middle aged, slender Latino man is in his bed with two women. A guard knocks at the door and says, “Champagne, senor.” The Boss says, “I didn’t order champagne. Go get the door, bitch.” One of the women walks over to open the door for the guard only to be startled by Carrie holding a gun to the back of the guard’s head. She pulls the trigger, blowing his brain into the girl’s face. The girl goes to scream and Carrie shots her in the forehead. Carrie quickly shoots the other girl in the bed in the forehead, killing her also. The Boss franticly sits up in his bed and says, “Look at ya, Carrie. I say, ya got mo’ balls than ya poppa. So ya here to kill me?” Carrie calmly says, “Shut up.” The Boss says, “Hm. Ya kno’ ya mom begged me not to rape ya or kill ya. She took da dick fo’ ya pretty ass. I really wanted to stiff on ya bald pussy but my words is my words. Look at ya now, gettin’ ready to pop ya cherry. C’mon, Virgin Carrie, wha’ ya waitin’ fo’? Are ya gonna do it or wha’?” Carrie calmly says, “Shut. Up.” The Boss says, “Funny, ya here to kill me ‘cuz ya poppa is home cryin’ like a fuckin’ bleedin’ pussy. So he sends his sweet ass baby girl. I like dat shit. Ya kno’ ya dad is jus’ as bad as me—Fuck it, worse! He’s da biggest drug dealer in da world. Did you kno’ dat? See, wha’ ya doin’ here ain’t right. This ain’t how our war is played. Eye fo’ a eye but ya comin’ in this bitch tryin’ to shut my shit down. Naw, mami, ya fuckin’ up. This ain’t how we play our game o’ chess, yo. Do ya hear me? Do ya hear me?! DO YA HEA— *PPT. PPT* Carrie puts two bullets into the Latino man’s head and then calmly says, “Fuck your rules. That was for my mother.” Thirty Minutes Later Carrie is sitting in a metal chair in a dark room, looking as if she’s ashamed. A bloody Carrie says to an enraged Gallco as he stands over her, “I am sorry, father, but I needed to do what was right. I am not trying to disrespect your honor but I love and miss my mother, your wife.” Gallco sternly says, “So, you felt as though revenge was the path to take?”

Carrie looks Gallco into his eyes and says, “Yes and I will do it again if anybody murdered you. If you die from cancer I would move Heaven and Hell to behead God in your honor, father. All for you, my father and I killed Robert Sanchez all for my mother’s honer. I will do it again and again if necessary.” Gallco stares at Carrie with an enraged look his face as Carrie lowers her stare and head. Gallco breaks his intense stare and smirks then says, “Good. I am proud of you, baby.” Carrie looks up at her father with watery, big brown eyes. She breaks down and cries into her father’s midsection as he caresses her back. Gallco says, “Don’t cry, baby, I love you. We will get through this, Carrie.” YELLOW. December 16th, 2011 Undisclosed Location in North Korea Carrie is on a video phone chat as she’s wearing a tight, short red dress and shoes. She is wearing a serious expression on her face. She’s saying, “I handled with the Mad Dictator, father. I pumped him with the epinephrine shot. The shot will fully be into him his system by morning time.” Gallco says, “Good job, baby. Extract all the information that the C.I.A. needs. Get out of there, unseen. I will be sending you your next mission in an hour.” Gallco says, “Who?” Gallco says, “C.J. Johnson, he’s some B-list actor. I just need you to shadow him and then grab his attention when the time is right. I am planning something big for him. I have a jet waiting for you in the country side of the city.” Carrie says, “Yes father.” Gallco says, “I love you, princess.” Carrie says, “I love you too, father.” Carrie ends her video call with Gallco. Carrie walks over to a pleasantly sleeping Kim Jong-il and softly kisses him on his forehead. Carrie gently runs her fingers through Kim Jong-il’s hair while he’s sleeping. Carrie says, “안녕히 가세요” Carrie looks down at a sleeping Kim Jong-il and smirks at him and then silently exits his room, leaving him to sleep the night away. YELLOW.

BLACK. The White Hot Room Carrie is fully clothed as she opens her eyes in a white room with no walls or doors. She’s sitting in a chair at a table, she’s sitting across from me, her appointed Concept Man. Carrie looks at me and then says in a calm tone, “Where am I?” I say to her, “You’re in the White Hot Room. I am your appointed Concept Man; it is finally nice to meet you in person.” Carrie says, “What?! Who appointed you? What are you again?” I say, “A Concept Man and God appointed me.” Carrie says, “What the hell did you just say?!” I say, “Human Beings like to call my boss, God. You have just completed the full transition from existence to death. This room is the middle ground between life, death, Heaven, and Hell. You have two choices, only two; one, the cold, darkness of Oblivion or number two, Rebirth back to Realm: Earth. Pick one, only one, Virgin Carrie.”


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