Environment and Energy Committee Senator Marty, Chair Tuesday, January 22, 2013 and Thursday, January 24, 2013 Room

107 Capitol


I. Call to Order on 1/22/13 II. Climate Change Science a. Dr. Mark Seeley, Department of Soil, Water and Climate, University of Minnesota: Climatology and agriculture , surface and sub-surface water, floods, drought, and wildlife impacts b. Paul Douglas, meteorologist and entrepreneur: Climate-related weather trends & the difference between climate and weather c. Dr. John Abraham, thermo-dynamics expert, School of Engineering, University of St. Thomas: History of climate data and how we know what we know III. Climate Change in Minnesota a. Dr. Peter Reich, Regents Professor, Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota: Climate challenges facing Minnesota’ s forests in the coming decades b. Bob Johnson, President, Insurance Federation of Minnesota: Increasing insurance claims due to extreme weather events c. J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director , Fresh Energy: Public interest in climate change d. Will Steger, Polar Explorer: testimonial on impact of global warming across the planet IV. Adjourn

V. Call to Order on 1/24/13 VI. Green House Gas Inventory a. MPCA VII. Background on Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group (MCCAG)

a. MPCA--confirmed b. MN Department of Commerce c. J. Drake Hamilton, non-agency MCCAG member VIII. Factors and update on meeting green house gas goals a. Interagency Climate Change Group IX. Linda Bruemmer, Division of Environmental Health Director, MN Department of Health: climate change’s impact on health—heat waves, respiratory illness, premature death, infectious disease, and CDC grant to address climate-related public health problems X. Jim Nichols, former Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and former Minnesota Senator, RES and economic impact of alternative energy XI. Adjourn

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