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Fort Lee Public

June 2012 Volume 3 No. 1
Created by Eleni Despotakis and James Puliatte


All year we featured the best free and available tech websites for your classroom. This final issue will feature websites that start with the letters O to Z. All past featured tech tool websites will be available on

the Fort Lee Technology Staff Developer’s Diigo page which can be found at http:// Search for the tag Tech Tools A to Z to view the complete list of websites featured this year.

Links and featured websites can also be found on the Tech Staff Developer’s Social Media page found at http:// Check with us next year for our new feature Apps A to Z.


Is your computer not responding? Are you moving the mouse and nothing is occurring? Make sure you mouse and keyboard are securely plugged in. If that doesn’t work, turn off your computer by pressing and holding the start button until it powers off.

APP OF THE MONTH Camera + available for Iphone, Ipod Touch and Ipad helps you take pictures like a professional. This app features a timer, stabilizer, burst mode as well as features such as editing, fx effects and borders. The ability to share it to social media sites and create web links make sharing your photos a breeze.

TECH TIP OF THE MONTH Turn your Apple desktop into a wireless access point to use with your wireless devices. Share your desktop’s internet by going to System Preferences-Sharing-Check Internet Sharing-Share your connection from Ethernet -To computers using Airport. Connect to your desktop under wifi networks on your device.

Bottom images by Salvatore Vuono /

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