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"One person's bad luck is another person's opportunity. How will your engineering sector fare in 2013?"

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Drops of blood trickle new hope
12 January 2013 by Kavitha Srinivasa

New s Electrolux Design Lab competition open for entries UK car production at four-year high Europe, US and Qatar ground Boeing Dreamliners Nokia to cut over 1000 IT jobs Link between Red Sea and Dead Sea 'feasible' Mo st v iew ed Scientists say blackening copper opens new applications Europe, US and Qatar ground Boeing Dreamliners Japan says confidence in Boeing

This morning the Times of India newspaper carried a report about a successful research which has led to the possibility of artificial blood being produced on an industrial scale. The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) has got funding approval from the Union Ministry of Science and Technology for the same. Blood has fascinated scientists in various parts of the world, many of whom have tried to create biodegradable and biocompatible options. However the IIT-M team is probably the only one working exclusively on red blood cells. The researchers have applied for an Indian patent and are considering an international patent. Which means a core team of scientists from the Department of Engineering Design will be busy creating red blood cells from stem cells to be used as 'artificial blood' for transfusion. The entire process will take time to trickle down. The blood will first be tested on animals, before human trials happen in about three years from now. Usually rats lend themselves to clinical trials. As per the newspaper report, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has recently approved a proposal from the scientists to develop a bio-reactor for large-scale production of artificial blood. The reactor will be built with support from the biotechnology department of IIT. Moving beyond the report, what could be the possible implications, when it becomes a workable solution in approximately five years? If it's handled properly the RBC (red blood corpuscles) can add a new dimension to transfusion. It can create blood bonds of a different kind. It's best to have a positive approach but no harm in preparing oneself for any eventuality. And if it's a natural disaster like an earthquake strikes and devastates the lives of millions, artificial blood produced on an industrial



Though FKCCI-IRES 2013 is another energy event. manufacturers and suppliers and stakeholders of the renewable energy industry to showcase their expertise. As per the World Health Organization report. They can tap the natural resources that river water offers for sustainability. a number of long term measures come to mind. A power failure means that traffic is manually regulated by a policeman which is a time consuming process. FKCCI-IRES 2013 highlighted the opportunities and challenges put forth by alternate sources of energy like hydro. Play video When we look at the bigger scenario. FKCCI-IRES 2013 has an interesting section on projects. yet these thoughts are in sync with the fact that the demand for energy is increasing by the day. biomass. that being an energy event titled FKCCI-IRES 2013. Cyber & Forensics SOCA . bio. What could this mean? Let's look at it this way. CR Vijay Dev. Nottinghamshire. Solar in such situations is a good backup. Moving beyond the agrarian scene. General Manager.1/18/13 scale can meet the demand of an emergency. president of FKCCI drew attention to the fact that though the energy production and per capita consumption is on the rise. the urban scenario was also well represented. Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd (KREDL) who spoke at the inaugural function hinted that students could probably pursue an engineering degree in renewable energy in future. Besides the 'wow factor. we can pump in a disease-free source of blood substitutes in a unique manner in times to come. We can give a green signal to these solar powered traffic lights largely because they lower traffic snarls. It can even create newer portfolios like let's say. but collects only nine million units annually. Vinayaka Energy Tech a Bangalore-based firm illustrated the idea at the exhibition. It can throw open thought-provoking options for students to make life-altering choices to be close to nature. This means India needs 12 million units of blood. it made a point as visitors saw how different sources of energy like solar. Relentless campaigners who strongly advocate blood donation have tried to bridge the demand-supply mismatch.health and safety executive - eandt. United Kingdom SG4 Engineering Developer SOCA .London. Even the production process seems to be favourable. It can save lives as it reduces the risk of AIDS which can happen through blood transmission. a sustainability consultant. On the other. United Kingdom Nuclear Safety Inspectors – Control and Instrumentation HSE . Let's not forget that the government is drawing up an Energy Conservation and Building Code to ensure optimum use of energy.Leicester.cfm?catid=280 2/17 . All this just means that we need to inculcate a sense of rural electrification to meet consumption requirements in power-strapped regions. Again & Again 5 January 2013 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) E&T v ideo s Santas workshop in China It's renewable energy again. Let's draw up a More E&T videos E&T jo bs Commissioning Engineers Freedom Group .A potentially better replacement for fluorescents has been developed [09:57 am 17/01/13] UPS Bypass Supply [08:23 pm 16/01/13] In any case. United Kingdom DNO/Private Network Senior Authorised Persons (SAPs) Freedom Group . Our livestock. it can open out opportunities for patent inventions. geothermal and tidal waves fill the energy supply-demand gap through workable solutions. We also need to gear up for production and this can happen through infrastructural investments from the Pharma and biotech companies. Actually. hydel. cattle to be specific can be used to generate electricity. Dev felt that energy conservation could be included in the school curriculum. India is a country where the demand-supply of blood is mismatched. electricity could be produced by rotating a generator with a pair of oxen. it has opened up new streams of thought. On the one hand it is a platform for independent power producers. a familiar refrain. This year unfolds with a similar concern. Judging by the IIT-M report. A small move in this direction is to sensitize students towards water conservation by urging them to turn off taps when not in use. wind. solar and wind. As the blood is produced under controlled conditions. Young minds can harness progress for sustainable development by relying on nature's bounty. As per media reports K Shiva Shanmugam. This can happen through the private-public-partnership model. artificial blood is a safe option. General Dreamliner at stake Electrolux Design Lab competition open for entries Two dead in helicopter crash in Vauxhall UK car production at four-year high Fro m fo rums The Savoy Place Upgrade and Energy Efficiency [06:25 pm 17/01/13] Molten Salt Thorium Reactor [02:45 pm 17/01/13] Transferring AutoCAD from one PC to another [01:56 pm 17/01/13] Moveover LED's . whose purpose is two-fold. though the demand has gone up drastically. So when we look at blood production in industrial quantities.Newark.health and safety executive Merseyside.Nationwide.Nationwide. he reasoned that we need to put on our thinking caps and scale up the production of alternate sources of energy. With industrial production. United Kingdom Search jobs Lead Instrument Control & Automation Engineer Fairfield Control Systems Ltd . which I have dwelt upon on several occasions last year. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 12 January 2013 01:27 PM Energy Renewed with Vigour. United Kingdom Nuclear Specialist Inspectors – Control and Instrumentation HSE . it can reduce the possibility of disease or contamination that happens through human transfusion. The blush of red blood couldn't have been more desirable. According to the enterprise. Many of them can put in systematic efforts to preserve bio-diversity hotspots. minimize waste and carbon footprint. United Kingdom SG5 Technical Officer. Many of them vouch for the fact that it is a challenging task to build a bank of blood donors. that's the students. London & Cheltenham. increase profits. What's important is to make artificial blood affordable and available across various sections of the society. this has already been implemented in Noida located in NCR (National Capital Region) of Delhi. as artificial blood lowers our dependence on donors. A professionally recognized course study backed by the right guidance is not a dull study for knowledge seekers. Looking at it from the health point of view. that's someone who has the know-how to cut costs. we can look forward to cost effective solutions. as the exhibition showcased traffic lights powered by solar panels. Well there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. an acronym for the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) International Renewable Energy Show (IRES) 2013.theiet. we make a beginning at the grassroots level. Then let's not forget that blood substitutes are believed to have a longer shelf life than blood. Going by media reports. a country needs a minimum stock of blood equal to 1% of its population.org/blog/categories. An ongoing three-day event in Bangalore which concludes on January 6. there's still time for the commercial rollout. Thanks to modern medicine. It seems far fetched.' an engineering degree in renewable energy can give rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers.

and various other newsletters. As work culture changes. E&T po dc ast Tune into our latest podcast Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 04 January 2013 03:14 PM General Comments (0) eandt. We may be surging ahead with favourable pastures to graze.1/18/13 road map for renewable energy. Today. going forward.cfm?catid=280 3/17 . apps and data from any device and any location thus increasing the productivity of employees.org/blog/categories. IT will drive programs like work from home or move work to a more optimized location and cut real estate cost and delight employees." Empowerment is the catch word here. highlighting the top threats McAfee Labs foresees for 2013. senior vice president of McAfee Labs and cautioned. The top priority for IT will be to help businesses transform work and compute. but also the preventative measures that should be taken to avoid those risks from occurring. it's only natural that consumers redefine their choice of Tablets and PCs. General Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 05 January 2013 03:37 PM Game Changers of 2013 4 January 2013 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) Fellow Bloggers and readers." added Deshmukh. Area Vice President.theiet. some of which may hopefully emerge as game changers of 2013. Lead Analyst. Subsc ribe Sub scrib e to the hard copy of E&T magazine. the cyber crime space." said Faisal Kawoosa." said Vincent Weafer. what can we expect from this? This trend is hoped to give a fillip to new types of data services and content being demanded and consumed by subscribers." said Sanjay Deshmukh. who are able to provide Windows and Desktops more efficiently than the IT organization itself and IT shops are compelled to source desktops from outside their walls. Now we are talking sense. enterprise demand and government business in 2013. to the virtually-issued and controlled device. which in turn will drive a further increase in adoption of Media Tablets in India. as OEMs eye the India market for consumer. The top priority for technology providers and practitioners will be to use technology solutions to drive business transformation initiatives for organizations to optimize cost and increase productivity. CMR indicates that in 2013 India will witness Tablet PCs being made available on MS Windows 8 from all leading OEMs. Citrix. here's wishing you all a Happy New Year 2013. mobile devices. some even shy away from it since it is considered an unlucky number. but we can't afford to throw caution to the winds especially when it comes to our software. IT's security/control/compliance models shift from the "locked-down" device. "IT will consider business transformation initiatives like Workshifting. Technology crystal ball gazing has its fair share of challenges. businesses. However. McAfee Labs expects that threats to mobile devices will become even more of a focus of cybercriminals. the influence of the hacktivist group "Anonymous" will decline. "A majority of the Tablets currently on offer have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with 3G access enabled through a USB dongle. we at the tech world can certainly look forward to tweaks and trends. At the outset 13 seems ominous. "IT will enable employees to work with people. This is expected to bring about several changes in market dynamics such as OS shares and ASVs. governments and businesses not only with the top risks in the year to come to be aware of. The IT firm needs to think of itself as an internal service provider and needs to compete against commercially-available apps/products. organizations and homes. declining ASVs of 3G-enabled Media Tablets and launch of BWA (4G / WiMax / LTE) services in the country is likely to see a rise in 3G-only Tablet devices with larger screen sizes. increased penetration of 3G networks. as we take a sneak peak into McAfee's recent annual 2013 Threat Predictions report. As for us. bank accounts. As consumers. Leading IT and Technology Intelligence firm CyberMedia Research (CMR) had projected that the India Media Tablets to sell three million units by end 2012. "Cybercriminals and hacktivists will strengthen and evolve the techniques and tools they use to assault our privacy." explained Deshmukh. "Our 2013 Threat Predictions provides the general public. Executive Mobility will be another change agent to look out for. there is a fundamental structural shift happening in the way we work and the role of an IT organization has changed. Another significant impact would be that enterprises will see an increasing adoption of Tablet PCs as part of the larger trend towards mobility. Forecast reveals that the market will grow over 100%. We need to understand the nature of the crime and prepare ourselves for threats to empower people to secure their information. and large scale attacks that attempt to destroy infrastructure will increase. "The "IT-as-a-Service" trend extends to service-providers. India subcontinent. CyberMedia Research Telecoms Practice.

As we move beyond the web of love. The message is clear: Cloud has tried to rewrite Indian IT folklore. Biometrics and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Like Multipurpose Smart cards. In what can be called a refreshing departure. total India shipments of smartphones were 5. Essentially this announcement is meant to boost the domestic electronics and manufacturing industry. Sensex uncertainties and a recruitment downslide. hi-tech and all pervasive. South Asia's largest specialty media and media services group. With this. the Government of India integrated multipurpose Smart Cards and Biometrics in several schemes including Automatic Fare Collection (AFC). A reality check revealed that fraud is becoming sophisticated.12 cast its spell on amorous couples. As mobile phones have been proliferating across many sections of the socio economic pyramid. Our experience indicates that even fraudsters are becoming technology savvy and are finding newer ways of perpetrating frauds. The new policy aims to remove roaming fees for consumers to retain their numbers when they circuit from zone to zone. accurate." said Rohit Mahajan. During the same period. where industries like auto and aerospace are integrating cloud-based CAE software in their applications. for whom it has become a must-have device. This new attraction has proved to be a hassle-free customer transaction. And now we look forward to 2013. This will be implemented in February. Moving beyond government schemes. Wipro and Infosys. the CAE Software market in India is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17. As per the TechNavio's analysts forecast. It's a thumbs-up sign for cloud providers who can forge ties with corporate houses to integrate IT solutions with the cloud. KPMG hosted a webinar earlier in the day to discuss the fraud situation in corporate India. it's time to ring in the New Year. "In today's day and age technology has become a mainstay for all industries. Smart Cards lowered our dependence on paper work and have opened up newer avenues for smart card developers and smart card machine manufacturers. as organizations are beginning to rely heavily on cloud computing. that rank among the most happening technologies. we head towards a serious concern. the banking industry issued E-purses to its account holders. but certain technologies carried a promise.12. 13 is an unlucky number. the cloud market is also poised for success.50 million units. As months passed. irrespective of sector or size. and Consumer Electronics. efficient. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 20 December 2012 04:31 AM Fraud Checks 12 December 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) Numerology has its own mystical charm and 12. Let's see what's in store for us. On a different scale. For some. It rang in a new tone as it heralded a national mobile number portability and free roaming facility. Mobile has emerged as the largest technology platform. These functional. This growth rate is attributed to the diverse applications of CAE. the buzzword signals a new chapter in the telecom industry. At the end of it. There may have been gloom over the economic recession.43 million units from January-June 2012. This fringe player has gravitated towards the centre. Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) Software is adding depth to the canvas of IT landscape. According to CyberMedia Research (CMR) India Mobile Handsets Market Review. CMR is part of CyberMedia.theiet. Forensic Services. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Intelligent Building Systems (IBS).1/18/13 Tech shines in a year of highs and lows 20 December 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Friends and fellow bloggers.cfm?catid=280 4/17 . but even with governmentbacked infrastructure projects as they decided to plug in RFID as a foolproof security solution against theft. RFID is not just a hot pick with industry leaders like Siemens. eandt. the National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2012 came as a much-awaited breather since it lifted the air off stringent rules which are over a decade old. This has widened the spectrum for vendors to tap the market through channels like the public distribution system. Technology for self-use and consumer needs is being adopted through the cloud model which assures a return-on-investment. Partner and Co-Head. The Yuletide spirit kindles a warm glow in everyone's heart. It's an encouraging phase for various stakeholders in mobile payments and related applications. Medical Devices. secure and cost effective solutions have already impacted projects like e-passports.13 percent over the period 2011-2015. Amidst these trends. which brought 100 million people under its purview. while the driving and vehicle registration programme influenced the lives of 300-500 million citizens. the total India shipments of mobile handsets were recorded at 102. it's in the hands of the industry experts to visualize a suite of innovative solutions for customers to enjoy better Consumer Durables.org/blog/categories. KPMG in India. in the recently released KPMG India Fraud Survey Report 2012. It's a corporate call of a tall order. The feeling is just right as we look back on the Leap Year that just went by. They create solutions for the urban as well as rural consumers. Scratch the surface of the corporate landscape of India and it sheds the fact that companies' performances are weighed down by fraud related incidents.

When it happens. And this is where tech solution experts can look for opportunities by tailoring data analytics solutions to tackle emerging frauds. pest control and improved soil conditions. given the slickness of most fraud operations. "This is where India can look forward to opportunities. to be specific nano scale system components. Ludhiana. Georgia. Food will become interactive and personalized. technology driven frauds were reported to have much lower incidence compared to conventional frauds like diversion or theft of goods. Operators' billing systems and network vulnerabilities are always the key target areas for most fraudsters who exploit any weaknesses in these areas in the world of telecom. parts of the data can be easily obtained and sent to unauthorized parties such as competitors. a proactive R&D team and a manufacturing unit to make customized solutions and tools for the domestic market. It can be commercialized and made available to the masses at an affordable price. companies need to take stock of the situation to lower the extent of damage. anomalies and duplicates. network Intrusions/hacking and virus/malware. "Can nano be a tool for food safety? Can nano enable the quick detection of pathogens? Can nano help in improving the bio-absorption of nutrition from food? Can nano facilitate in wiping out malnutrition and deaths related to it?. CSIR . piracy and counterfeiting. Whatever the case may be. Other deliberations came up for discussion. This makes detection of red flags complex as offline data is not integrated with other data in the organization. "In our engagements we have often seen companies rely heavily on offline data in worksheets and other documents. The scale of operations for IT/ITeS companies is large. This can eventually create new job opportunities." added Mahajan.org/blog/categories. and identity theft." The event recognized the best in research and became a launch pad for new products. Like smart phones. All it needs is to see things from a new perspective. Then we look at the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. as he spoke at the 5th Bangalore Nano Event. Intellectual Property (IP) fraud. among other delectable offerings. 3D Systems Packaging Research Center. "This can happen through a fullfledged operational set up. Like NanoSniff Technologies' OmniCant. Internet and cyber related frauds of a serious kind. Basically. Even simple processes like password sharing can eventually lead to ecommerce. USA and continued. But then. some of the common ones being data theft. it's time for companies to raise the bar for cyber protection.cfm?catid=280 5/17 . Cyber crime can manifest itself in many ways. In such a case. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 12 December 2012 03:14 PM Nano Platter: Food for Thought 7 December 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) This is certainly a platter worth trying. "Theft or fraud of IP is difficult to track as the original information remains on the computer of the creator.1/18/13 General In the past. A single email can transfer confidential IP to unauthorized parties without raising suspicion or violating internal controls.India (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research). in terms of systems scaling. On an average. today there's increased awareness about technology-led frauds. Georgia Institute of Technology. eandt. Mukhopadhyay. we also need to dwell on the telecom industry. Like the Management Information Systems (MIS) which captures data. gaps may indicate potential fraud. which concluded in Bangalore today. whose scope needs to be leveraged than the regular book-keeping purposes. That's how close nano can get to you. organizations have a lot of other tools that work on data to generate meaningful information. When we talk about the IT industry. Tummala. The challenge lies in aligning the MIS in sync with a fraud risk management strategy. it will give a new definition to wireless healthcare and entertainment.000 people every year. Punjab Agricultural University. can they make do with the existing software? Well. as they are prone to cyber crime. smart systems require system scaling which involves nanotechnology. Technically. Electron Microscopy & Nanoscience Lab.theiet. If we were to believe Dr Siddhartha S. the sector recruits over 100. The KPMG India Fraud Survey Report 2012 describes technology as a convenient and inexpensive channel to execute fraud in intellectual property (IP) thefts. A case in point is smart systems. However." wondered Dr V." said Prof. A time will come when nano food will be served on your plate in the form of dietary supplements. among other verticals. These differ from the data in the MIS and should be periodically cross checked to detect any gaps. nanotechnology will contribute 65% to emerging agricultural business by 2025 through various methods like yield increase. many of which can be nurtured on the home turf and need not be expensive. Rao R. apparently yes." he highlighted. Prakash. Edible nano wrappers will grace the racks of retail stores. The 5th Bangalore Nano Event became a platform that threw open futuristic ideas. a table top instrument for studying resistive MEMS and NEMS sensors. What this can do is speed up the go-to-market strategy of a competitor. It is also difficult to indicate what truly constitutes IP as most of the data gathered is still in an early stage with unknown potential. requiring manual verification. Apart from ERP.

These Nanotubes will be available in the market in the coming months and are expected to have some cool applications. Nothing illustrates this more lucidly than nano technology. It can be tailored to achieve specific results to ascertain qualities like strength. this can happen by making use of nano properties in an imaginative manner.5%. It can be reduced through thermo electrical materials. The Nanotubes are single walled carbon nano tubes that eliminate the risk of nickel carbon poisoning and are extremely safe and scalable.cfm?catid=280 6/17 . Take the case of graphene. In the 12th Planning Commission. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 07 December 2012 04:52 PM Nano Bytes 6 December 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) Let's face it." added Gadhadar Reddy of NoPo Nanotechnologies. work closely and monitor products with small volumes. While such reports will provide the necessary information for nano startups. (microelectromechanical systems) NEMS (Nanoelectromechanical systems) and Micro-Cantilever sensors for security and threat detection applications. as it contains nano materials and has the best efficiency. those with an ability to convert ideas into income can match the all pervading presence of Nano. It connects to a PC through USB where the onboard display can be replicated using a dedicated software. materials science and engineering. It's an encouraging scenario but the challenge lies in extending science and technology beyond the realm of research and making it relevant to the common man. C. at the 5th Bangalore Nano Event. In a nutshell. the funding for Science and Technology will be doubled in comparison to the previous plan." said Dr K Kasturirangan." explained Nehul Gullaiya of NanoSniff Technologies. "The vision of Nano technology would be to help the country attain faster and sustainable growth." he reasoned. This device is used to detect breast cancer as it identifies the unique molecule which is present and breathed out only by a breast cancer patient. Nano-engineered materials allow you to understand toxicity which is a warning sign in the food industry. Given that nano technology is an enabling technology." said Prof. it made sense for an agency to moderate the ongoings in the industry and bridge the gap between the industry and the public sector. an IIT Mumbai based organization that works towards the development of products around MEMS. auto components and luggage. This device works well and Rao believes that within the next five to six years pure nano technology will be used in hospitals. It helps the researcher understand the effects of target analyte gases on nano sensors under experimental conditions like gas flow rate and in-situ temperature to characterize these gas censors. since heat generated from this material can be used efficiently without being wasted. what we really need is people power. nano is influencing our day-to-day lives in more ways than one. Another interesting launch was NoPo Nanotechnologies' Nickel Carbonyl Detector and NoPo HiPco's Nanotubes. N. enjoy science and will not fear from innovating and exploring unknown territories. At a glance these value-adds give a new dimension to merchandise like fabrics. The list continues. building raw materials like cement can be oriented for nano applications. academic fraternity and industry. wherein the Government will contribute 1% and an equal amount will be taken care of by Private and Public sectors. physics. Government of India. lightness and durability of products.1/18/13 General "OmniCant has applications in research and education. the most crucial being energy. Data recording happens in MS-excel format and the system displays real time graphs of the sensor output in the form of resistive changes. In short. "Many exciting things are happening in nano technology. sports equipment like baseball bats. While nano will continue to find its way into various verticals. which began in Bangalore today.theiet. "In the field of medicine 'tissue engineering' is already being used to treat seventh degree burn and has made an unbelievable progress in helping mankind. "HiPco has been specially designed from bottom up and is the world's first controlled carbonyl generator. with its Market research intelligence reports and techno-chemical reports. Given its scope." revealed Dr Kasturirangan. Rao. R. The 12th Planning Commission has placed special importance for growth in Nano Technology by granting funds to aid research and education. biology. chairman of vision group of science and technology and nano technology. a Bangalore-based firm. Naturally the spotlight is on nano technology. One of the key areas being researched and developed is Nano Nose. its applications are vast. That's where the Centre for Knowledge Management of Nanoscience & Technology (CKMNT) fits in. less is more? Share | eandt. What makes Bangalore Nano distinct is that it is a tri-partition and collaboration between research. In this case. all good things come in small packages. "India currently contributes for 3% of research output and has moved upwards from 9th position to 6th position in Nano Technology. Whoever said. Though nano technology admittedly refers to the smallest of particles. Can life be simpler? Yes. it's little wonder that the Government is boosting this relatively young field. The government wanted the growth to be increased by 2%. Member (Science) in the Planning Commission. Nano technology is an enabling technology and is multidisciplinary in nature.org/blog/categories. Based on the 12th plan the economic growth is projected to be around 8%-8. it translates into smart talented professionals who can seize the opportunity and develop new technology. embracing diverse fields like chemistry. Nano can be used to derive exacting measurements and allows you to tweak processes.

Voila. clean-coal technologists will discuss strategies for Indo-Canada technology partnership. The building is Instacon and its foundation stone was laid by Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal just two days before it took shape. coal evokes an ecological concern as it generates a large amount of carbon dioxide which impacts the health of the community." added Dr Raghavan. The joint conference presented by the Canadian and Indian Academies of Engineering will be held in Delhi on December 4 to mark the silver jubilee celebrations of INAE.org/blog/categories. the quality is far from promising. for power generation. Come afternoons and it's curtain call at Instacon. control and automation and process economics. To begin with. GOI has identified supercritical coal combustion technology as the best option for coal based power plants of 600 MW capacity each. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 03 December 2012 06:25 AM Office Spaces get Nutty General Comments (0) 48 hours. Both countries face a challenge in terms of disposal. a 500 megawatt coal-fired power plant produces about 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum. Coal meets around 52% of primary commercial energy needs in India against 29% the world over. "There is a strong need to establish a Centre of Excellence in India for evaluating emerging technologies vis-à-vis existing technological options under the private-public-partnership mode with international collaboration. Coal beneficiation is a treatment process that removes noncombustible ash from the coal. Though GOI has given 2017 as the timeline for a significant activity. leader of Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) delegation and Vice President. Coal India Limited (CIL) which has the autonomy for taking investment decisions because of its Maharatna status. is all set to change this alarming situation. it ensures high efficiency.000 MW Capacity to thermal power from coal. this prefabricated assembly pattern of construction is noise and pollution free. Though Instacon may not exactly be a cost effective proposition. "A road map has been drawn by Government of India (GOI) up to 2017 and beyond for R&D infrastructure development for implementing clean coal technologies. modeling and simulation. India is expected to add 80. Synergy Thrislington is the company that executed the building construction. It's a smart energy efficient option as it will use one-third the power. There are approximately 50 coal-fired plants in Canada and even a larger number in India. it does take care of the expenses in its own way. It now manufactures eandt. Synergy Group took over UK based Thrislington Products Company Limited a re-locatable steel partition manufacturer. on the eve of the Joint Conference on Clean Coal Technologies.theiet. the structure addresses construction related woes at various levels. and for carbon dioxide reduction. Clean coal technologists can make the best of this opportunity by creating solutions for improving the quality of non cooking coal at the pre-combustion stage for value added power generation. INAE. including coal. Besides being an environment friendly technology. Canada and India share a common concern on the use of fossil fuels. Though India has an abundance of coal resources.1/18/13 General Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 06 December 2012 03:31 PM Coal Goal 3 December 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) India is the world's third largest producer of coal with a global coal reserve share of 8%. The need of the hour is green energy options for achieving higher level of environmental sustainability. Technoeconomic evaluation of various clean coal processing options requires highly specialized multidisciplinary expertise backed by extensive scientific knowledge of coal chemistry and geology. That's what prompted the Government of India to encourage several R&D based clean coal technologies. scale-up. Advanced coal beneficiation technologies will be employed. This is obvious from the statistics which indicate that the total coal resources and recoverable reserves are 285 tonnes and 93 billion tonnes (BT) respectively. Supercritical technology is an ideal choice as it is known for lowering the pollution levels and thereby resulting in fewer emissions when coal is burnt. reaction engineering. Besides. Over 90% of proven reserves are available up to a depth of 600m spread over 16. The fact that it minimizes construction wastage itself is a relief. That's all that it took to erect a 10-storey building in Mohali." he added." said Dr K V Raghavan. Other attractions follow. Yet. The curtains will automatically cover the window panes of the factory-made sample building. For those of us who are used to seeing the rubble and thick clouds of dust that leave many choked with infection. it is an eco friendly option. process design. as it is both fireproof and bulletproof. "By 2017. Safety factors have also been integrated into the construction process. During the Joint Conference. And so it makes sense for these countries to look for new technology solutions to reduce the overall carbon footprint. this office space is assembled with nuts and bolts. At a glance.000 square kms predominantly in south eastern and north eastern parts of India. It is a welcome change. Coal India proposes six washeries for cooking coals and 14 washeries for non cooking coals with a total capacity of 110 million tonnes per annum. it resulted in a red and white building which stood tall against the azure sky and made it to the Limca Book of Records in India for being the fastest constructed 10storey building in India.cfm?catid=280 7/17 . By 2017. 10km from Chandigarh in Punjab. Instacon has reduced carbon footprint as the builder avoided the hassle of transporting raw materials. A first for India. The world's largest coal producer. coal is likely to remain India's primary source of commercial energy supply even beyond 2050.

The most obvious factor is that the industry is facing labour shortage. wiring. On a flip side. His tryst with cyborgs began when he experimented on himself in 1998. Cut to the Indian ethos. Parallel realities exist. The situation is grim and has led to a delay in many projects. this structure was given the stamp of safety approval by a team from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC). IC Syal a former professor of Punjab Engineering College stepped in with the design. But his successful explorations drive home the point that we can align ourselves to a world of humancomputer communication. Chennai and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. all within a time span of 30 years. Several vistas come to mind. It's not as simple as it sounds. Perhaps we can take meaningful steps in this direction. Delhi. The building has been cleared for Zone-V seismic area. A robot was made to mimic his hand gestures and do all the work that he would have done. That's the crux of the issue . This was connected to a network. modular clean rooms and ceiling panels." said the professor. Concrete doesn't exist anywhere except in the foundation. Its outer wall is a double-skinned PUF panel. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 03 December 2012 06:22 AM Conversations between Man & Machine 24 November 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) A time will come when humans will connect with one another.000 crore by 2015.' was thought provoking as it "focused on the interaction between the humans and technology. Over 200 workers took the idea forward as they hammered away pre-fabricated material. how about enjoying smaller pleasures like a computer game? It brings us back to the age old debate of man versus machine. it becomes interesting when we look at it from the Indian scenario. Once the logistics fell into place. Technology connects the real and virtual world for the benefit of society. Judging from the study by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) the current market size of the construction industry which is Rs 21. but British professor's experiments led him on and he connected himself to the Internet in 2002. Things fell into place when he combined the automated expertise with simple gestures to control and monitor light fixtures and heaters at home. which makes it earthquake resistant. His early trial was a radio frequency identification (RFID) transmitter surgically implanted in his forearm. Techies can mould themselves towards a cybernetic future where they can create computer aided therapy devices that will lower the physically challenged person's dependence on fellow beings. in a manner of speaking. brain to brain. nuts and bolts and 200 tonnes of steel to assemble what came to be recognized as a tubular structure. fire rated or non-fire rated steel doors. especially in the case of high rises.to bring technology and the human brain together . directly.1/18/13 General demountable office partitions. as technology and therapy meet. At the end of it. taking care to make provision for water supply. Along with this prediction Warwick cautioned that such technological progress raises ethical issues which need to be addressed. The idea morphed into Instacon. robotics and biology can come together to improve the lives of less fortunate people who are physically or mentally challenged. which takes care of leakage. If you can link yourself to the computer. Can we look at simple Neurological Disorder solutions for the wheelchair bound? It makes sense if these solutions are in sync with specially powered vehicles for such individuals. sanitation and air conditioning ducts. Wherever artificial intelligence is required. is convinced that we will have chips in our brains. It occurred to him to create a structure which does away with construction workers and other raw materials like bricks and sand. Synergy began to manufacture all the components in-house. In 2012 this seems really far fetched and intriguing. These are not permanent remedies but can help the individual lead a better life. Instacon comes at a time when the going is not very smooth in the labour-intensive construction industry in India. if you are wired. is it time to log into a new world? eandt. Already Warwick has made a move in this direction as he has developed solutions for Parkinson's disease using artificial intelligence. "I've tried to improve the interface between technology and the human brain. He shared many such path-breaking insights as he delivered the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Pinkerton Lecture 2012 held at the Infosys campus in Bangalore on Friday. an early proponent of cyborgs.000 crore may not scale up to Rs 30. Special Footwear can be customized to guide visually impaired as they walk around alone. But Kevin Warwick. where artificial intelligence. and this is where robotics professionals and medical science experts can collaborate and look for newer frontiers of growth. The lecture titled 'Connecting Computers with the Human Brain. U.cfm?catid=280 8/17 . Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. energy efficient designs can be created.org/blog/categories. hi-tech futuristic features have been chipped in. Electronic nervous systems can be interfaced with the human being and employees can connect through sensor data in large companies. While the professor continues with his revolutionary experiments. This time.K. He conceptualized the building as a sustainable tube-in-tube structure. along with a dip in the capital investments. it means you are wired. The challenge lies in creating affordable large scale commercial solutions.for everyday use. Entrepreneur Harpal Singh who is at the helm of the infrastructure company got the idea of erecting Instacon because his own home took two years to complete. An intelligent building of this kind is certainly an example to emulate." Warwick has the unique distinction of being the world's first cyborg. you can use computing devices to transmit information and connect at different levels to the world outside independently. Once you are wired.theiet. So.

At the end of it. 105 bus stops. India is an innovation hub and the road ahead is full of opportunities. There are 167 LED display boards and 26 LFD boards at strategic locations for better clarity. Mysore.13 crore has been pumped in to make this project feasible across 500 buses. Birds Eye Systems. Once the system falls into place. Buses are equipped with an inbuilt display system and vehicle monitoring unit.org/blog/categories. an intelligent traffic monitoring solution. south India has chalked out a different route. is going beyond its IT belt to leverage technology in an innovative manner. This is a green signal to kick start the auto-tech entrepreneur community to come forward to create solutions for traffic woes. since the individual can track the buses through GIS applications. Aakash-II has been scaled up appropriately.ksrtc. In its own way. reduce overheads and lower the carbon footprint. A few SMS-based apps in local languages can be thrown in. In April. Servers. We live in an intensely wired world and ITS has chosen to disseminate information dissemination smoothly and quickly through various channels. ITS gives Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) information that tracks all city buses in real-time. capacitive screen and Android 4. it would also mean that the number of road accidents would be reduced to a great extent. an official website. Real time traffic monitoring can happen through virtual simulation technologies and cloud-based services. the President of India on November 11.cfm?catid=280 9/17 . The project was developed by IT solutions company CMM. it makes sense for various state governments to look at private-publicpartnerships with industrial houses and also encourage auto-tech entrepreneurs for customized transport solutions. In effect. To the commuter. Workstations and Software. A combination of smart technologies have made ITS commuter-friendly. http://mitra. This Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) initiative is supported by the World Bank. Tipped to be a game changer. The nation's first Intelligent Transport System (ITS) or Mitra (Mysore Intelligent Transport) was launched in Mysore today. sustainable transport system that will improve the quality of life and effectively help decrease the waiting time for the bus. launched by Pranab Mukherjee. These can be region-specific apps designed for commuters that run to several thousands. While it has shed its past glitches. It would be nice if the ITS concept finds its way into the public transport system of other cities. Consulting and design firm IBI Group worked in the capacity of a project management consultant. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 17 November 2012 04:14 PM Aakash Revisited 15 November 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) It took a whole year for the world's cheapest tablet Aakash-II to shape up in its new avatar. their Mumbai-based venture has taken it forward. The effort can be described as a tech-enabled eco friendly public transport system.theiet. 6 bus stations and 45 platforms in Mysore City. View From India had covered Aakash-I last November when it was released by the Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal. This Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) helps online tracking. The most obvious being the SMS-enabled system to give commuters the arrival time of buses on intra-city routes. that's a formula for success. a situation caused by poor sound quality and other technical errors. A big sum to the tune of Rs 20. The tablet PC in its new avatar was uploaded with one Ghz processor. it means a hassle-free ride.1/18/13 General Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 24 November 2012 01:53 PM Rough roads sport a tech terrain 17 November 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) Several cities have morphed into IT cities as they have thrown open their doors to IT Clusters and cross country corporate collaborations. At least. Mysore in Karnataka. many factors didn't go well in its favour. We need to accelerate our efforts to cut costs. along with an automated Voice Announcement System on all city buses. it would be a win-win situation for the commuter and the transport provider. Passenger Information System (PIS) has been installed at 193 locations. which is also a subsidiary of Tata Consultancy Services. At that time. which is home to the Wadiyar Rulers.in gives real-time bus location. four-hour battery time. Government of India and Government of Karnataka. All this is backed by a Central Control Station with Video Wall.0 operating eandt. View from India had reported a story on techies Brijraj Vaghani and Ravi Khemani who developed Traffline. The event was organized by the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry to mark National Education Day on the birth anniversary of India's first Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. On a significant note. Aakash-I started off with a bang last year but soon lost its fizz. A helpline has been installed. The public transport system needs a revamp. it would mean a smart. It was a much-awaited release. and finally.

To clear a backlog of 40 lakh-odd bookings. as the spotlight is on immersive interactive. Essentially an access-cum-computing device. "We look forward to this opportunity of working with the President and his Administration on mutually b eneficial policies that will b oost the economies in b oth nations. The IT stocks rose b y 1 per cent and the BSE (Bomb ay Stock Exchange. The government has come forward with a hefty order worth Rs 1. giving confidence to the industry.000 devices will be distributed among students next week. Even as the stocks surged ahead. Analytics is soon to b ecome a must-have rather than a good to have in every organization where decisions b ased on b ig data and analytics will soon replace decisions b ased on experience. IIT Rajasthan. more so. The device can also improve distance education programmes.org/blog/categories. This initiative needs to be seen as the 'Big Picture.theiet. Aakash can also run on Linux operating system and control a robot from a distant place. Datawind is in the process of collaborating with a new assembly facility. Here's a hyperlink to the E&T news story: http://eandt.1/18/13 system. higher education universities can use the opportunity for cross-country collaborations.org/news/2012/nov/aakash-2. as the glob al economy is still under stress. General Other highlights follow. The IT and ITes industry looks at it as a good development. Newer knowledge-sharing modules can be created and wherever required regional language software can be implemented to reach out to students in remote parts of the country. one can say it's raining tablets. Aakash means sky and one hopes this tablet will fit into the eco system of educational institutions. the Indian rupee strengthened. an NRI who runs the DataWind Company. b ut since we all live in a digital age. COO. "With analytics and b ig data influencing Ob ama's two-year campaign that ended in a huge victory." reasoned Pavan Bhat." said a statement from Nasscom (National Association of Software & Service Companies). "It is more important that India and the US find ways to partner together to spur innovation. A few member states will receive a limited number of Aakash tablets. DataWind's technology partner has been replaced by IIT Bombay. about 20.' where virtual campus without location restrictions can be linked through a satellite network. On the other hand. it has opened the floodgate of opportunities for the student-teacher fraternity. the device will reach around 22 crore students in the next five to six years. this also means that students in the rural belts can also look forward to collaborative learning like web conferencing." added the Nasscom statement. Teachers can use this device for training a large community of students. multimedia. The fact that the government-backed tablet is available at an astonishing. there's already a spirit of b onhomie in the US. enhance b ilateral national security matters b etween India and the United States.130.000 tablets per day. eandt. On the one hand. thanks to suppliers in Delhi. When news b roke out ab out Ob ama's second term. A presentation on the innovative product will be made on November 28 at the United Nations headquarters. this time. Redwood Associates. To fall back on the cliché. Given these definitive moves. As part of long term plans. and b uild on the long standing partnership our two democracies share. an analytical firm committed to develop intellectual property that helps an individual or organization take smarter decisions everyday in every facet of an individual's personal and professional life. If tablet is considered companion device. India Inc hails it as an economic growth driver. America and the world are not too far off in using Analytics in every day life. However. communication and technology) Education to take the next leap and move to a higher platform. This seems to have created a rather forthcoming environment.300 crore as it wants to distribute 5. then a low cost tablet is hoped to be a faithful companion. It's no surprise that Tuli has made it to the Forbes Magazine's list of 15 Classroom Revolutionaries for using innovative technologies to reinvent education for students and teachers on a global scale. foster economic growth. As of now. thereb y finding solutions to b alance the current situation. the country's software services industry lob b y. the immediate impact was seen on the Stocks and Shares Market. with analytics b eing one of the key areas. which was unthinkable till sometime ago. which is Asia's oldest stock exchange) took a 100 point lead. Suneet Singh Tuli. In the current situation.86 million tablets among college and school students at a subsidized price of Rs 1. President Barack Ob ama won a second term in the office. affordable price has made international news. While this is reassuring. the Datawind production is around 2. the ripple effect is seen in more ways than one. as he outdid rival Mitt Romney. has developed both Aakash I and II.cfm?catid=280 10/17 . It's time for the ICT (Information. Bangalore and Hyderabad and an assembly unit in Amritsar.theiet. We may b e thousands of miles away. develop an educated and skilled workforce and create job s for the modern glob al marketplace.cfm[/I Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 15 Novemb er 2012 01:41 PM Presidential Matters 8 November 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) As we prepare to usher Diwali or the Festival of Lights next week.500-3. multidisciplinary e-learning platforms. This is reason enough for the US to b ask in Ob ama's glory.

" felt Dr Nande. At the end of it. the company made a late entry into India. on the concluding day of the STAR Indian Conference 2012 in Bangalore. Manager . among others. as several companies. where extensive research is conducted. ANSYS India. Yet CD-adapco appears to have made up for lost ground quickly. The glob al launch of STAR-CCM+ v7. it is somewhat segregated in nature. By 2014. from Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute. as the Government of India has introduced a Bio Fuel Policy which has cautioned players in this segment to use 20% of b lended b io fuels b y 2017.000 employees) having emb raced this technology. By 2015. As MacDonald indicated that the India hub is growing 5%-10% faster than the other countries. "Particularly high tech research. Though the research is an ongoing effort. This has thrown open a suite of offers for designers to showcase their skills across the spectrum. which allows users to repair geometries. CD-adapco. Admittedly. However. This growth can b e largely attrib uted to the fact that over the last one year design decisions are b eing made in India for b etter engineered products. alternate sources of energy to b e specific. The decision is mooted b y the fact that local customer feedb ack is essential for the glob al company. heat transfer and aero acoustics.1/18/13 General Incidentally. where professionals can tailor cost effective innovation solutions. b e it chemical industries. It's a known fact that if predictive procedures are applied on modeling atmospheric conditions. the calculations related to oceanic weather are precise and perfect. CD-adapco.06 seems to have scripted a story fit for the Indian context.cfm?catid=280 11/17 . And India is all ab out the right timing. virtual tools and simulation techniques can b e applied in other areas like energy." said Jean-Claude Ercolanelli.4% of the organizations in the large and very large segment across different verticals.06 a starry product is that it is an integrated engineering solution for solving prob lems." The Analyst Research Firm study reveals that the Big Data Solutions market in India is currently at a nascent stage. While the industry looks at Ob ama's re-election as an opportunity to strengthen b ilateral ties. I am sure a continued push on outsourcing policy b y the USA will have its long term repercussions. The time is right to take a leap and capitalize opportunities as industries have a voracious appetite for skilled designers who can apply simulation techniques and create new models. CD-adapco will increase its headcount in India to 80. as in the case of oceanographic studies. the Big Data solutions market to grow to $153. there are b ittersweet thoughts ab out the outsourcing issue. with only 5% of the organizations in the large and very large segment (with more than 1. In many instances a collab orative multidisciplinary approach is required. Officials from CD-adapco unveiled the product and led us through its intricacies. Sr.06 means to the end user. Vice President Product Management. More so. "Ob ama has mentioned ab out not shipping job s overseas and giving tax b reaks to companies that are investing in the USA. Our presence in India will expand as we will open an office in Pune which will focus on product development. Some of its features include an associative geometry transfer. atmospheric science. STAR-CCM+ v7. b oth glob al and local view India as strategic for reasons other than just cheap lab or. Moving from oceanography.1 million in 2014. universities and research centres to collab orate their efforts for desirab le results in droplet dynamics. research units or product manufacturing plants. "This new variant enab les users with faster CAE processes as it provides them with new capab ilities.Marketing. it goes to show that India plays a prominent role in the scheme of things glob ally. according to a NetApp commissioned IDC study titled "Here Comes Big Data: Perspectives from Indian Enterprises. low to medium skilled work is likely to get affected more than skilled work. it gave a b etter understanding of simulation. It is necessary for the oceanic department. "Various departments are studying atmospheric science. "This fiscal." explained Dr Kaustub h Nande. sales and services. All this amounts to the fact that CAE (computer aided engineering) simulation has tremendous potential in India." added Nathan MacDonald. The India story extends to the CAC or Customer Advisory Council meeting. atmospheric and oceanographic sciences. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 02 Novemb er 2012 05:52 PM General Comments (0) eandt.org/blog/categories." explained Prof Gautam Biswas. Simulation tools extend to other fields like rocket science. The variant encourages engineers to tap co-simulation methods for solving multidisciplinary prob lems in electro chemistry.theiet. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 08 Novemb er 2012 01:38 PM Scripting a Success Story 2 November 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) Take a look at this. let's look at what STAR-CCM+ v7. Arguab ly what makes STAR-CCM+ v7. our India office will generate Rs 40 crore in terms of sales from the software section. will b e held in India next year. To b egin with.06. a coveted offering from CD-adapco happened in India today. When a glob al company unveils its much-awaited product here. This annual event which the company hosts in various locations. IDC expects the market penetration to reach 18. The paradigm shift happened b ecause virtual models are b eing tested in realistic situations through cost effective simulation solutions. engineering and design activities will have minimal short term impact. energy.

IITM used the principles of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) to conduct studies on the Engine In-cylinder Tumb le Flows. "IITM has created a platform for research over the last three years. DST granted IITM a sum of Rs 2. an acronym for Direct to Home Service. IIT Madras. Through a phased out activity. Signals will come from the satellite on to the STB through DTH. its unique selling proposition is fuel efficiency. from geometry creation to engineering solution. Interns in India can also gear up for new innings. which admittedly.a b lackout on television warns viewers . Digital Cab le Services and Digital DTH Services. "The market for virtual simulation is growing. and the rest of the country is expected to b e digitized b y Decemb er 2014.1/18/13 Auto simulation goes full throttle 1 November 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Think fuel efficiency and images of the Maruti Alto 800 comes to mind.Hyderab ad. Let's face it. This explains why IITM hopes to address challenges like b etter fuel economy b y kick starting its forthcoming research on Comb ustion Analysis. students and industry experts explored latest developments in engineering simulation.74 kmpl in the petrol variant while the CNG car will have a fuel efficiency of 30.cfm?catid=280 12/17 . Right now. All this and many more such experiments are b eing conducted."Go Digital or Go Blank. eandt. making digitization of Cab le Services mandatory. we have leveraged the computing power of graphics processing units (GPUs) to improve the performance of CFD solvers. While it has created opportunities for students. an independent CFD-focused (computational fluid dynamics) provider of engineering simulation software. TV viewing services happen through Analogue Cab le Services.46 km/kg. if viewers didn't switch to the digital signal. While the automob ile looks youthful and b etter than its older version. including CD-adapco management. and processes are b eing tweaked to improve performance levels in the auto industry. dedicated auto fans will not b e satisfied with just one offering. CD-adapco has thrown its open flagship engineering simulation tool STAR-CCM+ through a glob al academic programme. For the uninitiated. However here are visib le cogs in the wheel.accuracy." added Raja Banerjee. reduce costs and empower innovation. Chennai and Kolkata are the four metros which have come under the I&B Ministry scanner in the first phase. Broadcasters urge viewers to pay heed to the digital signal . IITM is now planning to collab orate with the auto industry as it has approached auto companies like Ashok Leyland. Student interns in the glob al scenario have worked on turb ulence models and innovated on fan simulation.org/blog/categories. speaking at the inaugural day of the STAR Indian Conference 2012. At the two-day event. Agreeab ly auto experts are all revved up for industrial strength engineering simulation. What does it mean to the audience? A wide range of channels with high definition content will b e availab le through packages. It has a fuel efficiency of 22. Pune.theiet. flexib ility and rob ustness. Delhi.as it packs in quite a punch . The event was organized b y CD-adapco. Mumb ai. Set-top b oxes (STBs) will enab le the shift from the current Analogue Cab le Services to the digital wave. What makes the tool worthwhile is that it contains engineering physics simulation inside a single integrated package. A digital cue with Octob er 31 as a deadline is aired through a commercial. All thanks to an ordinance passed b y the Government of India. CD-adapco. STAR Indian Conference 2012 explored many ways in which engineering simulation can b e deployed to solve industrial prob lems. speed. the terrain is smooth as the auto industry in India is open to ushering aerodynamically superior vehicles with improved configuration. while also interacting with professionals involved in the software.5 crore to set up a research centre to have b etter clarity on internal comb ustion engine in the auto industry. the most ob vious b eing dependence on imported oil for vehicles. It's a capital intensive effort as the government has approved a hike in foreign direct investment (FDI) across all TV distrib ution platforms. and so far 44 students have pursued doctorates in this area of study. We would like to train the next generation of engineers. We need more such cars to keep the world of wheels well lub ricated. IIIT." explained Fred Ross. At a time when the auto industry is grappling with escalating oil costs. Clearly there's a felt need for such a tool . Now that's a digital divide of another kind. Prob ab ly this is what prompted the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) to approach the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to pursue research in a relatively unexplored area. "Our long term goal is to develop a CFD solver to simulate primary jet b reakup. It's b oom time for channel surfers as digital offers the luxury of choosing 100 free-to-air channels through a host of services." It's a clear warning. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 01 Novemb er 2012 05:30 PM Digital Divide 28 October 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) A television commercial has b een doing the rounds since sometime. The new variant which will hit the roads in the coming weeks is loaded with features. generally results in hazy images. Ahmedab ad and Bangalore will fall in sync in March 2013. Since large capital investment is required. the study aims to help produce energy efficient auto engines. they might as well forget ab out television viewing." said Prof V Ganesan. support and services. In its effort to help engineering students accelerate their skills. fast-turnaround time. What we need to shrug off is the Analogue Cab le Services. the International Institute of Information Technology Hyderab ad (IIIT-H) came forward to work on fuel spray injection for b etter fuel efficiency. software developers and support engineers. the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (I&B Ministry) has set Octob er 31 as deadline for digital transformation.

Ghaziab ad and Noida. People familiar with the development. Those in the know-how of things are already 'sold' on the advantages of emb racing digital viewing. In the near future. the challenges are far greater in numb er than what it seems to b e. an extension of restaurant b usiness. Chennai and Kolkata. Gurgaon and Pune will b e home to three microb reweries each. Beer is a b uddy drink. the commercial b rewery scene has a b itter flavour. customer service). with a café-style amb ience that aims at making fine b eer as familiar and accessib le as coffee. sugar or even CO2 external. Video on Demand (VOD) offerings are value added services to make television viewing a pleasurab le experience. in small b atches. it will b e a revenue churner for every part of the value chain.and quite understandab ly so. TV infrastructure requires technology updates and needs to address regulatory measures as it revamps itself. Beer has little hangover and is popular during a sporting event. which are rich in minerals and vitamins. There is potential for b eer. The fact that we have shown a strong inclination towards LED and LCD TVs is indicative of our changing preferences. This is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 20%. Environmentalists in Jodhpur. It has the ab ility to transport you to the place where the action is taking place and makes you feel as if you are there. Beer came to India during the time of the British Raj.theiet. Of course employment opportunities also open out to b ackend services like b illing solutions. These places make b eer with malt. guzzlers describ e it as natural and complete food. Microb reweries. It would have a trickle down effect as it will impact the government. As we trail the green movement. Recent media reports of water supply shortage in Aurangab ad.org/blog/categories. clarity or the C Factor has a role to play. Ice-cold b eer off frosted taps is served with finger food. DTH platform. For digitization.1/18/13 General Providers of this digital TV service must offer compelling content and seamless entertainment to drive in traffic. Bangalore. security providers and content aggregators can also tap the market. resto-b ars and cricket-themed pub s have shaped into thronging hangout zones packaged with a youth-centric appeal. Though chill out zones are increasing. That's how a growing numb er of players want to pitch tent in Delhi-NCR or National Capital Region. Ludhiana and Jalandhar housing a microb rewery each. Estimates indicate that the size of the Beer market in 2011-12 was at around 240 million cases. The yellow fizz lager is freshly b rewed in-house. The Jayakwadi reservoir is at ab out 2% of its useab le capacity. yeast and water. b roadcaster. set out on Chetna Yatra or a Go Green campaign that favours the implementation of green rules in industry through cab le digitization. Ab out 50% of the population stands around 35years or less in age. Cab le companies can optimize their efforts to invest in b roadb and infrastructure services. Haryana. Maharashtra. All this falls into place since the Delhi Government plans to position microb reweries as green industries or b asically organic outlets that reduce carb on footprint. This segment has close 250 million consuming class.cfm?catid=280 13/17 . local cab le operator and viewers. STB companies. Little wonder that the I&B Ministry has set up a toll free numb er to address queries posed b y anxious consumers in Mumb ai. eandt. followed b y Mumb ai." said Pradeep Verma. television films and television software. Rajasthan. Music provides the perfect b ackdrop for people to b ond. mid-end (fib re providers) and front-end operators (those who provide set top b oxes). From then on . a b rewery consulting firm. lounge b ars. Gurgaon. will tell you that digitization synchronizes sound and video like none other. as b eer-drinkers in the country are much younger than the average b eer-drinker elsewhere in the world. it remains a common man's concern to morph into the digital world. That's not all. That's how concept cafes. "The first micro b rewery/restaurant we opened for a client was in January 2009 at Rockman's Beer Island in Gurgaon. hops. and in India there are close to 24 microb reweries. a hub for commercial b reweries has sent everyone into a tizzy. If it's handled properly. where one case would mean 12 b ottles of 650ml. enzymes. which encompasses satellite cities like Faridab ad. the b rewing landscape in India is all set to sport another flavour. There are growth opportunities for marketers of television programs. In the digital world. are also called b rewpub s. The viewing is nothing short of a high end television loaded with superior features. Digital TV penetration is expected to increase and to think of it. Delhi. Simply b ecause the carb on emissions here are much lower than the b ottled versions of the b eer sold at retail outlets.people have raised a toast to the chilled drink . Different flavours like yeast b rew and light-b odied wheat b eer are served b y the tap. additives. CFB Consulting Gmb H. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 28 Octob er 2012 07:36 AM Brew with a Difference 27 October 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) As we complete another edition of the Great Indian Octob erfest in Bangalore and Hyderab ad. multi system operator (MSO). The portfolio of handcrafted b eer will soon expand as the microb rewery market is growing in India. A case in point is Pint Room founded b y b eer enthusiast Pradeep Gidwani in Mumb ai and New Delhi. we have already gravitated towards b etter television performance. Today Gurgaon has nine micro b rewery/restaurant outlets. The Jaikawadi Project is an irrigation project that provides water for drinking and industrial usage to Aurangab ad. Diehard proponents of the digital wave will vouch for the fact that a digital TV is all ab out high quality viewing and not to b e mistaken for snob value. It is designed casually. Once the shortage b ecomes acute. In the ab sence of chemicals. middleware players.

defence and automob ile solutions. BangaloreIT. Prob ab ly this has kick-started a government-private sector initiative. At the event. This pretty much sums up the scene at the 15th edition BangaloreIT. So what ale's the b eer? Ob viously water. Ideally there needs to b e a central excise policy for alcohol.000 crore on egovernance projects in a phased out manner. it's time to pause and take stock of things. For instance. "This would require De-mineralized [DM] Water Treatment plant in order to reduce hardness or calcium content in the water. "Local excise license and b ureaucracy are some of the challenges faced to start commercial b reweries. On the flip side. The programme. Even as we contemplate IT options. A report titled Engagement with Private Sector on Cyb er Security stressed that the government plans to unveil a specialized "cyb er security related curriculum" in engineering and management courses.1/18/13 General the government would prob ab ly prioritize its water supply. As the grand plan unfolds.000 to Rs 30. This time the horizon sports a different hue. we can't deny that cyb er wars and cyb er threats have crept into the system. Rainwater harvesting would b e an immediate solution. thanks to the presence of strong academic and R&D hub s. can b e recycled for cleaning other areas in the b rewery. BangaloreIT. Karnataka chief minister Jagadish Shettar reiterated that a Karnataka ICT Group was constituted during the Glob al Investors Meet. Another possib ility is to consider other sates for commercial b reweries. While commercial b reweries need to look at alternate eco-friendly solutions to source water. Part of the water used for cleaning the b rewing vessels. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 27 Octob er 2012 02:55 PM Next Frontier 18 October 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) When a coveted event reaches its 15th edition. It's also the time to explore newer frontiers.b iz also gently urged thinkers to look at using IT creatively to improve our lifestyle. panel discussions and eandt. The treatment plant option is viab le b ased on the inlet water supply. is sensitively tailored towards generating IT awareness at the grassroots level. Admittedly. the company offers a water treatment plant to use recycled water.b iz 2012. this will lead to more sites opening up. one could b e a click away from b eing a cyb er victim. It is designed b ased on the water characteristics. the country needs at least five lakh experts to protect cyb erspace as opposed to a few thousands now working in this space.org/blog/categories. It's also worthwhile to tap the Ground Water source. worth tapping. which b egan in 2000. 4 lakh crore b y 2020. as water requirements are very high. a Karnataka state government-sponsored tech event. The purpose of setting up a dedicated Group is to increase ICT export revenues to Rs. which is on till Octob er 19. As we skirt along the b order of rural IT. aerospace. as we look at cyb er security. Then the ITIR (Information Technology Investment Region). The ICT group is expected to firm up its report b y the end of the year. He added. Reportedly. Here are some more invisib le cogs in the wheel." explained Verma. with preference given to drinking water than industrial purposes. includes plenary sessions. IT will percolate into tier cities and transform into desired IT destinations. This idea is further strengthened b y the fact that the economic slowdown has had a ripple effect on the Indian landscape. vision talks." According to him. though Indian IT sector exports are currently estimated to b e $100 b illion. More so. BangaloreIT. The chief minister also emphasized that Karnataka would consolidate its position as an R&D hub .000 entrepreneur-driven companies b y 2020. experiment with newer materials and create cost effective IT solutions. "As the various states relax their excise laws and there is a sufficient population to tap into. A multi-disciplinary centre of excellence will also b e estab lished to create the right eco system for cyb er security. BangaloreIT. Malware targeted at Android devices through chat help miscreants estab lish contact with users. This amb itious plan simply means we turn inward and tap domestic talent. It's not just cyb er security. then it warrants attention and working for alternate solutions. The Report acknowledged Bangalore for chartering a successful IT story. how ab out addressing people at the b ottom of the pyramid with e-governance services? That's a critical mass.b iz 2012 comes in the wake of the UN State of the World's Cities Report-2012 released yesterday. as the central government is estimated to spend ab out Rs 20. It positioned Bangalore on par with the Silicon Valley of the US. In case b reweries are dependent of regular supply and ground water levels are depleting.b iz 2012 had some take-aways for entrepreneurs and investors. b ut a multidisciplinary approach is required everywhere for IT integration. Though the country has earned the repute of b eing an IT powerhouse with its telecom.cfm?catid=280 14/17 . an unusual b ut immediate requirement." said Bala Kumar Project Manager. ensure ICT job s to 20 lakh people and help incub ate 1. Hailed as India's premier ICT event. the much-awaited project for IT development will b e developed ab out 14 km from Bangalore International Airport. At the other end.b iz 2012. BTB Brau India.theiet. microb reweries attempt to promote b eer culture in various parts of India under the green industries movement. availab ility of space and capital costs.b iz 2012 also conducts an IT Quiz for rural students in the country. with appropriate infrastructure. which offers micro b rewery/pub b rewery technology. it means home-grown b usinesses and domestic hardware units stand a good chance to fuel the future growth of IT. Breweries have to consider Municipal Tap Water supplies. BangaloreIT.

there's a lot that remains to b e addressed in the chemical world. can compete. Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp has set up its development centre (DC) here to put India's pool of talented engineers to good use. "The Glob al Conference on RESPONSIBLE CARE® in Mumb ai is followed b y RESPONSIBLE CARE® Leadership Group (RCLG) Annual Meet in Goa. It's a decision the company has never regretted. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 13 Octob er 2012 05:09 PM Simulation Uncensored 8 October 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) Can we create a host of consumer goods which can compete at the glob al level? Can we use cutting edge technology for surgical simulation. As the physical world shrinks the circumstances are drastically different from what they were some decades ago.cfm?catid=280 15/17 . They sound b ig and carry the promise of a renewed change. well it has lot of expectations to live up to. lower mineral waste. yes. Luckily. When you plumb the depths. In a press release issued today it stated that this is the first time signatories to this initiative from across the world met in India. Parthasarathy. The looming threat of climatic change and chaos makes it ideal for chemical engineers to pitch forth integrated solutions b ecause it can help companies sport an eco friendly hue. Responsib le Care is expected to comply with higher standards for a b etter tomorrow. Increasingly. Already PUMA. It is this holistic approach that will lead to an improved industrial economy with less toxic effects. many of us hope that the event will charter a new course in sustainab le living. only companies that perform in all aspects of Health. "Ab out 30% of the development resources are in India.org/blog/categories. The India DC in Pune. which it claims is the first one worldwide to revolutionize the concept of retail spaces glob ally. Parts of the country are rain-starved and other regions are sunshine-deprived." assured Roger Keene. these questions are in the process of finding a solution in the near future. You suspend disb elief when you enter the store. General Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 18 Octob er 2012 06:27 PM This Chemistry Works 13 October 2012 by Kavitha Srinivasa General Comments (0) Phrases like Responsib le Care are meant for pub lic consumption. And if this chemistry works. in times to come. The steel used in the construction has b een recycled from old DVD players. Here recycling is spelt with a capital R.1/18/13 parallel tracks on technical insights. Going b eyond the closed door event. Sustainab ility contrib utes to the whole greening effect at the PUMA store and is seen in terms of solar panels. Responsib le Care has b ecome the Gold Standard for such b ehaviour. "It's easier to develop complex eandt. Safety. Government of India. It's a diverse approach with multiple applications. Like other glob al companies. Some of the key persons from Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp who flew down from the US for the Simulia India Regional Users Meeting here convinced a community of enthusiasts that the company was padding up for newer innings. The b rand opened a sustainab le PUMA Store in India. What comes to mind is a growth story for chemical engineers. In turn." said R. newer materials can b e explored. and scale up our life sciences quotient on the international arena? Can we look at innovative opportunities for b iomedical R&Ds? It's easier to throw up a gamut of questions. Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp. right from the b iotechnology and nanotechnology segment to pharmaceuticals and many other verticals that fall in b etween b oth spectrum. given that our resources are fast depleting. Maharashtra is doing work on user interface for products. And so when the Indian Chemical Council (ICC) the apex b ody of the chemical industry in India organized a Glob al Conference on RESPONSIBLE CARE® today. In their effort to create wallet-friendly experiences. Can chemistry and technology come together to b uild a design vocab ulary? Can we look at unexplored solutions and allow various disciplines to get a share of the eco pie? Well. RESPONSIBLE CARE® is part of the United Nations' Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management and is supported b y the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers. chemical engineers need to harness alternate sources of energy. grow and survive. among other take-aways. Product Management and Community Relationship. and customers carrying home shoe cartons-cum-carry b ags. Besides sustainab le development. What does it mean? It means that they can integrate other b ranches of engineering and create innovative cost effective solutions for various verticals. while talking on the sidelines of the Simulia India Regional Users Meeting held in Bangalore today.theiet. Environment. Now that's a b ig task. you realize that principles of chemistry should b e applied to develop cost effective technology. Chemical associations and multinational companies in India need to take a cue from this conference. and other spillovers like effective garb age management and clean water proposals. which thereb y increases their profits. it b ecomes an effective b usiness proposition if the model is scalab le and replicated. President ICC. b icycles and lunch b oxes. affiliated b odies should acknowledge and encourage these enterprising efforts through incentives and loan schemes. the sports lifestyle b rand has made a move in this direction this year. VP Worldwide Operations. Through a clever strategy. The team is scouting around for partners in the consumer goods industry in India.

Power train and driveline mechanisms. Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp. The team in Pune is focusing on technologies and solutions that have seamless usab ility.© 1999-2013 FuseTalk Inc. Auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra has deployed the technology in weight reduction for its Scorpio. The Simulia India Regional Users Meeting was interactive as participating companies shared their expertise in CAE analysis and simulation. Abo ut E&T Ab out us Contacts Sub scrib e Advertise Magazine Latest issue Deb ate Reviews Explo re Energy Transport IT Communications Design & Production Built Environment Electronics Consumer technology Students/Early career Managers Other News Forums Blogs Videos iPad Ab out the IET Become an IET memb er P ast issues Jo in us o n: Twitter YouTub e Flickr Wordpress Faceb ook Recent issues IET w ebsites IET Home IET Electrical Installation IET Faraday IET Flipside IET Venues E&T E&T Job s Help | Privacy | Cookies | Accessib ility | Legal | eandt. In its effort to strengthen its development centre in India.org/blog/categories. The simulation tool equips the next generation of engineers to push the b oundaries of realistic simulations and b ring products on an integrated platform. General Manager. Share | Posted By: Kavitha Srinivasa @ 08 Octob er 2012 05:50 PM General Comments (0) 1 2 >> Next FuseTalk Standard Edition .1/18/13 General technology b ut the challenge lies in making a usab le product. These educational institutes use Ab aqus. It is an ongoing effort and this year too there have b een newer additions to the portfolio.cfm?catid=280 16/17 . a technology used to measure the quantum of water flowing out of a hole. Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp has collab orated with premier educational and technology institutes. its tools and designs have enhanced vehicle integration. digital mock-ups. "Our team in Pune is enab ling customers to analyze results faster and understand the capab ilities of the system. freeform geometry data and CAE tools is waiting to b e tapped on Indian shores." he explained. The DC in Pune is ab le to execute this since India has talented engineers. Notwithstanding that." said Dimple Shah. it simply gives a clearer perspective of verticals like hydro power and energy. A capacity is b eing worked upon to implement sub assemb lies. Though most of the products have a general purpose capab ility. All rights reserved. the company is channeling its vision on the country's talent pool. weight reduction and b etter performance. Prob ab ly this can b e b est illustrated b y examples like hydro dynamics. A demo indicated that Morphing technology is used in design optimization. It's a virtual and real effort. After offering solutions for the auto and aerospace verticals. The sessions were punctuated with quiz contests. For the end user. where a lot can b e done using simulation technology and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). a sub sidiary of US-headquartered Detroit Engineered Products (DEP).theiet. a rugged sports utility vehicle (SUV). the company's flagship product. The firm has used Meshworks Morpher its propriety software to enhance its capab ilities in Multidisciplinary Optimization. It clearly shows that the world of collab orative simulation. This event was attended b y 250 delegates. compared to the previous seminars conducted b y the company. This engineering service company specializes in Meshworks Morpher. Simulia Asia. for a layperson sub assemb ly means the tyres of a vehicle is a sub assemb ly within the assemb ly of the vehicle. which is the b iggest turnout so far. It carries the promise of improving productivity and should prob ab ly b e in the product offering in 2013. The most interesting was the kiosk represented b y Chennai-b ased Nuvent Technologies Pvt Ltd.

theiet. which is registered as a charity in England & Wales (no 211014) and Scotland (no SC038698). Registered office: Savoy Place. London. Registration number 909719.org/blog/categories. General IET Services Limited is registered in England.cfm?catid=280 17/17 . eandt. IET Services Limited is trading as a subsidiary of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. WC2R 0BL.1/18/13 © 2013 The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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