This Guide was the result of a broad collaborative effort undertaken over a two-year period. Perhaps the most visible example of this is reflected in the essays. We appreciate the contributions of Archbishop Elden Curtiss, Father Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., Father C. John McCloskey III, Peter Kreeft and Eileen Cubanski. But there were many who worked behind the scenes to produce this publication. Foremost among them was Evangeline Jones, deputy director of research at the Cardinal Newman Society, who performed a wide range of editorial and research duties. Patrick Reilly, the founder and president of the Cardinal Newman Society, saw the need for this Guide and provided the support, knowledge and guidance to see this project through to completion. Tom Mead, executive vice president of the Cardinal Newman Society, consistently provided insights that helped strengthen the work and provided essential technical and management support. There also was a cadre of researchers who did interviews, checked countless websites and did endless fact checking. Four stand out for their substantial contributions to this Guide: Mary Heisler, Jennifer Kelly, Marc Perrington and Christopher Zehnder. We are also grateful for the assistance of the following (in alphabetical order): Zachary Akers, Sophie Coy, Jonathan Dittert, Scott Faley, Thomas Harmon, Breana Harrington, Daniel Henson, Patrick MacDougall, Kelly Mulhern, Doreen Nagurney, Ryan Ostendorf, Mark Schwerdt, Jeremy Sheiko, Noelle Temple, Nancy Vercio and Adam Wilson. We are indebted to the many individuals who offered insights into the colleges through interviews. These include staff and faculty, students and alumni. College representatives were very gracious in providing photographs, checking facts and in other ways helping us better understand the finer points of their institutions. Many members of the Cardinal Newman Society also volunteered helpful information. Further, this Guide would not have been possible without the very substantial generosity of donors to the Cardinal Newman Society. Although they are too numerous to identify by name, certain of them stand out for their early support and enthusiasm for the Guide when it was but a prayer: Andrew and Lori Citsay and Mari Lou Hernandez have our very special gratitude. Kara Beer was responsible for a quick, accurate and highly professional layout and managed final production of the publication. Sam Torode and Shawna Kunz did the artwork. Jeremy Beer, Christopher Michalski and their colleagues at ISI Books, the imprint of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, provided substantial assistance with marketing, sales and distribution. Finally, we acknowledge the enthusiasm and support of Diane Frances Barberini. Diane, a muchloved teacher and filmmaker, was diagnosed with a terminal illness as she was beginning to work on this project. She died on July 28, 2007. She touched many lives, and she will be remembered. Joseph A. Esposito Editor September 1, 2007 12 The Newman Guide

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