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Jim Hester, Campaign Manager Pete Brodnitz June 19, 2007 Recent polling conducted for your campaign

Since the last time we polled in March you have made steady progress increasing your ballot support and favorability as the result of your ad campaign while the other candidates have slipped or been stagnant. Initial Ballot Ballot support for your candidacy rose from 6% to 12%, which now puts you ahead of Briley, whose support declined from 11% in March to 7%. Gentry and Dozier each have 16% support. For Dozier, this level of support is unchanged since March. For Gentry this represents a 4% decline. During the same period, Clement maintained his leading his position but support for Clement lowered from 34% to 29%. As a result, Clement’s lead over you has been reduced from 28% in March to 17% today.

If the election for Mayor of Nashville was held today and the candidates were…READ AND ROTATE CHOICES…for whom would you vote? (IF DON’T KNOW) Which candidate do you lean toward?
June March Karl Dean David Briley Bob Clement Buck Dozier Howard Gentry Jr. Don't Know 2nd Choice Ballot After Clement, you are now cited as second choice more than any other candidate: 15% say this about you, compared with 14% for Briley, 12% for Dozier and 11% for Gentry. Half (48%) of Briley voters say you are their second choice which means if Briley’s supporters conclude he is not viable they are more likely to turn to you as an alternative than to turn to any of the other candidates. However, at 38% Dean voters are most likely to cite Clement as their second choice. Favorability and Name Identification In addition, since March the percentage of voters who are favorable toward you has risen 10% from 26% to 36% and the percentage who know you well enough to offer any opinion (which we call name ID) has risen from 35% to 53% since March. During the same period, Clement has maintain steady favorable numbers despite his slipping ballot support but favorability toward Gentry (-7%), Dozier (-4%) and Briley (-5) have all declined since March. 12 7 29 16 16 19 6 11 34 16 20 13

Tracking Bob Clement Howard Gentry Jr. Buck Dozier David Briley Karl Dean

June 15, 2007

March 1, 2007

% Aware 88 70 67 55 53

Fav / Unfav 69/19 52/18 42/25 40/15 36/17

% Aware 90 75 70 60 35

Fav / Unfav 67/23 59/16 46/24 45/15 26/9

Ballot Potential: Initial, After Dean Positives, After Attack and Response During the course of the survey we gave respondents both positive and negative information about you and re-tested respondent support to see what impact that information would have on support. We did not test any information about your opponents. The result was that your final support in the survey reached a high-water mark of 21%, with 22% for Clement, 12% for Gentry, 11% for Dozier and just 3% for Briley.
Initial Ballot Post Positives Post Attack and Rebuttal

Karl Dean David Briley Bob Clement Buck Dozier Howard Gentry Jr. Don't Know

10 6 25 15 14 29

17 6 23 12 13 29

21 3 22 11 12 31

The survey sample consisted of 400 interviews among likely voters in the election for Mayor. The interviews were conducted June 12 - 14, 2007. The margin of error for overall results is ±4.90%.