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Ms. Cathy Russell District Clerk East Ramapo Central School District

105 South Madison Ave SpringValley, NY 10977

Dear Cathy,

It is with deep sadness that I tender my resignation as a board member of the East Ramapo Central School District. It has been my pleasure to serve the school children and taxpayers of this district, but in recent years it has become exceedingly difficult to provide that service due to the lack of trust I have in the information being provided to me.
In the past few weeks I have become a\4rare important decisions thatwere made by the Superintendent without my knowledge. I feel that these decisions jeopardized the educational progression of East Ramapo students as well and the students of neighboring Rockland County School districts. Consequently, I have concern that there may be other important decisions that are being made without my knowledge or input. More importantly though is the persistent level of intimidation I feel about speaking out against the activities that have come to my attention, and that I have concerns about. This has become an intolerable situation and one that I can no longer abide.

cc: Dr. |ohn B.

Kin6 Commissioner of Education

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