AK PRESS—NEW TITLES G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

Queering Anarchism Sewing Freedom

Addressing and Undressing Power and Desire Edited by C.B. Daring, J. Rogue, Deric Shannon & Abbey Volcano 9781849351201 PB • $19.95 What does it mean to “queer” the world around us? How does the radical refusal of the mainstream codification of GLBT identity as a new gender norm come into focus in the context of anarchist theory and practice? How do our notions of orientation inform our politics—and vice versa? Queering Anarchism brings together a diverse set of writings, ranging from the deeply theoretical to the playfully personal, that explore these questions and more.

Philip Josephs, Transnationalism & Early New Zealand Anarchism Jared Davidson 9781849351324 PB • $12.95 The first in-depth study of anarchism in New Zealand during the turbulent years of the early-20th century—a time of wildcat strikes, industrial warfare, and a radical working class counter-culture. Interweaving biography, cultural history, and an array of archival sources, this engaging account unravels the anarchistcum-bomber stereotype by piecing together the life of Philip Josephs. Includes illustrations by Icky from Justseeds and a foreword by Barry Pateman.

Anarchists Against the Wall

Direct Action and Solidarity with the Palestinian Popular Struggle Edited by Uri Gordon & Ohal Grietzer 9781849351140 PB • $12.00 Part of a small but growing phenomenon in Israel since 2003, Anarchists Against the Wall have been boldly challenging the Segregation Barrier and generalized violence against occupied Palestine. The reflections herein offer a window into some of the most dynamic direct action activism today.

Stay Solid!

A Radical Handbook for Youth Edited by Matt Hern 9781849350990 PB • $20.00 This scrapbook-style collection of essays, excerpts, explanations, and images pushes back against a culture that relentlessly demands that kids give up their best ideals, soothe their rage, and accept their fates. From dealing with the cops to dealing with your peers, from school and community to drugs and sex, from race and class to money and mental health, Stay Solid! provides essential support for radically inclined teens.

Disassembly Required

A Field Guide to Actually Existing Capitalism Geoff Mann 9781849351263 PB • $14.95 Capitalism is a complex, dynamic, and extraordinarily robust way of organizing human life; it is also a system that achieves prosperity for the few, impoverishes the many, and depletes the commons for all. We know that capitalism is a broken system, in desperate need of change. But, to imagine a different system, we first need to understand how capitalism actually exists today —and be able to explain to others how it works, and why change is needed.

In the Shadow of the Sabertooth

A Renegade Naturalist Considers Global Warming, the First Americans and the Terrible Beasts of the Pleistocene Doug Peacock 9781849351409 PB • $15.00 Shifting weather patterns have threatened humans before, right here in North America, when people first colonized this continent. About 15,000 years ago, the weather began to warm, melting the huge glaciers of the Late Pleistocene. Doug Peacock’s latest narrative explores the full circle of climate change, from the death of the megafauna to the depletion of the ozone. Land, Gentrification and the Umoja Village Shantytown Max Rameau 9780983059752 PB • $14.95 In October 2006, a group of housing activists called Take Back the Land seized control of a plot of public land in Miami, Florida and built an encampment that would become known as the Umoja Village Shantytown, a living reminder of the lack of low-cost housing in the city, and a public protest against gentrification. Take Back the Land’s actions inspired activists and observers around the country, shifting the conversation, re-politicizing the act of squatting, and helping to catalyze a new movement against the foreclosure crisis that continues to grow stronger as the economy continues to falter.

An Anarchist Introduction to Marx’s Critique of Political Economy Wayne Price 9781939202017 PB • $12.95 The Value of Radical Theory explains Marx’s economic theory, providing readers with a solid foundation in his critique of capitalism. Wayne Price’s political insights also offer a framework through which anarchists can understand and use Marx, while remaining anarchists. Price presents Marx’s theory as an as-yet-unsurpassed explanation of contemporary capitalism, one that will aid in the task of overcoming the market and ushering in an era of collective, participatory control of the economy, inspired by anarchist political and ethical traditions.

The Value of Radical Theory

Take Back the Land

00 • August 2013 This is the definitive edition of probably the finest polemic in the world.00 • September 2013 The story of the “Drug War”: the key events. Carlos Pérez de Alejo. Blood and Betrayal Inside Mexico’s Drug Wars Paul Imison 9781849351782 PB • $15.00 • November 2013 Argues that an out of sight. out of mind approach to drone warfare indicates a general moral decay and a desensitization toward death and destruction. from some of the most dynamic activists in North America. Oceania and Africa. to Latin America. the Caribbean. Dear Sister Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence Edited by Lisa Factora-Borchers 9781849351720 PB • $16. Middle East. 1933–1938 Agustín Guillamón 9781849351423 PB • $14. A concise history of the significance and global reach of organized anarchism.” the infamous drug lords. .95 • January 2014 A chronicle of the armed wing of the anarcho-syndicalist union and its evolution throughout the Spanish revolution.000 people who have been killed since 2006. Asia.00 • October 2013 Examines the way selves are constructed through experiences. Valerie Solanas 9781849351805 PB • $10. over half of which are are newly translated and/or appearing for the first time in book form! ¡Presente! Latin@ Immigrant Voices in the Struggle for Racial Justice Edited by Cristina Tzintzún. the 70. and the major political players.AK PRESS—FORTHCOMING TITLES G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g Anarchism and Workers’ Self-Management in Revolutionary Spain Frank Mintz 9781849350785 PB • $17. the “cartels.00 • July 2013 A collection covering the theory and practice immigrants’ and indigenous peoples’ rights. With a new introduction by Michelle Tea. The Method of Freedom An Errico Malatesta Reader Errico Malatesta. Direct Struggle Against Capital A Peter Kropotkin Anthology Peter Kropotkin.00 • June 2013 Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism Michael Schmidt 9781849351386 PB • $12.95 • February 2014 The most extensive selection of Kropotkin’s writings published in English. Self and Determination An Inward Look at Collective Liberation Joshua Stephens 9781849351768 PB • $12. Eichmann on the Potomac The Psychopathology of Drone Warfare Norman Pollack 9781849351829 PB • $15. and cultural meanings.95 • October 2013 A collection of Malatesta’s most enduring long-form essays—including “Anarchy” and “Our Program”—together with previously untranslated articles.00 • July 2013 A chilling look at the application of domestic counterinsurgency tactics within the United States. tracing its spread beyond the borders of Western Europe and North America.95 • February 2014 Transcends the characterization of immigrants as either criminals or victims by drawing on the firsthand experiences of immigrants engaged in recent struggles. Life During Wartime Resisting Counterinsurgency Edited by Kristian Williams. which determines the conditions and limitations of social transformation. William Munger & Lara Messersmith-Glavin 9781849351300 PB • $10. multi-generational collection of letters written directly to and by survivors of sexual violence. Ready for Revolution The CNT Defense Committees in Barcelona.00 • December 2013 A muti-ethnic. A bilingual (English/Spanish) edition.95 • August 2013 SCUM Manifesto A former sportwriter asks (and answers) the central question of whether sports can serve as an explicit site for radical political engagement. Edited by Davide Turcato 9781849351447 PB • $21.00 • June 2013 The seminal study of the economic experiments put into place during the Spanish Revolution. Edited by Iain McKay 9781849351706 PB • $24. Undoing Border Imperialism Edited by Harsha Walia 9781849351348 PB • $12. social forces. One Game at a Time Why Sports Matter Matt Hern 9781849351362 PB • $12. & Arnulfo Manríquez 9781849351669 PB • $17.

95 A challenge to not just the violence of straight homophobia but also the hypocrisy of mainstream gay norms. and more from the Haymarket affair.95 A scathing indictment of the Obama presidency from the best writers on the American Left.95 Through a combination of research and interviews.00 The only crisis of capitalism is capitalism itself. & Mike McGuire 9781849351164 355 pp. Imperiled Life Revolution Against Climate Catastrophe Javier Sethness-Castro 9781849351058 185 pp. Objectification and the Desire to Conform Edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore 9781849350884 232 pp. Libyan Winter Vijay Prashad 9781849351126 240 pp. and analysis of what didn’t. the foreclosure crisis. and how they intend to go about it. what they want. • PB • $27. Clair & Joshua Frank 9781849351102 350 pp. • PB • $12. & John Asimakopoulous 9671849350945 375 pp.00 A groundbreaking and eye-opening history for anyone concerned about one of the biggest issues of our times. from colonialism to urban squatting. • PB • $25. Haymarket Scrapbook 25th Anniversary Edition Franklin Rosemont & David Roediger 9781849350808 272 pp.00 A history of property struggles in the US. Property and Resistance in the United States Hannah Dobbz 9781849351188 PB • $21. • PB • $23. • PB • $21. they exist and are being invented in struggles throughout Latin America. Truth and Revolution A History of the Sojourner Truth Organization.00 Revised and expanded with new material bringing feminism into conversation with 21st century politics. Margaret Killjoy. Anthony J. • PB • $14. • PB • $19.00 This profusely illustrated anthology reproduces original documents. Arab Spring. The Accumulation of Freedom Writings on Anarchist Economics Edited by Deric Shannon. An Anarchist FAQ Volume Two Iain McKay 9781849351225 550 pp.00 A reflection on catastrophe—climatological. this book sheds light on both the theory and the practice of the STO.95 Not only are new worlds possible. The People’s Pension The Struggle to Defend Social Security Since Reagan Eric Laursen 9781849351010 802 pp.AK PRESS—RECENT & RECOMMENDED G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g Quiet Rumours Nine-Tenths of the Law An Anarcha-Feminist Reader. social—as well as the possibilities of overcoming disaster.95 This brief. Hopeless Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion Edited by Jeffrey St.00 From within the heart of the movement comes a celebration of what worked. and beyond. • PB • $19. • PB • $21. 1969–1986 Michael Staudenmaier 9781849350976 400 pp. Territories in Resistance A Cartography of Latin American Social Movements Raul Zibechi 9781849351072 280 pp. • PB • $16. We Are Many Reflections on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation Edited by Kate Khatib. Nocella II. timely analysis situates the assault on Libya in the context of the winds of revolt that swept through the Middle East in the Spring of 2011. . Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? Flaming Challenges to Masculinity.00 The go-to reference for what anarchists believe. posters. political. New Edition Edited by Dark Star Collective 9781849351034 PB • $17. • PB • $17.

R.95 9781902593647 PB • $16.00 Out of the Night Jim Valtin 9781902593869 PB • $24. Uri Gordon & Ohal Grietzer 9781849351140 • PB • $12.95 Pacifism as Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America Ward Churchill 9781904859185 PB • $12. 1960s to Now Dara Greenwald & Josh MacPhee 9781849350143 PB • $28. No Masters: An Anthology of Anarchism Daniel Guerin 9781904859253 PB • $24.95 Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism & Syndicalism Michael Schmidt & Lucien van der Walt 9781904859161 PB • $22.95 AK PRESS BOOK SERIES G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g WORKING CLASSICS NABAT BOOKS ANARCHIST INTERVENTIONS What Is Anarchism? Alexander Berkman 9781902593708 PB • $13.95 Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come Dimitris Dolokoglou & Antonis Vradis 9780983059714 PB • $18.95 Memoirs of Vidocq Francois Eugene Vidocq 9781902593715 PB • $18. and Desire David Graeber 9781904859666 PB • $22.95 Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook on Collective Process Gone Awry Richard Singer & Delfina Vannucci 9781849350181 PB • $10.95 Property Is Theft: A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Reader Pierre-Joseph Proudhon 9781849350242 PB • $24.00 Anarchism and its Aspirations Cindy Milstein 9781849350013 • PB • $12.00 Anarchists Against the Wall Ed. Harsha Walia 9781849351348• PB • $12.00 Undoing Border Imperialism Ed.00 “Yellow Kid” Weil J.95 The Ecology of Freedom: The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy Murray Bookchin 9781904859260 PB • $24. Rebellion.00 Direct Action: An Ethnography David Graeber 9781904859796 PB • $29.T.95 Common Ground in a Liquid City: Essays in Defense of an Urban Future Matt Hern 9781849350105 Everywhere All the Time: A New Deschooling Reader Matt Hern 9781904859833 PB • $17. Brannon 9781849350211 PB • $18.00 Imperiled Life Javier Sethness-Castro The Conquest of Bread Peter Kropotkin 9781904859109 PB • $14.00 Anarcho-Syndicalism Rudolf Rocker 9781902593920 PB • $12.00 Bad James Carr Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto Bernard Goldstein 9781904859055 PB • $19. Weil & W.00 Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina Edited by Marina Sitrin 9781904859581 PB • $18.95 You Can’t Win Jack Black 9781902593029 PB • $16.95 Sister of the Road Ben Reitman 9781902593036 PB • $15.95 Signs of Change: Social Movement Cultures.95 Possibilities: Essays on Hierarchy. Stanley & Nat Smith 9781849350709 PB • $21.00 .AK PRESS—BESTSELLING BACKLIST G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g I Mix What I Like: A Mixtape Manifesto Jared Ball 9781849350570 PB • $14.95 After the Future Franco “Bifo” Berardi 9781849350594 PB • $16.95 9781849350662 • PB • $12.00 Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex Eric A.95 No Gods.00 9781849351058 • PB • $12.00 Decolonizing Anarchism Maia Ramnath 9781849350822 • PB • $12.00 Beggars of Life Jim Tully 9781902593784 PB • $15.00 Oppose and Propose Andrew Cornell Post-Scarcity Anarchism Murray Bookchin 9781904859062 PB • $18.

Urban Struggles Edited by Squatting in Europe Kollective MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272578 • PB • $20.95 A history of the anti-national movement that appeared in Germany after the reunification process—and an examination of the question of nationalism that has long haunted the left.00 A collection of essays and illustrations of useful agrarian advice: technical and philosophical. Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness A Reader & Roadmap of Bipolar Worlds [10th Anniv. plus the special issue Rolling Dumpster and a collection of Doomsday Mountain Earth First! comics—all under one cover at long last. 9780970910196 • PB • $11. SteamPunk Magazine Issue #9 Edited by Margaret Killjoy COMBUSTION BOOKS 9781938660078 • PB • $8. Politics and Culture Peter Kulchyski ARBEITER RING 9781894037761 • PB • $19. Super-Happy Anarcho Fun Book Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness STRANGERS IN A TANGLED WILDERNESS 9781938660085 • PB • $12.95 Against the Nation A look at comedy and social change.00 More history. An Entertaining Collection of Practical Advice for Farmers and Other Patriots Edited by Severine von Tscharner Fleming et al. Red Quebec Student Strike and Social Revolt Poems Norman Nawrocki LES PAGES NOIRES 9782980576355 • PB • $14.95 Follows a newborn baby as he grows up. Anti-National Politics in Germany Robert Ogman NEW COMPASS 9788293064206 • PB • $14.00 Almost 100 oversize pages of classic ‘mad pride’ and analysis. interviews.00 These conversations draw important connections between the environment and other social and political struggles. expanded paperback book edition! The Undercommons Fugitive Planning & Black Study Fred Moten & Stefano Harney MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272677 • PB • $24. and creativity are all closely related. and far more rational future. fiction. . causes mischief. Contradictionary pulls back the curtain from the war within every word.00 Moves beyond the conventional understandings of squatting. mad science. demonstrating that humor. However funny it may sound.00 Montreal’s Norman Nawrocki (one of the ‘profs against the hike’) wrote these pieces in the spirit of love and rage between marching with students and banging a pot. and everything else you’ve come to expect from SteamPunk Magazine! Contradictionary A Bestiary of Words in Revolt Crimethinc. through the lens of historical comparisons and analysis.00 An account of the extraordinary activities of Anti-Fascist Action—a group of ordinary working class people who took the fight to the far right and won! The 2013 New Farmer’s Almanac Tangled Roots Dialogues Exploring Ecological Justice. CRIMETHINC. plays. and makes friends. gentler. laughs.00 Sixteen issues of The Super-Happy Anarcho Fun Pages. contemporary and historical. and extends contemporary social and political thought and aesthetic critique. DIY projects. Healing and Decolonization Edited by Matt Soltys HEALING THE EARTH PRESS 9780987958709 • PB • $16. Now in a new. Oh. Baby Boy! Essays on Law. GREENHORNS 9780615742458 • PB • $20. Beating the Fascists The Untold Story of Anti-Fascist Action Sean Birchall FREEDOM PRESS 9781904491125 • PB • $27. investigating its history in Europe over the past four decades. The Revolution Will Be Hilarious Adam Krause NEW COMPASS 9788293064244 • PB • $7.95 A glossary of capitalist cant and anarchist argot. Squatting in Europe Radical Spaces.] Edited by Icarus Project ICARUS PROJECT 9780985820817 • PB • $10.95 A conceptual and historical argument that indigenous people across the world need specific rights in part to balance against the universalist core of human rights Janine Macbeth BLOOD ORANGE PRESS 9780985351403 • HB • $15. comedy can help create a kinder. and depicted in nontraditional ways.AK DISTRIBUTION—NEW EXCLUSIVE TITLES G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights Oh. A testimony to the power and passion of the movement. inspires.00 Draws on the theory and practice of the black radical tradition as it supports. democracy. His father’s involvement is woven throughout the story.

unruly.95 Examines the Provo movement in the Netherlands. Roewan Crowe ARBEITER RING 9781894037907 • PB • $19.95 The Situationist book that helped inspire the May 1968 revolt in France. Translated and annotated by Ken Knabb BUREAU OF PUBLIC SECRETS 9780939682065 • PB • $15.00 The first stand-alone English-language account of the Orange Alternative. The Society of the Spectacle Guy Debord. written by its central figure.00 Examines the relationship between art and politics. Inbetweenland Jacks McNamara DEVIANT TYPE PRESS PB • $10.95 This compelling and haunting literary debut is a rather queer Western. art.AK DISTRIBUTION—FORTHCOMING EXCLUSIVE TITLES G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g All We Want Is Everything Quivering Land Andrew F. hilarious. violence. filled with raging impotence and moments of embattled grace.95 Examines social upheavals since the end of the Cold War (with special attention to recent events). Islam & Anarchism Relationships and Resonances Mohamed Jean Veneuse MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272585 • PB • $20. to establish what a diverse. and queer desire. and life throughout the planet.95 From the perspective of social ecology. references and allusions in this complex work. clarifying the sources. but how it relates to participatory democracy. engaging with poetics and politics to reckon with the legacies of violence and colonization in the West. Artpolitik Social Anarchist Aesthetics in an Age of Fragmentation Edited by Neala Schleuning MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272486 • PB • $24. paying special attention to aesthetic attitudes that helped generate the group mind that drove the politics. part howl. A Question of Power Eirik Eiglad NEW COMPASS 9788293064183 • PB • $14.00 Part love song. The Lives of the Orange Men A Biographical History of the Polish Orange Alternative Movement Major Waldemar Fydrych MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272691 • PB • $24. This new translation by Ken Knabb is the only edition to include extensive annotations. . Jacks McNamara creates a luminous archive of survival and resilience in a self-destructing world.95 Explores the implications of neo-liberal capitalism for the fields of culture. focusing on radical political aesthetics in western culture since the end of the nineteenth century. this book discusses not only how we can confront power. The Failure of Nonviolence From the Arab Spring to Occupy Peter Gelderloos LEFT BANK BOOKS 9780939306183 • PB • $12. Inbetweenland maps out radical trajectories through loss. part incantation. non-pacified movement can accomplish. From Biopolitics to Necropolitics The Metastasis of Democracy. Sullivan ARBEITER RING 9781894037846 • PB • $12.00 Is it possible to identify as Muslim and anarchist at the same time? This intervention constructs an anarchic interpretation of Islam and an Islamic interpretation of anarchism. Assault on the Impossible Dutch Collective Imagination in the Sixties and Seventies Marjolijn van Riemsdijk AUTONOMEDIA 9781570272714 • PB • $16.95 This debut collection of short stories is frightening. Communications and the Mass Intellect Marina Grzic & Sefik Seki Tatlic AUTONOMEDIA 9781570272226 • PB • $17.

00 Sugaree Rising: A Novel J.00 Mindful Occupation: Rising Up Without Burning Out Occupy Mental Health ICARUS PROJECT 9780985820800 PB • $12. & Adriana Camarena (eds) FULL ENJOYMENT 9780970910189 PB • $20.95 Out of Control: A Fifteen-Year Battle Against Control Unit Prisons Nancy Kurshan FREEDOM ARCHIVES 9780979078927 PB • $20. 9780970910189 PB • $18. Miller BLACK CAT PRESS 9781926878065 PB • $19.95 William Everson: The Light the Shadow Casts William Everson.00 Against Equality: Prisons Will Not Protect You Ryan Conrad (ed) AGAINST EQUALITY 9780615678924 PB • $10. Luna Celeste et al.95 Mind: Poems Emma Healey ARBEITER RING 9781894037624 PB • $12.00 Of the People. CRIMETHINC.00 Harm Reduction Guide to Getting Off Psychiatric Drugs [New Edition] Will Hall ICARUS PROJECT 9780980070927 PB • $8.95 Dictionary of Operations: Deep Politics and Cultural Intelligence Konrad Becker AUTONOMEDIA 9781570272615 PB • $14. Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism Zak Cope KERSPLEBEDEB 9781894946414 PB • $20. Stephen Duncombe (ed) MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272455 PB • $24.00 Bedtime Stories for the Edge of the World Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan ARBEITER RING 9781894037822 PB • $21.00 Divided World.95 Infrastructure Critical: Sacrifice at Toronto’s G8/G20 Summit Alessandra Renzi & Greg Elmer ARBEITER RING 9781894037648 PB • $12.00 A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex Professor Calamity.95 Surregional Explorations Max Cafard CHARLES H.AK DISTRIBUTION—RECENT & RECOMMENDED G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g Rad Dad: Issue 23 Tomas Moniz (ed) 1984 PRINTING 9780920159576 PB • $4.95 Upon the Backs of Labour Arthur J.95 The Ukrainian Revolution Nestor Makhno BLACK CAT PRESS 9781926878058 PB • $26. KERR 9780882862743 PB • $15.95 Shift Happens! Critical Mass at 20 Chris Carlsson.00 Guillotined: Being a Summary Broadside Against the Corruption of the English Language Alexander Cockburn COUNTERPUNCH 9780615689562 Pamphlet • $10. LisaRuth Elliott. Alan Moore.00 Contract & Contagion: From Biopolitics to Oikonomia Angela Mitropoulos MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272561 PB • $24. Douglas Allen-Taylor FREEDOM VOICES 9780915117215 PB • $24.00 Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook [2nd Edition] Crimethinc.00 Annandale Blues: A Journey in Ralph Ellison’s America Guy Ducornet CHARLES H. Clifton Ross (ed) FREEDOM VOICES 9780915117055 PB • $14.00 White Is the Color of Death Margaret Killjoy & The Catastrophone Orchestra COMBUSTION BOOKS 9781938660047 PB • $8.00 Recovering Bookchin: Social Ecology and the Crises of Our Time Andy Price NEW COMPASS PRESS 9788293064169 PB • $29.95 Cannabis Chassidis: The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs Yosef Leib AUTONOMEDIA 9781570272622 PB • $17.00 Open Utopia Thomas More.95 Anarchism and Environmental Survival Graham Purchase BLACK CAT PRESS 9781926878072 PB • $23.95 Subversions: Anarchist Short Stories [Volume 2] Anarchist Writers Bloc PAGES NOIRES 9782980576331 PB • $16. By the People: The Case for a Participatory Economy Robin Hahnel SOAPBOX 9780983059769 PB • $14.00 (The Rise & Fall of the) Dil Pickle Club Franklin Rosemont CHARLES H.95 Scratching the Tiger’s Belly Ron Sakolsky EBERHARDT PRESS NO ISBN PB • $9. KERR 9780882863634 PB • $16.00 .95 Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind Chavisa Woods AUTONOMEDIA 9781570272530 PB • $15. COMBUSTION BOOKS 9781938660030 PB • $10.99 Being the Explorations: #6 Margaret Killjoy Begin with the End in STRANGERS IN A TANGLED WILDERNESS 9781938660061 PB • $18. KERR 9780882863658 PB • $16.

00 The Autobiography of Mother Jones Mary Harris Jones CHARLES H KERR 9780882861661 PB • $6.95 Caliban and the Witch: Women.00 Against Equality: Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage Ryan Conrad (ed) AGAINST EQUALITY 9780615392684 PB • $8.00 What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower: Being an Adventure of Your Own Choosing Margaret Killjoy COMBUSTION BOOKS 9780983497103 PB • $8.AK DISTRIBUTION—BESTSELLING BACKLIST G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g Rad Dad: Zine Compilation.00 Practicing Feminist Mothering Fiona Joy Green ARBEITER RING 9781894037549 PB • $21.Z.95 Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practical Guide To K-12 AntiRacist. 9781934620212 PB • $11. CRIMETHINC.95 Dancing on Our Turtle’s Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Recreation. TEACHING FOR CHANGE 9781878554178 PB • $35. Samson ARBEITER RING 9781894037587 PB • $14. 9780970910165 PB • $13. 9780970910103 PB • $11.95 Work: Capitalism.95 Lucy Parsons: Freedom.95 Society of the Spectacle Guy Debord BLACK & RED 9780934868075 PB • $10.00 Punkademics: The Basement Show in the Ivory Tower Zack Furness (ed) MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272295 PB • $20. Issues 1–10 Tomas Moniz (ed) 1984 PRINTING 9780982015933 PB • $15.00 Joe Hill: The IWW and the Making of a Revolutionary Working Class Counterculture Franklin Rosemont CHARLES H.00 Art as Politics: The Future of Art & Community Adam Krause Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs Curious George Brigade STRANGERS IN A TANGLED WILDERNESS 9781938660016 PB • $10. CRIMETHINC.00 Communization and its Discontents: Contestation. Solidarity Lucy Parsons. KERR 9780882863009 PB • $17. Ontological Anarchy.00 DEFIANT TIMES PRESS 9781587900150 PB • $14.00 SteamPunk Magazine: Issue #8 Margaret Killjoy (ed) COMBUSTION BOOKS 9780983497189 PB • $8. and Primitive Accumulation Silvia Federici AUTONOMEDIA 9781570270598 PB • $17.95 T. Resurgence and a New Emergence Leanne Simpson ARBEITER RING 9781894037501 PB • $19. and Contemporary Struggles Benjamin Noys (ed) MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272318 PB • $24. CRIMETHINC.A.00 . Equality.95 Pirate Utopias: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegadoes Peter Lamborn Wilson AUTONOMEDIA 9781570271588 PB • $10. Issues #1–7 Margaret Killjoy (ed) COMBUSTION BOOKS 9780983497158 PB • $24. Economics.99 924 Gilman: The Story So Far. Art.00 Stupid Dreams: The Complete 5-Minute Comics Collection Joey Alison Sayers 1984 PRINTING 9780982015926 PB • $12.. Multicultural Education And Staff Development Edited by Enid Lee et al. KERR 9780882862644 PB • $20.00 Against Equality: Don’t Ask to Fight Their Wars Ryan Conrad (ed) AGAINST EQUALITY 9780615518831 PB • $10. Crimethinc.00 Revolutions in Reverse: Essays on Politics. Poetic Terrorism Hakim Bey AUTONOMEDIA 9781570271519 PB • $11.00 Situationist International Anthology Ken Knabb (ed) BUREAU OF PUBLIC SECRETS 9780939682041 PB • $20. the Body.00 Days of War.95 Lyrics and Poems: 1997–2012 John K.95 Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Open Relationships Wendy-O Matik The Encyclopedia of Doris Cindy Crabb DORIS PRESS 9780983125518 PB • $18.00 NEW COMPASS PRESS 9788293064145 PB • $14. Gale Ahrens (ed) CHARLES H.00 A Steampunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse Margaret Killjoy (ed) COMBUSTION BOOKS 9781938660023 PB • $10. Brian Edge MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL 9780975568002 PB • $18.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone.00 SteamPunk Magazine: The First Years. Nights of Love: Crimethink for Beginners Crimethinc. and Imagination David Graeber MINOR COMPOSITIONS 9781570272431 PB • $18. Violence.00 The ABC’s of Anarchy Brian Heagney BRIAN HEAGNEY 9781453687819 PB • $12. Resistance..95 Expect Resistance: A Field Manual Crimethinc. Critique.

95 Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege Will Potter CITY LIGHTS 9780872865389 PB • $16.95 The Meaning of Freedom and Other Difficult Dialogues Angela Davis CITY LIGHTS 9780872865808 PB • $15. 2 • 9781551643106 • PB • $28. Freaks & Other Outlaws Kate Bornstein SEVEN STORIES PRESS 9781583227206 PB • $16. Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens.95 A Rule is to Break: A Child’s Guide to Anarchy John Seven MANIC D PRESS 9781933149257 HB • $14.95 Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege Will Potter CITY LIGHTS 9780872865389 PB • $16.99 Anarchism: A Documentary History Robert Graham (ed) The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from Around the World Sandor Ellix Katz CHELSEA GREEN 9781884519017 HB • $39. Bear Bergman SEAL PRESS 9781580053082 PB • $16.95 BLACK ROSE Vol. Scott PRINCETON 9780691155296 HB • $24.00 Make Your Place: Affordable & Sustainable Nesting Skills Raleigh Briggs MICROCOSM 9780978866563 PB • $9.95 Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology David Graeber PRICKLY PARADIGM 9780972819640 PB • $12. Dignity. A Crisis.95 Which Side Are You On? The Story of a Song George Ella Lyon CINCO PUNTOS 9781933693965 HB • $17. Scott YALE 9780300169171 PB • $25.99 Vol.95 Anarchism: From Theory to Practice Daniel Guerin MONTHLY REVIEW 9780896087965 PB • $16.95 Rose: Love in Violent Times Inga Muscio SEVEN STORIES PRESS 9781583229362 PB • $17.95 The Coming Insurrection The Invisible Committee SEMIOTEXT(E) 9781584350804 PB • $12.95 A People’s History of the United States: 1492–Present Howard Zinn HARPER 9780060838652 PB • $18.00 [SHORT DISC.95 Hello.AK DISTRIBUTION—NON-EXCLUSIVE BESTSELLERS G)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g Go the Fuck to Sleep Adam Mansbach AKASHIC 9781617750250 PB • $14.95 Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation S.95 .] Assata: An Autobiography Assata Shakur LAWRENCE HILL 9781556520747 PB • $16.95 Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy.00 [SHORT DISC. 3 • 9781551643366 • PB • $28.99 Vol.95 Anarchism and Other Essays Emma Goldman DOVER 9780486224848 PB • $9.00 The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness Michelle Alexander NEW PRESS 9781595581037 PB • $19.95 The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to SelfSufficient Living in the Heart of the City Kelly Coyne & Erik Knutsen PROCESS MEDIA 9781934170106 PB • $17.95 Debt: The First 5.99 Sasha and Emma: The Anarchist Odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman Paul Avrich & Karen Avrich HARVARD 9780674065987 HB • $35.95 Anarchy! An Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth Emma Goldman COUNTERPOINT 9781619020214 PB • $22.00 Making Stuff and Doing Things: A Collection of DIY Guides to Doing Just About Everything Kyle Bravo MICROCOSM 9780972696791 PB • $12.] The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia James C.95 The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book Gord Hill ARSENAL PULP 9781551524443 PB • $12. 1 • 9781551642505 • PB • $28.95 The Democracy Project: A History.00 Occupy Noam Chomsky ZUCCOTTI PARK PRESS 9781884519017 PB • $9.95 The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure Edited by Tristan Taormino FEMINIST PRESS 9781558618183 PB • $22. A Movement David Graeber SPIEGEL & GRAU 9780812993561 PB • $26.95 Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution Peter Kropotkin DOVER 9780486449135 PB • $9.000 Years David Graeber MELVILLE HOUSE 9781612191294 PB • $22. and Meaningful Work and Play James C.95 The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World Vijay Prashad NEW PRESS 9781595583420 PB • $19.

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