Microsoft* OEM Activation 3 through Intel® Integrator Toolkit 5.

Version 1.7 March 5, 2012

This document covers the usage of Intel® Integrator Toolkit 5.0 (ITK 5.0) for Microsoft* OEM Activation 3 (OA3). This includes how to access the necessary tools, which BIOS files support OA3, and the command line process to follow for OA3. ITK 5.0 currently supports OA3 in both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows and WinPE. DOS environments are currently not supported; DOS will be supported in future versions of ITK 5.0. Access to newer versions will be provided through the same channels listed below. Integrator Toolkit 5.0 is the supported Intel tool for OA3, and should be used in place of previously released tools. Specifically, OA3INTEL.EXE will likely not work on future platforms. The files referenced are from ITK 5.0 beta release version number

OA3 File Requirements
Intel Integrator Toolkit 5.0 is required for OA3. For the test process, only the command line
version of ITK 5.0 will be available. These files will also be available with a full install of ITK 5.0. OA3 is only available through command line interfaces. An additional OA3 payload file is required as well. This file is typically named DM.bin. To perform OA3, an official payload file must be obtained from Microsoft. Microsoft’s Oa3tool.exe is recommended for OA3. In the demonstration below oa3tool.exe is used to validate the current status of OA3.

These files will be available on Intel's Download center. Intel Integrator Toolkit 5.0 can also be accessed through Intel Business Link (IBL) or Intel
Business Portal (IBP). If you need access through these methods, please contact your Intel Representative.

Product Name DP67BG DP67BA DP67DE DZ68DB DQ67SW DQ67OW DQ67EP DB65AL DH67CL DH67BL/VR DH67GD DH67CF DH61BE DH61SA DH61CR/WW DH61DL DH61AG Minimum BIOS Version Number BG2053 BA0070 BA0070 DB0029 SW0054 SW0054 SW0054 AL0054 BL0128 BL0128 BL0128 BL0128 BE0029 BE0029 BE0029 BE0029 AG0035 .OA3 Board and BIOS Requirements The following existing Intel Desktop Boards support OA3 with the listed BIOS version number and any newer BIOS version number. Upcoming boards will support OA3 as well.

and then validating its success with OA3Tool.exe or VCUSTW. Ensure the proper ITK 5. Verify the current status of your OA3 by navigating to the location of your OA3Tool from the target system and running the validate command as follows. USB. etc. 1.0 to enable OA3.exe) is accessible from the target system via HDD. or by setting the program to run as an administrator. Ensure these files are also accessible from the target system. not to simulate usage in a production environment.0 file (VCUSTW64. Click the start menu.0’s OA3 functionality. but is used in this demonstration to validate OA3 status before and after OA3 is enabled. The following steps will walk through checking OA3 status on an existing system with OA3Tool. network. Obtain and install OA3Tool from Microsoft. If using Windows. 32 bit windows: oa3tool32 /validate 64 bit windows: oa3tool64 /validate If the system is not activated the program will produce an error as below. This is not required to enable OA3. This can be set by either disabling User Account Control. Note: OA3 must be run under administrator mode in Windows. .OA3 Command Line Process This process is intended to validate ITK 5. using ITK 5. 2. type “cmd” into the command line and press enter. 4. open a command prompt from the target system. 3.

Entering the full directory path to the payload file is necessary. If it was successful the program will produce information as below. The system must restart for changes to take place. The target system should now restart.5.0 command line file and run the activation command from the target system as follows. Navigate to the location of the ITK 5. 6. 64 bit: vcustw64 -oa3 -oemid=Name -tableid=Name -oadata=file 32 bit: vcustw -oa3 -oemid=Name -tableid=Name -oadata=file OEMID and TableID are both OEM specific. OAData is the payload file received from Microsoft. You can now verify your activation by running the validate tool again. . as in step four.

0 command line file and running the following command. 64 bit: vcustw64 -oa3 -oaclear 32 bit: vcustw -oa3 -oaclear Your target system should automatically restart. (optional) You can clear OA3 data by navigating to the location of the ITK 5. 8.7. (optional) You can run the validation tool as in step four to show the element not found error signifying OA3 data has been cleared. The system must restart for OA3 changes to take effect and be visible. . including clearing data.

For details about Intel OA3 Board support and questions about. .0 Data OEM Activation 3.0 please contact your Intel representative.DOS) Assistance For details about Microsoft OEM Activation requirements or access to the OA3 tools and files please contact your Microsoft representative.(PE .0 data is not present Unable to update OEM Activation 3.0 data Cause Updating OA3 section data failed.OA3 Error Messages Error Message Error Occurred while updating the OEM Activation 3. or access to. Intel Integrator Toolkit 5.DOS) OA3 variable (payload file) not found(PE.(PE.DOS) Updating OA3 variable failed.

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