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Call to Action U.S.

Attorney General
Due Process of Law Milwaukeeans

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. ________________ 82nd Attorney General

After 6 years of observation of Code of Conduct by elected/appointed/hired/volunteered/ donor for hire individuals, groups and organizations that receive federal funding on behalf of the city of Milwaukee, a pattern emerged that was by-design violating the rights and privileges of the People. In 1964, the Kerner Commission spoke of it; and, in 2008, the Federal Reserve and Brookings Institution cited Milwaukee as one of 16 American cities of Enduring Concentrated Poverty. Since then, report-after-report have shown growing disparity, yet MILLIONS come to this city annually. This request focuses on Wrongful Acts found by those our government have put in place to ensure that their rights and privileges are protected. MAIN ISSUE:


Mary B Glass Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association


Motto: Re-define, Re-brand and Un-trap Milwaukeeans Email: 414.610.1044

OPEN LETTER - United States Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.


Greetings U.S. Attorney General Holder! This Formal Complaint and Call for Action from your office comes after 6 years of observations, documentations, requests for public information, requests for dialog, requests for investigation, requests for input and recommendations regarding Enduring Concentrated Poverty in the city of Milwaukee. The above five (5) themes will help to provide a broad picture of the culture and climate of DISCRIMINATION as well as MISUSE of Power. It comes MINUS some crucial information; at this time, due to the recent removal/THEFT by one or all three of the local law enforcers University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Campus Police, Milwaukee Police Department and Milwaukee County Sheriff Department. Research Flash Drives My laser focusing reporting has been targeting the items of DISCRIMINATION and Wrongdoings of elected/appointed/hired/volunteered/donor for hire representatives that have sought, received and distributed government funds that were for Milwaukeeans, but given to others.

Call for Investigation U. S. Attorney General | MARY GLASS February 28, 2012 Milwaukee Professionals Association

Suspicious Arrest During my suspicious arrest, February 15-16, 2012, that included being processed through the above three branches of law enforcement, my research supply box containing a sensitive 4 GB (gigabytes) of random access memory USB Drive, over 50 contact cards, print card, and power point writers went missing/STOLEN. This is the second time my research and reporting information have been stolen in a suspicious fashion. The first time, inside the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Union building my book bag with personal and research information that included 3 flash drives was taken by a young hooded Caucasian male prancing back-and-forth and talking on a cell telephone (as if being directed by someone) while removing/stealing my bag. It is also my second arrest by University of Milwaukee campus police. The February 15-16, 2012 Flash drive removal of information/research represents years of documentation of wrongful acts and Code of Conduct that have contributed to Enduring Concentrated Poverty. Since the month of February was the month for submitting to your office this Compliant, my office is moving ahead and will have to submit additional information just as soon as I am able to - we are looking at over the next 30 days. The bulk of information assembled for your office was part of this loss. Most notably, was the following: 1. Wrongful Acts Elected/Appointed/Hired/Volunteer/donor for hire representatives of government and/or government related business for the People. a. Communication to Governor Scott Walker and Members of his Staff/Administration. b. Communication to WI Government of Accountability Board. c. Communication to both sides of the state house (Senate and Assembly) d. Communication to leaders and Milwaukee delegation. e. Communication to University of Wisconsin President and Board of Regents f. Communication to UW Board of Regents Selection Committee for Chancellor g. Communication to Search Agency - Storbeck Pimentel. h. Communication to Public Records representatives for UW Regents and UW Milwaukee. i. Communication to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. j. Communication to Mayor Tom Barrett and staff. k. Press Releases about Discrimination. l. Communication to Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent. m. Communication to Milwaukee Area Technical College. n. Communication to Board of Governance Milwaukee Public School. o. Communication to Board Members of Milwaukee Public Schools. p. Communication to Milwaukee Teachers Union. All above represents those we contacted No Response.

Call for Investigation U. S. Attorney General | MARY GLASS February 28, 2012 Milwaukee Professionals Association

2. Failure to Act Wisconsin Attorney General Complaint JB Van Hollen Attorney General, delivered to Madison on March 26, 2011. a. Reply from Assistant in WI Attorney Generals office. b. Reply my office to lack of Response by Attorney Generals office. c. Communication to both sides of the state house and governor regarding lack of response. 3. UW Board of Regents and UW-Milwaukee Failure to Honor State Statute 36.01(2) and Discrimination include: a. Failure to honor Mission and reason for being. b. Failure to provide Requested public information. c. UW-Milwaukee attorney tried to impose a gag order on Mary Glass No contact with University of Wisconsin staff. d. UW-Milwaukee Office of Equity/Diversity Services non-existent until recently. Refused to provide information about its inactivity and claims of out-of-state consultant program. e. UW-Milwaukee Office of Equity/Diversity Services interim leaders imposed gag order NO speaking during discrimination Complaint meeting sought by Chuck Claybrook community businessman. f. Conflict of Interest, discrimination, bias and misrepresentation of selection process during the selection of the present Chancellor, Michael Lovell, Chancellor (national search). g. Failure to Include African American, other People of Color in economic development and quality of life per Mission and State Statute. h. Refusal to include Milwaukee population, especially African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged (3/4 of population) in NEW schools/colleges; i.e., Freshwater Sciences, School of Nursing . i. Engaging in partnerships of strategic planning, research park, employment, procurement and research that exclude African American and other People of Color. j. Exclusivity hiring of Caucasian or appearance of Caucasian for dean, administration and/or teaching. k. Exclusivity hiring of Caucasian or appearance of Caucasian for work study and other campus related positions. l. Exclusivity of community support to Caucasian ran or Caucasian led organizations. m. Exclusivity of real estate barons, selected contractors and donor-for-hire organization that are Caucasian. n. Exclusivity of WI Board of Regents and Foundation boards that are Caucasian-based. o. Privileged format and exclusion given to Honors College, Lubar School, School of Nursing, Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, School of Freshwater Sciences, School of Public Health, School of Continuing Education, on campus day care, etc. p. Discriminatory, misuse of power and Intimidation practices of Campus law enforcement against African American, including intimidation of visiting African American professor and wrongful arrest of yours truly for retail theft when I had a receipt of purchase and they failed to interview the person that serviced me. q. Discrimination in Hiring and selections to staff and procurement.
3 Call for Investigation U. S. Attorney General | MARY GLASS February 28, 2012 Milwaukee Professionals Association

r. UWM relationship board members, research foundation, real estate foundation, partners, Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce, Greater Milwaukee Committee, Milwaukee 7 (Caucasian driven and oligopoly structures controlling how things are done WITHOUT the knowledge of Milwaukeeans, especially the population of African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged). s. University of Wisconsin Master Plan of strategic planning, partnering, contracts, contractors, with real estate barons, donor/philanthropic organizations and large legislative funding go MINUS employment, education and technology attainment for Milwaukeeans. In fact, the leadership of the Mayor and partners are seen as cronies that are able to come to the city coffers at will and get tax credits and other resources while disparity reports pile up for African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged. Crime and Drug scam Crime and drug statistics in African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged neighborhoods in Milwaukee are real enough; however, they have become the scapegoat to overshadow the thievery being conducted that include outsourcing/exporting to suburbs of employment and importing students from other cities but refuse to fulfill Mission and State Statute that call for empowerment of the stakeholders/taxpayers of the city of Milwaukee. The problem: UWM many schools refuse to partner and use their Mission and common sense thinking to improve the 190 neighborhood/15 districts with partnering with Milwaukee Public Schools and Milwaukee Area Technical College to bridge the gaps of education and technology attainment, case learning and economic influence. If hiring, partnering, training and sharing resources with Caucasian is considered a winning hand; would it not help empower the hidden talent and hidden neighborhood proprietorships that live, work, go to school, hire from the neighborhood and raise families in Milwaukee Milwaukeeans. Recent venture of divisiveness was a 6506 miles to Beijing, China by Mayor Tom Barrett, exgovernor Jim Doyle, Chancellor Michael Lovell, Provost Johannes Britz, Interim Provost & Vice Chancellor and Tim Sheehy of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce to recruit Chinese students this fall. The problem: Lovell, and the cast of travelers have not gone 2.1 miles to Martin Luther King Drive to recruit African American students, African Americans in need of English and education attainment. Milwaukeeans, especially African American, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged are the families of taxpayers and those that per head-count bring millions to Milwaukee every year. The four projects below are examples of the $240 million UW-Milwaukee Initiative that is Caucasian-based engagement.

Construction of a School of Freshwater Sciences research building ($50 million) Construction of a Kenwood Integrated Research Building ($75 million) Acquisition of the Columbia St. Marys Hospital campus ($31 million) Purchase of a replacement for the Neeskay research vessel ($20 million)

Call for Investigation U. S. Attorney General | MARY GLASS February 28, 2012 Milwaukee Professionals Association

The School of Freshwater Sciences Research Building and the Kenwood Integrated Research Building are funded by existing state general fund-supported borrowing authority. The Columbia St. Marys acquisition and redevelopment funded through existing state program revenue supported borrowing authority. The replacement research vessel funded through gifts, grants and other university receipts. (This html has been blocked since we started documenting UW-Milwaukee has also removed OTHER documentations from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee website. My office has for 19 months repeatedly sent emails for leadership, transparency, customer care, best practices and accountability to each level of government accountability. No response. The wrongful acts and cover-ups are across lines, quality-of-life, economic development, law enforcement, education and technology attainment, water related, racial-gender-class and controlled by elected/appointed/hired/volunteer and donor for hire offices and board rooms. It is public-private-non-government-non-profit cover-ups and lawlessness. Homeland Security Recently, during the FEMA Think Tank Kick-off and the National Disaster Recovery Framework Stakeholders Engagement Workshop in Milwaukee, my office was able to point out how this same type of discrimination is preventing over a half-million folk from becoming aware of and engaged in PREPAREDNESS, especially since we had 2 floods in 2010 and $28.5 million damages. Below are two articles related to the two events in Milwaukee. Think Tank, Deputy Serino: Disaster Workshop: Let me know that you received these six pages more will follow shortly. I am available for clarity. Respectfully,
NOTE We feel that specific laws are broken beyond what is entered as knowledge here. We look to the U.S. Department of Justice to accent them and provide the People of Milwaukee with justice.

_________________________ Mary Glass Chair/CEO/Founder Milwaukee Professionals Association [MPA] 414.610.1044

Attachment: WI Attorney General JB Van Hollen (in-the-U.S. Mail)

Call for Investigation U. S. Attorney General | MARY GLASS February 28, 2012 Milwaukee Professionals Association