© Khris Kazeras, 2011

Class: Date Built: Date(s) Decommissioned: Years in Service:

Carrier (as the SPD Illumine) Combat Carrier (as the Bloodoath) 1925 AC 1985 (under ownership of Silvan Planetary Defense) 2036 (under ownership of Kiaad’Uerat pirate company) 1925-1985 (as the SPD Illumine) 2012-2036 (as the Bloodoath) 800 persons Approx. 10,000 persons 1800 14 (as SPD Illumine) (as Bloodoath, never replenished)

Minimum crew required: Maximum crew: Escape Pods: Hangar Capacity (Max):

260 (if all are Transport-class ships) 165 (if all are Fighter-class ships) 47 (if all are Frigate-class ships)

Typical Number of Vessels Carried: Undisclosed (as SPD Illumine) 5 Transports; 4 Frigates; 107 Fighters (as Bloodoath) Artillery (as the SPD Illumine): 5 Forward/5 rear EDEs (Energy Disruptor Emitters) Full array of beacons for averting heat-seeking projectiles Artillery (as the Bloodoath): 2 forward/2 rear EDTLs (Energy Disruptor Torpedo Launchers) 3 forward/3 rear PREs (Plasma Ray Emitters) 30 220mm EETs (Energy-Enhanced Turrets) 1 970mm PLC (Plasmatic Lance Cannon)* *illegally modified to surpass legal energy-enhancement limit set for the caliber by the Galactic Alliance. History: Built in the year 1925 on the planet Silva, the Illumine was designed to be the flagship of the Silvan Planetary Defense’s entire unit of Carrier-class ships. It was designed to rival the size of a dreadnought in order to carry about 3 times the ships as a Carrier of typical size. Its

It took one year for those salvage teams to reap its massive profit when it was purchased a Uerathynd pirate by the name of Morak Kiaad’Uerat. . Only in the year 2011 did it emerge with a new computer core and the engines salvage from a decommissioned dreadnought. they could not take any action to claim it from Paragon Armaments. As the Galactic Alliance has a policy on remaining neutral in the cases of civil wars. yet with the carrying capacity of a Carrier. unless such a situation would significantly hinder galactic progress. The Galactic Alliance confirmed that unless the Silvan government made an official demand to have the ship returned. As Silva was careful to remain the neutral part in all planetary combat. Inc. Late in the year 2036. Paragon Armaments acquired it as their own. included the sabotage of the Illumine’s engines and computer core. However. the newly christened Bloodoath served as the mothership to the rapidly growing Kiaad’Uerat pirate company. and a ship fearsome enough to be able to fell a true dreadnought if given enough time to get off 2 or 3 shots of its main gun. This fact did not stop various scavenging teams to salvage the Illumine nearly 20 years after the civil war began by collaborating with each other and slowly towing it while the Silvan military was preoccupied with its terrestrial was met with some resistance when designs were submitted to the Galactic Alliance for approval. a ship fearsome enough for the Galactic Allaince to leave untouched as long as it didn’t move to conquer colonies or planets. Operation Firestorm. Both were rigged with high-impact explosives which crippled the ship while in Silva’s orbit. despite the potential value it had to the evangelist company. As their forces were currently supporting the rebels on Silva. the Illumine was effectively abandoned after all personnel and ships evacuated the carrier. However. they made no motion to cease such an action. This event marked the beginning of the 96-year long civil war that ravaged the planet afterward. After the defeat of the Kiaad’Uerats. put into storage at an unknown location. the Illumine was the target of a secret operation by the rising rebellion against the Silvan government. the Illumine saw very little deployment. The Bloodoath vanished then. they had no intention or obligation to return the ship to the Silvan government. It took 2 years for the salvage teams to tow the carrier to a hidden location. the Galactic Alliance approved the ship’s designs on the basis that it’s carrying capacity was merely to make up for its low ability of self-reliance. In 1985. Over the 3 years it became active and little by little the former oversized carrier was turned into what is called a Combat Carrier-class vessel. only being deployed a handful of times in the 60 years of its activity. Through infamy and the conquering of smaller pirate outfits. the Bloodoath was ambushed the PMC Paragon Armaments Incorporated and crippled by the companies dreadnought-class motherships main gun. As a result of the government being occupied with fighting the rebellion. as some saw it as an aggressive move. This was accomplished by the addition of heavy armaments and sensor scramblers. a class designed to be close to combat much like a dreadnought. due to its low defense capability. despite its indefinite abandonment it was still officially owned by the Silvan military. as it is now known.

celebrating the successful rebellion that was started in the very same operation in which it was involved. when the bloody civil war of Silva finally came to an end with the rebels rising victorious over the crumbled former Silvan government.Holding Cells (as Bloodoath only) 9th deck.Crew’s Quarters 7th deck.Officer’s Quarters/Airlock1 3rd deck.Bridge 2nd deck. 2011 In 2082.Armory/Main Gun station/Artillery Control 4th deck. An agreement was reached and the ship was carefully returned to the surface after the artillery added by the Kiaad’Uerats was removed and its original state was restored.Mess/Medical bay/ Interrogation (as Bloodoath only)/Airlock2 8th deck.THE BLOODOATH © Khris Kazeras. Layout: 1st deck. talks began with allies Paragon Armaments to return the carrier as a historical monument.Firearms +Ammunitions Hold (as Illumine only)/Unknown use (as Bloodoath) .Hangar/Main Airlock (takes up 3 decks worth of space) 11th deck.Crew’s Quarters 5th deck. It currently stands as a monument and museum where the former Silvan capital once stood.Cargo Hold 12th deck.Engineering/Computer Core 10th deck.Crew’s Quarters 6th deck.

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