24471 Del Prado Ave

The Shed: a Fine Art Gallery


Dana Point, California





Artists’ Reception Saturday, Feb 9th, 2013, 4 – 8 pm Exhibition thru Feb 28th

The Shed: a Fine Art Gallery
Despite his unique and contemporary modern style of works, Ruffini looks to Art History and his travels for inspiration. He developed his own language of creation from different mediums; a narrative through various rhythms of color, texture, technique and style. Vibrant richness of expressionism; bold dynamism and pulsating energy of abstraction ..each gives to the Artist a great field of action in celebrating ‘the vibrant energy of life’. His works present various aspects of our world, in ways that will grace the audience with a new appreciation for the wonder of all that surrounds us. Michael Moon: Originally influenced by El Greco’s passion; the Impressionist’s love of color; and the Expressionist’s love of paint,he painted essentially in solitude for eight years. During this time he also began to be influenced by Eastern thought, as well as the practice of meditation, and, thus, he began to integrate Eastern and Western thought in the symbolism of his paintings. Ultimately,for him, the ‘process’ was perhaps even more important than the product. Mr Moon continues to refine and synthesize his journey through the vehicle of painting. Over the last decade he has had numerous solo and group shows, especially in California and the East Coast. Dray is an internationally recognized painter best known for his large scale murals, musical themed abstract canvases and colorful portraits of beautiful women. His work has been exhibited at the Majorie Barrick Museum at UNLV and is in the permanent collection of the Hispanic Museum of Nevada and the Erotic Heritage Museum in Nevada. Nick Arciero’s approach is to incorporate many different types of mediums, whether it’s illustration, photography, painting or mixed media elements. His foundation in traditional arts has allowed him to create more comprehensive designs. It is his belief that a focus in traditional art can give a designer a more well rounded idea of how to develop and build a project. He has worked on many projects, most notably for EMI/Capitol/Virgin Music Group and SureFive Creative.

The Shed: a Fine Art Gallery
Ph: 949-429-5591

24471 Del Prado Avenue Dana Point, CA 92629

Open Wed-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4, and by appointment holidays excepted


email: ruffiniart@yahoo.com

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