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Brief History

Facebook was launched on February 4th, 2004 Co-Founders include Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes Originally named TheFacebook, located at 6 days later, 3 fellow Harvard students accused Zuckerberg of stealing their idea; eventually Viled a lawsuit against Zuckerberg Launched High-School version in 2005 June of 2011, Facebook hit 1 trillion page views Launched IPO in May of 2012, valued at over $104 Billion October of 2012, Facebook hit 1 billion users

Terms of Use?
Socially Fan Page Business Page Applications

Other Terms of Use?

Likes Advertisements

Businesses Can use Facebook too?

Benecial for B2B or B2C?


More benecial to B2C because

Benets to for-prot and not-for- prot organizaEons

Examples of for-prot and not-for- prot organizaEons

For-ProEit Organization: Nike Promotes Overall Brand Promotes New Campaigns Promotes New Products Keeps up to date with sponsored teams and athletes Has over 25 different pages associated with Nike (Nike Football, Nike Running, etc.) Offers ability to Check-In to OfVicial Nike Stores Links to all other social media accounts Not-For-ProEit Organization: World Wildlife Fund

Promotes Overall Brand Promotes New Campaigns Interactive Thank A Ranger Postcard Has over 10 different pages associated with WWF (WWF Tigers, WWF Polar Bears, etc.) Opportunity to Check-In to head ofVice WWF park Career Opportunities Opportunity to donate through Facebook

What Is A Facebook Page?

Pages are for businesses, organizations and brands to share their stories and connect with people. - Facebook Pages are based on individual likes Pages allow brands to post stories, photos, host events, and add apps Pages are manages through a personal Facebook account Pages are designed around the functionality of organizations There are no limits to the amount of Facebook pages

Pros & Cons of Facebook Pages



Easy way to connect with interested customers Limited/No Costs for Set- Up Search Engine Optimization Analytics Applications Advertising Opportunities/ Sponsored Stories

Inbound Fans Only Wall Updates dont reach all Fans Unable to invite Fans to Events Unable to Message Fans No NotiVications

Facebook Pages vs. Websites

Free Facebook Page vs. Costly Website Simple/Fast Facebook Page Set-Up vs. Lengthy Development Process for Website Easy way to promote brand through Ads on Facebook High Daily TrafVic on Facebook Cannot fully personalize Facebook Page High Competition though Facebook Ads Many Changes through Facebook

What is Facebook Places?

SpeciVic Place or Location attached to Facebook Page Can be General Location (Toronto, Canada) or Business (Uncle Tonys Restaurant) Location directly associated with Facebook Page Facebook Page shows number of Check-Ins Users can attach Place to photos, wall post, status update, etc.

How To Set Up A Page

Must have Facebook Account Click on Pages tab, click Create a Page Choose which Category of Page you want to create (Local Business/Place, Company/ Organization/Institute, Brand/Product, Artist/ Band/Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause/ Community) Upload Photo, Complete About page, Invite Friends, add Applications

Key Apps for Facebook Pages

Coupon For Pages LiveChat Twitter Feed Instagram Feed Event Calendar SoundCloud iFrames

F-Commerce is the ability to sell products through or on Facebook. It is the e-commerce of Facebook. This allows organizations to generate a high amount of exposure, with the ability to sell their products on a page, without the fancy code-work of a fully functioning e-commerce website. There are 4 main ways to use F-Commerce: Facebook-Facilitated On-Site Selling Facebook-Initiated Selling Complete Selling through Facebook iFrames/Facebook Apps

Facebook CollecEons used by a Business

Facebook Wishlists used by a Business

Pokes used by Businesses too?

InformaEon by Facebook insights

Facebook Graph Search

Graph Search helps you Vind more of the people, places and things youre looking for and discover new connections based on what others have shared with you on Facebook. - Facebook The ability to search for topics on a much more personal/ customized level You see unique results for each search based on your connections to people, places and things, and based on what youre able to see on Facebook. Your friends, interests and other connections impact the order of your results. Does not beneVit businesses, yet.




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EdgeRank Checker


10 Resources To Help Businesses

The Facebook Marketing Bible A Brief Insight Into Facebook Marketing Infographic The History Of Advertising On Facebook Infographic

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