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Crones spells and emotional well being spells Few examples

The spells wit the title Crones are from Valerie Worth book of Words which I would suggest to any witch and occult practitioner to bye. It is written in Charming Medieval prose poetry style , that is really inspiring but I guess You will see that from the examples given . I am off to purchase my copy in few days , well will order it from Amazon really lol The potion to relieve depression was written by lil Old Me and I hope You like it , as well as the candle spell to cure depression . I edited the Anger banishment spell 1 which is by Starhawk I believe, and wrote the anger burning spell spell . The Yemaya unlockin spell is from Encyclopedia of 5000 spells , a great magickal reference book by Judika Illes . May the Blessings shine upon anyone that read these lines !
May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
*Traditional Celtic/Gaelic blessing

Anger banishment pebble spell

Take a flat round river stone . Hold it it Your hand and visualize Your anger in form of red light going into the stone as red colored energy . Infuse the stone with Your anger , feel it , and let it go away .When You feel that it was enough just chant few times appropriate words of power ( like these of mine , but You can also write Your own and add a personal touch to spell ) Anger and confusion That obscure and create illusion Go away from my mind Spirit of Temperance you shall abide So hear now wrath and be-gone Washed by water for evermore ! Toss the stone into a river or at least a stream .It is done ! Burning anger Spell Get a large Red candle and a white candle . Hold the red candle between the palms and feel Your frustration , anger and agitation , feel every single bit until Your fingers start to tingle while holding candle . Carve it with what You would like to banish . Now anoint it with Quick fire banish oil , recipe of mine that calls for simple blend of cayenne pepper , ginger and cinnamon in Ollive oil with a garlic clove in each bottle .Lit the red candle and allow it to burn for a while. Now dress the white candle with Piece of mind oil ( rosemary , lavender and white rose, and few frankincense grains in each bottle . Some may add some lemon grind too , color blue ) Say : I chose serenity and piece of mind Let anger burn , and be cast aside ! ( say it odd number of times , preferably nine ) Touch the white candle or kiss it . Advice about disposing : Cast the red candles wax remaining into river , for water to extinguish fiery anger and washes it away . Bury the white candle remaining to Your property to keep serenity and temperance always with You.

Yemaya unblocking spell Go to the beach and dig a small hole in the sand . Lit white and blue candles . Make Your petition . Enter the water and greet Yemaya in her guise as mermaid or as a beautiful women rising up from the sea. Offer her 7 with roses . Immerse Yourself completely 7 times . Walk away without looking back . My note Who is Yemaya ? A great and powerful loa , Mother of all, so basically a very benevolent Voodoo spirit loa , or in Voodun called Lwa , I would say Congo family . She is the Mother of seven seas ,and associated with the element of the water, Egyptian goddess Isis and allegedly the mother of 14 of other Yourubian spirits . Just to know who are You petitioning .

Depression relieve potion In a cauldron with spring water that stood exposed to sunbeams on midday in red or transparent bottle , add good tablespoon of Eyebright , some red rose petals pr whole rose and a good pinch of chamomil . Light a dark blue candle while brewing this concoction . Just as soon as starts to boil , remove from heat source . Cover and let steep for 20 mins . Uncover , place the dark blue candle next to cauldron or pot You used cover with Your projective palm hand and chant : As Light of the Sun , disperses darkness and sorrow so shall my eyes see good , and my heart greet better tommorow . By the Power of the three As I wish so shall / mote it be ! Writen by humbly me , Shadow Beautiful Crones spell against sorrow When World and fate Conspire to mark Your life with lines And Characters dark Mold the tablet of Earth and Clay Write on it all You would cast away All Your regret All that You bear All that afflicts You All that You fear Break and bury it In the ground Saying this Charm To heal the wound Sorrow be dust And dust dissolve Let all my grief Go into this grave

Crones spell against evil

Hung an ash bough Over Your door Fill Your pockets With iron nail Carry always The mullein leaf But say these words Against the worst I stand In circles Of light That nothing May cross ! Crones spell to escape the Madness of the Full Moon Follow these steps To guard Your wits When the round Moon rises The gray Moon gazes The cold Moon crazes The Mad Moon amazes Shroud all mirrors Curtain all windows Shut every door Cover Your hair With red Yarn About Your arm And knot it thrice Saying this LUNA LUSCA LUPA LURIDA LANA LIVIDA LAC LAPIDA NON LATRO SED LATEO!