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Afsims Product Offering Message from the chairman Wim Venter

Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher that lived in the fourth century B.C., said: Excellence is an art won through training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. This is in essence what we try to achieve through Afsim. We believe that with repetitive training in our simulators that learners are equipped with good driving skills and the right habits and that this can eventually contribute to having excellent drivers on our roads. We already had excellent feedback in this regard as well as additional word-of-mouth sales. Through driving simulation an aspirant driver learns to keep on doing the things that work and to change the things that dont work. The same principle applies to our product owners and to us at Afsim. From our side we realized that a franchise model is not efficient to service the market in its entirety and we changed our business model accordingly. We are also upgrading the simulation software, adding our own training DVDs and enhancing our product offering. The fast growth within Afsim and the excellent media coverage is accelerating the awareness of driving simulation within southern Africa. This is also to the benefit of our product owners - who now spans every province and some of our neighbouring countries and include entrepreneurs, driving schools, traffic officers and semi-government institutions. Enjoy the ride! Afsims product offering now includes our traditional business units (photo above) as well as single units (both car and code10 truck).

Wim Venter

Afsim in the Media

Afsim had tremendous media exposure in the media during the last year. Although we advertised in publications such as The Succeed and Own Business we had publicity in many newspapers, internet sites, radio and even television. Examples of our media coverage include the following:

Marketing in Afsim Marelize Labuschagne

Since we have started with Afsim we have not yet met anybody that was not exited or interested in this new concept to teach driving skills to potential drivers with a simulator. The comment mostly is, we cannot believe that no one has used simulators to teach driving skills up till now. We do however realise that this new concept has to enter and then earn its share in the market. Saving money is the first thing people are excited about when they learn about Afsim simulators. Afsim simulators is more or less half the cost of a small vehicle and has almost no maintenance cost, no fuel, lower insurance risk, etc. Parents and business owners can expect to pay a lot less for driving lessons for their children or employees This more affordable lessons, brings me to the next thing we at Afsim are excited about. Learners can learn driving skills from a very young age, no learners licence necessary to start learning driving skills on a simulator. By the time learners are in grade 12, they could be experienced drivers. This led to the part we at Afsim are mostly excited about. Through simulation learners can have more driving experience when they go for their licences, thus better drivers on the road. Simulators can play a big role in reducing road accidents and deaths in South Africa. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of youth in the world and inexperience is mostly the cause. In North America in Iowa City, a study was done to compare the accident rate of novice drivers who spend time on a simulator with those who have not. It was very clear that the accident rate of those on simulators where less even two years later. In Nevada, learner drivers has to produce a logbook with minimum 100 hours driving experience of which 50 hours must be experience in the night before they can obtain a drivers licence. This experience could be obtained from a simulator.

Rapport; City Press; The Beeld; Daily Sun; TechCentral; E-TV Prime News: Ontbytsake.

In South Africa and Africa, this can be possible, if learners start learning and practising driving skills while still in school, in the safe environment on an Afsim simulator.

Marelize Labuschagne

Training in Afsim Joubert Smith

Training remains the crux of the Afsim business opportunity; hence we spend a lot of time developing our software to be more effective, up to date and relevant. During the last few months we developed an instructional training dvd for all the scenarios. Through using the training dvds, a learner does not have to ask for a facilitator to demonstrate a specific exercise but can view it on his/her own simulator. Further developments include; South African road signs New LED TV monitors Improved gear system Back lights for the speedo and tacho meter Improved chair for more comfort

Afsim developed their own DVDs to assist the learners

Afsim have developed 12 training dvds that assist both the trainer and the facilitator with the driver training. The dvds start with the identification of the components and include all aspects of driver training.

In future the main menu will also display all yard-, and road exercises and the learner does not have to first select 9-Items before selecting parallel parking for example.

Afsim Learner License Software

Great News!!!! Afsim has developed through partnership, computer based Learner License software to provide a more complete service for learners. The software consists out of 4 modules with three focus points in each, namely Road signs, Rules of the road and vehicle controls. The system also generates a report for each module completed. This system is not internet based and therefore needs no internet connection. This option can train learners, but also be used as a marketing tool to get more learners to do simulator training. For more information contact us at

Joubert Smith

The Afsim Team Joubert Smith, Marelize Labuschagne, Anton Labuschagne, Wim Venter

Contact us: 76 Fritz Stockenstrm Street, New East End, Bloemfontein, 9300 Tel: (51) 432 0638 Fax : (86) 273 5341