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Here below are my explanation reasons of why ships cosmetic standard is not up to your satisfaction.

During my tenure of five and half months on board, ship was experienced with unproductive factors, such as constraints of paints in particular and insufficient workforce for cosmetic job in piracy area with unfavorable Monsoon weather days in general, which contribute ships cosmetic status became down grade and below expecting level. After ship received 3M paints on early September, we did carry out surface cleaning and painting on lifeboat davits and whole funnel in Mumbai anchorage. At sea crew were occupied with piracy watches and tankcleanings as ship was coastal sailing between Indian discharged ports during this month. During October from Singapore to ARA passage, we assigned some crew for piracy watches, but kept a few remaining crew to carry out surface cleaning and painting on cargo deck area between railing and deck frames. Unproductive factors 1) Insufficient paint on board for a long period until early September is main reason of deteriorating ships cosmetic appearance on weather exposed area. There was very limited paint on board when I joined vessel on beginning of June, ROB of deck paint finish red was 40 ltrs and accommodation white was 20 ltrs, as far as I can recall. Past record shows supply of paints had been stopped owing to inconvenient of delivering in Nigeria waters where ship was employed during 2011 and early 2012. Although ship was freed from above inconvenient area on early 2012, paints were unable to supply until Sep first week with different reason. 2) Sufficient work force during HRA routes Manpower is same but this resource was fully occupied with piracy watches during vessel engaged in Malacca-ARA route and coastal route between Indian ports throughout my tenure. 3) Monsoon weather Due to Monsoon season in India ocean from May to October, vessel had seldom having good weather days particularly in loaded passage during which ship can focus performing of cosmetic job with full swing of crew member. However there were records of some good weather days before Sep 2012, but no paints on board to carry out upgrading of cosmetic appearance which was degrading day by day.

Suggestion AA) Paint is most important item and therefore it should be given priority. bb) During restoring period of cosmetic upgrade, employ additional two deck crew to focus on weather deck cosmetic. Bosun/PM should be assigned only for maintenance of valves

and cargo relative equipments otherwise neglect of this maintenance leads to breakdown and malfunction and negative impact on operation. Extra 2 hands will cost money and unpopular suggestion, but this promotes and accelerates cosmetic restoration without undue delay. cc) Crew extra overtime should be maintained around USD 3000 +/- 200 to sustain good motivation onboard vessel. In the past, above amount was proven as correct balance without difficult to push crew to achieve good motivation. For which I can suggest that all seniors should bear the extra cost USD 500 from their salary. Because, I assume seniors have responsible for crew abusing extra overtime in the past and many cases some seniors deliberately encourage or misinform/interpret that crew should get maximum gain as far as company permit. Crew naturally whisper seniors are enjoying salary increase and similarly they should deserve one way or another if company permits greater number of extra overtime while most seniors have sentiment to comfort crew by way of allowing them to write extra overtime without control.