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Department of Building & Planning


TO: Building and Planning Committee

FROM: Christopher Leswing, Assistant Director

SUBJECT: 733 Lancaster Avenue, Citizen’s Bank, Bryn Mawr

DATE: February 4, 2009

At the January 12th Planning Commission meeting the applicant submitted a proposal to demolish the
existing, one-story, Dunkin’ Donuts building and construct a new branch of Citizen’s Bank with a drive-
through window and two associated queue lanes. The Planning Commission recommended approval with a
condition to explore alternative site layouts with staff. The applicant agreed to table the application prior to
the January Building and Planning Committee to develop a site program that:

Moved the building closer to Lancaster Avenue;

Eliminated parking along Lancaster Avenue; and
Incorporated architectural and green building standards from the Bryn Mawr Village District

Staff met with the applicant and his representatives to review alternative site layouts on January 23rd. As a
result of that meeting, the applicant agreed to further investigate/engineer two of the alternative layouts
proposed by staff and the Planning Commission. At a follow up meeting on January 29th the applicant
presented revised designs for review. Both of the revised plans eliminate parking along Lancaster Avenue
by shifting the building towards the street. The applicant prefers the plan with three drive through lanes
over the plan with only one drive through lane for operational reasons. Staff believes that the
revised/preferred Tentative Sketch Plan is a significant improvement over the original proposal. Staff will
present the preferred plan at the meeting for the Committee to review.

The applicant has agreed to continue working with staff to incorporate architectural and green building
standards from the Bryn Mawr Village District Ordinance as they develop their Preliminary Plan.

Staff supports the revised plan and recommends the following conditions of approval be adopted for the
revised Tentative Sketch plan:

Consider for recommendation to the Board a Tentative Sketch Plan prepared by Nave Newell, Inc. dated
January 30, 2009 showing the construction of a proposed 2,600 square foot building with three drive-
through lanes, thirteen (13) parking spaces, and modifications to access points from Town Place and
Lancaster Avenue. All conditions shall be complied with on the Preliminary Plan unless specifically

Site Design & Architectural Elevations

1. The main entrance of the building shall be located diagonally from the corner of Town Place and
Lancaster Avenue.
2. The applicant shall work with staff to site the building closer to Lancaster Avenue.

3. The applicant shall work with staff at the Preliminary Plan phase to install a sidewalk or other
pedestrian path along Town Place.

4. The applicant shall submit architectural elevations and a list of materials with the Preliminary Plan

5. Sidewalks shall be noted to be carried across driveways at grade. Sidewalks shall be dimensioned on
the Preliminary Plan.

6. The applicant shall provide brick pavers along the sidewalk adjacent to Lancaster Avenue in
accordance with the Bryn Mawr Streetscape plan.

7. A low wall or other low screening shall be placed along Lancaster Avenue where the drive-through is

Traffic and Circulation:

8. A full traffic impact study shall be prepared with detailed analysis and submitted with the Preliminary
Plan. The analysis shall include a determination of the level of service of the driveways and adjacent
signalized intersections including Town Place and Lancaster Avenue and Lancaster Avenue and Morris
Avenue/Elliott Avenue, a determination of queue lengths and driveway blockage, and performance of a
one-way gap analysis for the driveway on Lancaster Avenue.

9. Truck turning movement diagrams shall be provided to demonstrate that service vehicles, emergency
vehicles and delivery trucks can safely maneuver throughout the site. Maneuverability for the drive
through exit lane to the parking area shall also be demonstrated. Vehicle size restriction signage shall
be provided as required. This information shall be submitted with the Preliminary Plan.

10. Traffic control in the form of directional signs and pavement markings shall be added and clearly
labeled on the Preliminary Plan. “Do-Not-Enter” signs shall be placed at the Lancaster Avenue drive
and drive-through exit lane to the parking area. Painted arrows and “one-way” signage shall be
provided. Stop bars and signs shall be added at each exit. A “No-Left Turn” sign shall be shown at the
exit to Lancaster Avenue. This shall be fully evaluated with the Preliminary Plan.

11. The actual sight distance triangles shall be shown for each driveway. It shall be demonstrated that the
existing drives provide the minimum safe stopping distance required by PennDOT Publication Title 67,
Chapter 441. Calculations shall be provided as necessary. It shall be noted what improvements are
necessary to be performed to achieve minimum safe stopping distance. The Traffic Safety Unit of the
Lower Merion Police Department shall approve the final drive configuration on Town Place. This shall
be evaluated with the Preliminary Plan.

Stormwater Management and Erosion Control:

12. The applicant shall explore the feasibility of installing a bio-retention/filtration area in the area
surrounded by the pass-through lane and drive-through queue. Planting details shall be submitted with
the Preliminary Plan.

13. A seepage bed shall be provided that is designed to empty the total retention volume (Rev ) in ninety-
six (96) hours or less. Calculations shall be submitted with the Preliminary Plan.
14. At a minimum, the increased volume of stormwater runoff generated by the proposed development for
the twenty-five (25) year storm shall be recharged. Meadow cover shall be considered as the pre-
development condition. This shall be fully evaluated with the Preliminary Plan.

15. In addition to the twenty-five (25) year recharge requirement, the calculations shall demonstrate that the
Rev infiltration volume requirements have been met for all impervious surfaces shown on the site. This
shall be fully evaluated with the Preliminary Plan.

16. Field tests such as double ring infiltrometer or hydraulic conductivity tests shall be performed at the
level of the soil infiltration in order to demonstrate adequate design parameters. Complete test reports
shall be submitted. The location of each test shall be indicated on the plan. This shall be fully addressed
with the Preliminary Plans.

17. The water quality volume (WQv) shall be calculated and demonstrated to be sufficient for the design.
This shall be submitted with the Preliminary Plan.

18. Any detention volume required for peak rate of runoff control shall be designed to empty in twenty-
four (24) hours or less. Calculations verifying this shall be included with the Preliminary Plan.

19. Proposed drainage patterns shall be shown on the plan. Areas to be directed to the stormwater facility
and those areas that will be permitted to leave the site uncontrolled shall be shown. This information
shall be provided prior to Tentative Sketch Plan approval.


20. Wooded lot calculations shall be provided on the Preliminary Plan. The total number of trees removed
for the proposed construction shall be indicated. The Township Arborist shall approve the proposed
removal of any street trees within the right of way.

21. A planting plan complying with Natural Features Code Sections 101-9, 101-5B, Zoning Code Section
155-167.7 and conditions herein shall be prepared and sealed by a Registered Landscape Architect and
submitted with the Preliminary Plan.

22. The size and species of trees on the property within twenty-five (25’) feet of disturbance shall be
included on the Preliminary Plan.


23. A lighting plan shall be submitted with the Preliminary Plan. The location, luminaire type, wattage,
pole height and illumination patterns shall be indicated. The lighting shall be designed to reduce the
off-site migration of light, to shield the source of illumination and to prevent glare on adjacent
properties. The lighting plan shall be sealed by a responsible design professional.

Standard Plan Items:

24. The existing water and electric utility service locations shall be shown.

25. Details for the relocation of the existing utility pole on Town Place shall be included and fully
evaluated in the Preliminary Plan.

26. The cartway width of Town Place shall be clearly dimensioned on the Preliminary Plan.
27. The error of enclosure shall be provided and shall not be greater than 1:5,000.

28. The size and material of the storm sewers within two hundred (200’) feet and the invert elevations of
inlets within fifty (50’) feet shall be provided on the Preliminary Plan.

29. The location, size, material, and slope of the proposed sanitary lateral shall be shown on the
Preliminary Plan.

30. The location of the proposed water and electric utility services shall be provided on the Preliminary

31. The proposed commercial sign location shall be shown on the Preliminary Plan.

Standard Conditions of Approval:

32. The proposed trash dumpster/storage area shall be screened on all sides.

33. Revisions to the plan shall address the Township Engineer’s February 5, 2009 review letter.

34. The Preliminary Plan, complying with all applicable requirements, shall be filed with the Department
of Building and Planning within twelve (12) months from the date of the Tentative Sketch Plan

35. The owner will make payment of fees and expenses of the Township’s professional consultants who
perform services on behalf of the Township with respect to these plans and the work contemplated
thereunder and will establish and maintain with the Township those escrows for the payment of such
fees required by Township Code. Owner agrees that any statement from the Township for such fees
which remain unpaid for a period of 30 days may be recorded against the property as a municipal lien.

36. Approval of this Tentative Sketch Plan does not ensure that the developer or the owner can ultimately
develop the property as shown in the plan. The proposed development’s compliance with various
Township ordinances, including but not limited to the Natural Features Conservation Code shall not be
determined until the applicant submits a Preliminary Plan for Township approval.

37. The property owner(s) shall comply with all federal, state, county and applicable Lower Merion
Township ordinances and laws regardless of specific mention herein.

I, Christopher Nemchik, as applicant for LD# 3619, do hereby accept the recommended Conditions of
Approval as listed for the properties at 733 W. Lancaster Avenue.

____________________________________________ _____________
Christopher Nemchik Date