"CAMELOT" SPEC SCRIPT FOR "MAD MEN" Written by Marly Kurtzer

April 29, 2008 Marly Kurtzer Eme.kah@gmail.com

ACT I INT. DRAPER HOME - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT DON and BETTY are watching the Ed Sullivan show. Their kids, SALLY and BOBBY, lie on their bellies on the rug. On screen, Robert Goulet sings "If Ever I Would Leave You" from the musical "Camelot." GOULET (ON TV SCREEN) If ever I would leave you It wouldn't be in summer. Seeing you in summer I never would go. BETTY I hear Julie Andrews is fabulous as Guenevere. DON She's miscast. Didn't she cheat on King Arthur with--? BETTY Don, the kids! DON It's over their heads. Anyway, she's too pure for that part. Sally turns to Don. SALLY I know pure. Ivory soap is 99 and 44/100% pure! BETTY Little pitchers have big ears. DON Spoken like an adman’s daughter.

Bobby rubs his eyes, prompting Betty to look at her watch. BETTY It's past SOME PEOPLE'S bedtime-SALLY Just a little longer, Mommy! BOBBY Pretty please?!

DON You can listen to the rest of the song.


2. CONTINUED: BETTY Don, they have school tomorrow. DON It'll be fine, Birdie. I'll put them to bed. The kids clap their hands. Sally sits on his lap and Bobby squeezes next to Betty. She lights a cigarette. GOULET (O.S) If ever I would leave you, How could it be in spring-time? Knowing how in spring I'm bewitched by you so? Oh, no! not in spring-time! Summer, winter or fall! No, never could I leave you at all! Robert Goulet finishes his number. BETTY He really is a perfect Lancelot. What a voice! Too bad it’s sold out. That was just-DON --Extraordinary. I agree. All right, bedtime. Run along now. The kids walk out. BETTY Make sure they brush their teeth. DON (to kids) Daddy'll be right in. Putting kids to bed is not rocket science, Birdie. Don walks to the kids' room. BETTY --No, of course not. She reaches out to stub the cigarette out and narrowly misses Don’s wallet. She turns off the TV and scans the room. She sees Don’s jacket, picks it up and goes through the pockets. She brings it to her nose, looking for traces of perfume.

3. INT. DRAPER HOME - KIDS' ROOM - CONTINUOUS Sally is in bed, while Bobby bounces on his. He rushes under the covers as he hears Don approach. Don sits on Sally's bed. SALLY Daddy, what is extra-extra--? DON Extraordinary. Like a hero. Someone who goes out into the world, tilting at windmills -He sees the kids’ confused expressions. DON (CONT’D) --And slays dragons and monsters. BOBBY Are you a hero? DON Why do you say that? SALLY Silly, Daddy's an adman! Bobby scratches his head. BOBBY I can add! One plus one-SALLY You dope, that’s not it! BOBBY How should I know what he does-he's never home! DON I’m here now, aren’t I? Sally sighs. Yes... SALLY BOBBY Mommy says you might as well be invi-invi-(to Sally) What’s the word again?

Don winces.


4. CONTINUED: SALLY Invi--sible. Don doesn't answer. EXT. GRAND CENTRAL TRAIN STATION - MORNING Train doors open and businessmen in suits and hats spill out on their way to work. Don crosses the platform and enters a phone booth. INT. PHONE BOOTH He fishes for a coin and dials. SECRETARY (V.O.) Miss Menken’s office. DON Don Draper here. There’s a pause on the other line. SECRETARY (V.O.) She’s still away, Mr. Draper. DON Do you know when she’ll be back? SECRETARY (V.O.) No, Mr. Draper. Don hangs up. EXT. MANHATTAN BUILDING - MORNING A modern skyscraper gleams and we cut to: INT. STERLING COOPER - CONFERENCE ROOM - MORNING BERT COOPER and ROGER STERLING are seated around the conference table, a breakfast spread before them. COOPER Well, I don’t know what could be keeping-Don enters. COOPER (CONT’D) There he is. ROGER The man of the hour.


. Well. You’re looking well. ROGER As well as I can with one foot in the grave. COOPER You miss working. Roger. I know. Fine way to start the day. COOPER DON You shouldn’t say that. The trains. A pale and gaunt Roger nods. (CONTINUED) . gentlemen. Roger softens up. how’s this Duck fella doing? The one who’s replacing me? COOPER He is not replacing you-ROGER --Oh. Cooper reaches over and squeezes Roger’s shoulder. CONTINUED: Don takes a seat. I’ve spent the past three months pretending everything’s all right. It’s Don who’s replacing me-Don shifts in his seat. that’s right. I was hoping for a little honesty from you guys. ROGER Come on. COOPER Honesty.5. DON You look fine to me. ROGER Not as fine as you.. DON Sorry. So.

COOPER I know. COOPER (CONT’D) Its from the Shodoka.” Don and Roger take this in. We all are. DON Bert brought in a novel account. Roger looks blank. COOPER Let’s get down to business. Cooper laughs and Roger regains his old bonhomie. Bert. ROGER Hey.. CONTINUED: (2) COOPER (CONT’D) You are more than your job. It’s an illusion. I can always take up knitting. Japanese products are not known for quality.. the Japanese Song of Enlightenment. (MORE) (CONTINUED) .6. gentlemen. And going back to who I used to be. He laughs at his own joke. without my job I don’t know who I am. DON That’s not on Roger’s hit parade. ROGER (looks dubious) Huh. Builds electronics. cowboy. ROGER Bert. Sony Corporation. COOPER “You must neither strive for truth nor seek to lose your illusions. The ladies always did say I was good with my hands. COOPER It’s a small Japanese company.

COOPER Caught the game between Ohio State and St. Roger places the radio back on the table. And it’ll fall apart by New Year’s. COOPER The Sony 610. You said it yourself. And adolescents can’t live without their music. Roger examines it. Sony is aiming for the young. But they usually target the industrial market. Bonaventure on it. ROGER That come in a Crackerjack box? Don turns it on and music filters in. brightly-colored TRANSISTOR RADIO. Margaret will be bugging me for one for Christmas.-DON --It’s a transistor radio. And it shows.7. ROGER Tell me about it. DON --Sharp design.-- (CONTINUED) . Nice colors-COOPER --It comes in black. As much fun as a vacuum cleaner. It’s for listening to the rock and roll. red and green. CONTINUED: (3) COOPER (CONT'D) But I have a feeling about this one. ivory. COOPER Fits in your pocket. drab. ROGER Doesn’t Texas Instruments make these? DON Sure. Cooper picks it up and holds it up to his ear. Their stuff is clunky. Don. Don takes out a small. it feels like a toy. show him.

INT. ROGER (CONT’D) (reading) “With Sony. They all laugh and slap each other on the back. ROGER Everything’s getting so small. the piece de resistance-From a box. Roger. Don holds up a prototype of the print ad. COOPER (tapping radio) Didn’t miss a thing! Face it. he’s short. for God’s sake. you got the world in your pocket. I feel like Godzilla! (beat) How’s that for an ad campaign? COOPER Highly inappropriate for a Japanese company. Swedish actress May Britt.8. PAUL He’s got one eye. Don and Roger laugh. (CONTINUED) . Jr. he’s COLORED.” COOPER And. What the hell does she see in him? SALVATORE I hear our darker brethren have rather sizable endowments— PETE --But he’s a himey so they snipped at least ten percent off the original.. Don pulls out a SMALL TV SET. PAUL. and his new bride.. It’s a winner.PETE CAMPBELL’S OFFICE HARRY. peruse a magazine with a photograph of Sammy Davis. young men in their twenties. CONTINUED: (4) ROGER --The Buckeyes creamed them! DON So much for being undefeated. Cooper joins them. PETE. STERLING COOPER . KEN and SALVATORE.

KEN Case in point. Miss Britt is not interested in being the smile of Perldent-Salvatore packs up a a drawing of an ad featuring a toothy May Britt selling a toothpaste called Perldent. KEN And some men too-PETE What are you referring to? HARRY Now don’t get hot under the collarA flustered Peggy comes in. SALVATORE Well. his money’s good in all of them. PAUL Bah. I sure could use a drink. Ken glances over at Pete. SALVATORE Now that she’s married. to Peggy) You keep me waiting again and you’ll be back taking steno-PEGGY --Don’t talk to me like that. PAUL --I would be too if women did all the heavy lifting for me-- (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: KEN Anyway. why work? HARRY Their marriage is technically illegal in 31 states.9. That’s the only endowment women need. PEGGY I'm sorry I'm late. Someone threw himself on the train tracks-PEGGY --Excuse me? PETE (hissing.

PEGGY I’m the copywriter on it. Paul. I think you just graduated from Shirley Temples to Scotch on the rocks.. Roger’s eye gleams as HILDY and ALLISON. Ken pats Peggy’s head. I miss it here. DON We had a tough couple of months without you. INT. ROGER It’s been a harsh winter. STERLING COOPER . SALVATORE Well. you still haven’t snagged his job. And if I’m not mistaken. Don Draper assigned it to me. Harry. (CONTINUED) . Roger tips his hat. HILDY Good to see you. Sterling. DON We miss your leadership. KEN Make Pete look good in front of Daddy Warbucks. Mr.10.BULLPEN .-. walk by. ROGER (CONT’D) Ladies.CONTINUOUS Don and Roger leave the conference room. Sterling. Salvatore and Ken leave. Don raises his hand. two pretty young secretaries. ROGER Everything’s running smoothly. I apologize about. CONTINUED: (2) PETE This is MY account. Mr. ALLISON Good morning.. Peggy.

of course. I did invade quite a few Cuban girls myself. Don. The old ticker can’t handle all those curves. Roger puts on his coat. Closing a deal and celebrating over drinks. CONTINUED: Roger’s gaze trails after the women. One minute they’re calling you “amigo.11. Sitting across from a bunch of guys and. DON You’ll always have the Tropicana.. He looks around.. batting ideas around. Don.. Creating something together.. DON Too late now.” the next you’re an imperialist invader. (sighs) And I never got a chance to take her to Cuba. It’s a fact.. ROGER (CONT’D) Where’s Joanie? DON She’s probably showing my new secretary the ropes. overly discerning. Although. The camaraderie! Can’t beat it. it’s the men I miss the most.. Unless you want to start your own Yankee invasion. (CONTINUED) . ROGER You can’t get good tail in the suburbs. ROGER Believe it or not. DON You’re probably. ROGER Probably just as well. ROGER Goes to show you.

(CONTINUED) . it makes me sick. CONTINUED: (2) ROGER By the way. Betty pours two cups of coffee. Met her that same day. She even got a chance to speak with Rachel Menken. Mona took Margaret the other day and came away impressed. She sang your praises. Old and dependable.CONTINUOUS Betty makes coffee as Francine flips through a fashion magazine. DRAPER HOME . BETTY I voted for Nixon.just like Don. I read there are a thousand Soviet delegates in Cuba now. BETTY Eisenhower made me feel safe. Kennedy with Jackie.KITCHEN . Rachel? Mona. And God knows how many Soviet weapons-FRANCINE --The nerve! Calling our embassy a nest of spies! I wish we could afford a bomb shelter. I prefer politicians like Eisenhower. Personally. good job on Menken’s. like your favorite uncle. She holds up a picture of John F.12. FRANCINE They’re both so glamorous. DON Really? Rachel? She saw Rachel? ROGER Totally coincidental. DON ROGER INT. Kennedy’s too inexperienced.

with Don’s promotion. (frowns) Anyway. She’s always beautifully turned out. BETTY He did look a little shady. FRANCINE You know who I bet is shady? Francine holds up JFK’s smiling face again and points at it.13. Carlton wouldn’t have-BETTY Shush. handsome. Through work. Don’t think like that. Francine sets the magazine down. letting the discussion slide. CONTINUED: FRANCINE A five o’clock shadow only a mother could love. FRANCINE Maybe if I hadn’t been pregnant. BETTY (CONT’D) I read his wife speaks fluent French. They smile at each other. powerful man? I bet women can’t keep their hands off him-BETTY --I hate him! I feel guilty saying that about our next president. Not a hair out of place. Betty turns it so she can look at it better. FRANCINE (CONT’D) A young. don’t you think your wardrobe deserves a “touch-up”? . FRANCINE You met Don through work. The mother of a gangster anyhow. FRANCINE (CONT’D) Speaking of which. do you know she was a girl reporter? That’s how she met him.

I didn’t think you’d mind if we popped in a few minutes early-Don looks at his watch.14. It’s a miniature knight on horseback -. I get cranky when that happens.DON’S OFFICE -. DON --Sorry. Duck sits in an armchair and Ken and Paul on the sofa. He picks up the phone and dials. He lights a cigarette and broods. Been chasing inspiration all morning.) Please hold.O.O. Paul sets a manual typewriter case on the coffee table. STERLING COOPER . Don. Salvatore arranges his drawings on an easel.LATER Don sits at his desk.) Miss Menken’s office. Salvatore. INT. I happen to know she’s back-SECRETARY (V. Take a seat. There’s a knock at the door. DON It’s Don Draper again. SECRETARY (V. Don hangs up. MR. DUCK Excuse us. Don walks to the credenza where he stores his liquor. gentlemen. He is about to pour himself some rye but stops: (CONTINUED) .a gift from Rachel Menken. DON (irritated) Dammit. where’s my secretary?! The door opens and DUCK PHILLIPS enters with Paul. Listen. He adjusts his cuffs and then takes off his right-hand cufflink. and Ken trailing behind. writing. MENKEN Menken here. lost track of time.

DUCK New girl. A woman shouldn’t get the notion she can do a man’s job. CONTINUED: DON (CONT’D) I’d offer you a drink but-He holds up the empty rye bottle. Mr.Bad enough they can vote! First good-looking man who runs for president. SECRETARY (V. --Whiskey. DUCK DON SECRETARY (V..O. KEN Peggy can write better than a lot of guys. SALVATORE Not too swift. DUCK You should’ve kept Peggy.. Oh.15. that one.) Yes. Draper.O.. they vote him into office.) Yes.. (CONTINUED) . and don’t forget.. She’s gone. (to the men) . Mr.. --Whiskey. I’m sorry-DON --Don’t apologize. huh? Don sighs and hits the intercom on his desk. DUCK ..the ice. Draper? DON Could you please find a bottle of -He looks at Duck quizzically..

Kennedy wouldn’t have stood a chance. though.16. I hear you. Don shakes his head. DON It’s not just the television. Know what they’re teaching Sally at school? Duck and cover. DON Ever since the advent of that little box... SALVATORE Exudes refined masculinity. KEN Nixon was a goner the minute they televised that debate. the world comes right into your living room. DUCK If his father hadn’t pulled some strings in Illinois. DUCK A man’s home is no longer his castle. CONTINUED: (2) PAUL He won over a sizable chunk of the male population as well. DON My kids are getting all sorts of ideas. she’s supposed to hide under the desk. DON Talk about flop sweat. (CONTINUED) . SALVATORE Those desks better be made of Kryptonite. Gillette would’ve made a killing if they’d sponsored it! SALVATORE Too bad the folks at Schwerin weren’t psychic! They all laugh. Sterling Cooper ran a helluva campaign. PAUL You can’t stop it. In case of a nuclear attack.

enters. Talk about a raw deal. honey! She hurries out. (CONTINUED) . she almost drops a glass. EDIE Sorry. We’ll take it neat. Edie nods several times as she hands them their drinks. She turns to Don. CONTINUED: (3) PAUL I read the Cuban papers are printing photos of kids declaring they’re going to kill Yankees with their toy revolvers. EDIE How do you take it? DON There’s no ice. KEN Looks like you could use a drink yourself. Dismayed. The pretty new secretary. KEN We get Vegas. EDIE. Don looks toward the typewriter as Paul takes it out of its case. EDIE On your sandwich? Don is poker-faced but Ken and Salvatore guffaw. brandishes the whiskey bottle and walks swiftly to the bar. DON Rye as in the drink. Mr. I prefer rye. the Soviets get Havana. DUCK Paradise lost. EDIE I’ll make a note of it. By the way. Draper.17. DON It’s your first day.

KEN That sound. CONTINUED: (4) DUCK Bertorelli Writing Machines. Nothing like it. DON Really? You ever get your penknife back? The others laugh. Paul. (MORE) (CONTINUED) .. PAUL I’m serious-DON --I’m interested in your work. DUCK You artistic types. PAUL I prefer my tobacco straight up. Salvatore unveils a drawing as Paul begins. PAUL Rhythmic. Fires up your brain. Don and Duck laugh. Don and Duck raise eyebrows at Paul.18. The best thing about a typewriter is just that. Ken leans in and types. Not your criminal activities. KEN Better not tell him about the marijuana cigarettes. DON What can you say about a typewriter that hasn’t been said before? KEN I sit in front of one and I feel like Norman Mailer-PAUL --You know that party where he stabbed his wife? I was there.. then.

DON The Muse 45. Paul is deflated. An escape. SALVATORE “Let us be your muse. DON (CONT’D) You feel about a typewriter. DON It’s all right. PAUL Great ideas are dangerous. DUCK I know the feeling. KEN Like you can escape. And I can go anywhere. Don walks over to the window. you mean. And since this one is so lightweight you can take it anywhere. Ken shrugs. An adventure. the way I feel about a car. DON I like that. Like I’m on an open road. DON Into a brand new life.19. Leave everything behind. Because you don’t know where inspiration will strike. The Muse 45. PAUL Writing’s like that. huh? SALVATORE Like the gun. which is slow in coming. full of possibilities. (CONTINUED) . Hence the name.” They all wait for Don’s reaction. CONTINUED: (5) PAUL (CONT'D) It sparks your creativity. Duck guffaws appreciatively. Makes you feel like your great American novel can just type itself.

Tinker with the perspective. Peggy? She stops. PETE (CONT’D) Peggy. CONTINUED: (6) KEN On a good day. Lots of negative space. INT . Deft handling. SALVATORE I could play with the composition..20.” The Muse 45. DON Sure touch. off-beat perspective. DON You guys remember that VW ad?-SALVATORE --”Think small”? DON --What was striking about it? The humor.PETE’S OFFICE . Don suddenly springs into action. Equals something fresh. He stands and walks up to her. Sleek design. Kind of like an open road. PAUL Simple but packed a punch. since this is our “baby”-- (CONTINUED) .. PETE Hey. Don sits on chair and hits a typewriter key.CONTINUOUS Peggy opens the door to leave. He looks her up and down then adopts a kind manner. DON Traditional product. KEN SALVATORE It was visual. “Takes you places a car never will.

.I don’t think I have-PETE --Actually you do. Slight but noticeable. PEGGY I just want to do my job. I think we’re both. Too bad Don has taken you under his wing-Peggy suddenly realizes Pete is jealous of her: (CONTINUED) . PETE You’re really hung up on me. working with you. She is confused. We don’t work well together. Anyway. Which is why I should present. PETE (CONT’D) --This project.. PEGGY Well.. aren’t you? PEGGY Don’t flatter yourself.. PETE I thought we’d agreed to let bygones be bygones. given your Brooklyn accent-PEGGY --I don’t have -. Pete comes closer. PETE Maybe you’re not cut out for the more cosmopolitan aspects of this business.21. PETE (CONT’D) So far your approach is not very fresh. CONTINUED: Peggy almost gasps and stiffens.

You do want to catch a husband someday. Peggy.. Paul takes out a five dollar bill with a flourish. Harry. PAUL My money’s on Pegs. Thanks. with Paul at his heels. KEN Time’s a wasting. HARRY What IS your type? (CONTINUED) . He runs after Edie. HARRY What’s the matter with her? SALVATORE They keep it up and one is going to end up in the Hudson by spring. INT. STERLING COOPER . They shake hands. HARRY Aren’t you going to put in a claim? The new girl is cute.22. She turns and slams the door. SALVATORE She’s not my type. one of your own. CONTINUED: (2) PEGGY --You can’t stand that. PAUL (CONT’D) Bring back her panties and this five is yours.CONTINUOUS . PETE Men don’t like ambitious women.. Ken and Paul shoot her appreciative looks..BULLPEN . don’t you? I mean. Edie sashays by.. Ken. Paul and Salvatore interrupt their cigarette break.exiting to the main office and causing everyone to look up. can you? I’ll handle my own presentations.

SALVATORE What about the other guys? HARRY She’s my wife’s friend. A real nice girl. I don’t mean nice as a euphemism for homely. Lina. How could I say no? Harry slaps him on the back and walks happily away. She’s a nice girl.. HARRY (CONT’D) --Or maybe the Village Gate? SALVATORE Lollobrigida and jazz. SALVATORE Who knew you were so paternal? HARRY What do you say? She’s very Gina Lollobrigida. Sure. You know. CONTINUED: Salvatore is taken aback but Harry barrels right past it. . HARRY (CONT’D) Anyway. HARRY (CONT’D) Listen. SALVATORE HARRY How about Friday? Gerde’s Folk CitySalvatore hesitates. Jennifer has a friend from work. Salvatore’s face telegraphs his discomfort..23. Salvatore nods stiffly. maybe the four of us could go have drinks. Jennifer asked if I could introduce someone to Lina. see how it goes? Salvatore looks flattered and confused.

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN BAR . Don goes to light it but she pointedly lights it herself.24. (CONTINUED) .LATER Don sits at a bar among other businessmen.. RACHEL’S APARTMENT She keeps her distance and takes out a cigarette. He downs his drink. INT.NIGHT Don knocks on a door. RACHEL --You were not the best thing for my career. A MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE get off the elevator and the WOMAN glances curiously at Don. INT. DON I had to bribe the doorman to let me up. DON It’s harder to get near you than to the Mona Lisa. DON (CONT’D) Did you really have to tell your father about us?-RACHEL --Don. A PRETTY BRUNETTE flirts with him but he looks away.. homewardbound. MANHATTAN STREET . She hesitates. Don. I had to-DON --Really? It wasn’t a shining moment in my career. He stares into her eyes but she evades his gaze. INT. EXT. LUXURY BUILDING HALLWAY . It opens and RACHEL MENKEN’s eyes widen.AFTERNOON Business-men and secretaries pour out of buildings. RACHEL You should be home with your wife. either. Rachel stands aside and lets him in.

really? Why not? What was your rush? RACHEL Keep your voice down. RACHEL So. He grabs her wrist. that’s right.25. Don! RACHEL (CONT’D) DON You’re holding out on me. RACHEL Please leave. RACHEL I didn’t have the luxury of time! DON Oh.. you wouldn’t-RACHEL --You were being impulsive! DON --You sure left in a hurry. He paces. When I asked you to leave with me. agitated. DON Oh. you’re going to beat it out of me? He lets her go. DON What kind of business? (CONTINUED) . DON Why did you go? RACHEL I had business overseas. I forgot. lovesick boy.. CONTINUED: DON --I didn’t appreciate Cooper chewing me out as if I were a. This is the Upper East Side.

He drinks it then lets go of the glass. DON Why didn’t you tell me? He holds her. while jotting down notes. He sits up and pours the last drop of rye. hands Peggy an envelope. clutching a shot glass. then crumples on the floor and sobs. She rebuffs him. She stiffens. STERLING COOPER . Are you all right? (CONTINUED) . MARJORIE You got a letter from the hospital. which shatters on the floor. INT. Don. She leans against the door. PEGGY MARJORIE comes in. They stare at each other and he finally leaves.DON’S OFFICE -. CONTINUED: (2) Personal. PEGGY’S ROOM -. INT. He passes out.NIGHT Peggy sits on her bed. another man? Finally found your knight in shining armor?-RACHEL --How dare you? DON --You left so suddenly.NIGHT Don lies down on the couch. He slowly gets it. Was it love at first sight?-RACHEL --Don.26. I didn’t have much time! She stops. Her roommate knocks on the door. listening to a record. RACHEL You already have a family. RACHEL DON Personal? What is it. He tries to embrace her again but she pushes him away. Come in. visibly upset.

my God! I’d feel invisible if my husband had to stare at that all day! (CONTINUED) . JOAN. FRANCINE Oh.. MARJORIE No wonder you were so stressed. Care to join us? PEGGY Can’t.BULLPEN . I’m babysitting for my sister. on the other hand.MORNING Betty and Francine come through the glass doors. PEGGY I’ve had better holidays. the voluptuous office manager. we’re going to see “Where the Boys Are” on Saturday..27. STERLING COOPER . it’s like you gained all the weight for her! Peggy narrows her eyes at her. (covering) Probably the bill for that emergency appendectomy back in November. FADE TO BLACK INT. MARJORIE Boy. MARJORIE You didn’t tell me! PEGGY It was such an unpleasant surprise. recognizes Betty and heads straight to them. Betty eyes all the attractive YOUNG SECRETARIES anxiously. Marjorie is about to turn away when she remembers: MARJORIE Oh. CONTINUED: PEGGY I’m fine. your sister didn’t show at all! Didn’t gain an ounce! (snorts) You.

Momentarily thrown. Mr. BETTY Where’s Don’s new girl? JOAN She’s probably in the bathroom crying. intent on eluding Duck’s question. Duck. INT.CONTINUOUS Don ignores the intercom. I’ll tell him you’re here. Draper. (CONTINUED) . This is Mrs. JOAN Hello. BETTY I thought I’d surprise him. Draper. CONTINUED: Betty flinches but covers it as Joan reaches them. Your wife is here to see you. My wife?! DON DUCK Perfect timing! I love her already. JOAN Excuse me. JOAN He’ll be delighted to see you.DON’S OFFICE -. And I’ll get home late so-There’s a knock at the door. Draper expecting you? Betty smiles but looks guarded.28. DON (CONT’D) Don’t you have to master the intercom before they let you out of secretarial school? Joan peeks in. Hanson. Don quickly gets his bearings. First week. Is Mr. Joan nods at Francine and notices Betty is jealous. DON --I’d have to ask my wife. STERLING COOPER . Mrs. Joan buzzes Don on the intercom.

Thanks. DON (CONT’D) Hello! And you brought Francine! Francine openly examines Don’s office as Don leans in to kiss Betty. aren’t you. I would be too if I had a treasure as precious as you. do you? His face is blank and Betty freezes. They all shake hands. The men stand up as the women enter.29. Duck? (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: DON Send her in. DON Duck. BETTY I wanted to surprise you. DUCK You’re just like newlyweds! Betty studies Don’s face to see if he’s displeased and whispers: BETTY You don’t mind. And her friend Francine Hanson. Don. Lay the blame on me. this is my wife Betty. FRANCINE It was my idea. DUCK Now I see why Don is so mysterious about his family. DON (whispering) Mission accomplished. BETTY DON Laying it on a bit thick.

she’ll be on American Bandstand before you know it. DUCK Why. DUCK Come on. BETTY I’m honored that you thought of me. CONTINUED: (2) BETTY We’re on a shopping expedition. Don. As part of her efforts. FRANCINE Every knight needs his princess. Hardly a baby.30. FRANCINE Sally is eight and a half. But our children are still very small. DON What about the kids? BETTY The girl will pick them up when school lets out. Don. DUCK It’s a wonderful endeavor-DON --Admirable. don’t be a spoilsport. Don glowers at her. (CONTINUED) . And yours needs a new gown. Mrs. Francine. Me? BETTY DUCK My mother is on the fund-raising committee of the March of Dimes. she organizes a ball each year. Draper. She is always looking for competent volunteers. DON I know how old my daughter is. I was just telling Don about a project that might interest you.

They shake hands. Not to mention prestigious.. typing. Mother likes to set me up on dates. DUCK Maybe we could talk about it sometime over a proper meal. We have a meeting this afternoon. CONTINUED: (3) BETTY The March of Dimes sounds.. Don. Peggy approaches her. I’m Edie McIntyre. Edie turns chummy. Francine and Betty smile politely. EDIE Peggy Olson? It’s at four. EDIE May I help you? PEGGY I just wanted to check in with Mr. DUCK (CONT’D) I’m divorced.STERLING COOPER OFFICE . So. DUCK It’s very fulfilling. Important. Draper.31. (CONTINUED) . it keeps her away from meddling in my business. Edie looks at her copy of Don’s calendar.BULLPEN . Betty? Don? BETTY DON I think we’d have to discuss this further. INT .CONTINUOUS Edie is back at her desk. Oooh! FRANCINE DUCK And. what do you say.

(CONTINUED) . EDIE No. while bringing out her notes. Pete. believe me. EDIE They had a hard time finding a replacement for you! Any tips about handling Mr.. Why. I already have an invitation for lunch. he wasn’t and. I think his name is-Peggy stiffens visibly. EDIE (CONT’D) Wait. actually. he doesn’t even wear a wedding band. my God. We girls have to stick together. EDIE (CONT’D) From Ken and. Joan is great with that stuff. Draper? PEGGY Joan probably knows better than me.. that’s the first thing I notice about a man. Draper’s secretary before me? PEGGY Two girls before you. Peggy feigns interest... EDIE Isn’t she? I can tell I’m going to love this place. EDIE He is?! Oh. PEGGY Yes. Was he. right? Peggy sets down a stack of paper. he does. did you guys date? PEGGY Pete is married. Thanks for letting me know.32. You weren’t paying attention. I wasn’t his secretary for long. CONTINUED: EDIE (CONT’D) Weren’t you Mr.

Joan comes in and heads for the medicine cabinet. Draper will be needing this report for our meeting... sweetie.He’s second in command in the family business-HILDY Pretty solid. STERLING COOPER .33. JOAN I could use a Bloody Mary. is it one of those days? Joan pops an aspirin. Draper showed up unexpectedly and the new girl left her desk without so much as letting me know-HILDY She’s more intent on sashaying all over the office than on work.CONTINUOUS IVY and Hildy are pouring themselves some coffee and eating sandwiches. (CONTINUED) . EDIE This is going to take at least two hours! PEGGY Better get started then. Ivy is mid-chatter and Hildy is bored. We girls have to stick together. Edie is about to grab it but Peggy puts her hand on it. IVY Oh. So you’ll have to type a copy for him. that one. this is my only copy. CONTINUED: (2) PEGGY Mr. right? INT. IVY . IVY Making the most of her little figure. PEGGY (CONT’D) Actually.SECRETARIES’ BREAK ROOM . Mrs. Edie’s face falls.

HILDY I had to answer Mr. JOAN (to Edie) Just remember. JOAN Edie. EDIE (CONT’D) --She just came up and gave me a last minute report to type up for Don.. You can imagine how Pete Campbell felt about that. EDIE Peggy Olson-Hildy and Joan nod.. JOAN (CONT’D) Sweetie. CONTINUED: JOAN Can’t say I blame her. honey. did Mr. Draper upset you? Edie shakes her head. Draper’s line all morning. HILDY --She should’ve prepared that herself! EDIE --What really ticked me off was her tone. As if I were HER secretary! IVY Who does she think she is? They all nod. It’s going to take me all afternoon. fills it with water and hands it to her. Joan walks to the sink. you can tell us. opens a cupboard.34. Still. Edie enters. (CONTINUED) . visibly upset. she could actually work while she’s hunting for a husband. She runs to the sink and fumbles around. takes out a glass. She started out just like you.

your first week will be a lot easier if you focus on the work and let everything else slide off your shoulders. Edie. HILDY Who’s covering for you right now? Edie is horrified. The men take her work seriously. EDIE (CONTINUED) . JOAN Focus. And. HILDY I have to hand it to her. I can see how that might be nice. lights it and hands it to Edie. IVY My mother always said there’s no higher calling than taking care of the ones you love. Hildy rolls her eyes at Joan behind Edie’s back. CONTINUED: (2) IVY I’d like to give her a piece of my mind. earn some respect. Your job comes before flirting. IVY She’ll still be single and writing copy for sanitary napkins. Joan puts an arm around Edie’s shoulder. got it? Yes. JOAN You’re welcome. For everything. though. JOAN Five years from now. EDIE Thanks. Make some money of your own. you’ll think back on all this and feel sorry for Peggy Olson.35. when you’ve got a house of your own and a loving family. Joan takes out a cigarette.

EDIE Not exactly. IVY Knock her right off her high horse. doll. Pete sits on her desk and leans in conspiratorially. YOU’RE Pete! PETE My reputation precedes me.36. He ogles her. Pete approaches her. He winks at her. She looks around. Is he in? He extends his hand. PETE --That’s cause I didn’t meet you first. Joan lights a cigarette. She inserts a fresh piece of paper into the typewriter and begins to type. a winning smile and-EDIE --That you’re married. She smiles.CONTINUOUS Edie runs to her desk. Account executive. notices Pete looking at her. will you please? INT . sits and checks herself in a small hand mirror. PETE (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: (3) She hurries out. She giggles. JOAN I think I’m going to have a talk with our little lady copywriter. PETE (CONT’D) Pete Campbell.BULLPEN . PETE Tell me everything you’ve heard. EDIE Oh.STERLING COOPER . other than that you’ve got great legs.

Betty. and Duck walk out. CONTINUED: Don Draper’s door opens and Pete hurries to stand. FRANCINE Junior? Sounds little league. PETE (CONT’D) DON PETE --I was just-DUCK --Giving the new girl a warm welcome. as Don’s colleague. (CONTINUED) . I trust you’ll get Don to come around. DON Isn’t she witty? Quite. DUCK (CONT’D) Ladies. it’s a pleasure to finally-DON --Betty.37. Pete holds his hand out to Betty. PETE BETTY Nice to meet you. One of our junior account executives. Pete winces. PETE Mrs. lovely meeting you. I see. Francine and Betty smile at each other. BETTY FRANCINE I’ll make sure she tries. Pete. Pete straightens his tie. DUCK (CONT’D) Betty. Francine. We’ll see. He walks away. Betty notices Pete’s wedding band and frowns. this is Pete Campbell. Draper. Don. Don.

She’s distracted and doesn’t hear a knock. PETE What are you doing for lunch? EDIE I have plans. a report spread open before her. INT. KEN Care to join Paul and me for lunch? (CONTINUED) . She looks preoccupied. I recommend Menken’s. STERLING COOPER . Pete turns to Edie. Bergdorf Goodman. I’m sorry. so you’re on a shopping expedition. Maybe you can even get Rachel Menken to show you around-Don hides his alarm. then goes back to making notes on a yellow pad. I’ll escort you out. Ladies.AFTERNOON Peggy is alone in her shared office. CONTINUED: (2) PETE You’re a dead ringer for Grace Kelly. Don hurries Betty and Francine out to the reception area. Draper.38. PETE I bet you do. I’m all booked up. She rips the page out and tosses it in the wastebasket. Ken opens the door and comes in. I was hoping maybe-DON --Sorry. BETTY --Oh. Mrs. Are you having lunch with Don? FRANCINE We’re having lunch with one Mr.PEGGY’S OFFICE . did we have an appointment that I forgot about? PETE (CONT’D) Well. I’m not familiar-DON --Pete. PETE Ah.

Ken? Thanks. She nods. Ken studies her. I see. KEN (CONT’D) You can’t just coop yourself up in your office. Have a couple of drinks. But if you want to succeed. . Great writing chops but his forte is the sell. KEN Come out Friday. CONTINUED: PEGGY I have a lot of work. PEGGY I like writing. Just look at Don. Ken turns to leave but stops when she says: PEGGY Hey. you gotta learn to schmooze-PEGGY --I thought that was your job. PEGGY I know all that. PEGGY He raises his hand as if to say “You’re welcome” and leaves. I do too. Who knows? You might even have some fun. KEN Really absorbed in the writing. Okay. She looks unconvinced.39. KEN Pays to put it into practice. KEN Sure. KEN Part of yours as well. Peggy flinches.

PETE Yeah. And sometimes new blood is a good idea. Pete hands Harry a copy of Look magazine..CONTINUOUS Harry sits across from Pete’s desk. He’s the one who’s afraid of young blood. Pete. PETE I think he would.. INT. A SURPRISING NEW LOOK AT THE EXPLOSIVE GENERATION See this? PETE (CONT’D) He opens to the article and reads: (CONTINUED) . HARRY Don’s not going to alienate a client just to show you up. He did it to spite me. PETE It IS personal. The front cover reads: FIFTY PAGES ON YOUTH..40. Gave it to a mere secretary so she could cut her teeth on-HARRY --She’s not entirely untested.PETE’S OFFICE . HARRY How is it going with the Clearasil account? I saw Peggy storm out earlier. PETE He wants me to fail in front of my father-in-law. She rues the day Don promoted her. actually. HARRY You’re taking all this very personally. STERLING COOPER ..

” We all have to pay our dues. HARRY And you’re the young Turk who’ll get Sterling Cooper in touch with this “explosive generation. Pete. (CONTINUED) . He put her on the account. the year of the Children’s Crusade.’” HARRY Okay. Pope Innocent III wrote: ‘The very children put us to shame. Pete continues: PETE (CONT’D) “After that ill-fated campaign. PETE Peggy makes Grandma Moses look like a teenybopper.” He checks to see if Harry is following him. HARRY Peggy is twenty-one. And who are the ads targeting? Pete leafs through the magazine. has there been a year of youth activity to match 1960. Your time will come.41. While we sleep. Book a trip to Israel. CONTINUED: PETE (CONT’D) “Not since 1212. they go forth gladly and conquer the Holy Land. Harry laughs. PETE (CONT’D) Guys like Don are dinosaurs. PETE The young are shaking up the world. So you want to fight the infidels. PETE (CONT’D) “Long distance brings you the laughter of your grandchildren” -For God’s sake! He tosses it aside. Harry.

Pete squirms in his seat. Pete is left fuming. . He leaves. PETE (CONT’D) Don. He’s bugged your office as well. Concentrate on bringing in accounts. I was just. Draper to see you. I’m honored you made time to see me. He exits. HARRY Don’t tell me. Mr. Pete.42. I thought your wife and her friend would appreciate a suggestion. PETE You’re nothing but a fake. PETE Funny.S.. CONTINUED: (2) The intercom buzzes.) Mr. DON I’m the one you need to impress. PETE Don. HILDY (O. Don waits until the door closes to add: DON I don’t appreciate you sidling up to my wife like that. It pays to remember your place in the hierarchy.. DON Do you mind. Pete straightens up. (into intercom) Send him in. Campbell. Don enters. Harry? HARRY Sure thing.

Reading reports-DON --It’s more of the same. All of us have that flaw. Reassurance.. INT. that imperfection that we’re positive will lead to rejection. (CONTINUED) . DON “Gets inside pimples to clear them fast.LATER Don reads Peggy’s notes. Peggy nods. Peggy. DON (CONT’D) We all want love and we yearn to belong. DON (CONT’D) Don’t answer that.DON’S OFFICE . DON (CONT’D) What do you want more than anything in the world? What’s your biggest fear? Peggy looks dubious but is about to answer when Don raises his hand. Camelot.” Is this all you got? PEGGY I’ve been working really hard. dreams and fears. She looks nervous. Utopia. He picks up the product.. STERLING COOPER . To be accepted just for who we are. Don takes on a philosophical tone. Our little piece of. PEGGY --The market research says-DON --Forget the research. I promoted you because I wanted something new.43. She looks relieved. Our business is not statistics. We’re in the business of needs. That’s what we’re selling.

I think I got it now.-. DON (puzzled) You don’t approve? COOPER These are extraordinary times. A young black ELEVATOR OPERATOR reopens them.. DON Aren’t they always? The doors open and they walk out into. You think you can get me something by tomorrow morning? We’re meeting with Clearasil on Friday afternoon. INT. COOPER You’re here early. CONTINUED: DON (CONT’D) Not a little tube of chemicals. Mr.CONTINUOUS . Don enters and joins Bert Cooper. please.. an empty main office. DON Hold it.44. Draper.. (CONTINUED) . STERLING COOPER . you can do it again. Don. Draper. PEGGY Thank you. DON You’ve done it before. FADE TO BLACK.EARLY MORNING The elevator doors are closing as Don calls out.ELEVATOR BANK . STERLING COOPER . INT. Mr.. ELEVATOR MAN Sure thing. PEGGY Yes.BULLPEN . He hands her back her copy.

it would last less than a year.45. He takes out some theater tickets from his coat pocket. if it were. Peggy stands before an easel with several drawings. COOPER (CONT’D) You’ve earned some time with your wife and kids. COOPER I tell you. in raids on Reds. Don. Pete. bespectacled executive in his mid20s. But the way things are going. Don. I don’t know what’s going to happen next or if I’m being an alarmist. and Salvatore are seated around the table. TOM VOGEL.LATER Peter. and GREG CLARKSON. a young. a nuclear reactor explodes in Idaho and -did you see this little item in today’s Times? Cooper unfolds the newspaper tucked under his arm and reads: COOPER (CONT’D) “Laos uses planes supplied by U. The Clearasil team includes Pete’s father-in-law. INT. STERLING COOPER . Anyway. (CONTINUED) .. TOM (to Pete) How’s the gardening? Pete smiles.CONFERENCE ROOM .” The Soviet Union and North Vietnam are supplying and assisting the Communist rebels. Cherish every moment. your work is outstanding. CONTINUED: COOPER --Two weeks into the new year and the Cubans oust us. SALVATORE I didn’t know you had a green thumb. Look. Don. trying to hide his embarrassment. Tom winks at Pete..S. Don looks away as this sinks in. DON Not our war.

Pete looks nervous.. PEGGY (CONT’D) Inexperienced. think back on the days when you were. Ever been to a farm. the fields aren’t lying fallow. And perhaps the biggest challenge of all was. Your friends.. You were eager to meet them yet unsure of yourself. who smirks. Tom guffaws and Peggy smiles. dealing with other people.. our newest junior copywriter. didn’t you grow up on one? Don ignores this. Don? DON Sure. CONTINUED: TOM From all reports. Don nods at her. let me introduce you to Peggy Olson. Your peers. She surveys the room.” Who said that? (CONTINUED) . SALVATORE My mother grows prize tomatoes. Pete is eager to take the focus off himself: PETE That’s right. DON Gentlemen.. No longer were you blissfully unaware of how you appeared to others. But especially the opposite sex. TOM “Hell is other people. when I was a kid. green. He elbows Greg.46.. Peggy shakes hands with the men.. entering your teens. She launches in: PEGGY Gentlemen. The world was full of promise but also fraught with new challenges.

You are awkward and gawky and. PEGGY (a bit louder) “From frog to prince. CONTINUED: (2) Sartre.. Like your first date. PEGGY (CONT’D) .. She picks up a tube of the lotion.. PEGGY (CONT’D) This is not just. Your what? TOM PETE An elixir. Be popular and unblemished.47.A little tube of chemicals. Clearasil is your elixir.. usually when you least expected them. young lady. A magic potion...Magic potion.. This contains the formula for reassurance.. your body rebels.. Clearasil is your.” DON Let’s face it. And just when you need their approval the most. Or the prom. even the homecoming queen feels homely.more than ever. pimples appear. TOM Ain’t that the truth! (CONTINUED) .. TOM I know what it means. GREG PEGGY On the cusp of adulthood. others’ opinions matter -. I just didn’t hear! Speak up. She unveils the drawings on the theme of turning from a frog into a fairy tale prince. (looking at Don) . She substitutes Tom’s phrase at the last moment.

you’re such a romantic. CONTINUED: (3) As Peggy exhales in relief. Lina? LINA I prefer Johnny Mathis. Harry mouths “sorry. JENNIFER That’s what really interests him. Do you like jazz. HARRY The sax player? Fifteen years old. She gives her husband a wary smile. are sitting having drinks and enjoying the show. The musicians finish their set. you’re showing off. LINA I bet you are too! I can tell. GREENWICH VILLAGE GATE .FRIDAY NIGHT A jazz quartet plays away on stage. And the food! Jennifer pats his belly. HARRY Such a passionate race. Anch’io sono Italiana. INT. Harry. Don nods encouragingly and Pete smiles. his wife JENNIFER. JENNIFER Lina.” SALVATORE You’re also exaggerating. Salvatore and LINA.48. HARRY Solid crooner. They all laugh. (CONTINUED) . Lina squeezes closer to Salvatore. It’s in our nature. JENNIFER Harry. pleased despite himself. Harry turns to his companions. an Italian beauty. after all. Give him five years and he’ll be giving Trane a run for his money.

CONTINUED: JENNIFER (CONT’D) Passion can get you in trouble. (CONTINUED) . JENNIFER You can’t dance. Salvatore hides his uneasiness. LINA I’ll be the judge of that. Jennifer narrows her eyes at Harry. LINA Just as long as you’re making memories with the right man. huh? HARRY I meant you. A woman can always tell when she meets The One. SALVATORE --You’re brave to offer but-JENNIFER --Bet you’re just saying that! HARRY Go on and dance! Touch a beautiful woman all over without getting slapped! Lina giggles and finally Salvatore escorts her to the dance floor. after all. Lina puts her hand over his. Lina tilts her head coquettishly. The music changes to a languorous bolero. but such fun in the meantime! Think of the memories.49. JENNIFER A beautiful woman. HARRY As if on cue! The fates are conspiring in your favor. Romeo! SALVATORE I’ve got two left feet. Care to dance? Her manner softens but she resists. SALVATORE Ah.

She laughs in spite of herself. CONTINUED: (2) HARRY I know. He looks trapped and ends up patting her head. Did you? DON Surprisingly. She squeezes his hand. INT. Salvatore turns to see. On the dance floor he draws her near. BETTY Talking about surprises.. You sneak! He looks alarmed. BETTY (CONT’D) Arranging the perfect night out behind my back! How ever did you get tickets? He laughs. She gazes up at him. He gives her his best puppy eyes and finally she relents.. DON Did you enjoy the show? BETTY It was marvellous. Lina stares at them. dressed in their glamorous best. I can get caught up with work.NIGHT Betty and Don are having dinner. Don frowns. SARDI’S RESTAURANT . He stands before her. It’s just a cheap excuse to paw at you. she shakes her head. BETTY You’re going to have to try harder. pleadingly. she closes her eyes. (CONTINUED) . They kiss passionately.50. And I wanted to make it up to you. yes. She looks at him. He stops. DON We all have our secrets.

DON You’re seriously considering his offer.51. Betty. By the afternoon. They’re like the paper dolls I played with as a kid. BETTY Sometimes I feel sorry for these girls. BETTY It’d be nice to get out of the house. It’s a great cause-DON --Charity begins at home. This is lovely. They eat for a while. I don’t play with dolls. He’d come over to the house. How is the new girl working out? DON She didn’t. I’d grown bored with them-DON --Birdie. BETTY You’d go out with Roger Sterling. (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: BETTY (CONT’D) I’m joking. The March of Dimes is such a worthwhile endeavor. Thanks. BETTY That’s good to know. BETTY (CONT’D) Duck is nice. BETTY He’s trying to get to know us-DON I’m partner now. BETTY You fired her? Just like that? DON Her mind wasn’t on the job.

I’d like to set a tone for now. It’s not the kind of thing you get over. after all. just like that. he speaks: DON Hopefully. BETTY (CONT’D) She hasn’t been herself since that whole thing with Carlton. After a while. We all make mistakes. BETTY Betty takes a sip of her wine.52. She preens. DON You’re a vision in it. BETTY I understand. With just a couple of trinkets and a. I wasn’t born into the business. Romantic weekend for two. BETTY Her husband betrayed her.. if only for the sake of the kids. Carlton will come to his senses. BETTY Francine picked it out. BETTY That’s a very big mistake. BETTY (CONT’D) You haven’t said anything about the dress. CONTINUED: (2) DON I’m not Roger Sterling.. DON You’d think she’d get over that. (CONTINUED) . Don studies her as her words linger. DON So she is good for something. Stop.

smoking and drinking. Don watches her. They connect silently for a while. Rachel faces Don but doesn’t see him. She heads for the powder room. KEN What’s he talking about? JOAN The Etruscan terracotta warriors. and Joan sit at the bar.53.000! This was back in 1918! My! JOAN PAUL Back when a dollar was a dollar! I can’t get over that. BETTY I think. I need to. he sits up.CHUMLEY’S . Rachel’s date gets up. CONTINUED: (3) DON Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you almost lose it. The MAITRE D’ is leading RACHEL MENKEN and an attractive YOUNG MAN to their table.NIGHT Peggy. I’ll be right back. (CONTINUED) . She catches sight of Don. Paul. GREENWICH VILLAGE . Betty’s eyes widen.. They sit. DON (CONT’D) You and the kids are all I’ve got. Fakes. Don stubs out his half-smoked cigarette. Ken. INT. looking around. Suddenly. PAUL Sold it to the Met for $40. Pete.. He lights a cigarette and smokes. Betty’s eyes tear up.

I hear you’re up for the Pampers account. you need another drink. Ken bumps Peggy’s shoulder. KEN Good start. JENNIFER Looks like a match made in heaven. Pegs. Salvatore guides Lina to the curb. EXT. Lina and Salvatore tumble out of the Village Gate. Pampers? PEGGY JOAN Disposable diapers. INT. PEGGY KEN Brand new product. if that’s the case.CHUMLEY’S . PEGGY I am having fun. PAUL Hey. GREENWICH VILLAGE STREET . SALVATORE I’ll hail you a cab. Wow.54.CONTINUOUS Harry. KEN Sweetheart. Harry and Jennifer watch.CONTINUOUS Paul sidles up to Peggy and Ken. (CONTINUED) . The women kiss each other’s cheek. Jennifer.NIGHT . CONTINUED: PETE You’d be surprised how many fakes there are. They’re tipsy. Now you have to work on actually having fun. I’m this close to nabbing the client. GREENWICH VILLAGE .

right? PAUL (CONT’D) What woman doesn’t? Flustered. KEN Come on. Peggy stands up. JOAN KEN --I’ll get the babes and you’ll get the babies. EXT. neglected by their husbands---You men. (to Peggy) You like babies. I just.. GREENWICH VILLAGE STREET .. Hey! KEN PEGGY PEGGY I have to go. PEGGY (CONT’D) . bored. (to Ken) A roomful of pretty young mothers.I need to go home. KEN Are you all right? PEGGY I’m fine. (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: PAUL Quite a coup. I’ll take you to your door. PAUL What got into her all of a sudden? KEN I’ll go check....And runs out.CONTINUOUS Peggy buttons up her jacket.. Ken follows after her. It’s getting late... Excuse me! . She brushes away the tears. Imagine the focus groups.55.

He stares at the sparkling Manhattan skyline.. GREENWICH VILLAGE BAR . BETTY Ooh. SALVATORE A Manhattan. DON’S CAR . Men in business suits and guys in leather jackets dance cheek to cheek.CONTINUOUS Peggy and Ken are on a Brooklyn-bound train as it rattles over the Manhattan Bridge. He lights a cigarette. please.CONTINUOUS Salvatore passes by a door and knocks. GREENWICH VILLAGE STREET . INT.CONTINUOUS Salvatore nurses a drink. I didn’t visit the other day. (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: He takes her elbow and leads her to the subway. I’m such a bad wife. A hidden. INT. EXT.CONTINUOUS Don is at the wheel. A VERY YOUNG MAN sits next to him. Content. They stop at a stoplight on the corner of Menken’s Department store.56. INT.. Betty looks out the car window. BETTY The city’s so beautiful at night. It opens and he enters. in a daze. SUBWAY CAR . She’s asleep. Betty dozes in the passenger seat. crowded bar. The reflection reveals a dance floor. DON You couldn’t be a better wife. Don draws her hand to his lips. what a beatiful dress on the window. looking into the mirror behind the bar. GREENWICH VILLAGE BAR . Peggy’s head falls on his shoulder.. INT. The BARTENDER tilts his chin at him. Don stares..

Sometimes I wish run away to a better place.. ladies! This is a raid! FADE TO BLACK. OLDER MAN Care to dance? Suddenly. the front door bursts open and POLICE swarm in. CONTINUED: YOUNG MAN Tough week... THE END . He opens a door and steps through. GREENWICH VILLAGE BAR . Bartender) the little boys’ room? The bartender motions to the back. ALLEY .. Men panic and try to scatter out. Tell me I could (to Where’s SALVATORE about it. SALVATORE Hey. huh? SALVATORE Just tired of putting on an act. Salvatore weaves his way in that direction. who looks for Salvatore to return. COP Pull up your panties. hey! Open up! Hey! He shrugs and walks down the alley to the street.Only to find he’s accidentally gone through the back exit by mistake. as police clubs rain on them.CONTINUOUS And OLDER MAN sidles up to the young man. INT. YOUNG MAN The masks we have to wear. He bangs on it. EXT.57. The door’s shut behind him.

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