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Rebate Management



AccurAte rebAtes
Customer rebates and promotions are the number one controllable overhead in many manufacturing and distribution companies. Rebates Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX reduces the administrative overhead of customer/ vendor rebate programs and ensures accurate rebates for entitled customers.

KeY beneFits
• Flexibility in rebate schemes. • Reduces administrative overhead. • Accurate rebate calculations.

Flexible rebAte schemes
Rebate Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX can be set up to apply to single customer/vendor and item or to a combination of customers/vendors and items. This offers you the flexibility to tailor your rebate programs whilst keeping administrative control.

• Reduced amount of claims and deductions.

minimum overheAd
The tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures that once the rebate calculations have been finalised an invoice or credit note can be printed and the rebate is posted into a standard Microsoft Dynamics AX journal. This drastically reduces the amount of un-reconciled claims and deductions and keeps your administrative overhead at a minimum.

• Ability to track rebates on net or gross purchases. purchases between date A and date B. • Posting rebates to the ledger. with tax included or excluded. track and record rebates on customer vendor(s) and item(s). rebates accrued. returns. • Rebates can be based on a percentage.Rebate Management 2 KeY FeAtures oF the rebAtes module • The ability to handle both customer and vendor rebates. Above: Item. . Customer / Vendor and Rebate Group Codes. • Assignment of rebate programs to a time period e. • Detailed rebate accrual report to reconcile to General Ledger.g. solution overview Rebates Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX and support the set up of flexible rebate schemes for items and customers/vendors. It is also possible to define Rebate Group codes which enable an additional level for reporting. Various rebate calculations methods are possible and rebate payments are posted in the ledger. • Assignment of multiple rebate programs to customer vendor(s) and item(s). • Allows set up of Rebate programs for any new or existing customer/vendor or item. rebAte GroupinG Rebate grouping codes may be defined for items and customers / vendors. The module features a number of rebate reports to reconcile rebate claims with the rebate entitlements. • Reporting on demand showing sales/purchases. • The ability to set up. • Printing a credit note or invoice for the rebate amount. • A rebate scheme can be copied to be used as a template for a similar new rebate scheme. rebates collected and account balances. This enables the setting of rebates to be managed at a group level. The screen below shows examples of these groups. fixed value or value per unit purchased or sold.

. The screen below shows a header for a Vendor rebate which. when it is calculated and posted will generate an invoice. Above: Vendor Rebate Header. This rebate applies to all vendors but only applies to a group of items. the method of calculation. the purchase or sales value from which this rebate applies and the rebate value to be applied. In the screen below a fixed rebate of $250 will apply when purchase invoice value is at least $5000 for items in rebate group ‘ig1’. Other calculation methods are that the rebate value applies per unit invoiced or is a percentage of the ‘level value’. It is valid for three years starting on 01/02/2008. The line specifies the item rebate group to which this rebate applies.Rebate Management 3 enterinG rebAte detAils Rebate details are created at two levels – header and line details. The screen to the right shows entry of the line details for the above header. Above: Vendor Rebate Lines.

rebAte cAlculAtion methods In the screen below the rebate selected on the header form is calculated as a percentage of the ‘level value’ as defined on the lines form. rebate values are calculated periodically by a ‘Generate rebate transactions’ function. Transactions attracting rebates can be displayed in detail or summary format. However. Above: Summary and Detail Transactions for a Customer Rebate.Rebate Management 4 rebAte cAlculAtion It is possible to calculate rebate values for a specific rebate from the header screen. . This might be used to test a rebate’s settings. The result is shown in the ‘Detailed transactions’ form and is calculated as ((Level value x Rebate value) / 100. after the rebate period has commenced and the rebate has become active.) Above: Percentage of the Level Value.

The result is shown in the ‘Detailed transactions’ form and is calculated as (Sales quantity x Rebate value). Above: Per Unit Quantity. rebAte pAYment When the rebate is payable. . an invoice or credit note is optionally produced and the transaction is posted to the ledger. This rebate is defined as ‘Cumulative’ on the header form so the rebate value accumulates both levels. Above: Rebate Posting. Note that in this example rebate lines are defined at two levels.Rebate Management 5 In the screen below the rebate selected on the header form is calculated on a per unit quantity basis as defined on the lines form.

. When the General Ledger journal is posted a transaction is recorded in open transactions for the Customer. Above: Customer Open Transactions include the Rebate Credit.Rebate Management 6 When the rebate above is posted a General Ledger journal is created as shown below. Above: General Ledger Journal for Customer Rebate.

There are two core reports available with selection criteria to manage the range of the report.Rebate Management 7 rebAte reports Reports from the rebate system are used to reconcile rebate claims with the rebate entitlements generated by the system. Above: Rebate Master Table. Above: Rebate Transactions. These reports are “Rebate Master Table” (Rebate Definitions) and Rebate Transactions. .

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