Historical analysis and detailed “cradle-to-grave” reporting

Aceyus 4.5 - Reporting

Aceyus 4.5 provides a simple, effective way to view and evaluate call detail records on the Cisco ICM and UCCE platforms. Aceyus 4.5 allows users with little to no knowledge of the database schema to enter a few parameters and quickly retrieve a Cradle-to-Grave or Call Detail Report showing every leg of the call as it happened, including what Service, Skill, Agent and Call Type handled the call, as well as a total duration and call variable breakdown. Aceyus 4.5 features four valuable query tools as well as a complete interval, daily, weekly and monthly reporting platform with an easy to use online report builder.

Support personnel will enjoy its troubleshooting capabilities, and business administrators can take advantage of its ability to quickly track down problem calls reported by their staff members or customers. Aceyus 4.5 saves valuable time in trouble resolution and day to day call analysis. Aceyus 4.5 also includes a complete Half Hour, Weekly and Monthly reporting platform that allows customers to create, edit, run and schedule summary reports directly from the web. With Aceyus 4.5, customers even have the ability to include information from custom data sources alongside their ICM and UCCE data.

Aceyus 4.5 - Reporting Tools / Features:
This tool provides the user with step-by-step instructions on how to easily find the calls they are looking for. Begin with the date and time parameters of when you think the call occurred, and continually choose from a list of possible sites, skills, services and other elements, entering as much information as you have available. If you are not entirely sure about all of your choices, select the “close match” option and let Aceyus 4.5 broaden the search. Once the list of potential call matches has been retrieved, the user can drill down on each call, pulling up the complete Cradle-to-Grave report for that call.

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When a particular area of interest is found. etc. and then specify the report style.5 can be customized to access data warehouse information and include other non-ICM data sources in the Call Detail Reports. Additional possibilities include links embedded in the Call Detail Report to call recordings from your audio recording solution. Users can select from an unlimited number of style sheets for a truly custom look and feel to the standard reports.5 is controlled by group management.5 to other non-ICM summarized data sources such as Aspect. giving you the ability to hide sensitive data from certain groups or users. 5 REPORT EDITOR Modify fields. Aceyus Contact Center Intelligence Follow us 888-2-ACEYUS www. Aceyus 4. groupings. or (optionally) PDF. and connect Aceyus 4. or simply left on the server for you to retrieve when you log in.aceyus. and more right on the web. ACCESS CONTROLS Access to the various tools within Aceyus 4. queues. column names. like other Aceyus tools.5 can provide complete caller experience reports and analysis by bringing all your data into one place. 2 QUICK QUERY With this simplified version of the query wizard.Reporting 2 3 4 5 Aceyus 4. These queries can be stored and run over and over again. and specify which agents. or other data tracked during the call routing and handling processes. an easy to use query interface is provided for Termination and Route Call Detail records. customer segmentation flags. looking at the volumes for particular periods of time.5 . 4 FULL QUERY For advanced users. can completely integrate with your Active Directory allowing all the password and group memberships to be managed via your Windows domain. However.5 Reporting Tools/Features cont. 6 REPORT VIEWER Select your report scope (Agent. The system even saves your last 15 ad hoc reports on the server so you never have to re-run a report you accidentally closed. XLS. allowing the creation of call detail queries that can be run directly from the web. Users will be able to access “cradle-to-grave” call reports that may include IVR prompt histories. Avaya CMS and many other custom reporting databases..Historical analysis and detailed “cradle-to-grave” reporting Aceyus 4. It also allows you to control which reports users are able to view or edit. Skill Group. You can specify which tools the user can access. that they can report on. etc. a running count at the bottom of the interface shows the number of calls that match the criteria selected. Quickly jump from queue to queue. which can be used to track items such as IVR exit states. 6 ADDITIONAL DATA SOURCES Aceyus 4. 3 DATA EXPLORER This tool provides the user with a series of drill down steps that browse the call detail data on the Cisco contact center platform at half hour intervals. Scheduling reports is simple. FTP. CTI desktop data elements. No need to install any additional software or log into the Cisco contact center platform to manage reports. Reports can be opened as HTML.5. CRM data and ACD call detail data that is not mapped to ICM through the standard PG process. column order. Add as many customized “scopes” as you want. agent to agent. the user can open the list of calls that match the current selection and select from the hyperlinks to the end-to-end call reports. Aceyus 4. users enter all the known data about a call into this single-form interface and are quickly provided with a list of matches.5 ARCHITECTURE ACEYUS ACEYUS VAULT ADDITIONAL FEATURES ACTIVE DIRECTORY INTEGRATION Aceyus 4. Call Type. and the resulting output can be delivered via email.5 includes connectivity to your primary Cisco historical data server (HDS). As the user increases the numbers of restrictions or parameters. time parameters (including a “shift report” capability). down to the level of which call variables are shown within the Call Detail Report. saving valuable minutes each time you need to access data. Data explorer even allows you to trend call volumes over half hour intervals based on custom defined call variables.com . etc). the object(s) to report on. ACEYUS 4.

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