Recollections of Gerald Finley Ballantine about his mother’s family The Lawrence side (Mother’s dad), I think Bob

has the family Bible. Anyway, they first settled in the “Neck” section of Philadelphia, later moving up to the Crescentville-Olney-Laivondale area. They then attended St. James Methodist church on Tabor road and I believe some are buried there. Some of them diverged from truck farming to brick yard operation, or, like the Tansey’s, to textiles. Our great grandmother Lawrence was a Tansey (Elizabeth). The Kelley side (Nana’s) I have some garbled information that great grandfather Kelly, Grandpop, born 18__, was the issue of William J. Kelley and Lucinda McFern, she may or may not have had the middle name of McDowell, at any rate, that was his middle name. He had a brother Phineas who is buried in a common grave in Abington together with his father; they succumbed to smallpox. He had four sisters – Elizabeth, Amanda, Martha, and Sarah. I don’t have any information on Elizabeth but Amanda married a man by the name of Pouff. Dad and I came to know a grandson Willard. He lived in the new development above Oxford Circle. – Martha married a McMillan and was mother to Jerome, who became president of the Southhampton Bank. Sarah never married and died before her mother. They are buried in the cemetery beside the 1st Baptist Church in Davisville, in the old [east] section; in front of the McFerns. (Nana spelled the name MacPherran.) Our cousin John Kelly wound up with the Kelly Bible. It is not known whether his wife, Jane, held onto it, or tossed it. One more item in re: Grandpop Kelley. He enlisted in the Army at the time of the Civil War. He was in Co. K, 138th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry (PPNS #253557). Later captured by the reb’s, I think he remained a prisoner till the end of the war. Far from shirking, he used every resource to try and supplement the family income, and those of us who remember his rheumatically crippled hands could not doubt this. Since I was seven when he died, I might be considered to have this recall. At this time (see Phineas) great-great grandfather William Kelley operated a farm, I gather he was a tenant farmer, at either 3rd of 9th street and Gerard. I favor the latter location since 3rd st was much closer to assimilation in the northern liberties as part of the city than 9th street. After this time, Grandpop’s mother had the responsibility of raising the remainder of their family. Martha lived in Ivyland, I still remember one time mother took Grandmom K up there to visit. She [Martha] apparently was face with the problem, as a widow, of raising a family.

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