See for the Washington Post contest to come up with funny alternative clues. Deadline is Feb. 4, 2013. ACROSS | This way AGELIMIT | Bar floor? ARE | Contemporary art ARROGATE | Claim without warrant ASSIST | Pitch in AVON | Bath water? BEBOP | Cool jazz alternative BET | It's something to see BOA | Stole from a stripper BOBBIN | Spinning spool CENTESIMAL | Like dollars and euros CHILIPEPPER | Scoville heat units characterize it CLANCY | "Search and Destroy" novelist DARE | Press one's luck DEFT | Clever DLO | USPS graveyard DRILLRIG | Deepwater Horizon, for one ELEVENSES | Midmorning tea with HobNobs ELI | "Inglourious Basterds" actor Roth ELLIS | "American Psycho" novelist ETOILE | Parisian star EXPENSES | What comes after them may come back to you FEN | Everglade FIRETRAP | It ought to be condemned FRAT | School house GAEL | Inverness indigene GEEZERS | Queer old ducks HARRIDANS | Hags and nags HELLHOLE | Inferno HOMEMADE | Like bathtub gin and zip guns INS | Entrées KIBBLE | Pet food pellet KIEV | Golda Meir's Russian birthplace LEANON | Pressure LENT | Quitting time?

LOGON | Prepare to surf, perhaps MITE | No big thing NEON | Gaseous element ODDS | Sports figures OFFPEAK | Not the busiest OTELLO | Opera by Rossini or Verdi OUI | "Absolument" PAVE | Cover a lot of ground? PEG | Hanger-on of sorts POTEEN | Illicit Irish whiskey PURPLEPROSE | Bulwer-Lytton's "It was a dark and stormy night ...," e.g. RAH | Spirited syllable REASONER | Logical thinker REED | Wind element RESTEDON | Overlaid REVSUP | Gets really excited REX | Curly-coated cat ROTO | Prefix for pipe cleaners SAVIOR | Delivery person SCUD | Run before the wind SERPENT | Treacherous type SET | Needing nothing SHATNER | He voiced Ozzie the opossum in "Over the Hedge" SHRUG | Give a "meh" response SIP | Pop test? SLEUTH | Mystery man? SPEECHES | Special deliveries STEPLIVELY | Hop to it STOP | Diapason or vox humana TEE | Airport terminal? TOES | They may be counted upon to complete a score TRIB | "Dewey Defeats Truman" paper, for short TROD | Beat a path TYPEC | Detail-oriented, perfectionist personality VILE | Execrable YOKEL | Sticks figure ZOOM | Go quickly

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