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Addendum No. 2


January 18, 2013

Proposal Number: BLZ1312 Proposal Title: Operation and Management Elm Fork Athletic Complex (EFAC) Proposal Due Date and Time: February 6, 2013 at 2:00 PM ACTION: Post Insurability Affidavit, post M/WBE listing, post EFAC Phase 1 map, post EFAC Projected Master Plan Phases 1 & 2, post pre-proposal attendance sheet, answer vendor questions (see page 2 below).

If there are any questions pertaining to this addendum, please contact Buyer: Sandy Baxter (214) 670-3446 desk (214) 670-4793 fax
Rev. 1 - 3/25/10 Doc#BDPS-FRM-115


Addendum VENDOR QUESTIONS: Question: Is the City already booking events for this venue? Response: The Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCVB) has entered into letters of intent for a few future event dates. The specific terms and fees of the venues have not been established. The Operator will be obligated to negotiate in good faith with the parties of these agreements. For specific information about letters of intent established to date, contact Monica Paul at DCVB at, 214/571-1057. Question: Are all areas in Phase 1 currently being constructed? Response: Yes, all areas in Phase 1 are currently under construction. Question: How many acres are contained in the wetland section of the project and can they be developed further? Response: There are 28 acres in the wetland section which must remain a natural wetland area. There are open areas throughout the complex that could accommodate additional development. Question: Will the championship fields be completed in Phase 2? Response: Phase 2 has been designed to include a championship field and spectator seating. After award of this contract the City intends to evaluate input from the Operator and incorporate those results into the final design. Funding and build dates for Phase 2 have not yet been established. Question: Is there a functional irrigation system? Response: Yes, the irrigation system will be functional, using potable water, upon opening. Question: Will the vendor be able to be provided a special water rate for potable water? Response: No, the vendor will pay the same rate the Park Department pays for potable water, the Dallas Water Utilities Ordinance Rate. Question: Does the City intend to buy the area northwest of this complex? Response: The City has considered purchase of a portion of the area northwest of the complex. The City does not currently own this property, nor have a contract for purchase at this time. Question: Does the City intend to buy available property in the vicinity of I-35? Response: The City had looked into this property but the cost was not attractive at that time. Question: Are there any plans to upgrade Walnut Hill Ln.? Response: Yes, Dallas County has plans to upgrade Walnut Hill Ln. up to the entrance to the complex in late spring or summer. The City has no plans to upgrade Walnut Hill Ln. Question: Is there an entrance/exit to the complex on Spangler Rd.? Response: Yes, there is an entrance/exit to Spangler Rd. making a total of two (2) entrance/exit accesses from the surrounding roadway system (the other on Walnut Hill Ln.). Question: There was no mention of baseball expansion in the specifications if additional land is purchased, will this be allowed?
Rev. 1 - 3/25/10 Doc#BDPS-FRM-115


Addendum Response: The Proposer can submit their intention to allow any field sport in their proposal. The Proposer is also free to purchase available land surrounding the Facility. Question: Will all fields be lighted? Response: Phase 1 includes lighting for the ten international-size fields. The City intends for all fields to be lighted within 6 to 10 years, but funding has not been established. Proposers may include installation of lighting as a capital improvement plan in their proposals. Question: Will the selected vendor be allowed to determine the use of the facility? Response: The City intends this to be a premier soccer facility, but other use will be allowed, with approval of the Department and in accordance with the specifications. Question: When will the selected vendor be announced? Response: The selected vendor will be announced after the required selection process is completed. No announcement date has been determined at this time. Question: Due to the expense and time devoted to this project by the selected vendor, will there be a possibility of amending the renewal options from 2 to 4 making it a 25 year maximum commitment? Response: Proposers may include a plan in their proposals that includes additional renewal option(s). Compliance with Revenue Procedure 97-13 will be a critical component of the City’s evaluation. Question: What happens at the end of the contract term? Response: The City will solicit proposals for the management and operation of the complex. Question: Where will the selected vendor locate meeting rooms, locker rooms, etc? Response: There are open areas throughout the complex that could accommodate additional development. Question: Are there plans for treed windbreaks? Response: Yes, trees will be planted and landscaping is included in the project. Question: Can the Termination for Convenience clause be removed from the contract? Response: The contract included with the RFP documents (Sample Contract – Concession Services.doc) is a sample intended to give Proposers an idea of standard contract terms. If the Proposer has any concerns regarding its ability or willingness to meet with any terms and conditions expressed in this RFP or in the attached sample contract, please include a statement that addresses the particular terms and any alternative language preferred by the Proposer (please see Section 3.3.C on page 15 of the Specifications). Question: What will happen to the naming rights if the contract is terminated for convenience? Response: The terms of the Operator’s contract with the City should be considered when drafting any contract on which it has an effect. Question: Will the complex have a lit jogging trail? If not, will the vendor be responsible for providing lighting to the trail? Response: Phase 1 includes a trail between the two pavilions adjacent to the park entry road that extends approximately two-thirds of the way around the central fields. The
Rev. 1 - 3/25/10 Doc#BDPS-FRM-115


Addendum central fields will be lit, the hiking trail will not. Proposers may include extension of trails, installation of lighting, etc. as capital improvement plan(s) in their proposals. Question: Is a playground area included in the complex? Response: Not in Phase 1. A playground area has been tentatively designed into Phase 2. Question: If the Phase 2 amenities are constructed during the contract term, will they also be managed by the selected Operator? Response: Yes, the entire Facility will be managed by the selected Operator. Question: Are diagrams for the complex available? Response: A diagram of Phase 1 (EFAC Phase1.pdf) and a projection of Phases 1 and 2 (EFAC ProjectedMasterPlan, Phases1&2.jpg) have been posted to the RFP documentation. Question: Is the City interested in a 380 or LGC for this complex? Response: The City has not considered this option. If this type of arrangement is proposed, the City will consider it at that time. Question: Is the City more interested in world class soccer verses multi-sport bookings? Response: The City intends this facility to be a world class soccer facility but acknowledges the Facility as a venue for other sports, as well. Question: What is the level of confidence that the fields will be ready for play on September 1, 2013? Response: The City is very confident that the fields will be ready for play by September 1, 2013. END

Rev. 1 - 3/25/10 Doc#BDPS-FRM-115


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