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Coming Out of the Closet

Now that Ive got your attention let me reassure some of the more shocked at the title of this blog that I am indeed sexually straight. But maybe there is something that we all need to look at and consider. Homosexual attraction is something that I can not fathom. Sexually oriented, I appreciate and am attracted to women. The better looking, and made up to appear sexually attractive, the more natural stimulus is present. That is simply the way it is at least in my experience. But sexuality is a reality we experience in our natural created state. It is part of our lower, carnal nature. It is the instinctive function of our animal/human nature. It is not without feeling or even cognitive energies, but is not the product or our higher nature as realized in the Spirit. Now, let me qualify this, because as we realize our Spiritual being and nature, I believe the union of two like minded Spiritual soul mates, joined in the giving of our bodies in sexual intimacy is akin to if not actually a sacrament reflecting and expressing our the true Spiritual union in Christ. As a created by-product of creation, sexuality is subject to the same weakness and defective realization as the rest of the entirety of creation. That imperfection may be realized in obsession with sexual interest (pornography), heterosexual lust (acted out or internalized), clinical perversion (at least as deemed so by the particular societies norms), or what ever other violation of standards are considered taboo. Our culture seems to tend to evaluate these diversities graded on a curve. Some are worse than others. While some are absolutely sick and warrant prolonged observation and quarantine of the perpetrator, others are merely the product the human animal and after all, boys will be boys. Generally, the less taboo, the natural attractions of the sexes, if things are handled discreetly, a sanctified dont ask, dont tell is the preferred and accepted modus operandi. Different churches, congregations and denominations deal with these violations of the sexual religious code differently. Some with rapid legalistic condemnation, censure to excommunication for any violation, others have adopted an absolute right to privacy protocol. I believe most of our churches have little idea of the lack of concern God places on sexual sins, as compared to what actually is the real Spiritual condition of the habitants of the created order. When you come right down to it, as regards sex, sexual whatever, as it is confined to and a fact of this creation and is not a realization of our Spiritual natures Sex dont count. In Christ, as I am in the Spirit, as He (and that is a generic He) is in me, I am neither male nor female. Whatever imperfection I may carry as a matter of my carnal nature, it will never be a part of my nature as I am in Christ. ALL sin in the flesh has been dealt with. Our problem is that we are trying to live out our Spiritual natures, as carnal human beings. It doesnt work that way. It will never work that way. Sure you can go on trying.

Enjoy the failure, the condemnation, if thats what really turns you on. But in Christ, in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the now, we will be as the Angels. And that means sexless. Now, dont get the idea that I am advocating some sort of antinomianism (the view that Christians are released by grace from the obligation of observing the moral law). But that Law is not our Law as we are in Christ. Laws as we live in society in Christ or out of Christ Spiritual or unspiritual laws serve to manage our horizontal relations with each other. But these laws, the constructions of carnal men (albeit potentially guided by divine grace, although subject to the same imperfection of creation), are not OUR law in Christ. There is a relation and subjected yielding that is a manifest quality of our being in Christ. It is not subject to the laws of creation as it is the manifest nature of the Father indwelling us, and surpasses the created finitudes as the divine is infinite. For many years, I have been a closet believer. I moved and functioned within the confines of traditional Evangelical and Fundamentalist organizations, and even tried to assume and assimilate their doctrine and dogma. And I was pretty good at it. But I knew I was different. It just wasnt such a comfortable fit. There was something different in me that was difficult to express and share with my religious peers. Than a few years back I was internally prompted, and moved to a freer situation. It was fine for a while, and I was able to stick my head out of the closet occasionally. Still, few understood, and the prevailing overall nature of the way things were across the board, was not really all that different than the other more conservative environments. Basically the same old stuff, with a little more sugar, and not a whole lot of foundation to encourage deeper Spiritual understanding. More than not, a lot of experimenting, hoping for the best. Then I realized, I wasnt going to find it in any one else, Or in any place else. It was already in me. And as I am willing to follow Him, in me, I can step completely out of the closet. Good Lord was it stuffy in there. Doctrine and dogma has had to take a subservient position to Him, but I can breathe now. And some of the doctrine, well, its turning out, it may not be all its cracked up to be. Classified Looking for more closet escapees I know youre out there.