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A Message from the Principal A Message from the Principal A Message from the Principal

AmerIcan phIIosopher and educaIIonaI reIormer

|ohn Dewey once saId, "LxperIence has shown IhaI
when chIIdren have a chance aI physIcaI acIIvIIIes
whIch brIng IheIr naIuraI ImpuIses InIo pIay, goIng
Io schooI Is a joy, managemenI Is Iess oI a burden,
and IearnIng Is easIer."

I share IhIs quoIaIIon as SaInI Mark LuIheran SchooI
has jusI concIuded IIs IIrsI ever snow day. II was an
exIremeIy Iun dose oI physIcaI acIIvIIy where Ihe
sIudenIs were abIe Io Iaugh and pIay as Ihey IroIIcked In Ihe HawaIIan snow.
ThIs specIaI day was a reward Ior coIIecIIng Ioys Ior Ihe SaIvaIIon Army and
Ior heIpIng promoIe our schooI on Iacebook.

BuI snow day was Iar more Ihan sImpIy a pIayIIme reward; II was an oppor
IunIIy Ior InquIry and new dIscovery. Many oI our sIudenIs had never seen
or pIayed In snow beIore IrIday and IheIr curIosIIy Iead Ihem Io ask IhoughI
IuI and probIng quesIIons whIch, In Iurn, resuIIed In many meanIngIuI con
versaIIons and new undersIandIngs.

Irom one Ieacher usIng Ihe snow day as an opporIunIIy Io expIaIn Ihe
scIence oI how snow Is Iormed In Ihe cIouds Io anoIher Ieacher havIng Ihe
sIudenIs wrIIe HaIku's depIcIIng IheIr snow day memorIes, II was a unIque
educaIIonaI experIence IhaI sIudenIs wIII Iong remember. And perhaps besI
oI aII, II was a day IhaI heIped IosIer an envIronmenI where as Dewey puI II,
"goIng Io schooI Is a joy" and "IearnIng Is easIer." I Ieave you wIIh Iour beau
IIIuI HaIku's Irom our IhIrd grade sIudenIs:

I ut n :no\nnn Mnng n :no\nnn
Iu:Ing tIougI tIc \Itc, cod :no\ 5dng do\n n :no\ I n:t
TIc :no\ \ nct n:t No\ \:Ing o :ng

It doc:n't :no\ Icc TIc \Itc o\c cn\c:
Ioc:n't :no\ n Hn\n I)ng n tIc n on tIc tcc:
To\ t : :no\ng u:t nto cod :no\
8oi n| Mor k lu| ber on 8cbooI !onuor y 2018
koneobe, Howoi i
DaIes Io Remember

|anuary 31- lebruary 1:
LuIheran Teachers' ConIerence
No SchooI

lebruary 5: MIdQuarIer Re
porIs go home wIIh sIudenIs

lebruary 5: PTC MeeIIng aI
S:30 p.m.

lebruary 9: PTC Rummage
SaIe 9:00 a.m.

lebruary 13: Ash Wednesday
LenI BegIns

lebruary 15: SprIng IamIIy
NIghI aI Ice PaIace aI 6:00 p.m.

lebruary 17: K2 sIng aI Ihe
9:30 a.m. church servIce

lebruary 18: PresIdenIs' Day
No SchooI

lebruary 19-22: SchoIasIIc
Book IaIr

lebruary 20: "CeI AcIIve" Ior
SaInI Mark PoIIuck

lebruary 26: ReenroIImenI
conIracIs due Io oIIIce

March 2: AII LuIheran SchooIs'
MusIc IesIIvaI 7:00 p.m.

March 12: PTC meeIIng aI S:30

March 11-15 SpIrII Week

March 15: Lnd oI 3rd QuarIer

March 18 - April 1: SprIng
Break No SchooI

April 1: LasIer Monday No

April 2: SchooI Resumes
KS ReporI Cards go home
wIIh sIudenIs
Get Active & Support SMLS
SaInI Mark Is happy Io agaIn be parIIcIpaIIng In "GeI AcIive" - a
push Io geI sIudenIs movIng and physIcaIIy acIIve. The sIudenIs
are beIng asked Io promoIe physIcaI acIIvIIy and coIIecI donaIIons
In supporI oI SaInI Mark aIhIeIIcs. MonIes coIIecIed wIII go Iowards
Ihe purchase oI new P.L. equIpmenI, recess baIIs, aIhIeIIc equIp
menI and IraveI, eIc.

Our "CeI AcIIve" hour wIII be heId on Wednesday, lebruary 20
lrom 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. and wIII be IoIIowed by Ihe annuaI aII
schooI poIluck lunch. We are askIng IhaI each IamIIy provIde one
smaII Iood dIsh IhaI wIII Ieed 4S sIudenIs.

Sponsor pIedge Iorms and monIes are due by lriday, lebruary 8.
Warrior News Warrior News Warrior News
5unt Murk Luthcrun 5chooI cxtcnds thc Iovc und curc o] ]csus Chrst to uII pcopIc, whIc nurturng ]umIcs
und prcpurng studcnts to ntcgrutc ]uth wth I]c, through quuIt) Chrst-ccntcrcd cducuton.

KindergarIen: The kIndergarIners
were happy Io see each oIher In Ihe
new year. They made "IIreworks"
and New
Year's reso
IuIIons and
are busy
makIng snow
pIcIures and
I e a r n I n g
abouI Ihe
season oI
wInIer. They
are cuImInaI
Ing a sIudy
oI LIIe on
Ihe CoraI
ReeI by a
docenIguIded vIsII Io Ihe aquarIum.
We ceIebraIed Ihe 100Ih day oI
schooI and aIso Iearned abouI
MarIIn LuIher KIng |r. and hIs pIea
Ior everyone Io be IreaIed wIIh
respecI. BuI IheIr IavorIIe acIIvIIy
was WheeI Week rIdIng aII week
Iong In Ihe parkIng IoI. So much
Iun In jusI 3 weeks.
lirsI Grade: The IIrsI grade enjoyed
ceIebraIIng Ihe 100
day oI schooI!
We made gIasses and oIher Iun ac
IIvIIIes. We aIso
shared our 100
coIIecIIons wIIh Ihe
cIass and enjoyed a
specIaI snack oI 100
IhIngs. We worked
hard Io prepare Ior
our AII SchooI ChapeI
where Ihe IIrsI grad
ers Ied In worshIp,
read scrIpIure, and
prayed In sIgn Ian
guage The Lord's
Prayer. We dId an
amazIng job! Now we
are IearnIng abouI nonIIvIng and
IIvIng IhIngs. We are usIng IhIs as a
sprIng board Io begIn our unII on
anImaIs and IheIr habIIaIs. We wIII
be vIsIIIng Ihe HonoIuIu Zoo nexI
week Io geI a handson experIence.

Second Grade: The second graders
had a specIacuIar wInIer break wIIh
IheIr IamIIIes and reIurned Io schooI
ready Io work hard and Iearn! ThIs
monIh Ihey have been IearnIng
abouI a greaI AmerIcan hero, Dr.
MarIIn LuIher KIng, |r. They read
IoIs oI bIographIes and Iearned
many InIeresIIng IacIs abouI IhIs
peaceIuI and IearIess Ieader. DId
you know IhaI when Dr. KIng was
awarded Ihe NobeI Peace prIze he
was onIy 3S7 The second graders
had Iun wrIIIng abouI Dr. KIng,
IhInkIng abouI IheIr own dreams Ior
our worId, and doIng Iun arI acIIvI
IIes. The second graders aIso had
an excIIIng 100
day oI schooI!

Classroom News Classroom News Classroom News Kindergarten through Second Grade Kindergarten through Second Grade Kindergarten through Second Grade
neIghbor, cIeanIng up IIIIer aIong
Ihe hIghway, voIunIeerIng aI SaInI
Mark's Iood
Bank, pray
Ing, heIpIng
IamIIy mem
bers, beIng
paIIenI wIIh oIhers, wrappIng pre
senIs aI Ihe maII, coachIng a broIh
lilIh Grade: SInce ChrIsImas Is reaI
Iy abouI Ihe bIrIh oI |esus, our IIIIh
graders wanIed Io gIve
a gIII or do someIhIng
specIaI Io honor HIm
over Ihe hoIIdays. TheIr
acIIons IncIuded donaI
Ing cIoIhes Io CoodwIII, babysIIIIng
Ior Iree, sharIng oranges wIIh a
er's IbaII Ieam, sharIng ChrIsImas
dInner wIIh Iwo MarInes, and even
heIpIng paInI Ihe In: o C)dc shIp
Io resIore II. How greaI II Is IhaI
Ihese sIudenIs couId spread |esus'
Iove Io oIhers In so many ways!

Classroom News Classroom News Classroom News Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade
loo 2 Worrlor Nows
Classroom News Classroom News Classroom News Third & Fourth Grade Third & Fourth Grade Third & Fourth Grade
pecIed In reIeIIIng a sIory. We have
been workIng on IncIudIng organI
zaIIon In our
wrIIIng and have
compIeIed Iwo
wrIIIngs aI IhIs
poInI In Ihe new
quarIer. We wIII
be sIarIIng on a
s p e c I a I
"PresIdenIs' Day"
projecI IhaI wIII
requIre Ihe sIu
denIs Io do re
search and pre
senI boIh a wrII
Ien and oraI re
porI on a presI
denI IhaI Ihey wIII choose "ouI oI
Ihe haI." I am excIIed IhaI Ihe sIu
denIs In Ihe IhIrd grade have been
readIng bIographIes and severaI non
IIcIIon books as IheIr A.R. seIec
IIons. They are becomIng such greaI
lourIh Grade: The IourIh graders
are IearnIng more abouI Ihe pIanIs
and anImaIs we have here In Ha
waI'I. We have been busy cIassIIyIng
Ihem as NaIIve LndemIc, NaIIve In
dIgenous, or InIroduced specIes Io
Ihe IsIands usIng Ihe IPads. They
wIII soon sIarI a research projecI
IocusIng on one oI Ihese specIes.
Third Grade: The IhIrd grade Is
busy workIng on muIIIpIIcaIIon
IacIs. We have
been sIudyIng
abouI Ihe earIy
seIIIemenI oI
|amesIown and
how ImporIanI
Ihe consIIIuIIon
was Ior Ihe coIo
nIes Io be seII
governIng. We
have been work
Ing on oraI reIeII
Ings oI sIorIes we
have read Io
check Ior com
prehensIon and
wIII be movIng Io wrIIIen reIeIIIngs
when we are cIear on whaI Is ex
" Ho\ gcnt t : tInt tIc:c :tudcnt:
coud :cnd ]c:u:': o\c to otIc:
n :o nnn) \n):!
Grudc 3 studcnts coIIuborutng on u
rcccnt muth ussgnmcnt
Kndcrgurtcn studcnts cxctcdI)
cn]o)ng snow du)
Grudc 2 studcnts thrIIcd to bc
zoomng down thc snow hII
Classroom News Classroom News Classroom News Junior High Junior High Junior High
loo 3
Mrs. HanIel's News:
II's a MIracIe! The sevenIh grade
bible sIudenIs are IearnIng abouI
Ihe many mIracIes |esus per
Iormed. More ImporIanIIy, Ihey are
IearnIng \I) He perIormed Ihese

"When wIII I ever use IhIs7!7!" SixIh
Ihrough eighIh maIh sIudenIs are
doIng handson IearnIng dIscover
Ing how maIh Is used In Ihe reaI
worId. ThIs wIII IncIude measurIng
IaII Irees, cookIng and much more.

In sevenIh and eighIh grade social
sIudies II's research IIme! SIudenIs
are begInnIng Ihe process oI wrII
Ing a IormaI research paper. They
wIII Iearn how Io pIck IopIcs, do
research, organIze IheIr work, and
wrIIe In a IormaI way. SevenIh
graders have each chosen a coun
Iry Io research; eighIh graders a
conIroversIaI IIme In AmerIcan hIs
Iory and II Ihey IhInk Ihe UnIIed
SIaIes Iook Ihe proper acIIon. ThIs
wIII Iake Iwo quarIers Io compIeIe

Miss Maddick's News:
We are ceIebraIIng Ihe new year
wIIh new chaIIenges! SixIh Ihrough
eighIh grade language arIs cIasses
are breakIng InIo Ihemed readIng
groups. TopIcs IncIude worId hIsIo
ry, specIaI needs and dIsabIIIIIes
and WWII. They wIII be preparIng
Ior group meeIIngs and IeadIng

SixIh grade world hisIory Is enjoy
Ing Ihe spIendor oI Ihe Roman Lm
pIre. We wIII be IookIng aI Ihe be
gInnIng oI IsIam and MusIIm con
quesIs. II Is ImporIanI Io under
sIand Ihe hIsIory oI Ihe MIddIe LasI
Io shed IIghI on evenIs Ioday.

The sevenIh grade communica-
Iions cIass Is workIng on demon
sIraIIon speeches, showIng us how
Io do someIhIng IhaI InIeresIs
Ihem. EighIh grade wIII be creaIIng
PassIon pIays IhaI we wIII be shar
Ing In chapeI aIIer LasIer.

EighIh grade Bible Is dIscussIng
Ihe power oI Ihe CospeI In wIIness
Ing. We are aIso IakIng a cIoser Iook
aI TIc 5 Io\c Inngungc: o 5ngc:
by Cary Chapman, usIng II as a Iop
IcaI BIbIe sIudy Io Improve our reIa
IIonshIps wIIh Cod and oIher peo
pIe In our IIves.

Mrs. PeIerson's News:
SixIh grade Bible Is sIudyIng PauI's
IeIIers and journeys and Ihe an
cIenI Iowns he vIsIIed and wroIe
Io. ThIs gIves sIudenIs a beIIer
undersIandIng oI why he worked so
hard Io buIId churches and encour
age ChrIsIIanIIy. We are IIIusIraIIng
PauI's maIn Ideas by creaIIng a
graphIc noveI and workIng on anI

SixIh grade science Is sIudyIng soII
composIIIon and IormaIIon. They
wIII be doIng Iabs sIudyIng Ihe Io
caI soII here aI schooI, especIaIIy In
our garden. They wIII aIso do engI
neerIng Iabs Io desIgn damns and
oIher sIrucIures. We wIII be read
Ing a bII oI Out o tIc Iu:t Io heIp
In our sIudIes.
SevenIh grade maIh and eighIh
grade pre-algebra cIasses are Io
cusIng on percenIages and raIes
and IearnIng how Ihese skIIIs appIy
Io IheIr own IIves. They wIII be Io
cusIng on IesI grades, sporIs scores
and sIaIs, and bank accounIs.

SevenIh grade science class jusI
wrapped up a unII on geneIIcs, and
Is IearnIng how IhIs correIaIes wIIh
geneIIc IraIIs and dIsorders. They
wIII be doIng Iabs and research on
advanced geneIIcs and wIII even be
exIracIIng IheIr own DNA!

EighIh grade science conIInues
IheIr unII on chemIsIry. They are
IocusIng on conservaIIon oI mass
and baIancIng equaIIons, wIIh Iabs
demonsIraIIng Ihe Iour dIIIerenI
Iypes oI reacIIons. SIudenIs wIII
aIso be workIng on acIds and bases
and anaIyzIng Ihe soII In Ihe schooI
garden Io check Ior pH and oIher
chemIcaI IacIors.

Miss Morris' News:
In P.E. we wIII be sIarIIng soccer!
Lveryone had a greaI IIme wIIh bas
keIbaII, buI II Is now IIme Io move
on and work on our soccer skIIIs.

|unior high shouId save Ihe daIe!
30 Hour IamIne LockIn Is happen
Ing on Iebruary 2223. CeI ready
Io have Iun, serve Ihe communIIy,
and raIse awareness abouI hunger
and poverIy In AIrIca. More InIor
maIIon comIng soon.
Junior High Awards Junior High Awards Junior High Awards
Honor Roll
(CAP 3.0-3.7S)
Ienua AIu
KuuIeI Aona
Noah Craham
MIrIam Ha
Kara IwamoIoSkeIIon
Amy WarrIngIon
AIexIs ChangTakayama
SeIh DenIs
ChrIsIIan Iee
|oshua ConzaIez
KaIhryn |ohnson
KaIIIyn KaImIkaua
KaInoa KawaInuI
KeeII Manguso
ManaIa Moe
Beau Munoz
Kanoe RaIIedge
KaIana RosaCrace
Makoa Sanchez
MIkayIa AkI
KaInanI BradIey
AmIee CIark
IsaIah Craham
AIIIson Munoz
Lauryn OhaI
|ackson WadsworIh
|ohannah WIIIord
Mareko WoIcoII
KaImI Won

Principal's Award
(Improved CPA by 0.3)
Bronson Buck
KaIhryn |ohnson
KaIIIyn KaImIkaua
KeeII Manguso
ManaIa Moe
Principal's LisI
(CPA 3.7S-4.0)
|oshua HIIperI
KaIhryn Koopman
Sage Iona
KaIa KahapeaAquIno
Rhys KaIama
MeIIa Manu
|ohn RIce
TrIsIan ScharIensIeIn
|usIIn TanIguchI
Koby Tengan
AuahI AIu
KIana Lo
MarIIne MaranIz
RIsa McCregor
DavId Murray
SamanIha NavarreIe
Zachary OsIrander
Kanoe RaIIedge
KaIana RosaCrace
AuahI AIu
|ackson WadsworIh

Ienua AIu
KuuIeI Aona
MIrIam Ha
|oshua HIIperI
Kara IwamoIoSkeIIon
KaIy Koopman
Amy WarrIngIon
AIexIs ChangTakayama
Sage Iona
KaIa KahapeaAquIno
KaInoa KawaInuI
MeIIa Manu
ManaIa Moe
Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) News Flash News Flash News Flash

The PTC encourages everyone Io save IheIr IIems Ior Ihe Rummage SaIe!

PIease joIn us aI Ihe nexI PTC Rummage SaIe PIannIng meeIIng on

Tuesday, lebruary 5 aI 5:30 p.m.
Athletics Athletics Athletics
PIease remember IhaI Ihere wIII be no school on Thursday,
|anuary 31 and lriday, |anuary 1. The IacuIIy wIII be busy
aIIendIng Ihe annuaI LuIheran LducaIors' ConIerence.
coIIecIed and conIInue Io coIIecI
Ihose smaII IIIIIe box Iops. We
conIInue Io coIIecI Ihem aII year
round. Thank you!
December chapel ollerings wenI
Iowards makIng ChrIsImas merrI
er Ihrough Ihe SaIvaIIon Army and
IamIIy PromIse programs. We
raIsed S380 In cash and IoIs oI
wonderIuI ChrIsImas packages.

The response Io our Iebruary
chapeI oIIerIngs has been wonder
IuI! We've aIready coIIecIed over
S300 Ior Pennies lor PaIienIs!
The SaInI Mark ParenI Teacher
CommIIIee (PTC) Is sponsorIng
IheIr Spring Rummage Sale on
SaIurday, lebruary 9 begInnIng aI
9:00 a.m.
PIease make
pIans Io
supporI Ihe
saIe wIIh
boIh dona
IIons and

IrIday, Iebruary 1S Is lamily
NighI aI Ihe lce Palace! Lveryone
Is weIcome Io joIn us Ior skaIIng,
IeIIowshIp, and Iun. A specIaI
dIscounI raIe oI S8.S0 wIII be gIv
en Io aII skaIers. Come and joIn
Ihe SaInI Mark ohana begInnIng aI
6:00 p.m. A specIaI reservaIIon
Iorm wIII be senI home.

WIIh your heIp we receIved money
Irom Box Tops lor EducaIion! A
bIg mahaIo goes Io Mrs. Gonzalez
and Mrs. Cameline Ior IheIr con
IInued work organIzIng IhIs Iund
raIser and Io aII oI you who have
Remember Io check our schooI
websIIe, Iacebook Page, and Ieach
er websIIes. The sIudenI phoIos
are changed IrequenIIy and we'd
haIe Ior you Io mIss seeIng your
cuIe kIds!
This & That This & That This & That
VarsIIy baskeIbaII Ior boys and gIrIs has
sIarIed. They have been pracIIcIng hard and
are now ready Io puI aII Ihey Iearned under
Coach Lau Io Ihe IesI as Ihey sIarI IheIr sea
son. Come ouI and cheer Ihem on as we
Iook Iorward Io excIIIng games. TheIr sched
uIe can be Iound on Ihe schooI websIIe.
Please be sure Io check ouI SainI
Mark on lacebook and TwiIIer
|ohn RIce
KaIana RosaCrace
Makoa Sanchez
|usIIn TanIguchI
Koby Tengan
MIkayIa AkI
RIsa McCregor
MarIIne MaranIz
AIIIson Munoz
SamanaIha NavarreIe
Lauryn OhaI
|ohannah WIIIord
KaImI Won

Keep up Ihe
GreaI Work!!
Awards (cont.) Awards (cont.) Awards (cont.)
Reminder Reminder Reminder No School No School No School
Thc ]r hgh studcnts who curncd
spots on thc 2nd quurtcr
prncpuI's Ist