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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 24, 2013 20 Million Minds Foundation

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20 Million Minds President Dean Florez Praises Governor Brown for Focus on Investing in Higher Education During State of the State Address
Sacramento, Calif. following Governor Jerry Browns 2013 State of the State Address this morning, Dean Florez, former Senate Majority Leader and President and CEO of the 20 Million Minds Foundation, released the following statement in response to the Governors commitment to keeping student tuition low, finding new and innovative ways to improve access to underserved populations, and investing in online programs in higher education. His vision of higher education as a vital investment, holding the line on tuition increases and recognizing mounting pressure faced by students and families as they attempt to pursue degrees, illustrates the Governors unwavering commitment to Californias students, said Florez. The mood today was much more optimistic than in recent years. Especially following recent, successful meetings with the UC Board of Regents and the CSU Board of Trustees, in which Brown challenged them to pursue and advance accessible, yet affordable online education options. In doing so, Governor Brown is creating a solid foundation for future growth and pushing for advances in education like his father, Governor Pat Brown, who 50 years ago created Californias world-class, three-tiered higher education system with the Master Plan for Higher Education. Governor Jerry Brown emphasized that thoughtful change, working with the faculty and the college presidents would be key steps moving forward not unlike the Foundations recent work during the Re:Booting California Higher Education symposium that brought together state, higher education, and ed-tech leaders from across the nation. At 20 Million Minds, we are committed to facilitating and creating partnerships and collaboration between faculty, staff, students, and local businesses, Florez further iterated. The dedicated online program funds proposed by Brown in his January Budget ($10 million dollars each to the California State University and University of California, along with $16 million to the California Community Colleges) will go a long way to ensuring that California advances on this path of economic recovery and continues to lead the nation and the world in innovative, sustainable, technologically sophisticated practices. 20 Million Minds is a non-profit organization dedicated to greatly reducing textbook costs. The foundation is currently leveraging leading-edge technologies to create more affordable, engaging, and effective educational materials for college students throughout the nation. Visit Twitter:

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