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Septuagesima (1885)

Work of Christians in the kingdom of God is not in vain, but has the promise of a glorious reward of grace.1 But God does not want that His Christians work for the sake of wages, that they are obsessed with wages. The wage-addicted worker; 1. who are they? a. these are not the believers who serve God in childlike spirit, and are thankfully happy for the promised wage, and with Moses "consider the reward" in order to learn to despise all the more the riches of this world and to encourage themselves to a greater earnestness and zeal in the works of the Lord; but always are mindful that nothing but grace applies in the kingdom of God, to recognize that it is grace, that they are called, that they work, that they receive a wage and always praise this grace2; b. Rather, these are those who forget that nothing applies before God for grace and favor, they have high thoughts of themselves and their work, they work as servants only for the sake of wages, are satisfied when they have done the external work, even with reluctance3, they regard God as their debtor, rebel against others who console themselves only in the free grace of God.4 2. how miserable are they? a. "take what is yours"; they have received their wage, obtain it in this world5; b. "go away"; they have no part in the kingdom of grace who have despised it, and are excluded from the kingdom of heaven, in which eternal grace is extolled6, they are the last.7 G.

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