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Friday, January 25, 2013


New technology helping coaches streamline work

restling may be the worlds oldest sport, but its not impervious to changes due to technology. Of course, all of those types of amendments are off the mats, and they play more of an auxiliary role to the sport rather than increasing takedowns and pin times. In fact, the internet has completely changed the way teams and wrestlers monitor weight loss as well as creating an infinite database of information on opponents. While high school coaches are now responsible for significantly more work away from the wrestling room, the changes certainly come with plenty of advantages. I just have to click some buttons and now all the district seeds go in, Millville coach Scott Stay said. It calculates all the points for you. The night before I go to the district seeding meeting, I can go and see where everyone is going to be. Stay is referring to the National Wrestling Coaches Association Scorebook. The website,, is updated by coaches throughout the season and the results are logged automatically. From the system, seeding for tournaments can be determined instantly. The site also provides an easy scouting tool for coaches since entire lineups for teams are just a mouse click away, complete with records and bout scores. (Before) I bought every newspaper in South Jersey, Stay said. And wed cut out the box scores, we photocopied them and we had a page for every team in Region 7 and 8. Thats how we did it. I dont know how other schools did it. We called it our little black book. Now, instead of compiling results, coaches can just print out updated lineups and then try to map out that nights chess match. All of that information,

1. Camden Catholic 2. Delsea 3. Shawnee 4. Timber Creek 5. Clearview 6. Paulsboro 7. St. Augustine 8. Millville 9. Clayton 10. Buena 11. Cherokee 12. Collingswood 13. Cinnaminson 14. Northern Burlington 15. Washington Twp.

10-3 16-2 14-0 11-6 16-4 10-2 10-5 14-2 14-1 10-0 12-3 16-4 9-1 6-0 9-8

The New Jersey Wrestling Writers Association Statewide Top 20. First place votes in parenthesis follow by total points. 1. S. Plainfield (20-0) (17) 340 Last week: (1) 2. Bound Brook (15-1) 313 (2) 3. Berg. Catholic (12-1) 306 (3) 4. Toms River S. (15-2) 287 (5) 5. Brick Mem. (15-2) 269 (6) 6. St. Peters Prep (7-3) 252 (7) 7. Hunterdon Central (10-0) 216 (20) 8. Phillipsburg (6-1) 198 (4) 9. Delbarton (9-2) 197 (8) 10. Southern (6-4) 182 (10) 11. Kittatinny (14-1) 175 (11) 12. Jackson Mem. (10-5) 140 (12) 13. High Point (11-4) 130 (13) 14. Camden Catholic (9-3) 125 (9) 15. Howell (18-1) 111 (14) 16. Delsea (16-2) 75 (17) 17. Voorhees (14-2) 47 (NR) 18. Long Branch (7-2) 39 (18) 19. Don Bosco (8-4) 31 (19) 20. Shawnee (14-0) 28 (NR) Others receiving votes: North Hunterdon 24, Warren Hills 21, Hopewell Valley 4, Watchung Hills 4, Timber Creek 2, Delaware Valley 1.

*Records through Wednesday.

1. Patrick DArcy, Holy Spirit 2. Tyler McBride, Camden Catholic 3. Ferdinand Mase, Eastern 4. Louis Arensberg, Audubon 5. Griffin Bonner, West Deptford 23-3 15-6 20-0 18-3 15-1

Points are awarded to teams in descending order with 20 points going to the No. 1 team and one point to No. 20.

Millvillle coach Scott Stay works on a website that helps log his wrestlers records, weight classes and helps set up seeding for districts. STAFF PHOTO/CODY GLENN
1. John Amato, Timber Creek 2. Jake Forsman, Eastern 3. Zach Firestone, Clearview 4. Ronray Harris, Middle Township 5. Mike Van Horn, Washington Twp. 20-1 20-2 22-1 7-1 21-4

Tom Carney, Delsea Josh Pineda, Vineland Hector Marrero, Cumberland Reid White, St. Augustine 14-9 11-2 9-6 6-2 15-5 14-8 11-6 10-5 12-9 6-6

which is valuable to coaches, wrestlers, college scouts and the media, is a positive byproduct of what was formed as an attempt to increase the safety of wrestlers cutting weight. Initially, the system was a way to enter in the actual weight for each wrestler following every weigh-in. A system was necessary after the NJSIAA implemented the hydration testing and descent plans, which allowed wrestlers to only lose a certain amount of weight over a period of time. To properly monitor the weight loss, coaches entered all the information into the computer system. The system was first used in 2006, but became

(Before) I bought every newspaper in South Jersey, and wed cut out the box scores, we photocopied them and we had a page for every team in Region 7 and 8.
Millville wrestling coach

mandatory in 2007. Coaches who cried foul at the onset have been treated to gradual improvements to the to the system over time. Its definitely gotten better and more streamlined, Stay said. But the process still requires time to complete, time some head coaches dont always have. I usually dont have time in the day to sit behind a computer, period, St. Augustine coach Bill Ward said. Most head coaches assign an assistant coach to handle most, if not all, of

the paperwork duties. For the Prep, its assistant Adam Shepperd, who is the only one of the three men in the Hermits corner who work in the school. Its not basketball, where you just call in the score, Ward said. Each kid, you have to enter their (individual bout) score. Its certification, the weigh-in sheet has to be done also. You have to put the weight in after the match into the system to do it the right way. And while some might say the extra work takes away from the time coaches can spend in the room instructing, most agree the load isnt that bad. Its just time-consuming, Ward said. Just like any kind of paperwork, as long as you keep up on it, its not that bad.
Patrick Buganski covers high school wrestling for The Daily Journal. Contact him at (856) 563-5255 or

1. John Gentile, Paulsboro 2. Tom Gattinella, St. Augustine 3. Marcus Miraglia, Delran 4. Zach Valcarce, Lower Cape May 5. Tyler Kaminski, West Deptford 20-3 19-3 18-1 17-5 16-3

Zach Goranson, Millville Collin Donahue, St. Augustine Joham Garcia, Millville Andrew DiJoseph, Cumberland Luis Rivera, Buena Leonard Leyva, Vineland

1. Billy Ward, Buena 2. Sam Morina, Paulsboro 3. Collin Mitchell, Eastern 4. Anthony Racobaldo, Williamstown 5. Dylan LaPalomento, Washington Twp. 17-3 20-4 9-1 19-2 21-2

Tom Gattinella, St. Augustine Sal Marandino, Buena Danny DeTetta, Vineland 19-3 14-6 13-8 16-3 16-6 15-7 11-9

1. Isiah DeGuzman, Timber Creek 2. Juan Rivera, Paulsboro 3. Joe Lemerise, Cherokee 4. Steve Passarella, Washington Twp. 5. Justin McTamney, Bordentown 19-4 17-5 17-0 8-0 14-2

Billy Ward, Buena John Gallo, Schalick Ed Donahue, St. Augustine Chad Kahn, Millville

John Pierson, Delsea Newt Richardson, Schalick Chaz Bramble, Buena Jarred Hodges, St. Augustine 19-4 15-3 15-5 15-6 20-2 19-3 11-1 11-10 9-8 15-2 18-5 9-5 5-4 21-4 19-3 14-7 13-7 20-5 12-7 10-7 6-6 22-0 19-2 18-2 17-8 16-6 10-9

1. Brandon Keller, Timber Creek 2. Ron Gentile, Paulsboro 3. John Van Brill, Clearview 4. Sean Pryzbylkowski, New Egypt 5. Brennan Humphrey, Shawnee 13-2 18-1 23-0 19-2 20-1

Keith Mahoney, Millville Rian Lamanteer, Delsea Jarett Pierotti, Buena Tayron Davis, Vineland Nick Clark, St. Augustine

1. T.J. Miller, Camden Catholic 2. Maaziah Bethea, Trenton Central 3. Dillan Berghof, Buena 4. Branden Virgilio, Timber Creek 5. Patrick McCurdy, Woodstown 18-2 15-1 16-2 13-2 20-1

Dillan Berghof, Buena Deon Henry, Schalick Dom DeMarco, Delsea Dylan Recinto, Delsea

1. Chad Walsh, Camden Catholic 2. Wayne Stinson, No. Burlington 3. Ed Lenkowski, Clearview 4. Dom Ruggerio, Timber Creek 5. John Hennelly, Delsea 20-1 18-3 23-0 18-2 21-4

John Hennelly, Delsea Rico Rivera, Millville Dylan Manno, Schalick Jose Tabora, St. Augustine

St. Augustine Prep senior Tyler Sentman is enjoying a nice senior year so far. The 170-pounder is 19-2 and a captain on a Hermits team that hasnt lost in New Jersey yet, is eying a Cape-Atlantic League American Conference title and a chance to wrestle for a Non-Public A state title. Sentman, who is also a standout student at the Prep, recently spoke with The Mat Pack about his season, his goals and other things surrounding the team. QUESTION: What is the pressure like on you with the individual and team goals you have? ANSWER: I try not to really think about it. I want to try to put the team first and reach our team goals, to win a team state title. But then after our team goals are done with, Ill focus on my individual goals, which is making states and placing in states. Q: Does anything change for you when the season switches from the team season to the individual season? A: Its just more of a mindset, I dont really change anything. Q: You want to wrestle in college, why? A: Its just something Ive done since I was little. Q: What are your thoughts on first-year head coach Bill Ward? A: I like him. Practices are a lot different, but the whole team is in shape, and were not getting tired at the end of matches, and were just working hard every day. Everyone is buying into every-

18-2 23-0 14-3 17-2 17-0 David Gresk, Delsea Carl Hitzelberger, Schalick Jose Soto, Millville Kris Albert, Buena


1. Bryce Shade, Timber Creek 2. Connor Donahue, Clearview 3. A.J. Nicholas, Cherokee 4. Kellen Whitney, Hammonton 5. Cesar Balmaceda, Atlantic City

Dylan Dobzanski, Delsea Tyler Sentman, St. Augustine Steffen Rodriguez, Vineland Victor DeFrance, Delsea Joe Pyfer, Schalick Connor Dixon, Millville


St. Augustine 170 pounds Senior
1. Dylan Dobzanski, Delsea 2. Austin Wetterau, Shawnee 3. Nick Elmer, Penns Grove 4. Tyler Sentman, St. Augustine 5. Steffen Rodriguez, Vineland 22-0 19-2 22-1 19-2 18-2

1. David Williams, Hammonton 2. Brad Schwarze, New Egypt 3. Billy Leone, Kingsway 4. Alex Foley, Shawnee 5. Phil Azzari, Haddon Heights 22-0 21-0 13-2 18-3 20-2

Erik Porch, Delsea Tiawahn Cosby, Vineland Cody Ruppert, Delsea Javier Colon-Rivera, Millville James Bennett, St. Augustine 17-5 17-3 10-4 14-8 13-8 20-2 6-5 24-0 19-4 13-7 12-7 9-4 10-8 19-2 15-4 12-7 13-8 6-4

thing he says. Q: What were your first thoughts when you heard he was named the coach (and took over for Joe Melchiore)? A: He coached me when I was little, so I kind of knew him. I knew our practices would be a lot different and I was excited to see what they would be like. Q: You have a good working partner in James Bennett. Whats the advantage to having a good workout partner as opposed to just rolling around with coaches? A: We push each other every day. We go into the room and we dont want to lose. We just constantly are both working to get better and it pays off so much more in the long run. Q: You arent wrestling Buena this year (in a dual meet due to coach Wards son, Billy Ward, being a senior for the Chiefs). Are you disappointed? A: I understand where its coming from. That was always a cool rivalry match because everyone was there, but I understand why were not doing that.
1. Rory Bonner, West Deptford 2. Joey DeChristofaro, Hightstown 3. Michael Robinson, Clayton 4. Ed Shockley, Millville 5. Cory Damiana, Lower Cape May 17-0 20-0 14-0 20-2 17-5

Ed Shockley, Millville Jose Matteo, Vineland

Bryan Dobzanski, Delsea Obi Kali, Millville Benjamin Henderson, Vineland Nick Caporale, Buena Nick Crisafulli, Schalick Justin Welsh, St. Augustine

1. Bryan Dobzanski, Delsea 2. Roy Lucas, St. Joseph 3. Nigel Toussaint, Egg Harbor Twp. 4. Evan Wayns, Shawnee 5. Cylas Dorety, Woodstown 24-0 21-0 19-2 18-2 17-3

Tom Lynd, St. Augustine Ty Warren, Buena Fred DeMary, Millville Ryan Cartwright, Schalick MaQuay Richmond, Cumberland

1. Alex Thompson, Haddon Heights 2. Jeff Miller, Camden Catholic 3. Tom Lynd, St. Augustine 4. Robert Frederico, Hammonton 5. Allan Westenberger, Gloucester 18-0 16-1 19-2 22-1 14-2

*Wrestlers must have at least a .500 record and a minimum of nine bouts. All the records and rankings are based on information through Wednesday.



Top 3 in career wins Aaron Wilcox Dave Wilcox Karl Haywood 127-17 113-18 109-15

South Jersey wrestling news, notes, rankings and more matpack

South Plainfields Anthony Ashnault, a three-time undefeated state champion, sat out against Hunterdon Central on Wednesday, a huge disappointment to the fans that anticipated a rematch with state runner-up Gary Dinmore. Ashnault, who boasts a 152-0 career record, notched a 16second pin earlier in the evening against Bridgewater-Raritan. South Plainfield coach Kevin McCann told New Jersey Press Medias Greg Tufaro that Ashnault could have wrestled, but hes not 100 percent right now and wouldnt disclose an injury or illness. Ashnault didnt weigh-in on Tuesday against Old Bridge, but his coach says he will definitely wrestle this weekend. Ashnault defeated Dinmore 5-2 in last years state final at 126 pounds. Asnault is 20-0 this season while Dinmore is 18-0. Clearview junior 138-pounder John Van Brill is 23-0 with a state-best 20 pins, including 18 in the first period. His only six-minute match was an 8-3 win over Paulsboros Juan Rivera.

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100-match winners: 5 State champions: 0 Team district titles: 0.