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Resource Management Tool

The ultimate integrated solution

Serco Learning has many years’ experience in a wide range of educational fields and specializes in the design and development of sophisticated management information and administrative decision support systems for the Higher and Further Education sector. CMIS provides an integrated application framework that is specifically designed to allow institutions to plan.About us Serco Learning forms part of one of the world’s leading service companies. regulate. schedule and manage the full range of physical and academic resources in an environment of rapid change and increasingly constrained resources. Our experience of contracts throughout the world provides our deep understanding and thorough commitment to service delivery. Serco Group Plc. .

CMIS The ultimate integrated solution CMIS is a fully integrated timetabling and resource management solution. equipment booking. examination scheduling. user management and reporting Live Central Database Stand-alone System Automatic Scheduling DisplayPoint Site information display CMIS Data Server Timetabling and Resource Management Additional Modules Room Booking Exam Scheduling Registers Student Fitting API Integration toolkit Course Management Modeling Reporting . security. API and Partnership Programme. DisplayPoint. room booking. CMIS is supplied as a dual application made up of a live central database and a stand alone modelling tool. CMIS is designed to increase the efficiency of an institution’s use of human and physical resources to bring about real financial benefits. This means that the best fit timetable can be provided for staff and students while maintaining the best use of resources. Facility CMIS Core System / Dual Application ePortal Web access module Core functions of timetabling. both of which have sophisticated reporting functionality. It includes fully integrated online web tools. registers and student allocation facilities. designed to manage both physical and academic resources for any size of institution. In addition a range of powerful plug-in modules are available: • Room booking – a comprehensive central room booking system that ensures a clash-free schedule • Registers – allowing the recording of student attendance on an event by week basis. It is already used by many universities and colleges throughout the UK to manage both complex timetabling and resource management issues. • Course management – assisting with effective cost planning • Exam scheduling – a powerful and flexible examination timetabling system • Student fitting – managing the complexity of group and subgroup allocation through automatic timetable scheduling • CMIS Apps – web functionality that can fit on top of it with ePortal.

and a standalone modelling tool where automated changes and modelling can be carried out without affecting the core data. Physical and academic data can be taken from other sources to provide the building blocks for resource management linked to a timetable. • Statutory returns are simplified because all data can be drawn from the system in fully configurable reports giving a transparent approach to costing. That ensures students pick up all the right modules for their pathway. Equipment can be allocated to particular rooms. . Live Central Database Scheduling and resource management • The CMIS system is a single database connected to multiple users. user management and reporting are common across both parts of the application. providing a powerful management overview of all teaching resources. Scheduling incorporates travel times to ensure maximum use of space and resources while minimising disruption to staff and students’ day. Core functions of timetabling. • Sophisticated security keeps all your data safe and the fully configurable reports system ensures that it is presented in ways you decide. • Course structures can be set up so that when students are enrolled on a course the system will show all compulsory and optional subjects. or restricting use at certain times. That means you can define each user’s access to ensure only relevant information is available to them in the form that they need. security.The core system A dual application CMIS is made up of a live interactive program where real time changes are seen instantly by all users . • Rules can be created to meet specific requirements in room use including maximum and minimum hours.

If multiple exams take place in the same room the user can define exact parameters of who shares the same time slot. • It provides automatic scheduling of events within user defined parameters and can automatically allocate events to rooms according to capacity and required equipment or resources. event and resource rules.Standalone System Modelling and automatic scheduling • Scheduler. . location. such as new builds or building rationalisation. • Reporting. It also enables analysis of issues where there is no logical solution to the problem to suggest changes that might be made in order to allow the event to be scheduled. • Exams can be timetabled to take account of department. and security options are available in the same format as the live system. provides a copy of the live database for use during scheduling processes so that changes can be checked before being committed to live data. exam length and number of candidates. the CMIS stand-alone system. data validation. • The system also provides a way to model changes in resources. to check the efficacy of proposed changes against projected module and student figures. configuration.

Why use CMIS? CMIS helps to: • Reduce overheads • Maximise efficiency • Minimise waste • Highlight and define problems • Plan future developments • Guarantee no resource clashes • Manage space • Manage events that impact on resources • Reduce block booking • Record and monitor attendance • Fully automatic or manual timetabling • Send instant emails for timetable changes • View every timetable quickly • Allocate students to groups automatically • Schedule examinations Resulting in a wealth of benefits: • Valuable costing. timetable and space information all in one system. • Improved quality of information • Improved resource use • Clear and measurable cost benefits • Improved student retention and success rates • Best fit timetables • Locate resources at any time • Build quicker relationships with new students for your staff: • Immediate timetable information in the format they want • Online room booking facilities for ad hoc bookings • Easy data entry • Emails of timetable changes • Clash free timetables for students • Student attendance recorded online for your students: • Individual printable timetables via the web • Timetable changes by email .

will provide greater credibility and confidence in your solution and prominence over competitors that only partner status can offer. Serco is leading the way The partner programme Becoming a Serco Learning Partner will enable our shared clients to maximize their investment through integration. Serco believes that truly personalised learning enabling every learner to reach their full potential is only possible through integrated systems that allow all stakeholders to share data. certain that their vision can be delivered. Isolated. It is available as a web based Application Programming Interface (API) to ensure as much information as possible can be shared between departments and education bodies. API The API web service uses industry standard protocols and will give the power to integrate seamlessly with third-party products such as biometric fingerprint readers. Available as an API.Connect All systems working in harmony Universities and colleges operate many different systems that can communicate and exchange useful information in order to provide an effective education journey for all learners. learning platforms. The API will also allow data integration between CMIS and self-written applications. Facility Connect was created to answer the growing demand for interoperability and data exchange in education. It will also give clients the confidence they need to proceed with a purchase. Serco is leading the way in interoperability and enabling choice for end users. cashless catering systems. disparate systems needing repeated data entry give rise to errors and are a waste of time and effort that could be more productively directed into teaching. . Facility Connect. library systems and other products. the choice is yours Available as either an API and/or SIF variant.

• Campus wide real time information Project 1 – Google Calendar Integration This project has been completed to provide integration of the CMIS timetable into Google Calendars. We have therefore commissioned 5 projects to be delivered under the CMIS Apps Store. Project 3 – Enterprise Timetable viewer The project is to enhance CMIS DisplayPoint product to provide a presentation of timetable information. We discovered that although the broad requirements of each HE institute were quite similar. In addition many Universities also had a requirement for bespoke developments especially around the presentation of the timetable to students and staff. • Dynamic integration with Open standard support and an improved student experience Project 4 – Sharepoint Web Parts Serco has developed a range of Microsoft web parts for CMIS for Universities to present timetable information into a Sharepoint portal. Project 2 – Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Microsoft Live@Edu integration This project is being undertaken to provide integration of the CMIS timetable into Student and Staff calendars. the actual detail of these requirements could be very different for each different establishment.CMIS Apps The latest development phase in the CMIS product life cycle is the CMIS apps store. testing and pilot in ‘real’ customer sites • The next phase of development is to identify further projects to be delivered as part of the CMIS Apps Store. . • Dynamic integration • Improved student experience • Single point of truth for timetable Project 5 – Facial Recognition Software and Swipe cards This project is to provide registration information via Facial Recognition and Swipe card technology. Similarly. Each project represents a product available for purchase in the CMIS Apps Store. Blackboard and also integration into Calendars like Google and Microsoft Exchange. Over the last year Serco has undertaken a lengthy consultation with our Higher Education (HE) customer base. For example. integration into different LMS systems like Moodle. The benefits of this approach include: • Working in partnership with our leading Universities • Developments are undertaken with a University sponsor to ensure it is 100% suitable for the HE market place • Commercial win-win with partner Universities with revenue share or development share proposals • Serco underwrite and support the developments • Utilises the Serco CMIS API which ensures security and data integrity • Rapid application development • Iterative development. each University required a different student experience and look and feel to reflect the University branding and guidelines. Having reviewed our findings Serco developed the CMIS Apps Store.

event creation. • The simple-to-use message function ensures everyone is up to date.Powerful CMIS add-on modules ePortal ePortal is a CMIS module that provides web access to online timetabling. • A filtering function enables users to display selected information that is relevant to a particular area. event creation. registers. • Displaying accurate information ensures that everyone is informed and reduces potential problems. DisplayPoint can display relevant timetable details. class groups or rooms. . room booking. online access to timetabling. course management and messaging. corridors and communal areas. Staff benefit from a range of online communications tools that keep them in touch with each other and central administration. • Using screen space for advertising can raise money. Working through the online interface ePortal. modules. room booking. registers. ePortal provides secure. The powerful administration settings give managers control over what users can view and access. It gives staff and students access to the information they need. messages and advertisements in foyers. entrance halls. reducing administrative time and cost. DisplayPoint Time to update your notice boards? • Display Timetables • Display Messages • Display Advertising DisplayPoint is an optional add-on for CMIS that allows users to display helpful information on display screens throughout an institution or its departments. Features include: • Online timetables • Different timetable views • Real time data • Online event creation • Online registers • Lesson-by-lesson attendance • Room bookings Benefits • Displayed timetables can be for a full department or for individual courses. course management and messaging. when they need it.

to benefit students. Each course has a list of prerequisite knowledge which users must confirm but this would be ideal for staff who already understand autoscheduling but need top up their knowledge specific to exams and who find configuring styles challenging. CMIS must be implemented and used in a synergistic way with other systems and the data flow checked. Any change must be effectively managed both from a staff and logistics point of view. CMIS combines this data in the best way to provide an efficient and effective timetable. Our ethos is to pass on the skills required to allow you to become self sufficient within your institution and to gain a good understanding of not only how the software works.g. Serco can provide Six Sigma trained consultants to review Quality through the systems and processes employed. Training Each business area of CMIS and Scheduler is supported by a fully documented training course with worked examples and concept explanations to provide the best possible opportunity of using the software to its greatest potential in its required environment. having the best software is no guarantee that financial goals. . A list of training combinations available can be obtained from Serco. we are also able to provide advice on the design of business systems within a workflow to produce effective and efficient services. configuration of cell and timetable styles with exam scheduling. staff and the business as a whole.Services Delivering success through partnership Serco is committed to providing the support you need in order to make the most of your software implementation. Resource management and scheduling software is a data combination tool which is reliant on the other major business systems to maintain the core data such as student records. academic structures. Consultancy In any University or College. Standard courses can either be offered onsite or at the UK training centre in Derby. but how best to apply it and how to configure it to work within the business processes and workflows you have chosen to use. Serco have consultants with many years’ Project Management experience and Prince 2 accreditation who can assist with the logistical planning and execution of projects and who are able to advise on Change Management strategies to reduce the negative impact of change on staff. The ‘Half and Half’ approach also allows users to book 2 half day training courses from different areas e. utilisation targets or service standards will be met. Serco staff are able to provide consultants who can advise on the best ways to do this and the steps that should be taken to meet any recommendations given. ‘Half and Half’ Training Bespoke courses can be offered as 1 day events but can be delivered as a half day standard training to explain the workflow and concepts and then a half day workshop to put the concepts and principles into action using the clients’ own data. Because we have worked in the sector for over 20 years. In order to gain the best advantage. personnel files and estate data.

It was clunky and slow and not very well developed.Previously we used something that we had in-house but it was little more than a recording system. Dario Stevens. Assistant Principal of NESCOT . We needed something with a powerful modelling function to address a number of issues.

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