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Air Force officer Analyst (IT) Analyst programmer Application systems analyst Application systems designer Army officer Business systems analyst Computer engineer Computer systems auditor Computer tester Data modeller Database administrator Electrical and electronics engineering technician Electronics engineer Games developer Geographic information systems officer Geographic information systems officer Database administrator Army officer Air Force technician Air Force officer Management consultant

Meteorological technical officer

Mathematician Mechatronic engineer Multimedia developer

Air Force technician


Multimedia developer

Navy officer Network administrator

Army soldier - technician Army soldier - technician

Multimedia developer

Navy officer

Network analyst Network designer

Navy technical sailor Clinical coder Business equipment technician Web designer/ developer Sales representative (IT)

Navy technical sailor

Operations researcher Patent examiner

Network administrator

Programmer Project or program administrator

Electronics engineering associate

Electronics and communication technician Data processing operator Word processing operator

Programmer Web designer/ developer Records and information manager Records and information manager Sales representative (IT) Software engineer Statistician Systems administrator Systems administrator Systems architect

Games developer Games developer

Website administrator IT support technician Sales representative (IT)

Health informatician Health information manager

IT administrator

IT support technician Industrial engineer Web designer/developer IT administrator IT educator IT manager IT security analyst Web designer/developer Systems designer (IT)

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Usual training requirements
LEVEL 1 Usually has a skill level equal to the completion of Year 10, the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, Certificate I or Certificate II qualification. Australian Apprenticeships may be offered at this level. Usually has a skill level equal to a Certificate III or IV or at least three years relevant experience. Australian Apprenticeships may be offered at this level. Usually requires a level of skill equal to a Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Study is often undertaken through TAFEs or Registered Training Organisations. Some universities offer studies at this level. LEVEL 4 Usually requires the completion of a Bachelor Degree or higher qualification. Study is often undertaken at university. This chart shows a selection of jobs that have some relation to the subject of COMPUTING. The four education and training levels are to be used as a guide only. These levels indicate the most common education and/or entry requirements for these jobs. For further information visit and