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Actor Actor Amusement centre manager Artist Actor Choreographer Audiovisual technician Choreographer Amusement centre manager Artist Media presenter Make-up artist Musician Musician Media presenter Multimedia developer Museum officer Museum curator



Museum officer

Multimedia developer Photographer Actor Media presenter Musician Photographer Dancer Artist Model Audiovisual Production Audiovisual technician Musician Photographer technician crew member Circus performer Dancer Photographer Production Choreographer Comedian Production crew member Recreation officer Film and TV crew member Dancer Recreation Dancer camera operator Events Projectionist officer Events Projectionist coordinator coordinator Puppeteer Events Film and TV Sound technician Recreation coordinator camera operator ENTERTAINMENT Set designer Film and TV officer Set designer Stunt performer Film and camera operator Film and TV Film and Theatre TV editor Sound TV editor camera operator mechanist Sound technician Film and TV technician Theatrical costume lighting operator Film and Film and maker and designer Film and TV Stage manager TV editor Theatre TV editor Ticket seller Stage manager producer’s assistant mechanist Usher Film, stage or Film and TV Film and TV director Ventriloquist Film and TV producer’s Theatrical TV lighting Theatre lighting operator assistant Writer Magician costume maker operator mechanist Theatrical and designer Make-up artist costume maker Film and TV and designer Film and TV Usher producer’s assistant Theatrical producer’s assistant costume maker Film, stage or Writer Film, stage or TV director and designer TV director Film, stage or TV director Media presenter Writer Writer


Multimedia developer

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Usual training requirements
LEVEL 1 Usually has a skill level equal to the completion of Year 10, the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, Certificate I or Certificate II qualification. Australian Apprenticeships may be offered at this level. Usually has a skill level equal to a Certificate III or IV or at least three years relevant experience. Australian Apprenticeships may be offered at this level. Usually requires a level of skill equal to a Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Study is often undertaken through TAFEs or Registered Training Organisations. Some universities offer studies at this level. LEVEL 4 Usually requires the completion of a Bachelor Degree or higher qualification. Study is often undertaken at university. This chart shows a selection of jobs that have some relation to the subject of ENTERTAINMENT. The four education and training levels are to be used as a guide only. These levels indicate the most common education and/or entry requirements for these jobs. For further information visit and