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Agricultural engineer Agricultural scientist Agronomist Animal scientist Biological scientist Biotechnologist Botanist Cartographer Chemical engineer Chemist Civil engineer Climatologist Ecologist Environment officer Environmental auditor Environmental economist Environmental engineer Environmental health officer Farm manager Conservation manager Conservation officer Environmental field officer Farm manager Farmer Farmer Fisheries officer Floriculturalist Fisheries officer Forest technical officer Forester Gardener Zoo keeper Toxicologist Urban and regional planner Water resources engineer Zoologist Fisheries technician Geographic information systems officer Aquaculture technician Animal control officer Animal technician Arborist Cartographic technician Bushland regenerator Animal attendant Bushland regenerator Conservation assistant Environmental field officer Farm manager Farmer Recycler Forest worker Forest technical officer Survey assistant Agricultural technical officer Geological engineer Geologist


Geophysicist Hydrographer Hydrologist Landscape architect Marine biologist Metallurgist Meteorological technical officer Meteorologist Microbiologist Mine surveyor Mine surveyor Natural resource manager Minerals process engineer Mining engineer Natural therapist Natural resource manager Park ranger Natural therapist Surveying technician Park ranger Soil scientist Surveyor Surveyor


Geoscience technician

Animal technician

Agricultural technical officer

Laboratory worker


Horticultural tradesperson Laboratory worker Landcare worker Horticultural assistant Landcare worker Nursery worker Nursery worker

Park ranger Pest and weed controller Recycler Survey assistant Water and wastewater plant operator


Park ranger Pest and weed controller

Water inspector Water services officer Zookeeper

Forest technical officer

Geographic information systems officer Environmental scientist Farm manager Farmer

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Usual training requirements
LEVEL 1 Usually has a skill level equal to the completion of Year 10, the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, Certificate I or Certificate II qualification. Australian Apprenticeships may be offered at this level. Usually has a skill level equal to a Certificate III or IV or at least three years relevant experience. Australian Apprenticeships may be offered at this level. Usually requires a level of skill equal to a Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Study is often undertaken through TAFEs or Registered Training Organisations. Some universities offer studies at this level. LEVEL 4 Usually requires the completion of a Bachelor Degree or higher qualification. Study is often undertaken at university. This chart shows a selection of jobs that have some relation to the subject of ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE. The four education and training levels are to be used as a guide only. These levels indicate the most common education and/or entry requirements for these jobs. For further information visit and