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Mid-Term Exam - PHYS 545 - Advanced Optics Mendes, Spring 2010, March 02 2010 Start time: 10:00 a.m. End time: 10:50 am

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Open textbook, classnotes, homeworks, and quizzes. Calculator allowed. Laptop can be used for the sole purpose of browsing through the textbook, classnotes, homeworks, and quizzes. Please do not use any internet connection or software to work on the exam. Where it is appropriate, make sure to provide physical units to your numerical answer.


d) The intensity on the beam axis at a distance z = 100 cm from the beam waist. 2/6 . c) The maximum beam intensity.06 μm is a Gaussian beam of 1-W optical power and beam divergence of 2 θ o = 1 mrad .(40 points) 1. The light emitted from a Nd:YAG laser at a wavelength of 1. b) The depth of focus. Determine the following parameters: a) The beam waist radius.

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Assuming that the medium within the resonator mirrors is a gas with n = 1. The transmittance versus frequency exhibits periodic peaks of period 150 MHz.00.(30 points) 2) The transmittance of a symmetric Fabry-Perot resonator was measured by using light from a tunable monochromatic light source. c) Assuming further that the only source of loss in the resonator is associated with mirrors. b) The finesse of the resonator. 4/6 . find their reflectance. determine the following: a) The length of the resonator. each of width (FWHM) 5 MHz.

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which includes radiative and non-radiative decay rates. The measured peak of this transition cross section is 2. Calculate which fraction of the atoms in the upper state undergoes radiative transition and which fraction undergoes non-radiative transition. 6/6 . is 3 ms.(30 points) 3) The optical transition of the ruby laser Cr3+:Al2O3 has (to a good approximation) a Lorentzian shape of width (FWHM) 330 GHz centered at about 694 nm (vacuum wavelength). a) Calculate the radiative lifetime of this transition. b) Consider that the observed lifetime for this transition. Consider that the refractive index of ruby is 1.76.5 ×10−20 cm 2 .