Aaliyah Stretch & Verity May Script “Music, Mind…Mayhem” [Marilyn Manson clip] Music over the years has

been battle field of egos and attitudes as artists compete for fame, fortune and respect. However a rise in the number of reports of music’s violent content has caused wide-spread concern as people ask for something to be done…but the biggest debate of all is who is to blame? Is the artists? Record labels? Or do we simply blame the fans? [Music Presentation] Rock and Hip-Hop are said to be the most influential genres of them all, and worryingly these two genres are home to artists who continuously exploit sex, drugs and violence. Over the last few decades artists have come and gone, and music as a whole has evolved. Nevertheless its popularity remains strong and its influence on teenagers, in particular great. [Images of Rock Bands/Concerts] One study revealed that of all the 700 most popular songs of “heavy metal”, 50% speak of killings, 35% of Satanism and 7% about suicide. The very names of some “heavy metal” groups or “death metal” glorify death or speak of destruction such as: Blessed Death, Plague of Angels and Rotton Corpse. [Studio Recording] We took our cameras down to a local studio where an up and coming rock band, ‘The Moody Margaret’s’ rehearsed. Although we didn’t hear any explicit lyrics at the time we were able to get the band to share their views with us. A quote from lead singer Jen spoke volumes: [Studio – blurred out] “Although it is not our intention to promote violence of any kind we can admit that in the past it has featured in our songs. We believe in being honest and so we share the harsh realities and emotions that are experienced as a young adult, with our fans. Rock is simply an outlet” This form of expression is a common factor in Hip-Hop music also, some of the biggest stars have been criticised for their exploitation of sex, crime and drugs. Rapper Eminem, one of the best-selling recording artists in the world is notoriously known for his venting anger in lyrics often directed at his ex-wife and mother. The song “Kill You” written about his turbulent relationship with his mom Deborah Mathers caused concern in 2009 following a 44year old man killing his wife and kids whilst singing the rapper’s lyrics “I'm the anti-Christ. I'm going to kill you" [sams interview] A similar story emerged in 1986 when rock artist and lead singer of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osboure was hit with a lawsuit filed by Thomas Anderson, attorney for the parents of 19-year-old John McCollum, who shot himself in the head in October of 1984. His parent’s believed Ozzy Osboure was to blame as their son died listening to his album Blizzard of Oz, which contains the song ‘Suicide Solution’. Music Specialist and regular session player Mike Hatton spoke about his views on the criticism of the music industry and content [Go to Mike’s Interview] We found a variety of information regarding music and violence, and the results of various experiments carried out to determine whether or not listeners are affected.

[MUSIC] We wanted to know what the listeners thought about music’s impact on violence and whether artists should be held responsible. [Dquan interview] [James B interview]

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