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Generator for night lights with a generator shed f. samosas] c. score board and all round fencing b. chips. Bedroom with bathroom d. dug-outs. Table tennis. cold drinks. An open air theatre – a raised open stand with some cement stairs enough for corporate gathering and team building activities 3) Other Sports – future proposals a. A reception with a supervisor. caroms d. A Volley ball court – beach c. 2 Bathrooms – Male and Female e. A badminton court b. 1) Cricket ground + Club house a.THE PAVILION 2 The Project Cricket ground Club House Open Stage Other sports The project will be built in three phases. flood lights. Maintenance shed for gardening equipment and tools 2) Open Stage a. boundaries with hoardings.25. Lounge. Food court – contract The total project cost for phase 1 and 2 is Rs.00. Launch . A club house with 4 rooms – Reception. A state of art cricket ground with professional pitch. tea. Tennis court [concrete] e. lockers and basic cafeteria [coffee.000 Levelin g Grass Pitch Fencing Lights Clubhous e Misc. Poker room.

THE PAVILION 3 2.00. dug-out.00 0 2.00 0 1.00.000 2.00 0 4. toilets and nets Refreshments will be provided [@ cost] Flood lights Full day game [6:00AM-6:00PM] 12 hours access to the ground. 25000 Rs. toilets and nets Refreshments will be provided [@ cost] No lights Night game [7:00PM-11:00PM] [11:00PM-2:00AM] 4 hours access to the ground. dug-out. dug-out. we will be able to rent the cricket ground to individual teams and also organize cricket tournaments – corporate level and college level After the next 2 phases we shall be able to project ‘The Pavilion’ as a corporate destination for sport and game Financial Projections As per the current market conditions the packages and prices Package name Day game [8:00AM-12:00PM] [1:00PM-5:00PM] Package Description 4 hours access to the ground. toilets Rs.00 0 2.00 0 The Market After the first phase of the project. toilets and nets Refreshments will be provided [@ cost] No lights Day-night game 12 hour access to the ground. 7000 .00. 15000 Rs.00 0 0 4.00.00. 12000 Price Rs.00. dug-out.

132000 16x12K = 1.80000 8x12K = 96K Rs.4K Rs.9K Rs.000 – 10. broachers & others] Monthly projections – net profit Minimum Average Maximum .000 – 15.250000 Rs.000 [website.THE PAVILION 4 [12:00PM-12:00AM] and nets Refreshments will be provided [@ cost] Lights on at 6:00 PM Based on the current market demand in Hyderabad.000 .176000 Rs.000 . the projected utilization per month of the cricket ground is as below.106000 12x12K = 5.324000 Projected expenses per month for the cricket ground Watch man and family salary Supervisor salary Gardening Electricity [water] Generator lease Marketing cost Fuel cost Minimum 8x2K = 16K Average 12x2K = 24K Maximum 16x2K = 32K – – 10. W e have considered 3 scenarios: Day Day game – weekend Day game week Day Revenue Night game – weekend Total Revenue Minimum 8x7K = 56K Average 10x7K = 70K Maximum 12x7K = 84K 4x6K = 24K 6x6K = 36K 8x6K = 48K Rs.

3 50000 For the sake of computing a projected annual profit – 1) Minimum sales in 3 months [rainy & festivals] = 3x85K 2) Average sales in 4 months = 4x150K 3) Three tournaments in 5 months = 3x350K Total projected profit for the first year = 255000 = 605000 = 1050000 = 1910000 .30000 and average duration of the tournament will be 6 weeks.THE PAVILION 5 Revenue Expenditure Net Profit 176000 91000 85000 250000 99000 151000 324000 107000 217000 In addition to that we plan to organize at least three tournaments – two corporate and one college level with 18 teams each. Participation fee for each team would be Rs. Expected expenditure for 6 weeks will be 190000. The average profit per tournament will be Rs.

Monthly schedules and collection reports – signed by all the three managers 6. All the collections must be deposited into a single bank account on every Monday 4. All partners shall have access to the club house 8. The partner’s shall not be given any credit – payment must be done before the game begins 3. No special discounts for partners / partner’s friends packages 2. No public gambling / partying allowed in the ground / club house . Online schedules shall be maintained and reconciled with the supervisor register on a monthly basis 5. Club house access shall also be entered in the supervis or register 7.THE PAVILION 6 Partner’s rules: 1.

THE PAVILION 7 Partnership – Managers agreement: 1. Any profits from Month 3 and 4 to the partners as dividends 3. the profits / losses from the months 1 and 2 shall go to the managers as salary 2. Any profits from Month 5 and 6 to the managers as salary 4. ____% to the managers as salar y . After 6 months the profits shall be shared in the following manner – a. After the launch. ____% to the partners as dividend b.

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