Simon Fraser Tolmie.

Simon Tolmie was the first Metis Premier of British Columbia Simon was a !eterinarian" farmer" #oliti$ian" an% the &1st Premier of the Pro!in$e of British Columbia Simon was the son of 'r (illiam )raser Tolmie (181&-1886)" a #rominent fi*ure in the +u%son,s Ba- Com#an-1 an% a member of both the $olonial assembl- of Colon- of .an$ou!er /slan% an% the 0e*islati!e 1ssembl- of British Columbia +is mother" 2ane (or3 (18&7-1884)" was the Metis %au*hter of 2ohn (or3 (179&-1861) an% 2osette 0e*a$e (181&-1896" Metis) (or3 was a +u%son5s Ba- Com#an- Chief )a$tor" an% member of the former $olon-,s assembl- Born in .i$toria" Tolmie s#ent his earl- life on his famil-,s !ast farm $alle% +illsi%e (now a .i$toria nei*hbourhoo%) +e *ra%uate% from the 6ntario .eterinar- Colle*e in 1891 an% later be$ame the 'ominion /ns#e$tor of 0i!esto$3 +e marrie% 7%ith Mar- Palmer (1863-1944)" the %au*hter of 8i$har% ( Palmer Tolmie entere% fe%eral #oliti$s in the ele$tion of 1917" be$omin* 9nionist MP for .i$toria Cit- +e was returne% in the subse:uent four ele$tions as a Conser!ati!e (the ri%in* $han*e% its name to .i$toria in 19&;) Tolmie ser!e% as Minister of 1*ri$ulture in the *o!ernments of Sir 8obert Bor%en an% 1rthur Mei*hen from 1919<19&1" an% in 19&6 Tolmie was ele$te% lea%er of the British Columbia Conser!ati!e Part- in 19&6 but $ontinue% to sit as a Member of Parliament until the 19&8 #ro!in$ial ele$tion" in whi$h he ran an% was ele$te% M01 for Saani$h The Conser!ati!es were !i$torious that -ear" ta3in* 3& of the le*islature,s ;8 seats" in$lu%in* e!er- seat in .an$ou!er an% .i$toria Tolmie thus be$ame Premier of the #ro!in$e" also ser!in* as Minister of 8ailwa-s 0i3e their fe%eral $ounter#arts" who returne% to #ower in 1934" Tolmie5s Tories5 $ommitment to a##l-in* =business #rin$i#les to the business of *o!ernment"= reboun%e% to their %isa%!anta*e in the >reat 'e#ression B- 1931" unem#lo-ment rea$he% &8? - the hi*hest in Cana%a - an% Tolmie was finall- for$e% to a$t" settin* u# remote relief $am#s Tolmie a$$e%e% to the re:uest from the business $ommunit- that a ro-al $ommission be establishe% to #ro#ose solutions to the #ro!in$e5s %ire finan$ial situation The @i%% 8e#ort" issue% in 193&" re$ommen%e% su$h shar# $uts to so$ial ser!i$es that mainstream British Columbians were enra*e% The- ha% $ome to eA#e$t more from their #ro!in$ial *o!ernment than its tra%itional fun$tions of maintainin* law an% or%er" #ro!i%in* #h-si$al infrastru$ture an% en$oura*in* #ri!ate enter#rise The straine% situation too3 its toll on the #ro!in$ial #art- whi$h ha% so mu$h internal %is$or% that the eAe$uti!e %e$i%e% to run no $an%i%ates in the 1933 ele$tion 8ather" ea$h

+BC 183& to 1874 in the Columbia %istri$t 1fter a brief !isit home in 18;1-;&" Tolmie returne% to )ort Bis:uall- sometime shortl- after Ma- 18;3 1t Bis:uall-" Tolmie a$te% as me%i$al offi$er an% tra%er" an% as mana*er of the Pu*et Soun% 1*ri$ultural Com#an-" the +BC,s farmin* subsi%iar- 6n &6 Bo!ember 18CC" Tolmie be$ame $hief )a$tor at )ort Bis:aull- /n 18;3 he ha% settle% in the (illamette .alle- (now in (ashin*ton State) +e brou*ht in lar*e her%s of $attle an% shee# /n 18;6" the authorities woul% not let Tolmie an% 16 others a$:uire lan% so he relo$ate% to .i$toria


i$toria in a 1936 b--ele$tion +e %ie% in . of the .&? of the !ote an% 3.lo$al ri%in* asso$iation a$te% on its own Some $an%i%ates ran as in%e#en%ents" some as /n%e#en%ent Conser!ati!es Those su##ortin* Tolmie" ran as 9nionists" an% those *rou#e% aroun% (illiam 2ohn Bowser" a former #remier" ran as Bon-Partisans The result was easil.8esear$h 0ouis 8iel /nstitute & .foreseen The 0iberals $a#ture% .i$toria a little o!er a -ear later 7%ite% an% Com#ile% b.7 seats" the new so$ial %emo$rati$ Co-o#erati!e Commonwealth )e%eration be$ame the offi$ial o##osition" an% the Conser!ati!es who ha% run un%er !arious banners #i$3e% u# Dust fi!e seats Tolmie lost his own seat Tolmie returne% to #oliti$s three -ears later" returnin* to his ol% fe%eral seat of .0awren$e Bar3well Coor%inator of Metis +erita*e an% +istor.

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