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Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide have achieved their ideal figure with Bios Life Slim. You too can find out your way to success with the Golden 4412 Rule. Bios Life Slim is not a dieting programme it is a new lifestyle. Our tips will help you to keep up the 4412 Rule and to sustainably maintain your ideal weight, together with the right eating habits and an active lifestyle on a regular basis. Drink Bios Life Slim about 10 minutes before each of your 2 largest meals and make sure to maintain regular intervals between each meal.
4 hour s
Breakfast + Lunch +


Bios Life Slim is a product of the Bios Life brand oered by Unicity International, a leading nutraceutical company that develops and globally markets world-class products to improve lives. Combining innovative, natural source based ingredients and many years of solid scientific research, the Bios Life brand is committed to provide a valuable contribution to daily health prevention. Bios Life Super Chlorophyll the basic product for a healthy balance of the acid-base household Bios Life E the clever energy drink for body and mind with Matcha green tea Bios Life ClearStart intestinal health and wellness for the body based on carefully selected plant extracts Bios Life C the classic product to maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Protein-rich breakfast (e.g. with delicious Lean Complete) 3 healthy and balanced meals plus 2 litres of low calorie drinks daily (e.g. with Bios Life Super Chlorophyll or Bios Life E) More daily exercise (stairs instead of lift)

Since 1990, Bios Life belongs to the most sought after group of naturally-based products, and with Bios Life, millions of people in over 30 countries worldwide are already enjoying a new quality of life.

4 hour 4 hours
Dinner +

4 Std .


We eat too much, too often and the wrong things, because industrial foods have mixed up our internal circuits.
Prof. Jens Claus Bruening, bearer of the Leibniz Research Prize 2007, endowed with 2.5 million Euros, awarded on a yearly basis by the German research association Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG in Bonn. For orders and questions concerning Unicity products, please contact your Unicity consultant:

Place emphasis on the control tmechanisms of your body d. and you will return to a healthy and balanced diet and an active, vitality filled life. Bios Life Slim will support you.

The availability of Bios Life products varies from country to country.

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Less sugar and industrial food

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Would you like to change your gure? Have you always wanted to do more for your health? Is a healthy body-fat percentage important to you? Do you wish you had more energy and vitality? Would you like to nally achieve and retain your ideal weight? Have you already tried all possibilities to lose weight but nothing really worked continually? Are you searching for the right alternative to all those fashionable diets with long shopping lists and the typical yo-yo e ect?


A slim appearance is often decisive for feeling attractive. Surveys have confirmed that most people associate attractiveness, well-being and life quality with a slim figure, a positive aura and health. With Bios Life Slim, Unicity has developed an innovative product on a natural basis that accompanies you eectively on your way to your ideal weight. Benefit from more than 100 years of experience in the development of nutritional supplement products and state-of-the-art research in nutritional science. The secret? Fibres. The main ingredients of Bios Life Slim are fibres with a low energy density and an enormous swelling capacity it can absorb up to 100 times its weight in water. Through this, it fills the stomach and guarantees a long-lasting feeling of satiety. So simple and so natural. Also included are high quality nutrients that support the metabolism and the energy balance: pro-vitamin A, vitamins C and E, 7 dierent B-vitamins as well as the mineral substances calcium, zinc and chrome.


An exclusive formula with 25 vital substances gives your body a totally new feeling: High quality fibres, such as the Biosphere Fiber Matrix and the Unicity 7x formula, provide for a healthy digestion and a feeling of satiety that lasts and prevents from cravings. Valuable vitamins and mineral substances support a healthy immune system and a normal metabolism. B-vitamins contribute toward the energy balance. Vitamins A, C and E oer antioxidant protection anti-ageing for our cells! An eective supplemental product that lives up to its promises: Bios Life Slim supports you optimally in adjusting to a healthy and balanced diet and helps you to more energy and vitality in your everyday life.

In Germany, 66% of all men and 51% of all women are overweight with a BMI > 25 kg/m. The causes stated in the study lack of physical activity and an inadequate intake of fibre.*
* Source: National Nutrition Survey II by the National Research Institute for Nutrition and Food (Bundesforschungsinstitut fr Ernhrung und Lebensmittel 2008)