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E Educomp Assignment 2012-13 X HC2-Indo-China Questions for written practice 1.

How did French bring benefits of civilization to the Vietnamese? Explain with special context to education? 2. Discuss the varied discussion that the French had on the language that was to be taught to the Vietnamese. 3. Compare and contrast Phan Boui Chaus and Phan Chu Trihns views on nationalism and western tradition. 4. Give a brief overview of Vietnamese politics in the 1930s 5. With suitable examples describe Vietnamese women as warriors. Questions for discussion 1. What was the contribution of women to the Vietnamese resistance movement? 2. Explain how Vietnam used its limited resources to its fullest advantage. 3. How was USA affected by its involvement in the Vietnamese War? Explain. 4. Explain the challenges that the new Republic of Vietnam had to face. 5. How was China an inspiration to the Vietnamese Nationalists? 6. State the reason for Hyunh Phu Sos exile. 7. How did school textbooks glorify and justify French rule in Vietnam? 8. What happened in Saigon Natives Girls School in 1926 9. The Vietnamese learnt what lesson from the rat hunt? How could they negotiate a higher bounty? Explain. 10.What was Paul Bernards view on colonies? Describe. 11.What kind of infrastructural projects did the French launch in Vietnam? Explain. Extra Questions 1. What kind of education did the Tonkin school propagate? 2. `Schools thus became an important place for political and cultural battles Explain. 3. Enlist all the reasons for the cause of the plague in Hanoi.

E 4. What was Scholars Revolt of 1868? 5. What was Hoa Hao? What were the beliefs of Hyunh Phu So? 6. How was Hoa Hao suppressed? Explain. 7. Where did 300 Vietnamese students go in 1907-08? Why did they choose to go here and to what effect? 8. Analyze the impact of Great Depression on Vietnam. 9. Narrate the incidents that preceded the formation of Democratic Republic of Vietnam. 10.What happened in South Vietnam after Bao Dais regime was overthrown? 11.Why did the US feel the need to enter the Vietnam War? 12.Why is USAs attack of Vietnam described as brutal? 13.Analyze Hollywoods role as a supporter and a critic of the Vietnam War. 14. What marked the arrival of the new Vietnamese women? 15.Describe Chaus perception of the Trung sisters. 16.Who was Trieu Au ? How did she contribute to the honour of Vietnam? 17.What was womens role in peaceful times? List of names for better learning 1. Bao Dai-Puppet Emperor of South Vietnam after its division. 2. Liang Qichao-The Chinese reformer with whose help Phan Bao Chau wrote a book. 3. Hyunh Phu So-The man who founded the Hoa Hao movement. 4. Gen Henry Navarre-French Commander. 5. Gen.Vo Nguyen Giap-The Vietnamese general who outwitted the French forces in Dien Bien Phu. 6. Ngyuyen Dien Chiu-The blind Vietnamese poet who bemoaned the incidents in his country. 7. Nhat Linh-The person who wrote the scandoulous novel that changed the image of women in Vietnam. 8. Ngyuyen ThiXuan-The woman who shot a jet with only 20 bullets. 9. Ngyuyen Van Thanh-Original name of Ho Chi Minh

E 10.Ngo Dinh Diem- the man who led the coup against Bao Dai in south Vietnam. 11.Phan Boi Chau-The Confucian scholar who believed that Vietnamese tradition would conquer French domination. 12.Phan Chu Trinh TheVietnamese nationalist who believed that Vietnamese had to learn from the West while opposing foreign domination 13.Prince Cuong De-Head of Duy Ton Hoi 14.Sun Yat Sen-The Chinese leader who led a popular movement in China. 15.Trung Sisters and Trieu Au-Idealized and venerated ancient Vietnamese women. For Simpler learning 1. National Liberation Front ,NLF-formed to oppose Diems dictatorial regime in South Vietnam. 2. Vietminh-fought the Japanese occupation and recaptured Hanoi. 3. Vietnamese communist Party,later renamed as Indo-Chinese Communist party-formed by Ho Chi minh to bring all competing parties together.