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EFFECT TYPES VARIOspin – 4 different possibilities to create effect yarns Effect yarn without twist adaptation • Slub yarn Effect yarn with twist adaptation • Multi-count yarn • Multi-twist yarn Combination of multicount and multi-twist yarn • Multi-effect yarn MARKET SHARES OF THE DIFFERENT EFFECT TYPES Multi-twist <5% Multi-effect <5% Multi-count <15% Slub yarn ∼75% . There is an increasing tendency to use fancy yarns for fashionable effects. This integrated fancy yarn option is called “VARIOspin”. Today‘s fashionable yarns are obsolete after a short time as new fashion trends emerge.2 Rieter . Rieter has developed an innovative solution for producing fancy yarns on Ring Spinning and ComforSpin machines. VARIOspin fancy yarn device INTRODUCTION VARIOspin fancy yarn RIETER‘S INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FOR PRODUCING FANCY YARNS The fashion world is changing faster and faster. The associated programming tool for individual creation of fancy yarn patterns is called “VARIOspinDATA”.

• Offline design and simulation of fancy yarn patterns. which has been optimized for the acceleration and deceleration requirements for spinning fancy yarn. • VARIOspin is available as an option and can be retrofitted in the machine and control system in an economical way. • No thin places before and after the effects thanks to special Rieter software. • Data are transferred to the spinning machine via a standard interface. The drafting system motors and transmissions are identical to those of the standard ring spinning machine. • Easy programming of the effect pattern by means of VARIOspinDATA. • VARIOspinDATA converts the effect data into machine data. • The change between fancy yarn and standard yarn is made quickly and easily at the operator panel via the machine control system. • VARIOspin works with the FLEXIdraft drive system. • The program has a capacity of 700 steps per pattern and 3 different effect sizes (mass increase) per article. • Wide variety of fancy yarn pattern options.blackboard for yarn characteristics . • 100% reproducibility of the effects. • Predefined patterns are accessible via PC. • Applicable to Rieter Ring Spinning and ComforSpin machines delivered after May 2004. .woven fabric for weft characteristics • Storage of the pattern repeats on the PC and up to 20 fancy yarn articles in the machine control. VARIOspin fancy yarn device 3 FEATURES VARIOspin summary RIETER‘S FANCY YARN DEVICE – VARIOspin The VARIOspin fancy yarn device offers the following features: • VARIOspin is an integrated solution covering a variety of fancy yarn requirements. • Effect simulation of .Rieter . RIETER‘S FANCY YARN SOFTWARE – VARIOspinDATA Efficient programming and management of effect pattern by using the VARIOspinDATA software tool. • Easy copying of pattern repeats.

4 Rieter . open rail system • SERVOtrail – manual or automatic package transport system Rieter panel ROBOdoff SERVOgrip ISM . doffing time < 2 min • SERVOdisc – maintenance-free cop transport system. VARIOspin fancy yarn device MACHINE PREREQUISITES Based on proven basic machine The proven basic machine concept together with many years of technological experience result in an integrated fancy yarn solution. open rail system • ROBOload – flexible and efficient handling of cop transport system. • Ri-Q-Bridge – in combination with the P3-1 pneumatic pressure arm for top-class yarn quality • Ri-Q-Draft – drafting system with pneumatic pressure arm for centralized loading and relief • FLEXIdraft – push button setting of main draft and yarn twist – no gear changes • FLEXIstart – start-up and spin-off by quarters at the push of a button • MEMOset – data storage for 18 yarn articles • SERVOgrip – doffing without underwinding reserve • ISM – Individual Spindle Monitoring • INTERcool – lower air-conditioning costs due to integrated cooling system for all motors and frequency converters • ROBOdoff – maximum doffing reliability.

VARIOspin fancy yarn device 5 HIGH SYSTEM ACCURACY What you program is what you get FANCY YARN – 100% REPRODUCIBILITY NO THIN PLACES BEFORE AND AFTER THE EFFECTS The Rieter solution for VARIOspin in combination with the proven features of the basic machine drive and control concept ensures that the effects in the yarn correspond to the effects programmed on the machine. a thick place follows a thin place and the twist will consequently go to the thin place. which makes it appear thinner than it actually is. All important parameters can be adjusted electronically and precisely with FLEXIdraft – highly economically. One of the common problems of fancy yarns are thin places before and after the effect. All three bottom rollers are continuously monitored. No thin places (Rieter software) – 100% reproducible effects . Technological theory claims that twist always goes first to thin places. critical thin places before and after the effects are eliminated. When slub or multi-count yarns are being produced. With the Rieter software. the modern drafting system drive provides high-precision settings. High effect consistency over the entire length of the machine (CVb) due to FLEXIdraft (all 3 rollers driven from both ends). FLEXIdraft. Thin places are the result of twist relaxation in the yarn. The pattern repeats are 100% reproducible.Rieter .

As its name implies. The speed of the delivery bottom roller is constant. when multi-count yarn Multi-effect yarns are a combination of slub. Therefore. slubs tend to be short effects. The yarn twist changes due to the relationship between spindle speed and delivery speed. The mass effects are produced by varying the speed of the infeed and middle bottom roller. the whole drafting zone has to be accelerated and decelerated. That is to say. Effects are created by varying the main draft and/or by varying the delivery speed. Slub yarns have the same twist/m or twist/inch in the slubs and in the basic yarn. i. thus preventing a moiré effect in the end product. MULTI-TWIST YARN The production of slub yarns is the oldest and most common of the 4 possible effects (see page 2). The effects are longer than in slub yarn. The twist multiplier in multi-count yarn always remains the same in the base yarn and the effect.6 Rieter . different counts can occur in one yarn. As is the case with slub yarn. With multi-effect. As a rule. T1 = T2 T1 = T2 α1 = α2 α1 = α2 Slub yarn T1 = T2 Multi-twist yarn T1 = T2 = T3 α1 = α2 α1 = α2 = α3 Multi-count yarn T= Twist per unit length. free programming of the machine is also possible. these are produced in an irregular pattern repeat. all bottom rollers have to have the same relative acceleration and deceleration. SLUB YARN is being produced. which creates special yarn effects. The yarn count has to remain the same. VARIOspin fancy yarn device DESCRIPTION OF FANCY YARN TYPES Fancy yarn requirements A variety of effects can be produced on Rieter Ring Spinning machines with the VARIOspin option. α= Twist multiplier Multi-effect yarn . relative to which increases and decreases in mass can be produced by selective acceleration and deceleration of the drafting system. Consequently the twist multiplier changes because of mass variation. not only the speed of the infeed and middle bottom rollers varies.e. MULTI-COUNT YARN Multi-twist processed yarns are produced with the same yarn count and a basic twist multiplier. The effects are places with different twists. MULTI-EFFECT YARN Multi-count yarn features similar characteristics to slub yarn. a basic count is defined. multi-twist effects tend to be longer effects. multi-count and multi-twist effects. but also the delivery bottom roller. To accomplish this. The characteristics of slub yarns are thick places created by main draft variations in the drafting system. As a rule.

VARIOspin fancy yarn device 7 Effect Description Twist Twist multiplier Technical realization speed variation of infeed / middle bottom roller (mass adjustment) speed variation of delivery bottom roller (twist multiplier adjustment) no yes yes Slub yarn Multi-count Multi-twist Multi-effect mass variation mass variation twist variation combination of Multi-count and Multi-twist constant changes changes changes constant changes yes yes yes (adaption of main draft) .Rieter .

the lower the risk of moiré patterns in the fabric.8 Rieter . MASS CHANGE The mass can be changed within the range of . VARIOspinDATA converts the effect data into machine data. + 200% mass increase ≈ 200 mm minimum effect length. effect 20 explorer for the effects effect editor actual machine data for spinning process activate effects effect2 effects upload effects download transfer function effect1 conversion of the effects data to machine data Personal computer Ring Spinning or ComforSpin machine . The pattern is programmed in VARIOspinDATA. Some systems start the pattern with a basic thread length. The program has a capacity of 700 steps per pattern and 3 different effect sizes (mass increase) per repeat. VARIOspin starts with the effect. One step contains the effect number. the pattern can be re-arranged.g.e. Input. The program provides for 700 steps. Excel file) and can be integrated into VARIOspinDATA by „copy/paste“. There is no limit on maximum effect length. VARIOspin fancy yarn device VARIOspinDATA Description and functional features VARIOspinDATA – EFFECT DESIGN AND SIMULATION VARIOspinDATA – EFFECT SPECIFICATIONS EFFECT PARAMETERS VARIOspinDATA is the Rieter software tool for design and simulation of pattern repeats. The program is Windows-based. is 50 mm. + 50% mass increase ≈ minimum effect length of approx. i. 3 different mass increases and/or twist changes can be produced.50% to + 200% (= 300%). The higher the number of effect lengths and the variation in basic yarn length between effects. management and modification of the effect programs (pattern) is performed offline. 50 mm. Data transfer to the spinning machine is via interface. Design options: a) The repeat is available as a file (e. − When using other systems. also referred to as the pause. b) The pattern can be set up as required within the given limits or with selected limits via the random generator of VARIOspinDATA. There is no limit to maximum length. EFFECT LENGTH The minimum effect length is more or less proportional to the mass increase. A pattern repeat starts with an effect length. effect length and basic yarn length. PATTERN REPEAT A pattern repeat consists of several steps. LENGTH OF BASIC YARN The minimum length of the basic yarn between 2 effects.

the data can be checked by means of an embedded checking function. New fancy yarn articles can be produced. Simulations of yarn characteristics and fabrics can already be assessed offline on-screen so that the fancy yarn pattern repeats can be ideally prepared for production on the machine. The pattern repeats are subdivided by type of effect for optimum overview. Turkish. VARIOspin fancy yarn device 9 VARIOspinDATA – EFFECT MANAGEMENT MAIN WINDOW / FILE TOOLS Overview of the spinning mill with machines. German. machine groups and sections as well as effect program allocations. This function enables the fancy yarn articles to be managed so that an up-to-date overview of the allocation of the fancy yarn articles to the machines in production is always available. The units of the count system and of yarn twist can easily be selected. An overview of the existing fancy yarn articles is also provided. SETTINGS Help function for FAQs for creating pattern repeats and for PC – machine communication. Italian and Spanish are currently available. EFFECTS All effect pattern repeats produced can be called up via this function so that the required pattern repeat can then be loaded onto the machine. VISUALIZATION VARIOspinDATA blackboard for yarn characteristics Programmed pattern repeats can be visualized by means of a simulation tool. Existing articles can be edited and deleted.Rieter . The following tasks can be performed: • test of parameter input and communication between PC and machine • loading pattern repeats from PC to machine • loading pattern repeats from machine to PC • deleting pattern repeats directly on the machine. HELP Machine groups can be modified and new machines can be added. MANAGEMENT Data are transferred via an interface from the PC to the machine. After a fancy yarn pattern repeat has been simulated. Setting parameters of each machine or machine group can be modified. French. VARIOspinDATA workspace . The program language can be changed. English. Font and program options can be selected on request.

54 MM SPINNING RING FOR DENIM • optimized cop shape • cop weight up to ±145 g TRAVELER Traveler mass must be selected according to the effect mass in order to prevent the balloon from collapsing. Spin-off prior to cop change is performed without effect. SPACER Spacers have to be adapted to the effect mass to prevent uncontrolled drafting. VARIOspin fancy yarn device TECHNOLOGICAL AND TECHNICAL DATA VARIOspin fancy yarn device SPINNING RINGS Rieter recommends T-flange rings for effect spinning. . spindle speed can be chosen as for a conventional yarn of the average fancy yarn count. Both twist and draft adjustment are possible. both with conventional yarn and with fancy yarn. Criteria: • mass increases • effect length • interval length • twist adjustment COP CHANGE PROCESS The integrated fancy yarn device enables the cop change process to be handled reliably and efficiently via the software. The chosen spindle speed has to be reduced by about 20-30% compared with the conventional yarn. Recommended traveler shape is high bowed. flange 1 or 2.10 Rieter . SPINDLE SPEED As a base value or general rule. Depending on count range.

Turkish. Italian) data transfer 1) 288 .per section twist range T/m TPI spindle speed total draft minimum effect length maximum effect length maximum mass increase database VARIOspinDATA (available languages: English.with a minimal effect length 200mm (assumption: basic yarn mass = 0% plus 200% mass increase) (on the assumption that the basic yarn is taken as 100% a total yarn mass of 300% can be achieved) 20 articles can be stored in machine memory 700 steps per pattern with 3 effects (3 different mass increases) Effect simulation of . French.40 – fold for VARIOspin 50 mm (at 50% mass increase) unlimited 200% .Rieter . twist adjustment 8 .1 200 48 200 .32) Ne 92) depends on total draft number of spindles .3 000 5 . interval length. effect length. Spanish. German. VARIOspin fancy yarn device 11 Ring Spinning machine1) yarn count tex Nm Ne coarsest count (incl.woven fabric for weft characteristics RS 232 or via Ethernet interface delivery after May 2004 Interval length Effect length Basic length Basic yarn Effect yarn .76 depends on: mass increases.82) Ne 42) 2) ComforSpin machine1) coarsest count (incl. effects): 65 tex2) Nm 15.blackboard for yarn characteristics . effects): 147 tex2) Nm 6.

Čsl. s.com . Rieter systems and Rieter innovations are protected by patents in most industrialized countries.Rieter Machine Works Ltd.sys@rieter. Rieter reserves the right to make any necessary changes at any time and without special notice. armády 1181 CZ-56215 Ústí nad Orlicí T +420 465 557 232 F +420 465 557 226 The data and illustrations in this brochure refer to the date of printing. 1901en-BAAG-42 Printed in CZ www. Klosterstrasse 20 CH-8406 Winterthur T +41 52 208 71 71 F +41 52 208 83 20 sales.com Rieter Ingolstadt Spinnereimaschinenbau AG Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 84 DE-85055 Ingolstadt T +49 841 95 36 01 F +49 841 95 36 850 Rieter CZ a.rieter.

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