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Brothers of Howell Lodge #38 F&AM,

February 2013

January has been a busy month as newly elected officers become accustom to their stations and learn their responsibilities for Lodge. At the regular January meeting brothers Dale Buxton and Paul Messens initiated the “Who I Am” program that Grand Lodge has requested Lodges to implement. At Lodge meetings throughout the year brothers will be asked to share brief autobiographical sketches of their lives. Brothers Dale and Paul talked about their families, employment, hobbies, sports and how they became interested in Masonry. The Lodge voted to advance Jim Rutherford to his Fellowcraft Degree on Wednesday, January 9th. Brother Jim, a former DeMolay and a retired Army Sergeant and Green Beret, was motivated that same evening to pass his FC proficiency. That was impressive! Thursday, January 17, Brothers Marty Hall, Kris Sundberg, Robert Bezotte, Al Parr, Dale Buxton, Rob Mossoian and WM Dave Finney gathered at the District Court to witness and celebrate the swearing-in of Past Master Jay Drick (our current Treasurer) as the newly appointed Livingston County Magistrate. Brother Jay’s oath of office was taken with his hand on a Masonic Bible. Several times during the occasion, Brother Jay made mention of the Masons and his “Brothers.” A wonderful celebratory reception was held at Howell’s historic Opera House. The Lodge extends its fraternal congratulations to Brother Jay. It’s also noteworthy to recognize former Livingston County Magistrate Brian “Buzz” Brown, who is also a Past Master of our Lodge. Brian served as the county magistrate for seventeen years and now has retired and moved to “The Village” in Florida. Master Mason Degree practices were scheduled for January 16th and 30th in preparation for a very special February 2nd, conferring of the MM Degree at the Scottish Rite Temple in Dearborn. Four Brothers from Howell Lodge (Jason Baker, Jeff Hanson, Jim Rutherford and Joshua Kley) and two from Livonia’s Thomas S. Hughes Lodge #574 (Michael Adams and Dajuan Passmore) will be raised to Master Masons. The first part of the degree will be conducted by members of Howell Lodge and the second part by a degree team comprised of Past Grand Masters and Past Masters. Each and every Brother from Howell Lodge is encouraged to attend and participate in the raising of four Brothers. On Saturday, February 2nd, anyone interested in attending and participating can meet at 6:45 AM at the Lodge. We’ll share rides and caravan to Dearborn’s Scottish Rite Temple. I hope to see many of you attend. A final thought, you’ve been contacted by Grand Lodge regarding the publishing of the Grand Lodge of Michigan’s 2013 Membership Album. This is a wonderful opportunity to have your name placed in a volume for your family but also for the history of your Lodge. Likewise, consider the genealogical contribution this book will present for those in future generations that may be interested in researching their family tree and discovering that their ancestors were Masons. If you still have the postcards and/or emails that were sent regarding this project, please respond and answer the publishers few questions. Fraternally, David D. Finney, WM

From the Secretary Happy Birthday to these February Birthday Brothers Jesse Davey PM; Charles Harris; Charles Hill; Joseph Jones PM; Paul Messens II; Donal Shunney; William Vroman; John Wheeler; and Scott Wright. Congratulations Brothers The officers of Howell Lodge hope that you had a great holiday season and that you have a healthy and prosperous New Year. So far this year we seem to have plenty of work, and a lot of things on the agenda. There are a number of brothers that I have no current address for and I am hoping that the membership can help me out on these brothers, where they might be, or if they have passed on, and when. John R. Chenoweth; George L. Mayhew; Carol L. Pyles; Thomas W. brogan; and French J. Napier. If anyone has any information on these brothers, please forward that information to me. Thank you. Once again, there are a number of brothers still owing dues and the second notices have gone out, please contact this office if you are having trouble, the Lodge is certainly glad to work with you. Due to health reasons, I would like to have someone come forward to fill the Secretary’s position. You will have to be computer literate, a lot of things as far as records keeping are now done on line, and I will be happy to work with them for the remainder of this year until they are comfortable with the job. You will have to be detailed oriented and able to sometimes fill in the blanks. There has been a number of secretary’s in the past that have not been dedicated to this job, and a lot of Howell Lodge history has been lost due to that. In 25, 50, or a hundred years from now someone will be looking back for one of their relatives trying to find out how active they were and if it is not recorded in the minutes they might never find out. Fraternally,

William New, PM. Secretary

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