Adjustment  Letter      D raft  Due:2.1  |  Final  Due:  2.

Scenario: You are the owner/manager of a small real estate company, Five Trees Real Estate,
and one of your tenants has sent you a letter of complaint on January 3, 2013 (see below) about a downstairs neighbor being noisy and smoking inside (though, currently, there’s nothing in the lease that says you cannot smoke inside). The next week you receive another letter informing you that the person living in the downstairs apartment is not the tenant who is listed on the lease (which is illegal according to the lease agreement). You talk to the man living downstairs and discover he has been smoking, is not the person listed on the lease, and, therefore, can legally be evicted. You decide to evict the offending man and file for a court date but discover that the process will take around 2 months (in Columbus it takes 2 weeks to schedule a court date and then the offender is given 3 weeks to move out). You think the court will rule in your favor but aren’t 100% positive. Your job is to let the tenant that has complained know that you are doing all you can, but the problem is not likely to be solved soon. You’d like the complaining tenant to keep an eye out for this squatter in the apartment and if possible to file a police action (if the tenant is, in fact, starting fires, though you have no evidence of this) to help support the eviction notice. However, you need to be tactful about this. You don’t want to lose the complaining tenant. Think about what you can say to keep the tenant there and renew his lease for the next year. Feel free to fill in the gaps in this story if you’d like to add some more specific information, but don’t go overboard (for instance, don’t offer to let the complaining tenant live in the apartment for free). Stick to this general story. Make up names to fill in the blanks.

Complaint  Letter  1  
To The King of England I'm currently a tenant at an undisclosed location in the desert. I spoke with you last week about the man who moved in below me smoking in his bedroom. I was wondering if you had contacted him yet. As I said before, I have allergies and respiratory issues and the constant smoke makes it hard to use my bedroom. In addition, he has continued to make loud banging noises from roughly 1:30 am-6 am every night. Part of the noise comes from him opening and shutting the windows to smoke out of (which doesn't help clear the odor from my room). I've been woken and kept awake every night since he's moved in and was wondering if you could talk to him about that—asking him to keep quieter during late night hours and ideally asking him again to go outside to smoke or to go smoke out the living room if he continues to smoke inside. I find it unfair that I can't use a room I pay for to sleep and have been trying to sleep on the couch the past few nights. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, on Sunday night (January 1st) when I was woken up yet again by several loud thuds, I smelled something burning that had a noticeably different odor.

When I left my apartment Monday, I noticed that there was a burned t-shirt lying on the balcony. Apparently, he had set it on fire the night before. I am hoping that he didn't fall asleep with a cigarette burning and am afraid of my apartment catching fire. I am also worried that I didn't hear any fire alarms going off despite the strong smoke. I've written a note to the tenant, Charles In Charge, but he has chosen not to help. Could you please ask him to smoke outside and keep quieter late-night hours? I really like my apartment and you've been a great real-estate company for me and several of my friends--I really don't want to have to break my lease and move, but I can't continue to not sleep. Thank you for your help, Will Kurlinkus William C. Kurlinkus PhD Candidate Susan L. Huntington Fellow The Department of English Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy The Ohio State University

Complaint  Letter  2:    
Again, to the property manager. I wanted to thank you for helping me before with the smoking so swiftly. But I noticed in your email you said nothing about noise. The current situation is that I am still being woken up from roughly 3 to 6 by loud noises. I've been sleeping with earplugs with headphones on top of them. This morning there was loud hammering on the bedroom wall around six am so I knocked on the floor to say that it was too loud. A kind of ragged-looking man came and knocked on my door named "E.D." and said that he was hanging a calendar, that he was living there for the time being, that Charles in Charge was not living their (only coming in every couple days), that he "doesn't know where Charles in Charge is," and that he (E.D) wakes up every morning at 4 to do what he wants. I really don't know what's going on right now with this but it's a very uncomfortable situation (I'll also note that our common lightbulbs in the halls which I have been replacing weekly keep disappearing when no one but the downstairs tenant is in). I'm weary of complaining because I know that apparently I'm the only one that's hearing the noise every night and that knows this whole situation, but I figured you'd find out what's going on discretely to help me. Thank you again for helping, Will Kurlinkus

Assignment  2:  Adjustment  Letter  
____Content (70  points)
• Follows the adjustment letter format and contains all its pieces—intro, body, conclusion, etc. (see pg. 124-130 in Kolin). • Provides correct and useful information and refers specifically to the content of the complaint letters. • Uses “you” language. • Has a good tone to it. • Makes some attempt to keep the complaining tenant in the residence. Gets that tenant on your side.

____Document  Design (15  points)
• Follows “Full Block” format (see pg. 97 in Kolin). • Contains a company header you create in Photoshop. • 1 page.

____Writing  Quality (15  points)
• • • • Writing is concise, not redundant, and clear (look back at the PowerPoint). Writing doesn’t contain spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is specific: contains specific examples and nothing is included that isn’t necessary. See page 143 for a checklist.

______Total  (100  points)

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