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Course: HLTH 195 Energy Medicine part 6 - Meridians, Body Systems, and Organs Placement : Undergraduate Prerequisites: HLTH 141 Healing Touch Level 1 Faculty: Kathleen Scacciaferro, RN, MSA PO Box 242 Bristol, VT 05443 (802) 363-0259 Course Description: Energy Medicine is the art and science of healing through the energy system. It integrates complementary therapies with traditional health care using a holistic approach to healing. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects all interrelate and affect a person's overall health and wellbeing. Meridians are an interconnected web of energy lines that nourish the internal aspects of the human body, including organs and body systems. Learn ways to assess the meridians, organs and body systems, alter the energy flow, and manage internal energy. Discover how meridians, organs and body systems influence health.

Course Objectives: The participant will: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Describe the nature and function of 14 meridians Apply muscle testing as a method of assessing meridians Document meridian assessment Demonstrate and practice techniques to alter meridian energy flow Describe nature and function of systems and organs Assess all systems and organs using hand scan and pendulum Document systems and organs assessment Practice techniques to balance systems and organs Discuss implications for practice

Course Topics:
Teaching Strategies: Lecture Case study review Class Participation Homework lab Course Policies: Attendance is expected for the entire 22.5 hours of class. Class participation is also expected. All course assignments must be completed for a passing grade to be achieved. The taking of notes during a scheduled class of a UVM course for the purpose of selling the notes or other commercial purpose is prohibited without the written permission of the professor. Grading Policy:

97-100 A+ 93-96 A 90-92 A-

87-89 B+ 83-86 B 80-82 B-

77-79 C+ 73-76 C

Course Assignments/Evaluation Methods:

1. Demonstration of Healing Touch techniques in class/class participation – 50% 2. Completion of homework: a. Documentation of Energy Medicine sessions. 10% b. Self-Assessment 10 c. Development of a self-care plan including self chakra connection 10% d. Documentation in a self-care journal – what you did and didn’t do, what worked, what you noticed energetically about your self especially doing Hara, Chakra, Core Star meditations. Ten entries. 20%
Required Texts: Meridians, Body Systems, & Organs

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