B was a writer who didn`t respect the English Church,although the basis of his literature was the Bible.The subtitle of this work is a line from the Bible-`` The Voice of one crying in the Wildriness.``Blake uses this phrase from the Bible and regards himself as a new prophet who would warn people of dangers. In this work Blake deals with the imagination and man`s creativity.He emphasizes the importance of imagination by stating that ``Poetic Genius`` (imagination)and our creative potentials are what make us human and the whole world is the product of imagination and not of God.For him all people(although in some aspects different)are the same because of the similar imagination they own.The truth for him comes from our hearts although it isn`t the same as the truth that our senses see.Further he discusses the philosophical system which also comes from the imagination.He recognizes the value of philosophy ,but criticizes people`s desire to learn easy,because only weak individulas reach for philosophy which provides them with rules and limits their creature potentials.Instead,people should use their own imagination and creativity and not satisfy themselves with traditional knowledge but strive to learn and discover unknown.He saw religion and the Christian interpretation of the Bible as limiting man`s creativity.He hated Christian God,but he loved the Bible and respected it as man`s highest creative work,not as the evidence that God exists.He thought that the origin of religion is Poetic Genius and man`s unlimited creative power.It is man who created God,not vice versa.Man is God,All religions have the same source,they are one,the same products of human imagination. THERE IS NO NATURAL RELIGION by W.B This is the work where Blake strongly attacked the 18thc beliefs and the Deism known as Natural Religion.Deists were the one who saw the Universe as a mechanism created by a supreme being God,accorrding to certain rules which man should not try to disobey but accept them as they were.For Deists the evidence that God exists was the physical,material world created as a prefect mechanism.Blake opposed that belief and thought that man and his imagination and unlimited creative power created God.The Age of Reason insisted on the Reason as the most important human capacity,but Blake saw it as something that limits man.Man is limited by senses and its perception of the material world,but man’s perception should depend on its sixth sense-imagination.The Enlightenment insisted on general nature ,but Blake says that reason also changes with the growth of knowledge.Man shouldn’t satisfy with what he already knows but strive to learn more.Nothing is impossible,and man shouldn’t limit his desires. Conclusion: If there weren’t poets,the world would be governed by philosophers and scientists and it would be limited,dull and repeatable.God equals man and vice versa,so therefore God equals imagination. THE MARRIAGE OF HEAVEN AND HELL by W.B This work is regarded as Blake’s manifesto of his spiritual independence from all dogmas imposed by the state,church or all other 18thc institutions which he opposed.Also it is the story about how man gt to this position and a kind of prophecy of an apocalypse that follows.Blake strongly opposed the Orthodox

concluding.and energy and desires as evil which must be conquered by good.he confuses the roles of God and Satan.What blake wanted was to pay attention to the reader that there was time for everything and there is no period in human life which is passive because passive obedience is bad.the imagination.Blake strongly protested against this dualism and believed that body and soul are not two distinctive categories.because Blake’s Devil personifies energy.” Blake says that contraries are to be reconciled but are not to be absorbed one another.He turned the 18thc existing world upside down and God who stood for reason and repression was set against Satan.if desires and energy are evil.which is good.The implication is: if Milton’s Satan outshines Milton’s God.He opposed the dogma of traditional Christianity which stresses that Good is the passive that obeys Reason and that Energy is bad.Evil is Hell.)”Without contraries is no progression.The world is not only black and white.feelings and man can be fulfilled only through the senses and imagination.Further.and at liberty when of Devils and Hell.Another coinidence was his age-thirty three .which in the orthodox religions view requires the submission of evil to because he was a true poet and of Devil’s party without knowing it.What a man should do is not to look back on tradition and old .and compares the Devil (symbol of evil) and Christ (symbol of good)who both rebelled against the established authority.the Devil and Christ must be the same.”What Blake meant by this is clear-the Revolution in France and America.imagination.Church’s view of reason and restraint as good.Satan also must be good because he reasons.and if reason is always good then. PLATE 3: Blake opens this plate with the sentence “As a new heaven is the errors of “All Bibles or sacred codes.and it is now thirty three years since its advent:the Eternal Hell revives.The plate ends in celebration of energy (imagination and creative power)which was seen as superior to the reason.and that human soul is not divinized idea but our passion. after his reading of Paradise Lost.calling him Angel sitting by the tomb of Christ and alluding to the falsity of Swedenborg’s writings. THE PROVERBS OF HELL: It is a kind of metaphor for human life.the age when Christ was’s body and soul.According to him the first error was that thr Church divided man in two parts.”(The main point at which he parted with Swedenborg was his view of the Angel as a supporting conventional thought and religion.the poet outshines the philosopher.with the note: “The Reason Milton wrote in fetters when he wrote of Angels and God. PLATE 4:The subtitle of this plate is “The Voice of the Devil”and contains two sets of sentences with the second three answering or negating the first three .” The meaning of the note is that energy of desire cannot be separated from the poet’s creative energy. Therefore.This is followed by the sentences in which Blake states his system of contraries that ends in irony:”Good is Heaven.In order to fight such a view .the poet himself who speaks as a reformer against those who interpret the Bible.which is bad.In order to justify his own view and prove that desire and energy are not absolute evil nor restraint and reason absolute good.who stood for energy and freedom. In this plate blake refers to Swedenborg.Love and Hate.Blake uses Biblical symbols of Devil and Angel and through marriage reconciles the two contraries .The world is in a constant struggle between the contraries and one loses its meaning without the other.that means that Christ who was also full of energy is evil.He states that Energy and Reason .Attraction and Repulsion are contrastive human categories. In this plate Blake also introduces one of the great paradoxes of the poem: weakness is evil.”The voice of the Devil is actually Blake.But Blake thought that these contraries are necessary to human existence.

priests took advantage of what was originally poetic.desire.milton in his “Paradise Lost’ created the character of Satan as a rebel .Blake criticized those who were weak and restrained their desires which he saw as unlimited.Blake is deliberately confusing the rules of God and Devil. “All deites reside in human breasts.not the God . PLATE 16:Here Blake introduces us with the Giants.The story about the creation of human being . and Blake compares them with the poets and creative people in general. PLATE 11: This plate is the most revolutionary one and it starts with the description of the origin and history of religion.and it is the most important task to free our energy from reason.For Blake obedient. energy.It was man who created God .The only limited aspect of human being was reason which Blake coinsides with God.a symbol of artists.They enriched objects by calling them Gods or Geniuses and placing them under their mental deity.enslaved by the weak(cunning coward)people.The poet had that creative power(imagination) which is unlimited and was able to perceive the world around him in a different way.Devil is the symbol of energy.What blake suggests is not the reconcilation between these two opposites nor the abolition of reason.The major opposition in Blake’s mythological sustem is the opposition between two types of people:the Prolific (full of energy and very creative) and the Devourer (people who keep their energy under control and use their reason only).desire. PLATE 14: This is how Blake explains his version of understanding Apocalypse.prudent and virtues people are weak people incapable of anything because they surpress their energy and desires.but to destroy all traditions and create his own system.So.the true poet must be on the side of order to manipulate and enslave people fact.As a result.rebellion.and expand our consciousness.who keep their energy under control.but to accept the fact that they need each other and should stay in opposition.But for Blake the Fall.What makes us both divine and human is imagination.But they are now in chains. .According to Blake. religion and the worship of God separated the creator and man. mythological figures who were the first inhabitants of cosmos and created the world we perceive.But they are also symbols of creativity and irational energy. PLATE 5: What he was doing in this plate was to interpret the work of Milton whom he saw as a reformer and a rebel and his “Paradise Lost”.seeks to destroy their existence.the original sin is the rejection of imagination and projection of people’s creativity into God.the true source of Energy and symbol of prophetic fire.The old.”Blake wanted to remind people that salvation is in their hearts and points out that people should search for good and evil within themselves.Blake didn’t criticize Milton’s intention but rather thought of it as a democratic a human being fighting for his freedom.It was actually the Satan. Blake announces Apocalypse and is joyful about it because it would bring about positive transformation of the world.the world is fallen and corrupted.on the side of creativity.But when the system was established and that’s the Church and its laws.According to religion. Religion by trying to reconcile them .Ancient Poets were the creators of first religion.the original sin was man’s disobedience of God.The true virtue is the ability to express yourself and be creative. Blake suggests that we stop depending only on our five senses.not the other way around.

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