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The Messenger

February 2013
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Most of us do not like to talk about death and suffering. We usually want to focus on the positives life, health and wellbeing. However, the reality is that in this world we will have troubles. There will be sickness, conflicts, sorrow, tears and death. We cannot escape it. If you cant escape it, how do you deal with it? What do you do to handle all the problems, sorrows and disappointments that you face? Someone has done something for us so that we can face these issues in our lives with confidence and peace. going to travel the last weeks with him as he endures rejection, ridicule and execution. He does that for you and me. He endures the sufferings and pains. He does that for us. He experiences death for us. Not just the separation of his soul from his body, but separation from all the blessings of God (hell). Why does he do that? He does that because he loves us. He does not want any of us to experience eternal pain and suffering. He does that to satisfy the justice and anger of God that we deserve. As a result we have the certainty of forgiveness and eternal life rather than eternal death. This good news does change our perspective and attitudes. suffering and we will experience the separation of our souls from our bodies (physical death), if Jesus does not return first. However, we do not despair when these things happen to us. We know that we rest safe and secure in our Saviors loving and protecting hands. As Jesus reminds us, In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33) So come what may we know that our loving Savior Jesus is working all for our good. Plan to attend our midweek Lenten services as we recall People in Jesus Passion and learn how others have dealt with suffering and death. - Pastor Jim Werner

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On February 13th we will begin the season of Lent. We just celebrated the birth of our Savior Jesus in Bethlehem, now we are Yes, we will experience

February Sunday Bible Classes Pastor David Dolan will focus on What Do I Do With What God Gave Me? Classes are held in the Parish Center Sunday mornings at 9:00 & 10:30 AM.

Financials - Messenger Info Year end 2012 Financial Summary: The members of St. Marks Church contributed $1,831,463.71 in 2012.

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$1,273,699.89 was received for the general operating fund in 2012 and the operating needs were $1,441,804.51 leaving a deficit of $168,104.62. The members contributed $64,144.70 for debt reduction, therefore the net shortfall for operating in 2012 was $103,959.92. Since July of this year we only had to borrow $18,000.00 and that amount was paid off at year end. The shortfall for the first six months was paid off from the Clarence Lemke Estate. General operating receipts for December were $160,162.74, while expenses were $107,017.91. $299,571.79 was received toward our goals for missions, Lakeside, property maintenance, debt reduction, Hispanic Outreach, and the ROC, but the needs for our goals were $438,898.76. Contributions toward the goals were $139,326.97 below the needs. $258,192.03 was received toward Future Generations, the capitol fund campaign, to pay for the school expansion and renovation. Needs were $221,942.08. Contributions were $36,249.95 above needs.

To include an article or notice in The Messenger, drop off your information at the church office or e-mail to: The Messenger Deadline is the 15th of the month. Information received AFTER that date is NOT guaranteed inclusion. KEEP ALL ARTICLES BRIEF : A PARAGRAPH OR TWO - NO page-long articles! Articles, notices, etc., are only printed once - unless otherwise requested, and all articles are subject to modification by the editor. Special requests will be taken into consideration, however please understand that for various reasons and space, your request may not be honored.

Pebbles from the ROC - Good Samaritan Giving - Decorating Committee Pebbles From the ROC...

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Closing the Generation Gap A great way we try to help close the gap at THE ROC is by having teens ask the adult volunteers specific questions designed to get to know each other better. Recently a teen, involved in such an exercise at THE ROC was asking questions like, Where did you grow up and who were your parents and grand-parents?, What was your first car?, Did you ever have a serious illness or accident? The last question on the list is, Are you afraid to die? This question always leads to a longer discussion of death and the adult having the opportunity to speak of his/her Savior who removes the sting of death. It is a joy to watch as other teens gather around to hear the adult volunteer speak about Jesus with joy and anticipation. We thank God for your cheerful giving. Many of you give gifts to THE ROC through your congregation, and the gifts are then periodically sent on to THE ROC as a lump sum. For this reason, it is impossible for us to thank you personally, but we want to sincerely thank you now for your cheerful giving and generosity. At THE ROC, during Bible/Talk Time, we regularly include thanks to God for you in our worship prayers. We have been greatly blessed by you and through you. Thanks from all of us at THE ROC.

Good Samaritans Receive Grant from Thrivent By now, the word has spread that The Good Samaritans received a $5,000 grant from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans to assist people in our community who are in need. All gifts given to the Good Samaritan Fund between November 14, 2012 to March 31, 2013 will be matched 50-cents on the dollar up to an additional $5,000. For those who purchased gift cards from the Giving Tree, 50-cents for every dollar spent will help our cause. The same goes for those who purchase Scrip, and special gifts given to the Good Samaritans during the next four months will be matched. This money is used to help pay rent and utility bills, and purchases gas cards and food cards for those in need. We are attempting to do what the Lord instructs us to do. Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. (Galatians 6:10)

Decorating Committee The Church Decorating Committee is looking for volunteers interested in helping decorate throughout the year. Men, women, and couples are welcome! Having a few men on the committee would be extremely helpful in setting up and taking down the heavier items such as the Christmas tree and manger for Christmas and the crosses for Lent. For more info or to sign up, contact Becky Manke at 920.261.8552.

Doctrine Review - Worship Services - Ladies Aid A Little Review of Doctrine: Benefits of Holy Communion The Lords Supper offers to us the very body and blood of Jesus Christ by way of bread and wine. Even more importantly: What exactly does Holy Communion do for us? Well, we might say that Holy Communion feeds us, forgives us, and fuses us. The Lords Supper is food for our souls. The way we eat food to maintain and energize our body, Holy Communion maintains the health of our soul and fortifies our Christian faith. Holy Communion offers the forgiveness of sins. We receive the true blood of Christ, the price of our salvation. We receive the true body of Jesus, raised as the guarantee of our pardon. These were given and poured out for the forgiveness of our sins. And the Holy Sacrament fuses us to our Savior (and to one another, as well). In Lords Supper, Jesus himself declares and

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demonstrates, Take and eat. Take and drink. This is now yours. I am now yours. You are mine. And its going to be that way forever. It means that Martin Luther had it right of course! when he wrote, We receive forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation in this sacrament. It makes Holy Communion your most important and delicious meal. Receive it again sometime soonand often!

Worship This Month...

February 2 & 3: Mission Fest MLC: Prof. Mark Zarling John 9:1-7 I Was Blind, But Now I See February 6, 9, 10: Transfiguration 2 Peter 1:16-21 Dramatic Event: Eyewitness Accounts February 13: Ash Wednesday Psalm 130 From the Depths of Sin, Jesus Provides Redemption February 16 & 17: Lent 1 Isaiah 64:4-8 Our Righteousness is Filthy, but God Acts for Us February 20: Midweek 2 Luke 22:31-34 Tested but not Broken February 23 & 24 John 11:38-53 John Reports that Jesus Raises Lazarus February 27: Midweek 3 Mark 14:32-42 People of the Passion: Jesus Warns Peter to Pray

Ladies Aid Thursday, February 7 1 PM Lunch - Parish Center Entertainment: Prep Singers Business Meeting New Members Welcome! What does Ladies Aid do? Serves Funeral Luncheons Serves Pre-Marriage Seminar Dinner Donates to School Sends Christmas Cards to Shut-ins & Military Prepares & donates lunch to the Watertown Free Clinic volunteers ...and more! Interested? Join us for lunch and a meeting! 1st Thursday of the month September through May

Spanish Outreach - Stewardship - Mission Statement

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The Work of Our Pastors & Others: Baptisms at Saint Marks?

Spanish Outreach... The account of Jesus Passion from El Evangelio segn San Lucas (St. Lukes Gospel) is now providing a Lenten focus for la Iglesia de San Marcos (St. Marks Mexicano version). Recently Pastor Walther made his annual visits to Spanish 2 students at Luther Prep. He officially invited them, along with Spanish 3 students, to experience worship in the Spanish Language at St. Marks sometime this semester. Pastor Dale continues his faithful workwith special focus on facilitating St. Marks Schools ministry to Mexicano members. The Holy Spirit has placed our Spanish Language congregation in an era of internal growth. You may have heard that continued economic problems in the US have slowed the flow of immigration. It is a trend we have noticed at church: with fewer new members than we have sometimes had in the past. Nevertheless, a sizeable minority of those who are already our members have demonstrated remarkable growth in faithfulness to our Savior recently. For all such blessings, we praise the Holy Spirit, operating through his Scriptures and sacraments. Some people are movie goers. Some people take a great deal of pleasure in eating. Most of us want at least three squares a day and maybe a little extra. We wouldnt be satisfied with much less. We wouldn't say, Ive had my meal for today. I wont need to eat again for another week. Most movie goers would never say, Ive seen one good movie. I guess theyre all pretty much the same. I wont go again for another year Can any of us then say that with regard to church services? That if we have been to one and heard one sermon, we dont need to hear more because they may be more of the same? If we arent satisfied with eating only once a week, can we feel that our spiritual hunger and need for Gods Word, the very nourishment for our faith, be rarely taken care of ? Everything needs to be put in perspective of our needs. Are you a good steward?

St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church Our Mission To serve all people in Gods world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the basis of Holy Scripture. Our Objectives 1. To proclaim Law and Gospel 2. To strengthen believers through the means of grace 3. To equip believers in sharing the Gospel of Jesus with others 4. To provide a Christian Day School

Pastoral Acts - Membership Updates - Mens Seminar - The Messenger

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Funerals Aurelia Widzinski Mabel (Mae) Behling Gertrude Zubke Baptism: Claire Evelyn Richter

Date of Death Funeral 1-02-13 1-12-13 1-16-13 1-19-13 1-22-13 1-26-13 Birth 11-12-12 Baptism 1-20-13 Parents Adam & Sarah (Chwala) Richter

Weddings None this month

Attention: Men Are you living your life fully as the man God created you to be? Could you do better? Whats holding you back? If youre like most men, the truthful answer entails much more than a simple yes or no. The Men of His Word Conference will be held in Oshkosh on Saturday, February 16th. The conference will provide inspiring messages, music by Kione and 21 seminars that address todays issues for men of all ages. The $35 adult registration ($25 for youth) includes breakfast and lunch. Carpooling is available. Take a chance. Reach out to be more of the husband, father, friend, believer...more of everything God created you to be. A list of sessions and the registration can be found at or contact Giles Isham at 920.285.6611.

The Messenger Reminder... Decembers St. Marks Messenger was the last mailed issue. In order to keep our expenses in line with our offerings, the Board of Pastoral Ministry had to cut 20% of their budget for 2013. The budget for The Messenger was $6,000. It was cut to $1,000. The monthly cost to mail The Messenger was about $250, plus the cost of paper, printing, and use of our copy and folding machines. The Messenger will now be posted on our website at Those who have submitted their e-mail address to the church office will receive their copy by e-mail. Printed copies can be picked up at church after services. Shut-ins and nursing home residents will have their newsletter delivered either by the visiting pastor or by the pastor conducting the monthly service.

Easter Flower Orders

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2013 Easter Flowers

If you would like to help beautify our church for Easter, please fill out and return this form to the Church Office with payment by February 25th.

_______ Easter Lily _______ Mum (Asst. colors) _______ Daffodils _______ Hyacinth _______ Tulips (Asst. colors) In Honor Of: In Memory Of:

$15 $15 $15 $15 $15

(Please Print)

Given By:
Phone Number:
All orders are to be pre-paid and sent to the church office by Monday, February 25th. Please make checks payable to St. Marks Decorating Committee. Flowers may be picked up after communion (noon) on Easter Sunday. If you cannot come at that time, please make arrangements with the Church Office. Otherwise your plants will be used as decorations for the Easter season. Thank

If you have any questions, please contact Becky at 261-8552

Memorials - Meals-on-Wheels

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Memorials for St. Marks Church, School, Missions, School Building Fund, the ROC, St. Marks Scholarship Fund, etc. These memorials have been given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of the following:
Gordy Milbrath Sandra MacWilliams, Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Borth, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Zubke, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Lillge Mae Behling Suzanne Herzog William Beerbohm Dorothy Zubke Edna Braunschweig Family & friends Oscar Hackbarth George & Marilyn Hackbarth, Randall & Kim Hackbarth, Cathie King Charles Haseleu Dorothy Zubke Marcella Jentsch Paul & Mardelle Schuett Ruth Nass Dorothy Zubke, Gil & Laurie Brennecke, Diane Pearson Lorraine Rose Audrey Scharp James Schoenike Paul & Mardelle Schuett Selma Schroder Linda Stark Norma Schultz Mr. & Mrs. David May, Robert & Marion Heese, Ray & Erla Nickels, Ron & Marliss Steindorf, Jerry & Betty Lillge, Ronnie & Millie Bohn We apologize for names missing or misspelled. David R. Schumann Harold Gus Wahlgren Elizabeth Stelter Suzanne Herzog Percy Wade Wes Altwies Doris Zimmerman Pastor & Mrs. Maurice Hoppe, David Hoppe, Brian Hoppe, Aaron & Jessica Hoppe, Marie Dobbratz, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Dobbratz, Bernice Zimmerman, Margie Eickelberg, Linda Schuett, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Reynolds. Evelyn Ruehlow, Helen Mitzner, Jane Lenius, Mr. & Mrs. Lavern Lenius, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Guenterberg, Eleanor Reynolds, Tim & Dee Bergdoll, Wayne & Barb Moungey

Meals-on-Wheels St. Marks delivered Meals-on-Wheels the week of December 17-12, 2012. Thank you to the volunteers: Larry & Barb Feder, Bud & Ardis Nickels, Marie Dobbratz, Susie Herzog, Dick & Sandy Kren, Joe & Gloria Jilek, Jerry & Joanne Brandt, Dorothy Dantuma, Joanne Hemker, Harold Peckham, Brian Ganser, and Erich & Helen Zellmer. It was an interesting week. Because of the big snowstorm, Meals-onWheels was cancelled Thursday and Friday. The next St. Marks rotation is March 18-22. - Yvonne Habermann

February 2013- St. Marks Ev. Lutheran Church Calendar

215 N. 6th Street, Watertown, WI 215 N. 6 Street, Watertown, WI 53094 Phone (920)-262-8500 53094 Phone (920)-262-8500 5-8:30PM: PreMarriage Seminar (MP) (session #1) 6PM Church Service Mission Festival


th LENTEN SOUP & SANDWICH SUPPERS ON WEDNESDAYS: Starting on ASH WEDNESDAY, February 13, 4:30-6:30PM - either in the Parish Center or School Commons watch your church bulletin for each weeks menu and location.

Mon Tue Wed Thu December 2011- St. Marks Ev. Lutheran 1 Fri CalendarSat Church 2

Mission Festival Church Services 7:30, 9:00 & 10:45AM 9/10:30AM Bible Study (B2) 9AM Kids 4 Christ 1:30-4PM: PreMarriage Seminar (MP) (session #2) 6:30PM Spanish Ser.

6PM: Praise Singers 7PM: Adult Handbells 7PM Womens Bible Study (B3) 7PM Leadership Bible Study (B2) 8PM Standing Bds

12:10 Lets Do Lunch (PC) 7PM AA Mtg (B1)

10AM Golden Living 2:30 Highland House 3:45 Gr. 6-7 Catechism 4:30-6:30 Lenten Meal 5PM Sch. Min. Bd. 5:30 Pre-Communion

6AM Dawn Patrol (MP) 9AM/4PM Bible Class (B2) 1PM Ladies Aid (MP) 6PM Ladies Choir 6:45PM Chorale 8PM Mens Choir 7PM Pre-Communion (PC)

6-8:30PM: PreMarriage Seminar (MP) (session #3) 6PM Church Service

7PM Bible Info Class 7PM Church Service


Church Services 7:30, 9:00 & 10:45AM 9/10:30AM Bible Study (B2) 9AM Kids 4 Christ 1:30-4PM: PreMarriage Seminar (MP) (session #4) 6:30PM Spanish Ser.

9:50AM WHS C2 6PM: Praise Singers 7PM: Adult Handbells 7PM Ministry Council

12:10 Lets Do Lunch (PC) 7PM AA Mtg (B1)


ASH WEDNESDAY Church Services at 8:30AM, 3:30 & 7PM 10:15AM Marquardt 3:45 Gr. 6-7 Catechism 4:30-6:30 Lenten Meal 5:30 Pre-Communion (PC) 7PM Bible Info Class

9AM /4PM Bible Class (B2) 10:30AM Zinzendorf 6PM Ladies Choir 6:45PM Chorale 8PM Mens Choir 7PM Pre-Communion (PC)


Mens Retreat In Oshkosh

6PM Church Service


Church Services 7:30, 9:00 & 10:45AM 9/10:30AM Bible Study (B2) 9AM Kids 4 Christ 6:30PM Spanish Ser.

18 10A-3PM Circuit 19
Mtg. @ St. Johns 6PM: Praise Singers 7PM: Adult Handbells 7PM Womens Bible Study (B3) 12:10 Lets Do Lunch (PC) 7PM AA Mtg (B1)

Church Services at
8:30AM, 3:30 & 7PM

21 6AM Dawn
Patrol (MP) 9AM/4PM Bible Class (B2) 6PM Ladies Choir 6:45PM Chorale 7PM Pre-Communion (PC) 8PM Mens Choir

NO SCHOOL CWLPC Curriculum Conference here at St. Marks

9AM Altar Guild Mtg. (B1)

7PM Annual Voters Meeting (MP)

10AM Golden Living 3:45 Gr. 6-7 Catechism 4:30-6:30 Lenten Meal 5:30 Pre-Communion (PC) 7PM Bible Info Class

6PM Contemporary Church Service

24 Church Services
7:30, 9:00 & 10:45AM 9/10:30AM Bible Study (B2) 6:30PM Spanish Ser.



12:10 Lets Do Lunch (PC) 7PM AA Mtg (B1)


Church Services at 8:30AM, 3:30 & 7PM


6PM: Praise Singers 7PM: Adult Handbells 7PM Caregivers Mtg B2

10:15AM Marquardt 3:45 Gr. 6-7 Catechism 4:30-6:30 Lenten Meal 7PM Bible Info Class

9AM/4PM Bible Class (B2) 10:30AM Zinzendorf 6PM Ladies Choir 6:45PM Chorale
7PM Depression Mtg B1

2013 2011

8PM Mens Choir

St. Marks Ev. Lutheran School

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday Friday 1
BB @ SP Fort LPS Open Hosue Grades 5-8 @ 5:30pm

Saturday 2
Church 6pm

Church Services 7:30, 9, 10:45am Omega Choir Sings 10:45am LLHS Visual Arts Fair LLHS Pops Concert 2pm Board SM 5pm

Market Day PU 2pm Booster Club @ 6:30pm

Chapel 8:10 A.M. LPS Phoenix Day 5th Grade Pre-Comm. 5:30 P.M. Church 7pm

Pre-Comm. 7:00 P.M.

BLAC BB Tournament

BLAC BB Tournament LLHS LES Spelling Bee Church 6pm

Church Services 7:30, 9, 10:45am PreK-K Sings 10:45am BLAC BB Tournament Faculty Mtg. 3:45 pm All Staff Meets 3:15 pm PALS Parent Meeting Educational Speaker @ 6:30pm



Ash Wednesday - Lent Chapel 8:10 A.M. Pre-Comm. 5:30 P.M. Church 8:30, 3:30 & 7pm

Pre-Comm. 7:00 P.M. LPS Open House Grades 5-8 @ 5:30pm Valentines Day

Early Release
11:30 am Curriculum 11:45 am Lakeside BB Tournament

Lakeside BB Tournament Church 6pm

Church Services 7:30, 9, 10:45am Lakeside BB Tournament

Faculty Mtg. 3:30 P.M. Voters Annual Meeting 7pm BB 6 Quarter Game


Chapel 8:10 A.M. Midterm Grades 5-8 Church 8:30, 3:30 & 7pm Pre-Comm. 5:30 P.M. Grades 4&5 Sing 8:30 & 3:30pm Pre-Comm. 7:00 P.M. LLHS 4th Grade Night

21 No School CWLPC 8:00am

A&B BB Tournament St. Pauls, IX

A&B BB Tournament St. Pauls, IX LLHS Family Fest 9am to 12pm Church 6pm

LLHS 7th Grade Shadow

Church Services 7:30, 9, 10:45am A&B BB Tournament St. Pauls, IX

25 No School Public School Break


Chapel 8:10 A.M. Lent - Church 8:30, 3:30 & 7pm