NCLEX Questions Question parts Background statement (tells the clinical story) Stem Options o 3 distractors & 1 correct response

o Must be TOTALLY correct, not partially


Identify the stem & then carefully ask yourself “what are they asking me?” Paraphrase the stem Identify key words Don’t what if the question Reduce your options

Identify priorities ABC Maslow Safety is important What would the nurse do first? What is the initial nursing action?

Answers questions objectively Select all that apply (treat as T/F) Select the answers that encourage expression of feeling without implying judgment by the nurse o Therapeutic communication o Which of these response will encourage the client to express themselves

Remember the scope of nursing practice Do not give away your role as a nurse to another healthcare provider Nursing process is a KEY part of education that separates the LPN from the RN role (ADPIE) Also consider if there is any critical thinking involved LPNs can take care of stable, predictable patients.

Trust your GLIMMER!!! (Your first instinct)

Hyper: too much stimulant ii. it refers to the vascular space since that’s where IVs are placed in to. Magnesium: Electrical stabilizer i. Calcium & magnesium are very similar c. its in the blood. Hyper: too much sedative ii. 2) Hypertonic SUCKS the water of cells 3) Labs values are for the vascular space. I don’t know if I will be able to get there early on Monday for the session or not. So when referring to where too much/little something is. Calcium: it’s a nerve cell sedative i. so I’m going to try and ask her this week. Hypo: Needs more energy to do things iii. Hyper: things get lazy ii. Potassium: It’s a neuromuscular conductor (especially the heart) i. Hypo: Not enough sedative. (730 is too early for me lol) . Hyper: Does take as much action potential to get started ii. Phosphate: nerve stimulator (works opposite of Calcium) i. think of the key words in determining what they would be. These are for the lab values and hypo vs hyper 1) With each electrolytes signs/symptoms. Hypo: Similar to no “caffeine” d. 1) Typically when the question is asking about hypo vs hypertonic solutions. So infiltration moves the solution into the cellular space. Sodium: She didn’t give us anything for Sodium Wed.These are the helpful hints Leia gave us Wed. Hypo: Less stabilization (things go crazy) e. everything is excited/irritable iii. Also remember that Kayexalate is given for hyperkalemia b/c it bind w/ the Potassium in the GI tract (*remember it begins with a K) b. (She said this would be easier than remembering all the signs of each one) a.

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