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January 25, 2013 Sent by U.S. Certified Mail RRR# 7012 1640 0000 7860 8989 Sent by email to address: Personal and Confidential Ms. Divina K. Westerfield, J.D. 848 North Rainbow Boulevard, #4246 Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 Dear Ms. Westerfield: I write to advise you that The Florida Bar's CLE accreditation of the seminar entitled "Mortgage Securitizations and Quiet Title: Achieving Principle Reductions" offered through the National Note Association, Inc., was reviewed and rescinded by the Board of Legal Specialization and Education (BLSE) at its meeting on January 18, 2013. This program was originally accredited by staff for seven (7.0) CLE credit hours effective March 16, 2012. BLSE policy 5.06, Accreditation Revocation, states in part: CLE credit may be rescinded by the BLSE if it is determined that the content or speaker credentials do not reflect the accreditation standards set elsewhere in these policies… course forth

Effective immediately, all language stating the course is approved by The Florida Bar, must be removed from all advertising and promotional materials for the course. Individuals who have already attended and received credit prior to your receipt of this notification will not be affected by the BLSE’s decision to rescind accreditation. CLE credit was rescinded by the BLSE because the primary instruction of your program encourages the filing of a quiet title action when it is not supported by case law or the facts necessary to extinguish the mortgage lien, purportedly to gain leverage against the lender to negotiate a reduction of principal and interest. The seminar’s promotion and encouragement of the filing of such a quiet title action, notwithstanding well established Florida law which is contrary to the seminar’s legal theory and the dismissal of these types of actions by courts in Florida and around the country, constitute a violation of BLSE Policy 5.04(g) in its goal to promote professionalism and Policy 5.03(a) which requires a course to increase or maintain the attorney’s professional competence. If you have any questions or wish to address the BLSE regarding its decision, please contact me. Sincerely,

Dawna G. Bicknell DGB/mm cc: Timon V. Sullivan, Chair, BLSE Robert W. Wilkins, Vice Chair, BLSE Michelle Francis, Education Compliance and Accreditation Manager

The Florida Bar / 651 E. Jefferson Street / Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2300

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